Squeaky klean energy is actually dirty' Climate change is only caused by clouds and the sun. Man needs do nothing to affect the weather.

What would the world be like if everyone knew that viruses do not exist ?

Hunting what amounts to being dangerous unicorns is pretty lame and all pHARMa suiticals used to kill what does not exist is like using a medical assault weapon to remove what amounts to lips on private parts thus creating yet another holocaust instead of solving any real problem other than adjusting cash flow change.

learn all about dangerous unicorns they call "killer viruses" and how to give them treats so they don't get mad at you

Once upon a time in 2019 hindsight we see Fauci of NIH, Rick Bright of HHS, and Michael Spector were discussing how to get the world to accept what they normally wouldn't accept, new form of injections of alleged genetic engineering "for your health" (actually for their wealth) to replace the worthless absolutely NOT effective flu shots and and to treat new made up diseases that are old diseases rebranded.

In their discussion at the Milken Institute they mentioned they should go beyond bureaucratic policies (ones that protect people from abuse by corporate sectors or even some public officials) and create a panic, and that's exactly what they did by the time they suggested the entire world shut down in March 2020 to hunt unstoppable dangerous unicorns with all their might.

That nonsense plus big scam approach of course led to the introduction of new flu shot technology which was the whole reason for them to stage a new disease fake pandemic and scare the public into submission. They are your masters and pan is the god of debauchery. They're messing with you! explained in detail here

Sometimes it's better to see the world from a fuzzy perspective

Books are popular and a great source of entertainment, relaxation, and knowledge so it's odd that anyone would say Don't Buy My Book there must be some reason what would that be?

Movies are another source of entertainment and some subtly present issues that reveal the truth even those dating back many decades.

What's Playing! Movies are playing in the theaters again but now with added fumigation to "make you feel safe" as these chemicals they use called quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATS) kill viruses that don't exist and coat the lungs and chairs and tile floors and everything with chemicals that are very hard to remove so what do they do to the lungs, it's healthier to smoke occasionally than breathe in these fumes every day at work and in stores and other public spaces but don't try telling that to anyone that's hooked into the dangerous unicorn hunting expeditions and don't buy my book that also does not exist any more than any virus.