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Saturday September 30 2023

Where's VIRY? They never isolate a virus. Virology is 100% fraud.

No government "has a right" to rape anyone with needles that inject toxins as a "way to health and prevention" NONE. Jacobson case 120ish years ago proper interpretation does not grant this but the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) often will interpret as they please to push their products. The "mandate" in Los Angeles schools for employees is repealed. Alison Morrow and Leslie Manookian discuss. Adam Schiff wrote Amazon Prime had her award winning documentary taken down as he's part of the problem of being another HIV. It's one of the most honest genuine discussions I have heard in a while. In 2022 Petroff vs. Vallow, Disney "an employee at 20th Television Animation, a unit of Disney Television Studios in Burbank, CA, alleges in her suit that her conscience-based decision to decline the COVID-19 vaccine triggered a series of illegal and discriminatory actions. The suit also details the publicly stated bias of her supervisor, Disney producer Kara Vallow, against Christians, Republicans, and those who choose not to be vaccinated against COVID." Why is it that the KOVID/KULT was filled with those on the left and used it as a tool to whack at those on the right? Leslie is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. In 2011 she released The Greater Good to rave reviews and awards; a documentary she wrote and produced, which explores the debate surrounding vaccines. The "covid" shots offer protection and immunity ONLY TO DRUG COMPANIES. The PREP Act of 1986 erased all liability for experimental Medi Sins. It needs to for honest and true protection of the public to be REPEALED IMMEDIATELY. It's a fungus that was embedded in the governing system that came from the hustle from liars in the drug industry during the 1980's and the hysteria that evolved when the the gay community was coming out and enjoying sexual freedoms and blame for more rare cancers such as "Karposi's Sarcoma" was blamed on a virus which had never been proven to absolutely exist by any reality based measure. The demands became fierce of government to do whatever it took to "fix the problem" and this evolved into removing liability for HARM by big pHARMa. Health Freedom site has more on their perspective and legal cases

A perspective to compare how virus hunters and their war on dangerous unicorns tags what cannot be seen. It says it goes to war and kills all the varieties it needs to kill, it claims, while never shows the dead. Then it plants flags like this saying "each flag is an innocent blood cell that died in the war, we won the war." Each flag REPRESENTS a claim of a killed innocent cell that "the enemy" killed. In real wars we may be able to prove this and often do, in the war on dangerous unicorns this is impossible, so they just say what ever they want.

Rapists attend Medi Sin conference to discuss how to get their victims to accept their intrusions based on their lie of an imaginary concept of IMMUNITY. The only immunity that exists is for COMPANIES in pHARMa who basically own these TV news networks that fit like a condom which also oddly enough does not protect from any dangerous unicorn being spread through the cable waves.

Orange vs. blue guess who wins the Medi Sin Rape Shots "I thought vaccines prevented infections". How did the medical board react when they were presented the fax? Vaccines are poison.

When "smart" communities put up bollards which they do everywhere not and it's nauseating they create a new safety issue, escape. When there's an emergency cars are locked into narrow channels. In this next scene we might have seen where there might have been need for cars to turn around and use the sidewalk to escape. They then would be stuck. That happened in the wildfire in the California mountains, they put up those barriers and cars could not turn around and get past them and they were stuck, fires burned the cars and the people. It's called safe and effective protection and it doesn't work EXCEPT that it always fills up portfolios with your money.

HALL OF BLAME people need to blame something or someone other than themselves. This fundamental side need of heiarchy of effects causes humanity to not accept responsibility for it's actions. One of the many meddle effects of global fighting with dangerous unicorns is rattlesnake farms that take residence in the free housing provided them by government and climate goons that when the blades for goofy wind farms that provide trickle energy occasionally, enough to power 4,000,000 homes night lights, they end up in wind farm parts cemetaries. This is where the snakes that sell you this fake free energy should live.

Temperature controls carbon, it's not the other way around. The hustlers keep saying "carbon controls temperature". That claim is absolute scientifically absolutely totally wrong. TEMPERATURE CONTROLS CARBON. Man can do NOTHING to control temperature that is why the hustlers spun this around to fool you.

Del Bigtree and The Epoch Times discuss the fraud of vaccines and it's a religion not a science. There is no immunization child hood schedule as immunization does not exist. You cannot do anything to make any body immune to anything. The body is a response system. Keep it healthy it responds well.

Dr. Tom Cowan and his New Biology Clinic introduce Dr. Rodney Soto and Dr. Mark Edmond. Virology is so past the point of no return with it's made up stuff it now claims it finds parts of a virus that are a billion times smaller than the virus that is trillions of times smaller than the tip of a pen, when it still hasn't found any virus in any proper isolating method to prove they even exist.

Friday September 29 2023

Peggy Hall makes up new word "REDICULOUSITY". I will use it in a sentence, "When she was discussing the Maui HURRIFIRE event she stated there is no such word HURRIFIRE that you can't just make u new words so today she talks about MASK FACE and how to avoid wearing it as it's offensive and makes up this new word REDICULOSITY which brings to light her REDICULOSITY of criticizing people making up new words."

The tricks of HELL thcare systematically fooling you in to thinking viruses are real creatures. It's all tricks! There are no viruses as much as the magicians fool you and make it appear so real there are no viruses.

Thursday September 28 2023

The WWOTW.5G.i virus is now hitting store shelves. This new strain which is created to scare you into running to your hell TH professional billing enterpri$e$ to get raped by needle pricks injecting a solution of junk science derived from mind fills of warped quickly brainwashing is a variant of the Wicked Witch Of The West 5G virus that was discovered flying over us and hitting us smak dab in the faces with fantasies. This version is good at keeping you from escaping your prison cells of your body and mind that would lead you to your destination.

Most doctors are prostitutes. Their pimp is pig pHARMa and big portfolio which is an extension of humanitie's demand to have someone else fix them, be their saviors, someone to lean on. David Martin mentioned this concept of how to look at doctors.


Ohhhhh the "spike proteins". Now the virus hunting loons have discovered another thing to fear, Spike Transfer Disease (STD). Says you don't have to have sex all you have to do is breathe or be alive to be subject to STD's. The lunatic virus cult just keeps growing like a fungus, which by the way is real, fungus is real, viruses are novels, they are fiction, they are made up stories of science fiction, actually those are more real than viruses as they are real books printed on paper unless they are "in silico" computer code still they are novels. Notice the authors sometimes referred to as "author it ease" tell you that you get disease by playing catch with a novel fiction virus. They made this label "Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)" but it really should be "Sexually Transmitted Viruses (STV)" to be accurate, they can't even be accurate with language and you trust these cons! Maybe you don't but many do. Disease cannot be thrown across the room. It cannot hop on a plane and travel. Disease is a condition of the body. A body can go on a plane and travel but you cannot catch any disease because IT IS A CONDITION OF A BODY. You cannot catch it any more than you can catch muscles from some big beefy body builder in that plane. As much as your fat ass might want to catch that condition of a body of having muscles you cannot. You cannot catch any condition of someone elses body. The entire "catch me if you can" junk science of virology is built on this science fiction of foaters that they imagine exist, never have ever proven to be anything more than imagination but let's say they find them for real, absolute physical entities which to this date even all the ex perts admit when pressed admit they don't have them in physical form, they still are not disease so you can only catch the virus so again their descriptions of "catching disease" are such heinous abuses of language either they are brainwashed A/O stupid or they are Hustling In Virology (HIV). The absolute sciences say AOTA.

EVERY picture you see of a "virus" as claimed to be it is always of a cultured medium of cells which is junk science. To put this in perspective it is like claiming you see a dangerous alien from another planet there magnified in a culture of raw sewage that spilled onto a junkyard flooding it with a big huge mess of liquid and thrown away stuff.

Used to be the HIV would teech us about viruses. They would use "in vitro" or "in viro" or "in con" science. You may have also heard of "in silico" science that Dr. Peter McCullough spouts all the time in his world tours to ultimately sell his multi level marketing kits or some miracle cure for what ails you off his truck. "In silico" is a new buzz we heard of a lot during the 2020+ covid hindsight hustle. It uses computers to "find viruses". The science doesn't find viruses in a putrid dish anymore not that it ever did they just would say they found it there, it lets AI find it. This is like having your PC find what an alien UFO pilot said to the crew when it entered our atmosphere and grabbed a crafty full of carbon blankets to take back to Uanus from which they originated. These Hustlers In Virology now use "in silico" as in Silicon Valley artificial intelligence to find viruses. It's science fiction novels. That is why they call it a novel virus. Waking up yet? No of course not, you cannot accept that your doctors and scientists are all mostly brainwashed idiots. Viruses are no more real than this pong ball. Got pinged?

RFK Jr. states that the big money is not in the vaccines it's in the "remedies" that he seems to deal with the problems the vaccines cause but this seems like a huge over generalization as even when people are subject to being poisoned say by an insect bite that is life threatening or other poisons such as rotting meat where the bacteria is emitting poisons that then the body has to eliminate he never seems to mention the regular processes of the body NEUTRALIZING poisions. Alcohol is a popularly used POISON. The body routinely processes it out. Over time regular abuse of this POISON can leave lasting damage like pounding a wall repeatedly with a hammer. Is he saying there is something unique about injections of POISON that make the body unable to remove them and process them out? How much poison is actually there in those things? I never hear quantity. It's on the labels of a beer, wine, liquor. I'm not so sure he's on the right track here completely blaming vaccines for damage. Certainly has a business model. He's certainly lost it with climate, blaming carbon blankets that don't exist for weather change. If anyone finds one please donate it to the homeless for the upcoming winter. He said if he had the power he'd throw all the top executives in oil in jail which is a rediculous statement when oil companies have and do save lives by providing more food to the masses than ever in history.

Funny bewitching thing, you don't have to prove a virus is real to patent it's variants. What a wonderful CAPITALIST world we live in. The US Patent & Trademark Office does not require this reading:

David Crowe founder of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society
"What I learned from studying SARS, the previous big coronavirus scare, after the 2003 epidemic, was that nobody had proved a coronavirus existed, let alone was pathogenic."


