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Navin Gruesom "won" his recall election so in good sportsmanship
L E T  M E  B U Y  Y O U  A  F U K I N  D R I N K
press play

What do you mean I can't go in the bar to buy you a drink unless I share my PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION at the door? Why would you DISCRIMINATE against me for being human? Oh I get it you are building a medical dictatorship and that is more important than all the HUMAN RIGHTS matters you sailed ship on in the past as THIS IS WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS NOW.

Californians SHOULD/HAVE elected Kevin Kiley for California Governor or at minimum Larry Elder or a dog. Click here or on Kevin's photo for detail

Gruesom block party in Beverly Hills the entitled people in California are so nice

Kumm to Kalifornia where homelessness is all the rage under Navin Gruesome and take a movie star homes like tour more of Gruesom's governing here before koming to Kommefornia where you will be frisked at the door of all Los Angeles county and San Francisco establishments to grope you of your medical data before being allowed entry as the liars in charge claim the groping is "keeping you safe" which is like something Harvey Weinstein would say to his victims

VAX/PAS working so well the Tory MP says he's not coming ROFL back to the drawing pad maybe the government can get the virus to do the job

first made available at hospitals now ready for widespread useCON/VAIDS nasal filter

approved for use

Testing NOT APPROVED. There is no evidence of a variant they are making everything up!

"You see, the genetic sequencing process, carried out to determine whether a patient's swab sample reveals the original SARS-C0V-2 or the Delta...that process hasn't obtained certification from the US government. It hasn't been approved in any way, shape, or form. The labs who do the genetic sequencing are on their own. They have the final word on their own procedures."

Scientist speaks to authorities wearing mask - at the end of her alloted 5 minutes to speak her carbon dioxide levels were at 1700 ppm

public officials are committed to ignore the warnings

What else gets made up how did a moth make it's way up to and into the International Space Station as it was drawn to it's light?

Coronavirus   American Medical Association medical reference calls it common cold 

Better odds in winning at Power Ball lottery than chance of dying from corona virus infection which is is 1 in 19 million says prestigious UCLA study

The approved vaccine DOES NOT EXIST.

The plandemic as conceived and discussed in 2017.

Why some are getting sick and others are not with the "you are Fauxi's lab rat" genetic modification experiment? One gal seems to have figured this out, listen to her explain this facinating discovery not shown in any news report in less than one minute & notice her mention of "placebo" and ask yourself, "how is anyone being protected by a placebo??"

Reiner Fuellmich is suing all who are involved in orchestrating the plandemic update 9-15-2021

The vaccineists on thier high horses are now shutting out the uns yet those special vaxxed are being allowed in to venues WHO NEVER GOT THE ACTUAL PRODUCT THAT IS ALLEGED TO PROTECT THEM having only received a placebo. Again, there is a placebo amongst the vax so IT'S ALL LIES!!!! They are not protecting anyone as they shun the unvaxed and they allow in the placeboed.

Some are saying "I'm here I'm queer I'm un I'm shun get used to it" but I'm not sure that makes sense.

The rebranding of cold and flu is a MEDICAL/POLITICAL marketing $HAM.

So why the push to inject everyone? I'll give you one gue$$. Ok try again. 

California is Americas' most medically induced cult $tate. Everything weird that is going on is because of the medical cartel.

It's recent declarations that the common cold virus aka "coronavirus" aka "go hysterical over what cannot be controlled any more than trying to stop Earth from spinning" requires cult like activities like shunning friends and family to deal with it make this most obvious that it is a CULT.

Americans cannot obtain a full disclosure about the "efficacy" findings of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because the FDA hasn't released its Pfizer vaccine clinical efficacy and safety reviews yet so why are we constantly hearing from liars that the thing is safe and efficatious when this HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN YET AS THE THING IS IN A CLINICAL TRIAL UNTIL 2023?

BLM and MAGA are joining together to stand together for human rights

Thomas More Society defends religious spiritual normal logical reasons for protecting yourself from violent injections here is a discussion on this regarding NY State exemptions there is a temporary restraining order forbiding enforcement of these insane Medical Dictates (MD)

The vaxxinated are now given IVERMECTIN in the hospital TO HELP THEM SURVIVE while the unvaccinated are not so they can be used as statistics to keep pushing the lies.

German court: "Measles virus does not exist" Dr. Stefan Lanka proved it unequivocally, this lays the groundwork for all mandates null and void.

"Any national and international statements on the alleged measles virus, the infectivity of measles, and on the benefit and safety of vaccination against measles, are since then of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of their legal basis."

This means that California's measles vaccine requirement has no legal basis and is the basis for striking down all other vaccine requirements around the entire globe as viruses have never actually been proven to exist they were only asserted.

