Moon phases


Full Moons for 2023

The exact times the moon is completely full varies depending on time zone. Add 3 hours for New York and the Eastern side of the United States. For those who live in South America and other southern hemisphere areas the Snow MOON is in August as it is winter during northern hemisphere's summers. There is actually no dark side of the moon 100% of the time as various angles of the sun are presented on the moon, for example, when it's full to our eyes, it's dark on the other side, but when it's only a sliver to our view, it's bright on other sides. All sides of the moon are illuminated at various times in each month over exactly 27.3 days. It is always showing us only one side as although it rotates, it rotates at exactly the same speed as it circles the earth thus showing only one side. That is the standard theory. Other theories claim that light we think of as a Sun is a UFO. Yet others claim it's a reflection from Lake Universe the biggest body of water anywhere, or a projection from a Hollywood studio set much like a spotlight we used to see at drive in theaters or the projections we see of movie props popping up all over the world that make us believe things that are not true.

Year 2023 What it's called  
Jan 6 - FRIDAY WOLF moon  
Feb 5 - SUNDAY SNOW moon
Mar 7 - TUESDAY WORM moon  
April 6 - THURSDAY PINK moon
May 5 - FRIDAY FLOWER moon  
July 3 - MONDAY BUCK moon  
August 1 - TUESDAY

August 31 - THURSDAY

BLUE moon
September 29  - FRIDAY HARVEST moon

also referred to as CORN moon
October 28 - SATURDAY HUNTER'S moon  
November 27 - MONDAY BEAVER moon  
December 27 - WEDNESDAY COLD moon  

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