Wednesday September 27 2023

RFK Jr.'s website "Children's Health Defence" offers us a spoon full of headline to make the medicine of regurgitated news reporting easier to take. A "baby who died 34 hours after vaccines had toxic level of aluminum in the blood". The might be better written "a baby who had TLOAITB died 34 hours after having vaccines". The first headline seems to infer the aluminum in vaccines that caused the death and harms and they do not say ever how much aluminum is in these vaccines. It's more of this ongoing fear porn and I am sick of it. Here's the label of an effective acid reducer. Notice it says 800 milligrams of aluminum. Why aren't adults dropping like flies with all this aluminum ingestion? Last I checked vaccines had no more than 8 micrograms which is 80,000x less per dose. Some might argue the direct injection in the blood is different process but then I'd point out vaccines are NOT injected in the blood they are injected in the muscle. When Medi Sinitians DRAW BLOOD they go for the vein, not with vaccines (which are now stimulants like coffee). Now I'm not making any absolute claims on these amounts or providing medical advice but the report said the tests (if reliable which we don't know) showed 95 MICRO grams per liter of the baby's blood. If an adult can handle 8,000x what is claimed be deadly how is that even science? It's fantasy made up stuff. There are so many things that could be the cause, did the parents give the baby antacid? It might have even been prescribed by a physician! 3rd leading cause of death is imbalanced Medi Sin intervention. No one ever shows you the label on antacid over the counter drug sold everywhere to compare. It's all about the eyeballs, the donations, the money money monayyyyyyyy as Peggy Hall often points out often in her ongoing analysis of popular claims by public officials and media outlets. They are all in this portfolio game together. One more thought in our educating ourselves, maybe Aluminum Hydroxide has 99.666% Hydroxide and .334% Aluminum. So if we step back and ponder something here, if this is the case, and we don't have to get tested with garbage PCR "tests" to find out if we have a CASE, maybe it's the Hydroxide that does the trick more than the aluminum. Where did that aluminum come from, Wuhan factories as repurposed chemical waste? Bingo. Hydroxide is hydrogen and oxygen. It's in the air everywhere. You are buying air. Warm it up and it's hot air. This hot air is mostly coming from former presidents that are a VICE and thus causes oceans to boil. That's what that smell is every time you hear anything about politics. Now look at this fresh of breath air, the active ingredients are totaling 1680 milligrams. That's a little over 1 and 1/2 GRAMS. Ok now look at the "inactive" ingredients that sit there watching TV or their gaming screen 3rd ingredient is cellulose (paper) 1st is alcohol and 2nd is butylparaben which is a white powder (chalk??) wikipedia states it's an organic compound. Looks and feels like calcium carbonate (precipitated chalk). Adlut dose is 10 ML. The bottle contains 355 ML. Some quick math presents us that 99.666% of this formula is possibly CHALK and although that is not said to be the "active ingredient" it probably is what calms the stomache acid down.

This woman keeps producing fear porn on COV/AIDS. No "spike protein" has been proven to exist. She has a business model to go along with the claims like all of them.

Tuesday September 26 2023

Free testing kits paid for by you if you pay taxes for fake disease-19. They are expired but by the magic of US government's constant smoke & mirrors in Medi Sin they change the dates "in silico" to extend to March 2024. Results of these fake testing for viruses that do not exist in 15 minutes! PCR testing is junk science.

In 2020 Dr Roger Hodkinson got on the phone and called covid "the biggest hoax ever" but he missed it by miles, the biggest hoax ever is that any virus exists and it seems Hodkinson believes in them and looking into his business dealing$$$$ he was also Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa all of whom committee members believe in viruses and I mean BELEEEEEVE as in church or cult revivals and is CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company SELLING the PCR ie 'covid-19' test which is a disease that does not exist and everything $$$ there is based on belief in viruses. They call this fiction or novels, made up stuff. It's a label for cold and flu. It's a label for severe flu. It's a label for not even being sick. It's a big hustle mess of con games to scare you and sell you crap you don't need and wake you the up up. He called in to city council meeting saying, "There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspected public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus. This is nothing more than a bad flu season. It's politics playing medicine and that's a very dangerous game. There is no action needed...Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence whatsoever they are even effective. It is utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people walking around like lemmings obeying without any evidence. Social distancing is also useless... The risk of death under 65 is 1 in 300,000...response is utterly ridiculous." He got that right as did anyone with a non-polluted media lie infused brain. It sounded so good at the time but why is he profiting from the well proven fraud of PCR testing? Why did he not cut to the chase, the very foundation of fake cases as he profits from it? This what we call controlled opposition, it's show business. Then when CDC and other hellth organizations announced "monkey pox" was a threat to the public and an "emergency" he said "oh this is just a gay disease nothing to worry about" while again making money off the fraudulent PCR test industry, which targets gays big time, their biggest customer base with it's fraud tests to "find HIV" why is he not calling out that? $$$$$ Gays getting disease is nothing to worry about? I find him insincere and another of the many Hustlers In Virology (HIV). If viruses existed they would not pick sexual preferences. This is fundament logic and a 5 year old can deduce that. He's not once mentioned Dr. Stefan Lanka proving in court viruses do not exist. Did he not get the memo? How much would he lose in income if the world realized viruses do not exist and testing is all a fraud? He's appeared on Fundamentalist Christian Canadian Laura-Lynn another Fundamentalist Christian hypocrite that hate gays. In this recent show Laura-Lynn shows hate for mutilation of children's bodies and sticks her nose in her bible to breath in those sticky religious glue fumes to regurgitate that line about there being a time for this a time for that a time for everything else but no time to call out circumcision as mutilation of children's bodies when they are male. Blabbers on and on trashing LGBTQ+. When lack of freedom hit these fundamentalists all hard boy did they kick into gear but when the gays were again trashed and they felt it did not affect them they retreated from the war on freedom and again threw the gays under the bus as these hypocrites on their high unicorns always do. It was quite a spectacle to watch them again cheer as the lions ate them. Maybe that was the entire basis of this psychological OPERATION on the public! You bet. If you can stand to listen to this man speak it's always a brash snarky condescending tone and word salad that's been sitting in the sun and spoiled the mayo making everyone ill. Others like David Knight talks about medical abuse from the fraud of "covid" and it's experimental injections of pHARMa goo and talks about aborting a fetus as heinous and sexual abuse "rape" in children in society and grooming being heinous and never once calls out circumcision for being heinous and a bloody painful sacrifice child abuse torture ritual of cutting off a section of the baby man's sexual organ, NOT ONCE. He like many of them are lost in Bible Sniffing AddictionS (BNA).

Another HIV drools on about non existent fairy tale land of spike proteins all made up stuff. They go to school for years to be brainwashed with this nonsense. Tells his audience to be afraid of sex with the vaccinated now. The HIV pHARMa cysts have upped their game. Now sex with anyone will kill you and kill the entire planet. This stupid video appeared on RFK Jr. website. He too believes in the boogy man that is 666 trillion times smaller than the pin of a head according to the wack-a-bug science. This MD FCCM FCCP SCAM R drools on and on saying women had sex with partner and developed Spike Transfer Disease (STD). Then he babbles on about your breath spreading STD's. This Spike Transfer Disease now he says can be simply exhaled onto you in a reasonable proximity. So we are back to wearing black mask face and diapers to breathe and protect others from our shitty lungs that spread STD's. There's a big problem now with Quack Disease that has infected all doctors of Medi Sin.

House prices SOARED TO URANUS last year a whopping ocean boiling climate saming 1%.

Ready to play the game of pandemic again, they are shooting for instead of 3 years 6.666 years. They are not elites they are not scum they are not parasites they are not politicians they are not doctors they are all colostomy bags full of themselves. Pray for them.

Klaus Schwab is smarter than the average bear. Freedom fighters have attacked him endlessly and the World Economic Forum. The have nothing and be happy was first clue. The kicker though was eating bugs. Over the top drama. They would lose trillions if the public just ate bugs, it was so obvious it was a speed trap. Most believed this too and fought like hell. The new twist on shadow boxing, fight with bugs shadows. The whole thing was a game to get people out of their holes. It worked. Everyone is online now. Some now report his adventures are "failing". ROFL. These are not stupid people. They know how to manipulate. Ever have one of those experiences with a parent or some mentor that lies to you and gets you to do what they wanted or to experience something yourself so you actually learn something? Yea that's what they are doing. Bill Gates in on it as well they are all in on it. It's not all bad. Pay attention when it's just too over the top. Gates saying life would not return to normal unless everyone was vaccinated an Over The Top Extreme Request (OTTER). Later he was kinda surprised so many went along with it. The real goal is to get people to stop being hypocondriacs. Stop demaning endless funding for hellth kare. Is this still not obvious yet? We simply cannot insure each person to receive $1 billion of health care costs each lifetime everywhere on the planet yet the public started going along with it as the goal was to inject everyone then 2x then some started figuring it out then 3x and 4x an 8x and a whole lot more figured it out. When we get to 666x they will finally dump hellth kare prevention demanded by many ENTIRELY as that's the magic fear number and they will because of fear then say "oh it's a waste of time to prevent healthy people from getting sick with injections of anything other than healthy food" as then there's really no other choice.

Free kovid tests being offered to households so you can rape your nose yourself oh baby to remind you of all that attention you got in person when the whores in Medi Sin raped you in person with their magic sticks, but these fake tests based on garbage well proven fake PCR "testing" do not test your recollection of the debut of fashionable diapered MASK FACE.

Next time you notice someone "blowing off steam" ask them if they think when factories do that very thing why it's called pollution? The Wizards of Oz are all trying to stay behind their CO1 and CO2 blankets but we are starting to see that they don't exist. If you find any of these carbon blankets at a thrift shop some of them are vintage and worth a lot of hot air.

