I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here goes,


Mental and physical health starts by first dumping the junk science of virology

Your best HEALth (not HELLth) begs the !?! if public hellth agencies are so certain that viruses cause death why can't they prove that any virus actually exists?
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Make peace with dangerous unicorns

The public has been fooled with it's lies for a century and into millenniums as no "virus" has been proven to exist.

We are not virus breathing dragons. Virology is a hustle.

To live your life afraid of dangerous unicorns interferes with your well being.

My favorite people to follow I share with you here.

Dr. Tom Cowan has an especially fresh perspective on cancer and wote a book "Cancer and the New Biology of Water"
He explains the structure of the water in our body is key element in health.

Dr. Samantha Bailey points out in detail why virology is a poor interpretation of data sets.


Samantha & Mark Bailey

Sam speaks about RFK Jr. in the race for Democrat nominee here

Stefan Lanka proved in court that viruses do not exist American hellth kare keeps throwing out the memo

Andrew Kaufman explained early on why covid was a fraud

Christine Massey talks about the virology scam of not even isolating the alleged viruses from the junkyard of biological fluid land fills.

She compiled 220 responses from scientific institutions and health agencies that all stated they cannot provide absolute evidence any virus exists.

In another article she calls out the claims of isolation wheras clinical specimens were contaminated with cow puss before the molecular diagnosis (via PCR) and 'isolation' procedure even began. "Fetal bovine serum and kidney epithelial cells from an African green monkey are necessary" to fake isolate a virus. This is what THE/SCIENCE claims is necessary! Official, CDC, all of them claim this crap. This is like claiming you need to throw your trash into your home to find an alien from Mars that your doctor and sleasy mad scientist says is living there. There is no proof any Martian or virus exists so without knowing what these actually physically are, mix up all the cow puss and monkey parts together with garbage, and no matter how you sort through it all, you have no way of knowing you found "a virus" or found "an alien". All THE/SCIENCE does is make claims like a poorly written science fiction novel would. Their claims are so out of this world it's like they took bluing from the laundry department (bluing is used to make laundry whiter - when did blue make white?) mixed it with your kitchen food scraps, and ice, and claimed their special tests found blueberries when you never even had blueberries in the house as you hate blueberries and everyone in your family breaks out in monkey pox when they eat blueberries so it's NEVER allowed. THE/SCIENCE then would exclaim that the science knows better than you yet it's just basing it on the color blue. THE/SCIENCE is not even that good.

Who would say "Why don't we blow the system up?" and what would he be referring to?

Spoiler alert: That would be a journalist at the New Yorker named Michael Spector with a big grin on his face who while sitting on stage with Fauci, Rick Bright we hear them also join in on the bandwagon of contemplating how to create a panic to get people to all be subjects of mad science experimentation.

If you really want to learn about virus hustlers ask someone who's gay who's been bombarded for 40 years with this crap and their blood is still considered to be unequal.

And now the latest hustle is Monkey Pox Vaccines (MPV) which again put gays in a corner to bolster up that lie that "a virus did it".


Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request responses reveal that health/science institutions around the world (220 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever (nor of any virus)

Hear that again, officials have no record of SARS 2 SARS 1 MEASLES MONKEY POX HIV OR ANY VIRUS

Video Introduction: Official Evidence that Virology is Pseudoscience – Christine Massey

So what the hell is going on? If viruses don't exist then what does?

See for yourself in this great compilation of people who are calling out virology for the hustle it is.

University of Sheffield protects fake-covid test developers Paraytec Ltd & Carl Smythe article by Christine Massey who compiled 220 responses of FOIA requests to prove any virus exists all saying they have no such documents. Christine also points out particles passed off as “viruses” in electron micrograph images are typically only found in stressed cell cultures, and never purified, studied scientifically and shown to fit the definition of a virus." Thus the science might even then say that the cause of viruses is stress! They purposely stress the cell cultures, the cell breaks down into pieces, they call this viruses. It's HIV! It's Hustle In Virology.

Christine has had discussion with Professor Carl Smyth who professes without absolute evidence that "viruses" what ever the hell that is, exists as monsters that are 666 trillion times smaller than your little finger and can "TAKE YOU DOWN" so go rush to the pHARMa see and have them inject you with China's chemical waste products for your health is the protocol to save you from these PARTICLES that they "study". Professing that something exists that is so small is not proof, the science of virology is junk story telling. There is too much money involved to accept the absolute facts that reveal the science of particles that are claimed as killer monsters is junk. Paraytec is a company that touts itself as "particle analysis technology". Big money investing involved and pay outs of course. Chrisine's discussions with this man who professes and the University of Sheffield and FOI requests is interesting. In my view studying what is better described as cells breaking down normally in the body into PARTICLES and then calling those "viruses" is a waste of the public funds in health care and and fraud and needs to be called out for what it is.


this man professes to know viruses are not merely dangerous unicorns

Aaron Siri gave testimony to the Arizona Senate in July 2023 about the 1986 PREP/ACT where CON gress decided, due to massive pressure put on them by the gay community and then the wider public that all got sucked into the novel fiction virus of that time (many of you were not even born then or were just kids) gave the manufacturers IMMUNITY from being sued due to any harm their products would cause. This led to the reintroduction of a cancer chemo drug AZT and it killed all my friends, no liability, kaching! This is an incredible well explained discussion.

