HEALTH: if public hellth agencies are so certain that viruses cause death why can't they prove that any virus actually exists? learn more at
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Tuesday October 3 2023

If you haven't figured out by now that Kovid was and IS a stage play remember back to the opening act, William Shakespear was the first recipient and he died. How much clearer can it be? Also remember back end of 2020 when FDA hearing just before approval stated there would be PLACEBOS of salty water or meningitis vaccine so many people were let into venues who only had salt water installed. ROFL you thought this was all on the up and up, it was for pHARMa portfolios!

Too much HELLth speech!

Monday October 2 2023

Retardocrat Bill Maher speaks with Florida govern Ron Desantis giving him praise for the way he handled the fake new disease-a-demic-19+20. Blabbers that the way to handle these things is lock up the vulnerable, throw away the key, tape shut their living space so they don't infect others. High horses us that he's the smart one here still holding on to the nonsense that any virus exists. This idea to go after "the vulnerable" is a marketing pitch not based on absoulute science. It's broad, way too broad a term as usual. Who defines who is vulnerable? Vulnerable to what, viruses that don't exist? Vulnerable to mass psychosis brought to you by pFizer and Mode RNA? Televesion brainwashing?

Peggy Hall notices "hive mind" symbology likely being used to deep program the masses yet again. Pay attention.

Rich con artists in virology's upper eschelon of who's running thing$ in the entire world's virus hunting scheme$ receive Nobel Prize winner for inventing? Mrna vaccine technology that is warped. They once years ago gave one of those nobel prizes to clowns at carnivals and to Kary Mullis who for inventing PCR analysis and said "PCR testing cannot find any virus and that it's being misinterpreted" and that is what they use fraudulently to claim viruses are found in people thus fake cases, which has been fraudulently promoted since the HI virus nonsense of the 1980's and now for Kovid Falling Off The Runway And People Catching It (KFOTRAPCI) for the ALLEGED mrna injection "in silico" nothing more than garbage in garbage out computer simulation technology. Follow the money trails it's where virology ALWAYS pushed everything it does based on the constant repeated lies where they keep claiming they find these things that are twenty trillion billion quintillion times smaller than a speck of dust. Their stories make such absurd claims that they know what's going on inside of it, how it thinks, how it has sex and makes babies, everything, and yet they barely know what makes mosquitoes tick. We call this science fiction of theirs Hustle In Virology (HIV). This new warped modified ribo dino nuclear acid technology is a scheme to replace old flu shot technology and it's a fraud.

Sunday October 1 2023

Not allowed to question authors of virus lies Jimmy Dore makes fun of the one time in American history everyone was told to stop reading, stop questioning, stop working, stop going to school, stop breathing normally, to fake fight dangerous unicorns. Viru$ hunter$ are all cons. Don't ask Henry Ford about cars ask the salesmen selling the electric carz and the pHARMa junk yard sales force.

Virology, the world's biggest collection of MAGICIANS. They pull rabbits out of hats and dryers and anywhere they can think of, anything and everything that will fool the public. They all use witch craft. TV is full of it. Same with doctor's offices and HELLth departments that keep throwing out the memo that Stefan Lanka proved in court viruses DO NOT EXIST so to get injected with who knows what is in there, maybe China's repurposed industrial chemical waste, to fake protect you from what is dangerous unicorns is absurdly stupid.

Sam Bailey, Tom Cowan, Stefan Lanka, Andrew Kaufman, Kevin Corbett, David Crowe, Christine Massey who compiled 218+ responses from health departments and science institutions world wide who all say they have no record of isolating viruses properly to prove they are real, are exposing their tricks. These are some of the best people on the planet to learn about why viruses are a total sham because they do not exist.

We have been following the lye syndrome of virology for 40+ years now. The virus hunters are merely going after dangerous unicorns. It's all made up stuff. Most of the public does not realize there's many forms of witchcraft and they are all under spells.