One of the covid fraud hot airists Dan Andrews resigned. The streets are filled with celebrations like when WWII ended and warriors returned to NYC where soon after there came scoundrels that were never caught, flooding the states and started hacking off pieces of skin off helpless baby men in hospitals and some how they got people so brainwashed to believe that it was a good thing to torture children this way and make $$$ in the proce$$. The shots in both arms as some called for and got were an experiment, to find the right dose of poison that would not kill people while finding out what does does. The did this Horseshit In Virology (HIV) during the fraud of AIDS and HIV starting in the 1980's rebranding flu and other diseases and old age and alcoholism in celebrities and whatever they could blame on a virus never proven to exist and when they realized the COCKTAILS and the "Hit Hard Hit Early" massacre was killing all their friends it was too late. Many died in that holocaust. 

Who would be so offensive to say clean energy screwed up people's minds?

Bill Gates saying that the term "clean energy" screwed up people's minds" and that there is no substitute for how the industrial economy runs today after he said that the term "clean energy" screwed up people's minds. ROFL. We notice that it screwed up the minds of everyone in the Democrat party hearty as they are all addicted to their drama and building back better their egos as they always lock you down step on you in lock step follow their leaders off cliffs as they see $$$ signs that say "save the planet" while they lose their minds is no different than in any other cult while they "revere" water in Maui rather than prioritizing the science that says "If you don't fight fire with water immediately before they start, they grow into firestorms in fierce winds strong enough to take out an entire town, thus what will happen is they will take out an entire town". Democrats of course followed their Yellow Dirt Road to nowhere instead citing "Well we were always told by the experts to fight fire with fire."

HIV in Wuhan tell$ us that 40 new species of what is nothing more than computer code that escapes from labs will be roaming the planet soon to scare the herd into driving in circles in roundabout Medi Sin hustles. 20 of those species they deem high risk. Who are these people we trust in communist China? You have to be an imbicil to believe any of this Hustle In Virology at this point. VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST. What escapes from labs is another elaborate scheme of lies. It's all lies and now "in silico" computer code escaping from labs. Always to sell you stuff from Mr. Haney's fleet of trucks.

Monday September 25 2023

Wake up and smell the Hustle In Virology (HIV) "viruses" are pests, to get rid of pests they use vaccines so they claim, thus they are injecting you with pesticides. I'll pass. Bad enough they keep spraying these dangerous West Nile unicorns in cities lying to you saying pesticides are safe while they drive by telling everyone to get inside to be safe. America is a dystopian drug and chemical pushing state that sucks your money by creating these systemic lies about health, scaring people about things that are non existent like cult leaders do when they preach the dangers of the Devil in the details, with lying hellth authorities working for the companies that are poisoning people. Why didn't Superman stop these criminals, too busy having sex with Clark Kent? Did they sneak in Kryptonite! If you were Superman wouldn't you see right through what they are doing?

Is Trump Van Winkle Apprentice waking up about "vaccinating" for a virus that was never isolated from the biological sludge septic broth it was claimed to be in there somewhere? Yepperiee! The PREP act has amendments like the US constitution. It's eleventh amendment will expire December 31. This Public Readiness Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA) is a behemoth of methodogies for "prevention" of disease which is a mess of nonsensical things that have no basis in absolute science. For example the hunting of dangerous West Nile unicorns and SARS.version.2 unicorns was used maliciously to scare the public into NEW FLU SHOT TECHNOLOGY that even the Bayer CEO said they could never have gotten the public to accept manipulation of their RNA and DNA any other way that to create a panic which is exactly what these monsters did with this PREPA in place. It needs to be repealed.

The race between delusions gets heated when Zimbabwe's Miss Universe rep is not the race you would first think, she, a real she, is a pure blood Zimbabwean and once again everyone that is racist is having fits.

Rumble losing ad revenues says Tim Pool as they keep strong position of no censorship as those who join the Brand ban wagon of a man who has not been convicted of a crime has become the latest high horse movement masquerading as being all about mental health and equal treatment. Other less fun band wagons sit with crickets playing symhonies, no one is rampaging about the child abuse routinely perpetrated by doctors on baby men, strapping them to tables, terrorizing them cutting off a section of skin off their most sensitive baby private body part that FOREVER CHANGES THEIR SEXUAL EXPERIENCE FOREVER. In England this torture called the custesy name "circumcision" is illegal. In the USA it's celebrated by many of those blood letting cult members who are on this latest black list wagon.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg doesn't even know where nickel mining is in the US as he pushed electric car adoption everywhere that it's batteries rely on Nickel Bitcoin And All Your Money And Data They Can Get From You Mining (NBAAYMADTCGFYM). Does not even know HOW TO speak in shorthand? What kind of secretary doesn't know shorthand? Petey sends jobs to mine nickle to child labor exploitation parts of the world in places where environmental standards are low and he and his climate fraud buddies all tout that electric cars are about saving the planet. Note the many smirks. Does the sun drive climate? No. The sun has nothing to do with climate. Man is in control. The secretary wearing MASK FACE is keeping her exhales to herself, doesn't want to influence oxygen flows in Congress. Health advocates recommend not punching lungs with so much CO1 or CO2 this way.

< Photo of a secretary and drapes. What is wrong with this picture? Right, the watter boddle is supposed to always be on the right side of any desk sitter for proper protocol and honor of all watter boddles that went before it/they/he/shes/LIQUIDQ+ one of the secretaries said "put it on the right side of the desk sitter" so they/she/it/he/the/LIQUIDQ+ did that from THEIR perspective. It's helpful when we think in the other persons perspective as it belongs on his right not right so we often get it left.

Man that claims he's not either sex angered by parental rights. Parents get mad about their property being exposed to fantasies when it comes to sex as if exposure will make them binary or trinary guaranteed! They have no problem exposing them to the delusional world of Christmas and dick amputation child abuse torture as required by their Holyer Than Thou Bibles as they ignore Satan constantly telling them he never has done that torture to any child.

If it's FDA approved run for your life! Apeel slime coating that might be repurposed sewage from Wuhan China is being sprayed on fruits and vegetables for all we know as they are all in hiding the facts together. Safe and effective at building portfolios and poisoning the public. Ms. Foreskin cream celebrity wears these Apeel profits too. It's a fungicide. Organipeel active ingredient is .666% citric acid which is Vitamin C. Kills fungus? Inactive ingredients is like FILLER that coats the product and it's Wuhan chemical waste. What's in that 99.34%? Mono and di glycerides which contain TRANSFATS so like people who have a phallus between their legs claiming they are actually women meaning there is many of them even though you see only one in front of you blabbering to use the pronoun of their choice is transfats are also psycho. Coffee creamer is also transcream. Solvents are used to make transglycerides, heptane or ethyl acetate USED IN GLUES and nail polish remover (acetone) and heptane is an anti-knock additive in fuels. Yummy. These are basically polymers PLASTIC COATINGS being put on foods now. QUATs are this same horrible chemical that were used for 3 years and still used in bathrooms making them smell putrid like a chemical processing plant in this Kovid fraud that stick on top of things and don't wash off and eat away at ceramic floors bedding everything as stated by those who run hotels that know it makes them have to replace everything more frequently as they get all pitted and fabrics fall apart.

"Jesus Saves" the sign says. Yes he saves, he has a massive portfolio his dad keeps in Rome for "when he returns" as he knows the Roman Empire created him as a distraction so they could continue their empire building.

Sunday September 24 2023

Peggy Hall shown here speaks so eloquently on these public "authority" matters who when they step out of bounds and become tyrants and school bullies calls them appropriately "public serpents" instead of "public servants" and thus with all her works on educating the public on public serpentry should be crowned queen of something. Governor of New Mexico USA has her regal authority called out on declarations of "public health" emergency with declaring public can't bring their "bang bangs" around in public for protection, and the abuse of those powers granted the governor by the public and the US constitution. Peggy has a wonderful talent in teaching with experience in that realm. When Kovid fell off the runway and people started catching him or her she was a 1st responder there catching people as they were falling all over themselves to again flock to the television news garbage channels to learn how there was a new improved way to handle dangerous unicorns by staying 6.66 feet apart and all the other loony measures all based on science-fiction novels all titled "VIRUS". She started pointing out the problem of the California governor making declarations as if he was king and how more localized governments just went along with the whole thing as they ignored laws that required them to revisit any declaration of emergency that they made every 30 days. There is no such thing as public health. There is individual health. Image of Peggy is snapshot from video presented on 9/23/2023.

Pilot ejects from aircraft, home owner where the pilot meandered to calls emergency services which only has one phone number now worldwide or calling for help on Uranus. The 1st responder to the call acts like bureaucrats with endless questions and when the pilot repeats the main problem and reason of his call, ejecting from a plane, parachuting to the ground and being injured, and repeating "I need an ambulance" the emergency services bureaucrat gets a little snippy. I'd problably hang up then. These services have become a pain in the ass. I called a fire department once, they said "we can't send anyone you have to call 911 first then they will call us". What the fuck is that? The fire department could not send help. LET ME REPEAT THAT the fire department down the street could not send a fire truck they said I had to call 911. They had to get their instructions from someone else. I was a 1st observer. That did not matter. When seconds count as they allways say when the bureaucrat$$$$ are saying how they need more money to save seconds, they do this? They install systems that take more seconds and minutes to get a call through while all that money arrives in all sorts of portfolios and dispersed in milliseconds to investors of investors in nano seconds. Public serpents!

Those who insist on "proper pronouns" already admit by that action that there are TWO not 4 not 27 only TWO sexes. He is a sex. She is a sex. They is NOT a sex.

Conservatives are changing with the wind when it blows that is, instead of referring to carbon dioxide they are calling it carbon pollution, I would start calling it carbon solution! Carbon is in our water filters, it filters OUT impurities like Demi-cruxt cult ideas that carbon is a gas, is a blanket (if you find a blanket laying around send it to me). They think it's a pollutant too. It's a solution. It cleans the air. More carbon baby!

