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Sunday October 1 2023

Guess who the 1st responder was in this video when the cop was choking. Spoiler: the handcuffed man. Cop says "You saved my life man" and lets him go.

The climate crowd funded by you every time you pay taxes on everything even shopping on ebay has it all wrong, carbon does not affect earth's temperatures, earth's temperatures affect carbon. Donate your carbon dioxide air blankets here!

"Your phone will kill you on October 4Gth with the 5Gth signal" is the latest fear mongering con game. David Crowe wrote about this illusion of 5G causing any harm to any body. At the beinning of the PANic epidemic (PANdemic) in 2020 the public was hearing that 5G might be causing the non-legally defined fake new "disease" label-19 thing. He had some technical experience to draw from. There's not even enough wattage. The signals cannot even power a home's toaster. PAN is the ancient GOD of mischief and debauchery. Next up is 6.666G. That will turn everyone into the Devil who oddly enough never circumcises any male. He calls that genital torture and has said repeatedly that's a Christian thing.

Virology is a fraud. The PANdemickers

read more about the HU$$LE$ IN VIROLOGY

Mitch McConnel the old robot that keeps glitching clues us in that the crane in you reveals that old army tanks and such are being sent to land fills. It's how the old world order disposes of things to make room for more manufacturing so their portfolios keep growing like those trees in Louisiana swamps that take over everything.

Trump's wall begs for plan q.

Army officer refused the pHARMa genetic modification fakery Wunan repurposed factory and raw sewage plant waste injections. Tells of others getting sick from these putrid injections where pHARMa gets IMMUNITY and it's recipients don't.

Bill Maher is a bozo. His whole career he put the liars at the WHO on a pedestal then wonders why he's forced to be their pin cushion. He was there in the 1980's and 1990's promoting the lie of HI viruses being real. They are dangerous unicorns. He and other celebrities would annhilate anyone who disagreed, trashed Republicans who had a brain on the subject like the fly over state where the Senator said "if viruses were real wouldn't they travel by air" when the Hustlers In Virology were making excuses as to their false claim that HI viruses would only spread through needles and dicks. I think most of these celebrities are alcoholics. Alcohol is a poison. Messes with the brain.