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Internet Matter

An0maly explains how those in charge shutting things down really don't care about your health.

Mother's Day was Sunday May 9th this year but why just make it a day, make it all this week.
You might not got those flowers delivered on Sunday or maybe you did. I'm sure mom would understand if delivered any day this week or anytime this entire month of May and it would totally surprise her! Also remember Godmothers! May is all mothers MONTH!

Parents are fed up with school boards that keep abusing their kids. In Utah they shouted them down demanding an end to the oxygen deprivation bacteria collecting face diaper masks. watch how they took back the power as the school board abandoned ship

The PCR test
used to 'find corona virus' was invented by Kary Mullis who won Nobel Prize. He had stated clearly that it cannot find any specific virus and cannot diagnose infection, yet, this is exactly what it is being used to attempt to do. In an interview as seen here in this short clip Kary had something to say about Fauci and it wasn't praise, instead referring to him as not knowing anything about anything which has become quite obvious to many people in this last year with his all over the place statements. Kary also called Fauci a beauracrat that should not be in that position he is in and that he and others that surround Fauci have an agenda and they lie directly to the camera.

Is Green Energy Sustainable?

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He holds up a book "How To Lie With Statistics" to point out how the many Hustlers In Virology and medical science fictionals use data to lie and manipulate people. A man of great integrity. Calls Trump a clown now though he supported him prior. He's got a razor sharp cut through the bullshit. Says if Trump had studied and promoted An0maly video about Kary Mullis this whole lockdown would never have happened as it exposes the fraud that is the basis of it. Mullis invented PCR which is what drove all the massive numbers of cases and it's used improperly. Watch that video here. 

Grant Cardone says vote London for Brian Rose on May 6

Expert forensic analyst in data states that there was anomalies in the election in Michigan, they cracked the code, and they can replicate to a T the vote tally errors. more here

"Don't Be Selfish"

There are no 'side effects' directly related to avoiding vaccinating children that are healthy for the cold and flu virus, a virus, if it even exists, when there are still chickens that will sacrifice their lives for grandma's soup. Not that flu is wiped off the map renamed 'covid' the marketing scheme wars invaded our entire way of life using for the first time to an extreme the tools of war called quarantine, lockdown, fear porn, coersion, and massive lies about a fake pandemic. There are many now that remember the 'see something say something' campaign and thus are speaking out as they see so much abuse by government and corporations now as they are pushing an experimental jab that has risk and is not approved by the FDA and cannot even be approved until sometime after January 31, 2023. Ron Paul talks about the profits being made by the drug companies and their new strategies to inject children that never much get sick and likely never will of any such delusions of 'killer' viruses and calls this whole campaign 'child abuse'. watch his discussion here

They did their 'Illegal' rodeo in Alberta to say screw the government. They even had an 'illegal' cowboy church outdoors. Dust, horses, cowboys, rope. It's exactly the spirit of how Canada and the US became free from tyrrany centuries past. It's interesting to see how doing normal things has become the new normal for some while abnormal bureaucrats all have another agenda of creating an injectible shut away dystopia. After a year of putting up with the lies finally people are taking their lives back THAT WERE STOLEN FROM THEM. watch  also visit Western Standard news online and so what does the governnment do freaks out and throws another 3 week set of crazy illogical unscientific restrictions based on not a shred of evidence that any one is spreading anything but love. He wants everyone vaccinated. See this is the entire world plan, to vaccinate everyone, for massive profits for the few, when vaccination is not proven to be a cure to anything and is shown to be harmful. These people that are all behind this are sick.

Vaxx pusher: "You need to be vaxxinated for this new virus then the new variant then the new variant of the variant and then of course of the variant of the variant of the variant and still wear your mask, stay home, not have a life, only watch memories of it on TV and thank us constantly for keeping you safe as we raise your taxes yet again to pay for it all."

The person hearing them babble: "I have an immune system that immunizes me. What you are pushing sounds like a sleasy sales pitch. It's almoste like you are claiming my immune system moved to China."

The 'herd' is already immune. It's called immune system, every animal has it. It responds better than any synthetic anything. Everything these virus hunters keep pimping out is a lie to take your money and make you dependent on them for regular billing.

Lockdowns themselves are non-essential. Wake up folks they are using you, the most non-essential business is the lockdown itself. This is put into perspective by one smart man putting in his 2 cents on display.

Made in China. There is another fear campaign that was released that purports that 'the virus' was manufactured in Fauci's lab in Wuhan and escaped and like Godzilla will stomp our cities and many will die. Using a little logic we might consider that products made there don't always last that long. Think escape from the lab there more on par with escaping from the 99 cent store and breaking within a week. Viruses are not even living things so all reports of them mutating and variantizing into anything even remotely dangerous is medical, political, financial gain theatrics unless you swallow all this crap they keep dishing out that might be harmful as then it leads into experimental toxins being injected into those you love to try to kill something that is not alive and will break in a short period of time on it's own.

Why hesitate?

Dr. Jake Tapper mentions in public meeting to officials his views on the immune system being enough to handle viruses - no need for an injectible savior - and that he has been told by many doctors that Fauci should be arrested for lying to Congress and other problematics. watch

Covid is a cult. It refuses to tell it's followers that the body handles any virus without any injection of anything, the body has done this since the beginning of time. It forces it's member into doing bizarre things. It trains the followers to only look to the leaders for direction. Like a cult it does not allow challenging what the cult leaders tell it's members. It uses coersion like a cult, it tells it's members to avoid others for irrational reasons, it even has now become so bad it tells them to shun family unless they become part of the cult which now requires injections of exerimental concoctions. There is mass psychosis. David Icke speaks about this odd situation.

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