Dr. Robert Malone in RFK Jr's. documentary on "The Real Anthony Fauci" stated "we all thought we were gonna die". He's a doctor. I never thought I was going to die, so to provide myself protection from abuse of the public serpents, and the pHARMa cyst and Med I Sin industry I just turned off the TV garbage box to start as I knew something was wrong and quickly figured out their plan was a new way to force people into taking vaccines and as time went on discovered the depths at what these scoundrels were willing to go to brainwash people starting with the big cons of 6.666 feet distancing and closing schools and businesses, as anyone with a dirty mind and not a brainwashed one knows that if viruses existed as described there is NOTHING that can stop them any more than stopping all air from moving on the entire planet, and thus, since their "viruses" have as they claim mutated constantly into worse "strains" it's a strain to not consider that obviously the whole world would be dead right now if anything these hustlers said was true. In the video we see the cheery Dr. McCullough who presents his own sets of contradictions as he continues the lies about viruses being real things which they have never been proven to exist. Fauci said on 60 minutes as shown in the film that "right now no one should be wearing masks" but if you look at his octopus mouth you see his regular SMIRK and you know that it's another of his little games he's playing. Shill Gates saying "masks are pretty magical". McCullough blabbers wearing the mask one can fill up a tiny room with "virus" and rebreathe "the virus" but none of these hustlers have ever properly proven any virus exists. They play these games of fear over and over again. No mention of assaulting the lungs with carbon dioxide that PUNCHES IT HARD over and over again with pounding of air you need to get rid of, no, they always focus on "the virus". In the video the HIV called Fauci talks about "his challenges" in creating a new drug for a new label. Many of us knew then he was full of crap, in this documentary he talks about AZT which killed my friends. He never says ever how AZT is an old failed toxic killer chemo drug that killed all the animals it was tested on like rat poison. For decades people like Christine Maggiorie and others warned the public, news organizations, mostly falling on deaf brainwashed ears. The Fauci strain of HIV says they did better and better every year, my friends died. Many died. The doctors finally said STOP the AZT and these new "cocktails" are killing our patients. Fauci could care less. He's a public serpent. Imagine an emergency where a building is on fire and the fire chief says "no one can talk or dissemination any information about this fire in real time as it might be misinformation" and demanding it and telling people they will be fined if they do, well that's what the snakes did in governing this fake pandemic. It's insane or it's done intentially to cause more harm. RFK Jr. talks about how the WHO has hijacked health care and focused on saving the world with vaccines instead of more localized natural methodologies including the simple things such as water and farming. Ivermectin in Africa is taken once a week like a vitamin. Listen in around 51 minutes in explain of how mRNA stimulants are "designed" so your body becomes the factory to "make the vaccine", this is how the pHARMa industry is prepping to not be liable when ths PREP Act of 1986 that gave them unlimited IMMUNITY by government in being sued by the pubic for their faulty products is repealed which congress will eventually do. This way YOUR BODY is the manufacturer and it's not their fault if your body does not manufacture the vaccine internally properly. It's all such a scam. Tenpenny talks recipies. She's been a big fear monerer from the start of 2020 claiming everyone would die in 6 months then changing that like climate hustlers. Everything said about m(essenger)RNA is hypothesis never absolutely proven. These doctors all talk like all this stuff is absolute it is not. Understated vaccine injuries in VAR by 99%. pHARMa funded AIDS activists. Tenpenny talks about how Fauci set up fear and she does the same thing.

Part 2 - mystery virus created on a computer escaped the lab, there is no real virus it's all HIV, Hustle In Virology, the biggest hustle machine on the planet. Toilet paper was what the public bought out in the panic, #1 need. ROFL what a joke. 15 days to 30 days these HIV knew what they were doing they planned the whole thing.


RFK Jr. points out how liberals who are supposed to recognize tyrrany in all it's forms are eerily silent as it moves into the basement apartment in the middle of the night. Dr. Martin points out "it's not a vaccine" as the public and the science always understood what a vaccine is but he claims vaccines are a "legally defined term" but that's debatable. The ALLEGED manipulative RNA chemical goo is CLAIMED by pHARMa cysts to "make the RNA" do this or that. Mode RNA was started as a CHEMOTHERAPY company. David says "if you were told that you were getting prophylactic chemoterapy for cancer that does not exist you'd be laughed out of the room" but that is exactly what these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are doing with mRNA and PrEP. David makes an EXCELLENT short pesentation on how important it is to understand this definition problem. Judy Mikovits though then claims it's a "synthetic pathogen" but it would be better to state it's chemical goo, there is no proof of any pathogen unless the definition of pathogen includes chemical goo possibley made of Wuhan China's repurposed CHEMICAL FACTORY WASTE with added raw sewage.

Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in court viruses do not exist. In German Court the legal standard of "evidence" is well defined but requirement of absolute evidence in the US it's NON-existent in Med I Sin to being very loosely defined, this is why the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) can say and do whatever they want they have IMMUNITY and they don't care all they see is the money.

Why do people put Bill Gates on a throne? Billionaires all get that way by using fossil fuels, it is impossible for them to become rich and maintain wealth without those very things, impossible so it's insane to even begin to discuss what they think about anything like transitioning away from WHAT MAKES THEIR WEALTH POSSIBLE. Gawd that man has such an annoying voice. In his little discussion he mentions there's not much money to deal with inequity, what a joke, he's a billionaire hoarding ALL THAT MONEY so stop listening to this freak he does not care about you or humanity, stop supporting his ventures, they are all about capitalism.

Quite Frankly TV filmed before a live studio audience.  The flat earth started to consider the moon as a satellite receiver after watching his shows.

Saturday September 23 2023

The transvaccinated are getting vaccination change surgeries. Change it back!

WHO pretends to agree with the world to be it's Take Over The World One Source For Health (TOTWOSFH) it's declarations are so deceitful. James Roguski reports on the ongoing theatricks. In the first 5 minutes James points out how the UN pretended to have an agreement amongst nations. Basically at about 20 min + the conclusion made is congress does not have certain powers since 1940's as the US constitution has been circumcised. 50 members of congress so far on board with leaving the WHO. There is no legal definition for "vaccine" so it's whatever they say it is? Wow what a scam! Repeal legislation from 1948 that "gives the authority" to WHO. Currently a "public health emergency of international concern" is whatever the WHO wants it to be! That's not healthy. WHO wants to go beyond "public health emergency" and declare "potential health emergencies" which James says is called "life". It's power and money grabs at the core. New Mexico governor's gun grab fake emergency declare was discussed James makes a great comparison to how things were handled in the old west and now. The whole vaccine certificate thing is a hustle, if viruses are everwhere the simple handshake nullifies the clean bill of health certificate, it's garbage.

Dangerous Unicorn Fanatics (DUF) expect us to join in on their insanity. What part of NO don't they understand, the N or the OMG they are all nuts running like chcken little who at least knew apples were real. Corona virus thought to be associated with the common cold these lunatics made it appear as a monster like King Kong on a rampage while presenting only stories thus the term NOVEL virus. Also available in MP3 audio file.

They are spraying again for East North South West Virus of the Nile using toxic chemicals where they drive through neighborhoods in the City of NY for example saying to get in doors to be safe as they effectively spray the hell out of your air you breathe with chemicals. In the 1950's they did this with safe and effective DDT to fight the epidemic of polio which was also called poliomylitis which was like all disease caused by toxins not dangerous unicorns. This is how these HELLth organizations operate. And for those who keep saying to keep oil in the ground, how about starting with pHARMa drugs and pesticides that are all made from oil.


Association of Physicians and Surgeons says to reject lung punching Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) often called Dirty Face Diapers (DFD) and RFK Jr. who is the best choice for US president on the Children's Health Defence website he created says, "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has never compared the health outcomes of vaccinated children to completely unvaccinated children, and the agency won’t give independent researchers access to government data to complete such a study." He has also pointed out that CDC is a vaccine company and so many have pointed out the other Horrors In Virology (HIV) such as 40 years ago when that panic hit, the PREP Act of 1986 was signed into law by Ronald Reagan forged by the LGBTWXY+QWERTY mafia of demandists and bandwagoneers that expected government and pHARMa cysts fix the dangerous unicorn problem using AZT which was and still is toxic chemotherapy drug which killed my gay friends in the Holocaust In Virology (HIV).

Diseases coming across the border? The fear mongers that obviously drum up whatever they can to support their underlying loathing of human exploration across imaginary lines use that deeply embedded fear of catching disease to bolster thier own egos and their cause. The disease in focus is TUBERCULOSIS which has a scary ring to it. This of course is based on the idea that air floaters shove themselves down your throat, colonize in your lungs, get drunk and have parties and leave a mess leaving YOU with horrible hangovers. Never once is the supply chain of these imaginary floaters addressed nor the mess they leave behind is not them replicating. It's as if these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are klaiming that when you have a party and people hear about it online and keep crashing it and they destroy the house so bad you have to tear it down and the next day you blame replication of party crashers as if one arrived, made another, and another, and that one made another, and becaue a multi level marketing scam. The non-non-sense presents to us that the body does not catch disease it creates it. Most always it's because of toxins although that is a broad term the thing they made up as a fairy tale horror story "viruses" are not real they are dangerous unicorns. Toxins such as alcohol have a destructive effect on the body, but after the party who's going to blame themselves, blame a fairy tale. Drugs are toxic. Oil slicks make it hard for cells to breathe and coat things so all the crap sticks to it, hard to eliminate it. Blaming viruses which is what the claim TUBERCULOSIS is caused by is obscene distortions of scientific and logical understanding. The photo in the article is so egregiously FEAR/PORN based on lies that as humanity keeps repeating over and over again it continues to wonder why it never gets a different result, and then it blames a new disease that is just a new label for old disease, on a new dangerous unicorn strain, and demands government fix it, and CON gress then of course gleefully throws another $100 billion to the drug pushing pHARMa cyst industry and when they all go home the log on and see how much their portfolios grew that week from their portfolio's savior Mode RNA that makes everyone feel like a winner.

