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Located in the Morongo Valley where it's 10 - 15 degrees cooler is a stunning totally remodeled "home show" quality 1 bedroom and den on nice size lot with huge open concept kitchen living and bonus space offered at $44,900.

INDEPENDENCE DAY is July 4th free yourself from city life!

Liberals chaotic immigration free flow policy is leading to massive deaths

If global warming from "climate change" was real the banks would not invest in anything at sea level, they wouldn't invest in Florida, England, and so many other places. Take 58 seconds to hear the last ounce of proof anyone needs that everyone is safe and there is no existential threat.

California's next governor should be........find out here it's not who you think

Dr. Sam Bailey offers tips on how to make your own first aid kit.

What does a mirage in the desert in the middle of a hot summer where the wind farms stop creating illusions of clean energy have in common with every virus that has ever been seen? They are illusions neither exist.

Army announces the 40k reservists not injected with the FAUCI/FRAUD shots that offer .8% absolute risk reduction will not drill and not get paid. They will be sued and lose in court as it is very illegal to discriminate this way in requiring uniform submission to receive preventive medicine that is experimental to fight dangerous unicorns. is one of those lawyer groups that's winning cases against this abuse of our governing systems.

Literally RIVERS of illegal immigrants are flowing across the imaginary borders between the USA and Mexico as seen in this report where the dude is in the middle of the river showing them streaming across.

For other fun listen to 3 men who were allegedly on the moon talk about stars in space or lack thereof as we reflect back on the 1960's where the astronaut said "We were never able to see stars from the lunar surface or on the daylight side of the moon" which is true because the lunar surface was a studio set. Their official statement alone is so full of green cheese, they were on the daylight side, there is no "from the lunar surface OR..." they were on the daylight side so this is evidence of them making things up as they go. Sorry to burst your Moon bubble but something is ami$$. Then the other astronaut supposedly there says he doesn't remember seeing any stars, a direct contradiction, and thus so ROFL to watch their expressions and here them make all this up. They are actors! The world's a stage and so is the journey to the plasma Moon! Notice the smirk in the b&w clip of Neil Armstrong as he ponders how to answer the question. Smirks are quite telling if you listen to them speak softly as they hit you in the face.

195 and counting institutions including California department of 'health' say they have no proof SARS-Cov-2 of it existing in the real world

There is no virus
viruses ONLY exist in the imagination and on computer screens in places like laboratories in Wuhan, China (a COMMUNIST country) and is something like watching and playing the old video game of "Pong" where you see the ball but it's not a real ball it's a simulation. The virological community has never proven them to be physical entities, everything said about them is assertive CLAIMS without solid proof. This fact was highlighted by Dr. Stefan Lanka who in 2108 proved the NON EXISTENCE OF VIRUSES in German Supreme Court case. No virus has ever been proven to exist.

FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (195 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

it's never been proven to exist!

August 18, 2021: California's Department of Public Health confirmed for Kim Leonoudakis that they have no record of "SARS-COV-2" (including any "variants") having been purified from any patient sample on the planet and no analysis whatsoever re the alleged "Delta variant":

May 20, 2022: California Department of Public Health admitted to Kristen Welch that they have no record of any alleged "SARS-COV-2" (or scariant) having been found in and purified from the bodily fluid/tissue/excrement of any diseased human on the planet (in order for "it" to be sequenced, characterized and studied with controlled experiments) by anyone, anywhere, ever.

If there is no proof how in the world can a test find it? Impossible! Covid is medical and political marketing fraud.

extensive documentation found here

We also have a collection of responses from the U.S. CDC, Public Health Agency of Canada, New Zealand Ministry of Health, etc. in regards to isolation/purification of a number of other alleged "viruses", i.e. "HIV", "measles virus", "polio virus", "HPV", "Ebola virus", "Zika virus", "XMRV", "HTLV1", "HTLV-III/LAV", 2003 "SARS-COV", "MERS virus", any common cold "coronavirus", "Marburg virus" any "virus" on their "immunization" schedules. Again, none have yielded any records or citations of records describing the isolation/purification of any "virus" from a patient sample. Click here to see those responses:

Abraham Lincoln was not President of the United States really no really go to the link and read why.