"I know viruses are real as they showed us pictures of them on TV."

Virology is a sham to sell drugs and provide pacifiers.

In their pictures of "viruses" all that's there is cellular debris from chemical breakdown of junky samples.
THE/SCIENCE is so bad it's like they pour spoiled milk, bloody monkey body parts that were left to rot in the sun, on a bowl of fruit and say
"Look John Queer Public we found what's causing the fruit to go bad it's a virus.....see that budding, it's a virus" which of course is Horseshit In Virology (HIV).

Vrolology is a complete udder fraud. It is a rotten branch of biology and needs to be cut off.

Virology is like a monster movie. The "variants" are like Rodan, Godzilla, Manda, & Mothra

along with an endless supply of movie script changes invading Earth and being worried that it's real.

Here the monster is budding from the sidewalk. This is like the fantasy of a virus monster budding from a cell. Both stories are fiction.

and then the science fiction will mutate even further
and bring us stories like you need to chase more of these dangerous uincorns with new and improved chemical waste from China

The science of virology is no different than that of seeing a bagle tree.

They fake pretend to "see" a virus the same way, though at least here we see there's a real bagle.


Next time you slice a bagel think of this,

what kind of sick culture routinely slices off body parts of babies at birth?

Psychological And Neuroligical Impact Circumcised (PANIC)

Cutting off the foreskin, a protective hood over the tip of the phallus, is like cutting off a babies lips.

We are born with lips and we as men are born with lips on our dicks,

those two areas of the body are very sensitive.

Cutting off the foreskin is a traumatic painful loss of a body part,

and changes sexual function, leaves lasting trauma, the entire life of the baby, boy, and man.

Most men shove this mental horror down and cannot deal with looking at this sexual abuse at birth that ripped away a sacred body part,

yet they are reminded of this, seeing a scar every time they piss.

The abuse is so horrific to even consider yet we have to.

There is no dispute, men think with their dicks, thus, circumcision is lobotomy.

It should be #1 priority of any society to unallow this abuse.

Instead it's shoved to the side and ignored.

Those who wear foreskin face on TV laugh at those who discuss it.

It's only funny when it's done to males.

Try laughing at it being done to a female see what happens.

Yea, you can shove that equality fakery up Urpluto hon.

Cutting off any baby body part is child abuse.

What is government doing to stop this CHILD ABUSE?

Where are all those celebrities that rush to condemn when women are "abused"?

Why is this not considered a crime when it's done to men? It is a crime.

99.666% or more of circumcisions are a crime.

The perpetrators at your local hospital violated fundamental protections of human rights written in law.

Are they stupid?

Those who gleefully promote it are delusional or sick control freaks.

Appropriate steps include $1 billion repirated for every violation of human rights in this area of forever violating the person's bodily integrity.

It is sexual reassignment surgery without the victim's permission.

It is violence.

It leaves a lasting mental trauma.

This has been studied for decades. We already know this is a living horror show.

It continues.

Why is this considered legal for the Hustlers In Med I Sin (HIMIS) to continue this brutal torture of baby men?

I am guessing it is because once the public and especially all the circumcised men who stuffed this trauma down
like many of those religious ones in congress who cannot allow themselves to fully fully realize how bad this torture is of children
and themselves and how they were tortured at birth thus they will have to see the medical commune for what it is,
and examine their own beliefs about a brutal regime of manipulation and brainwashing of the public for profit and psychotic abuse.

I tried praying to god that they stop this child abuse nothing ever changes
they favor allowing parents have full authority over their child's body yet they have to be 18 to use a tanning salon.
Even even though this 50% dick skin amputation is 99.666% purely a cosmetic REMOVAL of a perfectly healthy body part,
congress will not act, instead it vents it's rage in other directions.

So if god exists I have to conclude it's not up to him to change man's behavior on this.
No more praying. Writing is a start. How will it finish?

I know the foreskin says "I'm finished" there's no one there to protect me.

Without the foreskin it's like living your entire sex life in black and white in silence instead of in color. 


Circumcision: Then And Now

Circumcision Reference Library


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