Free energy keeps getting more expensive.

David E. Martin is another character who appeared on a panel with that Peter McCullough HIV variant after "the translators are gone and the live strea is waning". David labels World Hellth Organization as evil and bla bla bla fear porn to the plasma moon which is not as far as traveling all the way to Upuranus (pronounced 'uhpoorahnus') imagination of space systems but never once points out the underlying problem of viruses never actually PROVEN to exist. He also does not point out that in 2020 October the FDA hearing when they approved the first experimental warped needle injection program stated right then that when people get an injection of what is called "the vaccine" the liquid substance injected could be salt water, meningitis vaccine, or the test product to fake protect you from SARS 2.0 later branded as sarscov2 and later kovid which fell off the runway and people caught it anyway. Death rates did not increase yet Martin keeps presenting that 666 trillion people are dying now every year from the shots of what could be mostly saline for all anyone knows. I'm never a fan of "throwing the baby out with the bath water" so I'm not a fan of his hard nose approach as it's again over simplifying things to just say "these are the bad guys" when you have populations that often no matter what you tell them, demand government fix the problems created by the illusions of "viruses" that do not exist.

Friday September 22 2023

Gassing the public in NYC with pesticides excuse it's to "reduce the threat" of the west nile dangerous unicorn" they roll through at night with truck sprayers and tell people to immediately go inside. These departments of HELLth and prevention of dangerous unicorn attacks keep throwing out the memos about Dr. Lanka proving in court viruses do not exist, and the 217 of these institutions that responded that they have no record of any isolation of any virus to prove their eixistence. So they are gassing the public. To keep spraying for dangerous unicorns that these liars claim are spread by mosquitoes is a sham and unhealthy. They do not care about their health. One side of their mouths they say it's safe the other they say run for your lives indoors. So if viruses exist as they falsely claim why don't they spray for all the variants? Helloooooooooooooo. Wake up people. There is no virus anywhere no strains no variants they do not exist. Also watch critique of the follies of one of these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) Peter McCullough by Dr. Sam Bailey.

Artificial intelligence, if you listen to the pitch of how it can know when you are sleeping, know when you are awake, know if you are bad or good so be good for portfolio's sake, it eerily reminds of God and Satan clause.

Saving the planet with your money is fun watch all the royalty spend some of their royalties they get from patents for all those shots of pHARMa good you gleefully took to save your environment. It's all your money!

A festival we can be PROUD of celebrates the phallus as it is naturally in it's full form and function as created by woman, Satanists don't call for any amputation rituals like the Godly Med I Sin cults celebrate in their torture rituals at birth then smoke cigars as they read their religous books together.

Artificial intelligence infected misgoverning to just make it worse in March 2020 as they told everyone to separate 6.66 feet apart from each other as if air only travels in a straight line. They installed clear plastic dividers virtically to prevent these imaginary threats that the perception presented to the public was that viruses which are actually dangerous unicorns travel directly straight as an arrow path between people. They spent billions on this mess of disinclusion, separation, misgoverning, and advertising by hellth departments that offered endless streams of propoganda that never presented any of their dangerous unicorns floating forward, then up, to the left, down an inch, then up a foot then diagonally up and forward 4 feet then immediately down onto the people they claimed all those billions and billions and billions of dollars spent were for "prevention" when it's always been obvious it's for pipelining your cash into the portfolios safely and effectively at warp speed.

In the 1975 movie by looking at the photo we might wonder were they talking about equity, inclusion, diversity first before shooting each other? There is a guy standing there in the photo seemingly asking that question. When seconds count some people keep priortizing things like water equity, as was done in Maui before the firestorm, that left thousands inequiable, not releasing the water for hours when equity was not the priority really, the priority was fire fighters needed it to put out the fires.

The HEAD line reads "China accuses US of hacking Huawei servers". This as we know could be a 10 year old in a back yard shack, or a government entity, or Russia, aliens up the hollow planet Uranus, or someone using a smart app on their phone that goes stupid. Saying it was "the US" that did it is overly broad and this what modern Med I Sin (mMIS) does all the time with everything virology. At least when we are blaming real people or governing bodies that is real, in virology it's all made up stuff, there are no viruses.

The retard test proves that those who push this DEW crap and "blue" is impervious nonsense are either functioning with one less brain cell or they are hustlers. Even in this image of the blue folded down patio umbrellas that were far away from any ignition source of PLASTICS BURNING IN BUILDINGS anyone with two or more brain cells can see that these blue umbrellas did not burn because there was no match lit under them. Even the tables are not scarred as there were no flames there. In this fear porn hustle presentation they offer yet another ex PERT that we are supposed to BELIEVE. It's one of the many fear porn things presented by Owen Shroyer. Joining the rank of fear porn industry is the ongoing hustles from Karen Kingston and the nauseating bio-weapon narrative that ignores the experiment offered placebos of either saline or meningitis vaccine, Ed Dowd who is constantly wrong with his fear porn predictions, so many others.

FPP (Fear Porn Pushers) ramp up the HEAT even higher! Now it's "global warming has opened up the gates of HELL" which is now becoming comical. First of all HELL is imaginary like viruses. Second it's a cool place, not hot, sometimes freezes over. So actually the gates being open will save us from wind and solar bulldozers. And because of the writers strike in HOLLYWOOD SIGN those out of work are turning to side ventures, odd jobs, even making snow globes using a 3D printer which reflects now on what those snowy gates of HELL will do to make everything balanced again.

Fetterman dress code relaxed but others demand STANDARDS in dress in CON gress. Funny thing, they never demand standards for virus testing which is a complete utter drug pushing sham. For decades now we have known and called out the lies about all virus "testing" as there are NO STANDARDS. We have alerted CON gress, we have alerted medias all run by pHARMa cysts, no one calls for standards there. So what are the dress CODE pushers really saying? They can't focus on their work unless everyone looks the same? That would indicate pea brains in charge. Maybe there's a problem where when the public sees someone appearing just like them that the public GRAVITATES MORE TO THOSE politicians who are not riding their high horses on their suit and tie bandwagoneering where they present themselves ABOVE THE GENERAL PUBLIC all the time. Again, let's look at standards, where are the standards in "testing" for dangerous unicorns and testing politicians for stupidity, lies, drug abuse, and bad decisions that only represent their portfolios. Commenter says it reflects a DECLINE. Yes, causes some to notice the problem with those riding on their high horses, Fetterman gets off one of the CON gresses mandated rides. Refreshing!

Fetterman the NON-High Horser Dude (NON-HHD) that is helping take the CON out of CON gress speaks in a committee hearing on aging and tears up a bit over mention of how much harassment and being mocked for his speech disability.

For your health and to better avoid hellth kare keep in mind studies show now that 99.666% of all medias are harmful. It's like the National Enquirer has taken over all media everywhere.

The corporate "Best Buy" empire run by kings and queens seems to not understand identity. A Christian IDENTIFIES as someone who believes they should "follow Christ" and other religious things. Best Buy is called out for allowing QWERTY-LGBT+WHATEVER rainbow merchandise and such on walls in their stores such as an employee locker or break room and the company displays it themselves to "celebrate pride". Their problem is ESPECIALLY noticible in that T thing where those who IDENTIFY as a different sex IDENTIFY as part of that rainbow puke mess, so OMG reports a bit on this as a start to finding true equal treatment but what we are HIGHLIGHTING here regarding how one IDENTIFIES is key to slamming all this bullshit into the ground equally. Whether or not someone chooses religion and argument made gays can't choose who they are attracted to is not the issue, it's that they IDENTIFY as gay, they IDENTIFY as a different sex, the religious person IDENTIFIES as having a god or a Christ in their life which may be various EXPRESSIONS like in the LBTGQRSLMNOPZ-X+2+2=666 community. If the store says ok to placing identifiers of rainbow crap there then to treat others EQUAL they must allow those who IDENTIFY in other ways as well and equally. This is not being done there and they deserve to be sued. I will never shop there. I'm sick of all these corporate messes. OMG reported on what is going on inside there as whistle blowers call out all their hypocritical unbalanced prejudice unequal treatment IDENTITY high horse riding foolish pride.

There is no news anymore on health. The world figured out viruses are imaginary creatures like Superman and aliens from space, that alone dropped stress levels so much so that doctors mostly went out of business as it's already known that stress causes most illnesses and when all sugar plantations around the world went out of business after they became smart grid farms that failed when the big day came when they disconnected everything from the natural fuel based grids, all illness was wiped off the app. The only doctors that survived were the likes of Peter McCullough who scammed the public with his "in silico" science and sold multi level mareting kits like Amway that were emergency preparedness antibiotics and other drugs like horse medicine ivermectin which has it's own set of dangers that he never mentions as he's a hustler. Sam Bailey mentioned the problems with him being the only remaining doctor on earth who didn't figure out viruses do not exist or is it that he $imply just says "I can't hear youuuuu!"

Why do our hearts always have to "go out to those who suffered such loss" when we have self serving policy being made that trashes basic freedom of speech and human interaction as we please online. The UK passes a new law to fake protect children online after a teenage theythemhesheit killed themtheyhisheritself "after looking at self harm sites". Funny, we didn't have the internet in the 1980's and this happend then so obviously it's not the internet's fault. Every single time there is a tragedy abusors of the public pull on heart strings. We are sick of this abuse of the public. We are not your puppets. Our hearts do not go out to people who are responsible for their own actions. We don't fall into that trap of being used by these people who have self centered agenda$. They can get their hearts somewhere else if they need hearts preferably on Uranus.

