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Bayer CEO oddly mentions how they got the public to believe in what does not exist

talks how health departments and government forced a panic on the public to sell new mode RNA junk science flu shots
the public would never have submitted to without such a panic being created
and now they are pushing get a flu shot and get a flu shot DOUBLE what flu season's used to push
because their flu shot garbage sales have been dropping like Newton's balls
as the public started realizing flu shots don't work so now to keep sales where they were it's
TWO SHOTS of pHARMa junk science repurposed chemical waste goo
In the 1918 "Spanish Flu" doctors of this same kind of junk science gave it's subjects 20x the normal does of Bayer aspirin
that is what killed them all, from hemmorage, they bled to death internally, not a fake ass virus that does not exist
these companies are all corrupt as year after year they keep spreading lies

Make peace with these dangerous unicorns! Bankrupt pHARMa. Remove their liability shields.
Immunity to disease does not exist.
we have response systems not immune systems

the only entities that ever have immunity are drug companies
you the public gave them immunity
it's time to take their legal immunity back

Why do those "saving the planet" keep ruining it? Carbon blankets don't exist.