To solve a problem of "viruses" that DO NOT EXIST the "solution" is to inject pesticides directly into the body and fumigate your businesses and stores with pesticides all day long (cough cough). They started using "quats" which are dangerous indoors and this should stop. The "virus" is a pest. Vaccines deal with pests. Might want to get a second opinion on what is basically like using Roundup inside your body to kill pests especially when THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO PHYSICALLY EXIST. I recommend 2nd opinions from Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman who have excellent presentations that are easy to understand on why we have been had by the vaccine salesmen for 70 years and more.

Dr. Tom Cowan & Dr. Andrew Kaufman explain why viruses do not exist!
It may be hard to believe or even impossible for some but their analysis is obviously spot on and the world is waking up to the scam of virology which is really junk science on steroids.

Kaufman shows his coolness as he hangs with Conspiracy Music Guru who sings about the big pfrarma MAGIC INJECTION JUICE and the cult that worship's it.

learn more

There is no licensed approved vaccine called Comirnaty available anywhere on planet Earth. It's a marketing trick. There's only the fake emergency authorization product that carries NO LIABILITY to the manufacturer or dispensaries. details

Immunobridging To Nowhere: FDA Cons America, Rushed & Untested Vax Updates Prove They Don't Serve US
watch the collection of shocking clips from FDA hearing compiled by Tim Truth in the video FDA claims 95% efficacy but that is relative risk reduction. That is used for marketing and if you understand the word "relative" that could include many other factors that are what actually cause the risk reduction, like for example your own "immune system" functioning well because of good choices you make. The real number to use is .8% Absolute Risk Reduction as is stated by the company that manufactures mRNA injections, which is in the world of statistical science ZERO PROTECTION. Many other disturbing statements are made such as they will now simply use a computer to spit out new "sequences" and other mumbo jumbo to confuse you and con the world to believe their sales pitches.

Woman addresses Lancaster, CA school board district meeting about the fact that no virus has been isolated to prove existence. LA County could not provide proof of existence of "SARS-COV-2" as well as California State Department of Health she states and is frustrated in that she has informed them and they do nothing as understanding this information stops this fraud.

Pfizer's children's "covid" injection trials are a fraud. Is it time to end the war on dangerous unicorns yet? "According to the most recent data from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), in the 46 states reporting, 0.00%-0.02% of all child *&%^# cases resulted in death and those could be from other causes.

As expected the FDA has approved the shots for under 6 years of age even though the threat is ZERO to ZERO %. Point 02% is equal to .0002 or 2/10,000. I made public comment against approving the injection of chemicals to fight things that do not exist. See "there is no *&%^# virus" above it only exists in the imagination and on computer screens

Lawsuits are flyin' against these shots discussed week prior to this approval with Mary Holland and Renate Holzeisen with Polly Tommey. Lawyers and drug companies keep getting richer. Comirnaty does not exist. Military members thought they got the approved product. Gas is now over $6 in California.

Official drug pusher is called out by Senator Ron Paul that there is no proof boosters boost IMMUNITY which does not exist. 27,000 royalty payments made to 1,800 of Fauci's employees. Bingo. Fauci is a drug pushing lying scumbag. For your health fire his ass.

We don't have immune systems. The concept of "immunity" is false, the body cannot be immune it is always subject to harm. It can become stronger than weaker but to say one is immune because of a certain sales pitch for you to buy their product is very misleading and is used by drug pushers to sell their wares such as what we see with the exponential rise in injection demands for creating alleged "immunity". The term derives from the 100 year old plus false notion that an alleged "virus" never actually proven to exist is the cause of disease and once that virus is erradicated from the body or in some cases the entire planet then one is "immune" but this is a belief system like religion and is junk science. We have RESPONSE SYSTEMS not immune systems. Typically the RESPONSE SYSTEM is acting more like a group of house cleaners and toxic waste disposal services, eliminating the build up of certain things that clog "the pipes" and muck up the "machinery". When it has the tools and parts needed for repair and cleaning out we typically find wellness.