Thursday September 21 2023

People will invest on average for the typical person who trusts doctors about 10,000 hours listening to the repetititive claims that "viruses exist" and "get vaccinated" and will not invest listening to a book for 10 hours that explains why no virus exists. Sam Bailey wrote an exellent book "Virus Mania" is 15 hours listening time. It could save you many hours and save your children from wasting thousands of hours on pHARMa based virology hustles. Peter Duesberg called out virology in the fake HI virus scandal in the 1980's writing the book "Inventing The AIDS Virus" which is about a 16 hour listening investment. It should be required reading in the classroom.

Williamson County School Board member is pFizer vice chair, OMG asks questions, gets stonewalled by board members. Some say they don't care and they don't know anything about anything he asks them. Wow. And the pFizer chair said to be paid $50k for his position when others would get $10k for that position. Conflict of interest? He refused any answers and drove away. That's hellth kare for ya in America's corporate greed system. It is ALWAYS first and foremost about providing IMMUNITY to portfolio losses from it's garbage products when they routinely do damage to health. NONE of their products provide you immunity.

pHARMa Genetic Manipulation Juice raping your insurance premiums. $200 to be a winner like that tennis star who did not take any of these things.

Wednesday September 20 2023

Tom Cowan webinar today. Discusses the discussion of Mark Bailey and Kevin Corbett who are both calling out the Hustle In Virology (HIV) constantly presented now by Peter McCullough who falsely claims "You can see the virus under electron microscopy" no virus can be seen all that can be seen is a clultured biological soup mess. McCullough's claim of "seeing it" is like saying we "see" Uranus because we had a prostate exam. It's all word salad hustle, everything in virology is hustle. Tom critiques journalism and presents some good tips and formulas. Cowan offers to discuss with McCullouogh but of course Peter ignores any such "debate" or discussion to clear the air, with those like Cowan who knows the real science and knows details, because, these HIV are all well aware they are smoke and mirroring everyone. Fauci did the same thing when they made up HIV he was challenged and would never debate because they are hustlers. Maybe McCullough is just one of those sales types that doesn't bother and just buzzes along making sales but this still would indicate hustle which infects sales departments all the time! Later in the video today he looks over his garden and comments all the tomatoes and plenty of greens and he made Pumpkin puree, OMG that's his cat! ROFL

When there's a disturbance in society police may come in and separate the alleged criminals from those who did no such criminal activity. Makes sense right? Of course. Virology never does this. They never separate "the virus" they claim is "there" they do magic tricks, pour some chemicals and dead cow parts, and "culture" it like yogurt and never separate out any virus, they see things moving around, cells breaking apart, say "look ma there's the virus". They never then pull that "virus" out and isolate it from everything and do any science that proves it alone can infect and cause disease. They lie and make stuff up saying "oh yes it's there we see it" but they don't, THEY ARE ALL LIAR/S. Virology is a complete utter fraud.

For your health be careful what you fish for especially if you want to be a healthy American or any American.

Empire State Building lit up in blue to protect it from DEW. Let's see if Peggy Hall covers this news. An0maly does, asks if this is a pHARMa cyst promotion tool thing.

Kovid falls off runaway again, pHARMa has another shot of the day. Tested on 10 mice. The pointing device survived the "in silico" testing.

New fake disease shot in the dark after many other shots in the dark presented by Mode RNA and pHARMa cysts was tested on mouse brains. The Med I Sin industry are torturures for the greater good of their portfolios.

Disney’s The Marvels director is racist. Says surprised white men are respectful to her. Gee ya think? Obviously watches too much CNN.

So the insanity of the climate cultists is getting clearer every day as the forests get cleared to install sky propeller scrapers and black heat emitting solar garbage farms and these cult members keep yelling about saving the forests making them pristine untouched by woman which makes them burn and those too then are destroyed. What's their next fix?

Kalifornia has become a mental instution as far as governing is concerned. Still after your plastic bags they are "tazering out" clear ones in the produce. This is as stupid as the paper straws and making people buy plastic bags at the checkout that are 8x thicker than the other ones that would double, triple, and quaduple use. Now people pay for their 8x bags, use them for dog poop once. Throw them away. The new bags in produce are papery, they stupidly mist the produce using smart stupid apps so they are always dripping wet, waste of water in a state of 40 million that go to stores for their food with these misters. The policyiticians want bags to be reusable, more water to wash them. Then they dump fresh clean water this year into the oceans.

The Fountain Of Youth (FOY) might literally be a fountain. Presented for entertainment purpose only.

< Yesterday I spotted this ad on the main page of Looks like those Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are ramping up a whole new marketing scheme targeting SENIORS. Get ready for HUSTLE!!! Marketing departments now have huge budgets from all the money these drug companies got from their last hustle. HIV in your toes? HIV is a big hustle. It was never proven to exist. It's a lumping of many diseases into one fake cause. Health problems have many factors. Funny thing though they want you to get "tested" for HIV and the inventor of the base technology used in that testing hustle said long ago that it does not find what it's looking for.

Novak Djokovic pronounced like this. Novak's win. Shot of the day. Novak's/no vax. Winner. Djokovic. D Joke. The joke. No Vax Is De Joke Ov the day. Ic. I see. No vax is the joke O V I see. Oy vey I see. Ok here we go No vas is de joke oy vey I see. Not allowed to play without a vax. He refused. Wins shot of the day. He's the winner. Novak. Novak's. No vax. We want to be a winner like him. He won shot of the day. We win when we get shot of the day. See if you can resist that "shot of the day" when your doctor tempts you with treats. Medical marketing! We have a winner! Novax Novak's new winning shot! It's at your doctor or clinic today! What an amazing marketing game! They know how to play you! 3 years and they win once again! pHARMa always wins! And they make everyone a winner! You WILL feel like a winner when you get your "shot of the day" at your doctors office! That's how marketing works in all sorts of products. Happy daze are here again. He has been playing tennis for 30+ years. His Novak Djokovic Foundation says kids need to jump in muddy puddles as it's beneficial for their development and skill sets for life. Sometimes people say "go jump in a lake" when they are mad at someone. Both of those are great for skills for life, well depending, a puddle is pretty basic, a lake could have a monster in it.

Yesterday Peggy Hall's investigators asked the Hawaii governor's office why he's always wearing band-aids, they said it's an inside joke. Peggy said she was offended. OMG get a grip and lighten up. ll these internet ANAL ysts are doing the same thing expecting a different result which is insane. They trust what's said when it matches what they want to see through that log in their own eye! She is sometimes so silly. The people at Mr. Green's office probably were well aware Peggy's army would be calling. I can see them all at the meeting room table on that topic laughing and coming up with many ways to respond. Maybe pick one, maybe use a few, always have fun with it as NO ONE ELSE CARES.

Fluoride in the water explained.

Flashback to when the Medi Sin Delusion Industry would throw in our face their lies. Here we see the white coats ride in on their high horses to present only they know what to do in a fake emergency war on dangerous unicorns. The one is at the micro fone at the poodium with no excess carbon dioxide PUNCHING HIS LUNGS as the others who "stand behind him" which is always the subliminal message as they do this Med I Sin Silly Theatricks (MISST) go along with face diapering that force punches their lungs with too much CO2 "for their hellth" to fake ass "protect" them from DANGEROUS UNICORNS. If you click on the official black rod that holds up the speaking device it will take you to a better place of washing away all fear of viruses as we hear from Dr. Kary Mullis who decades ago invented the base technology that is misinterpretively used on people to fake "test them" for viruses that do not exist. Mullis said his invention was not being interpreted properly. INTERPRETED. The public including those like this gentleman seen here diaperless where the diaperless can shit all their CARBON DIOXIDE onto everyone all think or merely portray that tests are absolute measure like your teaspoon or measuring cup. Mullis called out the medi cult's constant streaming of lies during the height of the HI virus DAZE. People never really got the memo as most medias are paid by pHARMa so they'd all have lost billions in ad revenues and thus the hysteria caught on then as it did in 2020 hindsight with Kovid who fell off the runway in 2019 wearing a fashionable lung hitter device then. Medi sin makes up new names for old diseases on a regular basis. Mullis mentioned on stage more casually that "you don't need to test for HIV, you don't need to test for the 10,000 other retro-viruses". At that time Mullis was not exposed to the works of the Bailey's, Kaufman, Cowan, and Dr. Stefan Lanka who since has PROVEN in court that viruses do not exist, but working with the common understanding of viruses at that time he knew that testing was not necessary at all as it cannot specify anything and this fact remains but Hustlers In Virology (HIV) CAN'T HEEEERRRRRR YOUUUUUUUU. Click on the image below for video.

Mullis explains in this video in depth his experience of finding that not one scientist or medi sin bureau-c-rat published a scientific reference that difinitively proved "HIV" caused this new collection of old diseases called "AIDS". Say's none of them had it, none of them really knows, the whole thins is a big sham starting about 6 minutes in. Said the scientific papers published were crap.

The White Lie House by executive rotting branch of endless fake emergency abuses of order sets up "climate corps" to plant trees and plant solar farm seeds. Nothing about cleaning up the rotting branches of biology called virology after they planted that mess nor anything about regular maintenance of all these trees they will plant, it's again another of poofy marketing feel like a winner games that takes your taxes and spreads it around like maneur. Maybe you have one of those portfolios so you are all in on using OPM to make your estate flourish.

Tuesday September 19 2023

Malaria (bad air) vaccine industry murders 28 babies in the "control group" and 66 in the "vaccine group". Apparently drug pushers are what is out of control, not dangerous unicorns they call "virus" which God and his side kick pal The Devil spells backwards "suriv" and growing monster portfolios, oh yes, it's right there in the PREP Act that US Congress approved by a buncha votes in 1986 where drug pushers are immune when their products pHARMa your kids. It was a time when the gays were duped and the greater public was duped into believing things that can't even be seen or proven to exist have power over them so the public was herded into the demand corrall to demand thier masters fix the problem that had various other causes such as DOING SO MUCH DRUGS that the party crowd got no sleep. Sex was NOT the problem it was the drugs, so the solution was more drugs, chemicals that in the 1970's the FDA when it was more honest completely banned from use because it killed everything it touched like acid on butterflies. It did not work out well. We watched our friends die. Their bodies distorted by AZT, Fauci's baby monster. Then the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) said "Look they died of the virus" as that's all hustlers in marketing that have IMMUNITY ever do as the game is money and providing what the customer wants. They wanted drugs. My friends bought the marketing pitch, I could not help them, they would not listen.