A lost in the climate vapor energy secretary that does not even know shorthand Jennifer Granholm stated that the Biden administration wants oil and gas companies to increase production now but also to "become diversified energy companies, to be able to produce other means of clean energy." Does she also want them to be vaccum cleaner salesmen? This request is like telling the Christian book store to diversify by selling books on Satanism. Why are secretaries always the ones being sent out to talk to the clients now, they did this since the 1980's when Health Secretary Margaret Heckler told us that viruses are so small they go right through condoms [like cell phone signals go through walls] offering NO PROTECTION from viruses [claimed to exist without any real physical proof] and that trying to protect using condoms is like leaving the front door of your home wide open and [stupidly] expecting flies not to come in. I remember Darrin Stevens doing that once, having his secretary meet with the client when Endora got him in a real mess and he was shrinking, had the secretary COVER FOR HIM. Has government fallen under a spell?

There is a rea$on that FDA approves dangerous drug$, once they get on the "childhood schedule" there is no liability for the manufacturers to the end of time. To be safe this is an effective must watch featuring Robert Kennedy Jr. See also "vaccines are a farce" and "Nothing worked" and "Covid was a religious sacrifice ritual" forced on people by the gods of injectionism.


Pseudo science & the madness of modern virology - Dr. Tom Cowan & Mike Wallach on SGT Report

Beware politicianpox and Fraudcipox along with CDCpox and wakeuptothefactthatvirusesdonotexistpox.

Fauci gets it. Tests postitive with garbage test$. He was 4x injected, not vaccinated because there still isn't a vaccine, just saline, meningitis vaccine as placebos, or mRNA hustle$ and it's certain he only got injected with a movie prop like all the other fakes on TV. The experiment does not end until January 31, 2023. Look it up. It's on the FDA website. It's not on the fake news.

World Hell(th) Organization again blames male to male SEX for spreading what does not exist. They are going to change the name of "monkey pox" for better MARKETING like they did with the common cold and flu naming it a novel addition to their dangerous unicorn collection, while adding lockdowns and quarantine for special effects.

Fake doc and communist drug marketing mouthpiece at the World Hell(th) Org babbles on about fakepox while every month looking at his portfolio growth.

Is "the science" actually different in Canada than other countries? Trudeau finally caves ending plane travel chemical injection mandates but not for truckers that exposed his lie$, they still are required for some illogical reason to be roaming lab rats if they want to cross a border. Ezra Levant explains his thoughts on why it happened. This same thing happened with HI virus lies, the testing protocols are different in different countries yet the claim is the "virus" is the same. Lies and lies and LIE$$$$$$.

The government can't even provide ample functioning always available toilets and urinals for health and sanitation and people believe they know what they are doing by hiring drug companies to fight wars on dangerous unicorns. Doh. When the co-fraud hit in 2020 stores, gas stations, even doctors offices closed their toilets to the public. What a joke. Then they gassed the public with QUATS and still do. That is NOT/FUNNY it is serious, they are dangerous chemicals that eat up the oxygen in the room. Health departments fixed it by forcing business to leave the blowers on constantly, eating up more energy to cause more climate change. Priority #1, public restrooms open everywhere. Priority #2 stop gassing the public with chemicals to kill viruses that do not exist and are not even living things. Last on the list of priorities at #2,432,594,227,999,666 is vaccines that use adjuvants to stimulate your body to GET RID OF the adjuvant, and thus gives you the feeling like it's making you immune to sales pitches.

Vaccines are a FARCE .