Saying "trust the science" is like saying "trust the money" you can follow these all you like but where does it all go? Trust your TV/NEWS disease to inform you that there's a problem with multi-level marketing Med I Sin sales pitches.

Newsom Gavin is more balanced in "abortion rights" than the Fundamentalist Freaks that will stand there at the mother's private part for 10 months and make sure that baby comes out and not harmed inside the mother even though she does not want it. Then they will trash the parents for going on welfare as their high horse adventures trample on everyone. Thing is, if we are to look at this as California does, the mother is GOD not man so she decides. SHE is the creator of life not MAN. Man is the sperminator who routinely gets part of his sperm machine hacked the fuck off by the Med I Sin community so it can make it's way into celebrity face creams that make them all appear disgustingly ugly.

Government again to fake fix the problems often they create made if very difficult to get opioids to treat the horrible pain from a car accident where a responsible adult need the pain killer that makes life impossible without the drug. The government made it so hard some just live with the horrible pain. More hoops, prove you need it, prove you are in pain, we don't see pain so it doesn't exist while they don't see viruses and claim they exist. So since they fixed the "opioid epidemic" why are there people dying in the streets from opioids every day?

Mental health problems on the rise, liberal retards in governing Library Good Book Trans-selection (LGBT) choices remove 1/2 the books they deem are not matching the predictions of George Orwill's 1984. Decades ago they made kids in school read 1984 but hellooooo it was not meant to be an instruction manual.

Another psycho appears on stage. Tells the audience people need to be allegedly genetically engineered to not eat meat. Brainwashed by the climate cult. Notice he says "scientists believe" not "scientists have absolutely proven". Religions and cults believe!

Fear pornist "in silico" says, "The Pfizer vaccine is contaminated with plasmid DNA, it's not just mRNA". Ok how much hon? None of the fear porn pushers ever tell you how much. I did the science, the amount is like pouring a 1/16th of a teaspoon of acid in the ocean and claiming that the ocean is now too acid and we risk our ships dissolving. The amout of acid increases by one billionth of one trillionth of one hundred octillionth of one million trillionth of one godzillian millionth times 666. The speaker wears a white lab coat so we know whatever he says is true even though lab coats keep fighting constantly and disagreeing on every aspect of science everywhere all the time. TRUST THE SCI-FIENCE! In the video notice the audience sits there doing nothing. They should all be doing something productive like growing crops or building homes for the homeless and all the immigrant floods building catch basins. Venezuelan migrants trek over 100 miles to San Antonio after being kicked out of Texas shelter say government in Venezuela has everything, it's hard to survive, it's better in the United States. These are good people who won't incessantly whine like most US citizens. Welcome!

Peter McCullough who I now call Mr. In Silico Guided (MISGuided) who never answers my calls as he's too busy hustling committees, news outlets like with Tucker Carlson all of whom make gobs of money off Med I Sin drug pushing commercials, with claims that that are "in silico" are real when all they are is computer number crunching, was interviewed and apparently caught off guard. He says that he knows viruses exist because drug companies make vaccines. That's his sci-fience! Watch this Hustler In Virology (HIV) explain "the science" of how to know viruses exist. Christine Massey asked him politely in emails to prove his assertions and he could not yet he continues to peddle this refuted theory of viruses in official government committees around the world, continuing to mislead people and making money doing it. Notice the hustler's smirk when he says "they have been isolated" which no imaginary virus has ever been isolated, the whole process of virology fake isolation claim is a fraud. He probably knows this. Claims they can be seen in electron microscopy but that is another hustle they see a mess of stuff, the electron microscope cannot pinpoint that "it's a virus" everything seen is subject to interpretation, the world's best scientist in that field Hans Gelderblom in the documentary "House of Numbers" in 2012 extended interview stated that those who view the images basically see what they want to see. Every single time he says "the viruses are isolated" he wears a smirk! It's absurd. It's so obvious! Sam & Mark Bailey explains the problem with McCullough's virus hugging along with critiquing other's who just won't let go. McCullough is all for quarantine! Drug buffets! Revenue streams into their ever growing portfolios! McCullough claims he proved SARS2 exists in 2022, claiming "seeing the virus up close" which is impossible and Sam calls out the errors his assertions and that of virology as a rotten branch of biology that needs to be cut off entirely. Anti-bodies even are considered "promiscuous molecules" which means that we don't know what other molecules they had sex with so it's like they can tell a test "oh no hon I didn't have sex with that other molecule just you". Peer reviewed science in 1993 published in medical journals proving that no virus was isolated for HI virus routinely ignored by McCullough and others all this time they simply do not want to hear it. They all have products to sell, it's big business. McCullough also called what others have warned about the vaccines and their statements on the fundamental problem with all of virology as "folly" but in the video Kevin Corbett responds he was right there at the beginning he published warnings at the start and that he created video for Oracle Films in December 2020 and January 2021 warning people not to take the vaccines. McCullough did not come in to that realm until much later and now touts himself as a "savior". McCullough mislabels as folly anyone that claims no virus exists yet he fails at providing any proof of his asstertions. McCullough IS GROSSLY MISLEADING PEOPLE AS A CARDIOLOGIST.

Remdesivir and Comirnaty word salad. Remedies in virology. Comity with RNA stuck in between it subliminally presenting that the only way to have comity again is to add the RNA, or the RNA is breaking up comity and to get it back you need Mode RNA to be a winner getting your "shot of the day". Comirnaty is not a licensed product it never will be, they mislead when that claim is made. It remains experimental.

Monday September 18 2023

"Why don't we blow the system up?" he asks. What? How is this health care? Listen to what Michael Specter, staff writer of The New Yorker said in a meeting of hellth professionals including Dr. Frank Faucistein and Rick Bright of HHS talk about creating a panic for the very purpose of conning the public into accepting new lucrative "flu shot" technology where we now see how the game was played on all of us when the tennis star that "refused to be vaccinated" became a winner and titled with this new vaccine company named Mode RNA's "shot of the day". THEY ARE ALL IN ON THIS FRAUD TOGETHER making us all feel like winners! More on this drug hustle here. It's the oldest marketing scheme in the book and so brilliantly played. More on how this "shot of the day" was played on us in our news section dated September 11.

They say not to discriminate based on vaccine status, oh my bad, they say DISCRIMINATE BASED ON VACCINE STATUS. Belief in viruses is like believing the Mars Attacks aliens are real. To fix that the overactivists will demand Congress allocate another $8 billion to Dr. Frank Faucistein and his drug pusher friends in science fiction to study the aliens from that movie in order to keep us safe.

Christine Anderson says they are bringing it all back, it's not working, people are just telling them all NO. Never again!

United States Senate dress code cut into shreds which was the fabric of circumcised America, well past due. I wanted to see Obama in African tribal gear waving rainbow flags in 2008 to that nauseating 8 years of his destruction of our REPUBLIC. So today we "in silico" hear that Schumer a Democrat senator allows members to wear whatever they want. This could be fun. How about they wear the bloody crotch pants as does those at Blood Stained Men who protest the bloody dick cutting rituals still unequally and inequitably practiced on baby men at birth?

Upenn "insults Jews" on "high holy day" says the headline. Ohhhh poor rich babies. It's in the extremely biased article as if men who had a foreskin weren't insulted at a young age having part of their brains removed in that bloody painful torture ritual that is child abuse so whenever we read these nonsense headlines about insults and offense we don't care. We don't care about anyone's whiney self serving petty fake dangerous words crap that does not come anywhere close to child abuse ritual OMG cutting off part of their most private member. Maybe when those responsible for perpetuating this horrific sexual abuse of children stop this torture and attempt amends, and make repirations of $1 billion each incisional circumference removal religious based torture scheme to for life mess with the minds of men medical horror show we can talk about all this petty hurt my feeling garbage. No instead they talk to walls and go through rituals for fake forgiveness of calling someone a name or something, never about circumcision as it brings them closer to god? It's sick.

Sunday September 17 2023

Why does Fauci talk about sinus trouble and say "draining blood from the brain"? Is this some kind of Freudian slip? Dr. Frankenfauci is a monster. So is television.

We don't need transition in energy we need addition but liberals can't do math. They think 2 + 2 = 27. They actually believe the more sky scraper propellers you add the more you save energy. It's idiotic.

"Mother" is being erased from maternity wards everywhere. How did we end up on Uranus, I thought we were on square earth. Nana Akua reports on "the guidance" which is like a drunk ass teenager on drugs on the job of painting white stripes on the road in the middle of the night for driving to be "safe and effective" he claims. This whole trying not to offend nonsense is making things more dangerous and unsafe. When seconds count these woke loons are too busy processing all that data.

Another FAKE/ASS claim of fake proof that the earth is flat is just like the fake ass science of virology. In the image presented they claim being up at 21 miles is proof as the camera sees no curve. 21 miles is not high enough and the visual "in silico" science presented in the graphic showing where the camera is supposed to be hovering in relation to the curve is like looking at a Kindergarten drawing of a dog and believing it's a building. Look at that top "sliver" of the "pie" that extends out, although it's describing peripheral vision the image looks like it's representing the earth and how far out from earth the camera is as in this same graphis is the camera. It's a pretty slick trick probably set up to help sell dog cams and such periferal equipments and clicks. If the viewer thinks this is how high they are it would actually be representing not 21 miles up it's more like 2100 miles up. So it tries to present that you only see a sliver due to peripheral vision, yes, but this is misleading as it's still misleading but the music is soothing and it's all entertaining.