"The so-called adjuvants in the vaccine, which are supposed to enhance and magnify the immune response, simply stimulate a reaction against themselves, the adjuvants."

In other words the body is trying it's damndest to GET RID OF THE POISON that was just injected. The virologist and doctor then says "See it's getting your body prepared in case you are infected with the virus" but in reality it's just a response to something the body needs to get rid of. Caffeine is like this as well, it's called a stimulant but it's really the body working at warp speed to get it out! Neither are healthy!

100 years they never erradicated corona virus (cold and flu) then the used vaccine calvary comes in led by convicted criminal corporate drug pushers and error prone politicians and investment function$ all claiming within warp speed they stopped the latest corona virus which like snowflakes if they are there they are all different yet the SAME and like snowfall is not a threat unless it VISIBLY piles up.

Speaking of tangible wars, "Okinawa Island had the bloodiest ground battle of the Pacific War from April 1 to June 22, 1945. During this 82-day-long battle, about 95,000 Imperial Japanese Army troops and 20,195 Americans were killed." - Wikipedia entry on Okinowa island history

"The technical superiority of uranium and fossil fuels in generating energy is overwhelming: in terms of energy density and their ability to be stored and transported." (in other words they save energy and save lives) details at Stop These Things

There is no virus - BEYOND THE TRANCE

The Healthy American
PeggyHall.TV and on Bitchute

Corona Virus Disease (CVD) formerly known as cold and flu and whatever the wind blows in on the stationary of those who name the same thing over and over again with different names expecting the same different result, Peggy Hall mentions "groping requirements" to travel and some unrequirements to stay at home to be "safe"

Remember when Fraudci told the world in the 1980's that ordinary close contact transmitted HIV? He's such a Hustler In Virology (HIV) speaking out of his octopus sided mouth changing his tune but always leading the public into drug pushing doom. I watched his methods lead my friends to an early death in the Hit Hard Hit Early campaign where he fed them toxic meds that killed them. Now he's doing it with covid. Virology is a total fraud.

Canada is a mess under Trudeau

Vaccine supremacy!

This might be news to many who think there is an FDA approved covid vaccine, Comirnaty is not available anywhere on planet Earth, only labels are, there is no FDA approved licensed vaccine for non-existent corona virus hysteria. details

Update: there may be some being given to the military only

It is illegal to mandate anyone be a  test subject for the EUA product. Courts are knocking them all down.

The freezers that keep the shots super cold use as much in one day as an entire household, not very green! David Knight mentioned these facts on his show today June 8, 2022

Gays are disallowing their own they previously included, those who are not part of the New World Cult Vaccine Cult Syndrome (NW/CVS) from attending certain events where they might sneeze on each other thus risk an instant death or worse endless drama. For decades they preached INCLUSIVENESS. They are and are not to blame, they are being LIED/TO but they also blow you off whenever you try to tell them about the lies which we have done since the lie of HIV. Then they call you crazy if you present sentence #2 to them trying to inform them of the lies. If you speak one more sentence they sentence you to the big defriend platform in the clouds.

The big Pfarma complex seeks to push these EUA shots on kids, this is a threat to our children. Listen to the call for help by Children's Health Defense.

Fauci & Friends were called out in the 1980's

That electric car runs on 95% coal WHOOPS!

Further your study



Wind energy, solar power, natural and alternative energies

Electric cars run on 95% fossil fuel energy


Health & Nutrition

Oil slick free delicious salad recipe

Green eggs and ham is delicious - make it with regular eggs & kale

Beans are protein packed energy capsules

Soy Protein Isolate

Acidity of tea is about 4.9

Coffee mold allergy

Vinegar "The Four Theives" health tonic and insect repellent

Viruses are not what you think

Not all sugars are equal

Diapering your head does nothing to stop dangerous unicorns


Climate change and so called solutions

El Nino in California ended the drought

Weather Change vs. Climage Change





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