Some of us old enough to remember when people died unsuddenly. The General Hospital that mandated SARS2 experiments on humans soap star died at 44.

Dinosaurs did not obey the law. The square cubed law is cited as being violated because of their mammoth size then what's done is the same thing the unscience of virology does explaining that the dinosaurs had hollow bones. ROFL. What was in these hollow bones, air? Notice the narrator says MIGHT. Hustlers In Virology will use this term about 99.666% of the time as they really have no absoulte clue. Also discovered is that 99.666% of what's on the internet now is junk. It was not like this at the start 20 or 30 years ago.

There is no threat to "our democracy" in the United States as we live in a REPUBLIC not a democracy. There are other threats though that democracy creates. You've no doubt been in stores and the checkout person or furry says "did you find what you were looking for?" and you may say yes or no, or be annoyed as like duh, if we/you/overtheres was looking for something and could not find it we'd/you'd/overtheres'd would simply ask someone to find it so it's interesting to note that in Seattle public officials are telling the public to give robbers whatever they are looking for as if you are the checkout person and they are the shoppers.

Loving the hate? Is this healthy or hellthy? Confusing.

This Husler In Virology (HIV) keeps appearing on my computer screen "in silico" I don't know how to get rid of it. Clearly this "in silico" creation is causing Unwanted In Silico Computer Screen Syndrome (UISCSS). Some will rush to sell you treats and tests that end up being like those scams that claim your computer is infected and they were the ones that put the image on the screen that says "your computer is infected with a new strain of virus" and they bill you for removing what is nothing more than "in silico" science JUST LIKE WHAT THEY DO IN VIROLOGY.

"Divorce courts ruin lives" some say. This is like blaming "a virus" for complex problems that could not be caused by "the virus" that has never been proven to even exist. At least in divorce court there are real people there getting involved but to blame the courts is disingenuous as they came to the courts because of complex relation ship navigation problems.

Saturday September 16 2023

SICK/SOCIAILSTS seek new taxes on all New Yorkers to help handle the migrant crisis ONLY THESE IDIOTS CREATED not most of the public that works hard and is having enough trouble with non-Trump soaring inflation, saying OMG the unbelievable cult chant they use everyone needs to pay their fair share of handing out all their money to uninvited people, no wait, New Yorkers always vote Democrat, the Democrats should only pay then, no Republican wants open borders. There's no work requirements for these party crashers, they just get free food, free booze, free night stays, free everything it's their fair share, your money is theirs. That's socialism. The other word in the dictionary is "theft".

Look how they are uglifying Arizona's Little Grand Canyon at Chevelon Butte with chaotic occasional sputtering energy. It works to power homes like an old Pinto sputters and stops where you hope and pray it gets you to work that day, just imagine if you relied on that old Ford Pinto to run all day long so you could drive across country on weekly trips for business like we rely on our light switches. Phase 1 of 2 is in. Fully operational 2024. It's not working yet. This used to look so pretty here. In great part this kind of energy theater movie set performances used to entertain those who believe in climate fix as if humanity is more powerful than Mom Nature, provides pacifiers at great cost all of which cannot be built nor operate with out oil that some of the climate fixers demand be left in the ground.

If you visit Arizona's Little Grand Canyon you might also visit Rock Art Ranch one of the cool places to visit there where you can see petroglyphs from ancient past in the canyon, they have a lot of photos on their site of this magical place of Chevelon Canyon. In the distance though it's vast open landscapes are ruined by all the big city climate fixers that aren't getting the climate fixed at all with these ugly industrialist trickle energy systems that at the end of each day waste energy. This unbridled move to shift into "kleen energy" is causing a rash of new disease Post Transition Stress Disorder (PTSD) as people kan't figure out why their energy bills aren't going down as promised with all this fake free energy. 

The very first virus was discovered to have been discovered on the Dead Sea Scrolls which also are fake as is imaginary Jesus which was a creation of the Roman Empire which obviously then never fell.

Friday September 15 2023

JP Sears a doctor of parody is promoting Peter McCullough's "wellness emergency kit" after making fun of gun bans. He hosts a series of parodys that are rather funny he calls "Awaken With JP". He's apparently asleep now as it's laughable that he would promote things from McCullough, a Hustler In Virology, that refuses to present any proof viruses exist and does the same thing that people did in the Hustle In Virology of the 1980's where they never proved any virus caused a collection of diseases suddenly in that panic was labeled all caused by a virus. McCullough testified in many hearings as an expert of ongoing HIV stating clearly what is being done to prove virus strains is "in silico" modeling which is based on PONG science and computer mumbo jumbo nonsense smoke and mirrors. Seeing the ongoing theme here yet? These kits used to be available on Dr. Haney's truck at Green Acres. Get yours today!

Novak wins Mode RNA's "shot of the day". Novak's win is interesting here. Look at his name "Novak" and "Novak's" - NO VAX. How is this "coincidence" even remotely possible. That is one in a trillion chance. It's all a setup. It's how the game is played!

Fashion is about health, love the hoodie look here and the carbon dioxide lung punching device as seen here that was a fad that lasted for 3 years longer than the pet rock. There are many cults that fell into fashion like this.

This guy is such a hustler. "The second wave" listen to the inflections, the drama, the sales pitch, uses constand fear porn to enthrall. Has products to sell.

Experts discover hole at the beach and shut down the country.

Airport employees pulled into meetings saying masks are coming back. Seems odd though as the courts everywhere have slammed all that down. Maybe an old video when was it 2021 they dropped mandates for a while then brought them back? The strategists that work for drug companies couldn't be actually pushing this nonsense again?

FDA bans Sudafed and other cold anf flu "remedies" that treated the latest novel fiction fake corona virus infections as that's what common cold was always assigned to prior to the latest drug hustles, it was cold and flu. FDA which works hand and condom with drug companies says the main ingredient does not work. Interpreter gives hand signals saying "this means that the patent is running out and they will replace it with new $$$$$ generating Mode RNA crap".

Tony Blair and lots of other idiots say make junk food too expensive that will stop the problem. I say make TV sets too expensive to buy. Make all TV programming too expensive to subscribe to. Make it illegal for government to give all your money to TV networks that make trillions off their garbage food and drug advertisements. When people are not brainwashed by this crap on TV they will tend to not have much interest in junk food and will realize better who's providing junk governing.

Hospitals are billing fields. THE most egregious of all billings is for the chopping off of the foreskin, thus killing it and it's function for life. Babies that are "assigned as female" even though they have a phallus would not have this bloody torture hacking cult hands at their genitials abusing them as such by cutting off skin that has nerves and changes the feelings of sexual pleasure for life and this torturous procedure affects the mind at least as much as any other form of rape and cutting torture procedures. Who's stepping up to stop this unequal treatment? Women on Ellen laugh about it. They think it's funny. Then there's the cancel crowd that got an Irish singer to lose job, never forgiving, never forgetting when she spoke the truth about the horrors of blocking puberty with dangerous chemical concoctions that make pHARMa filthy and rich. So when the cancelists screw you up don't forget, don't forgive. When you realize Ellen and Sandra and Oprah mock that your foreskin was hacked away for life and put in their face creams and laughted at on their shows never forgive, never forget, seek repirations?

In the famous and distorted so called Spanish Flu of 1918 in San Francisco that should have been called San Francisco Flu (SFF) those who bring that up always leave out words that would better describe what happened. They tend to use it as a dramatic example of what happens when a virus takes over the world of ever expanding imaginations on how to get rich while treating disease conditions that the body has a great ability to heal it self as no drug heals anything ever the body does that. Things that not only don't heal but rather DESTROY life are used frequently in Med I Sin. Like the experimental dose of aspirin giving patients in that San Francisco flu of 1918, the Drs. gave patients 18 pills at a time when a normal adult dose is 1 or 2. It ate through their stomachs, the patient vomited blood, the doctors blamed the virus. This is how they still operate. Then they had the public wear surgical diapers to operate on each other subliminally in 2020 hindsight. Language is important in finding your health. Medi Sin often twists it and leaves words out. What's this word "doctor" come from anyway? Doctorate degree is 8 years of study in schools, it's from that. You are not a doctor unless you have that degree of education. 4 years you get a bachelors degree or we could say a batchelorate or batchelorette, thus you after 4 years are a bachelor. A 2 year degree of schooling in college is a collegiate degree. You are a college. The abbreviation for doctor is Dr., for bachelors is Brs., for college is Co. so start using those in your sir name. Obviously if your name is Quack you are Dr. Quack or if your name is Wild And Crazy Guy it's possibly Brs. Wild ACG, or possibly you are Co. Smith. None of those deginations indicate absolute intelligence or absolute quackery that can accompany intillegence. If I have a 20 year degree in quackery and a doctorate, then it's Dr. Quack ________________ filling in the last name where at last we are getting somewhere on how we got here.

Thursday September 14 2023

In the 1980's you could be sick with the flu and fever and go to work and the boss would be so grateful you came in as there was so much work to do if you were not there they'd be so far behind. That was before virus mania as written about by Dr. Sam Bailey. In 2020 hindsight now we see Kovid fell off the runway, you caught him, and you not only insisted everyone stay home from work, you had government shut every non-essential life saving business down, donned black and white mask face diapering that became a wrestling match where your lungs got slammed hard with punches from carbon dioxide, a very unhealthy thing to do but your hellth practitioners and agencie$$$ were all in on the scam which was all about changing flu shot technology to one that allegedly manipulates your RNA but merely becomes a system of mathematical calculations and computer printouts to save time and money and you ain't gettin any of it unless you own drug stocks and know how to play these games. In the 1980's no one else got sick at work just because you were sick as people create disease it's not thrown like a baseball you don't catch it.

Wednesday September 13 2023

Watch today's episodes of Conversations with Dr. Tom Cowan and Friends presentation one can be viewed at this link and the 2nd one for today's date can be viewed here