It's like they think they have magic carpets made of carbon that will sweep them off to far away places at any given moment

Politicians keep flying planes while building them but if they "can't fly them" then why are they flying them as they are not flying them while building them as US politicians claim they are doing with the cold virus panic and response of 2020-2021 which of course crashed. "They can't fly them"??

Democrats are the party of massive lies like the bully in the school yard. I am so sick of their lies. They hurt people. Wake up. Stop voting for them.

Look at these idiots wearing Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD)THAT STOP NO VIRUS "for health". They are all liars or stupidists.


B O Y C O T T  D E S E R T  C I T I E S

In 2021 Americans under the iFaux regime were turned into illegal immigrants in their own country. They we were forced into reapplying for freedom to roam, to eat out, to be a part of normal daily life, and even to enjoy Coachella Fest which I will never ever promote again as they demand only the human "lab rats" turned into GMOs be allowed to attend.

The medical political cult created the condition for acceptance into daily life was first delete your human rights which prior they said they championed, then make you accept whatever injections of experimental poisons the dictator$ choose as many times as they delight. Word is it will be 4x a year plus new pills featuring their new injections of genetic modification misleadingly called vaccines. The people who get those are now GMO's unless of course what they got injected into them was a placebo.

Jon Rappoport writes about these new huddled masses yearing to be free 

this entry will be part of my new book "Don't Buy My Book"

I decided to completely boycott Palm Springs and Cathedral city and any other place that goes along with this medical/political con game where NORMAL people are turned away from restaurants when they refuse to be molested with demand of proof of experimental lab rat violent injection intrusion card for an alleged virus never proven to exist while they again demand you wear innefective masks again!

Experimental maxxine vandates are illegal orders violating Neurenberg code. It's become an evil cult worse than Jim Jones.

Vaccines are violence, know your abuser!

There is no need to share your PRIVATE HEALTH INFORMATION with any one who demands it. It is a violation of human rights & privacy laws to deny service in coersion of you revealing private information. All the politicians already know this. They are all lying through their teeth. Do not visit these places that are denying your basic rights.  

Only patronize those businesses WHO DO NOT DISCRIMINATE has more       

Masks stop no virus!

Forced diapering of your face is 100% PROVEN violation of health & safety regulations already on the books any politician, business, employer that demands you diaper your face is violating the rules big time this was even stated before the fakedemic

Your Employer CANNOT Force Vaccinations or a Mask September 22, 2018!

Database attempts to start clarify which businesses are cool and those who are insane.

Kevin J. Johnston exposes and explains the fake pandemic 

a Trojan Horse explains what the pandemic really is 

Kids retake their school going in without masks peacefully knowing
"They can't touch us"

What's wrong with this picture?

Ethics professor unethically terminated gives lesson

Concentration camps setting up in Australia

Psychos are governing Australia indoor mask wearing for years!!!!!  Masks stop no virus!

Class action lawsuit by Hawaii attorney Michael Green filed to protect the people from "mandatory" injections of an UNPROVEN EXPERIMENT 1000x worse than Tuskeegee watch and remember The American Medical Association reference states coronavirus is the cold and flu and politicians are stupid

In 2019 on "Project Runway" a designer named "Kovid" sported his bold fashion statement that included model wearing, of all things, a face mask. This exposes how the fakedemic was conceived, known about ahead of time, and medias also coordinated the hustle. coincidence/not

British people take over public library building from the illigitmate government watch and decide who looks more stupid for educational purposes only

Natural immunity is more robust than synthetic vaccines are all FRAUD

In some worlds only the human body creates immunity.


Regular health security updates provide injections of sanity to protect you from politicians acting as doctors giving you medical advice and even demands. Disease is not caught it is created.

Virology is basically hunting DANGEROUS UNICORNS.

Vaccines do not guarantee immunity.


Chris Sky meets with Toronto police department on Today's Date Thursday September 2, 2021
In his speech mentions the Toronto Police are on the side of the people not Canada's Premier and that they will not enforce compliance with such absurd Medical Dictates (MD) AND that 100,000 businesses are on board with not enforcing any such absurd abuse of power.
Chris Sky speaking in Toronto partnering up with the Toronto Police in rally to protest for freedom from vaccine passports


Here we see crazy woman act like mad scientist

Hawaii used to be easy to travel to, now it's harder than when native Hawaiians would go island to island using canoes with oars thanks to coronahysteria

Freedom from fear!

Puke green energy - they keep chasing unicorns

farmer plans to plow over clouds to stop climate changeClimate change is 10,000% more caused by water vapor than carbon dioxide which is recycled anyway by Momma Nature!

It never gets stuck!

Blankets do not exist in the sky.

If you have one send it to me so I can send it to a homeless shelter.

The occasional power grid

The illusionists of puke green energy keep pushing for grid expansion. Los Angeles wants more extention cords run everywhere like under your computer desk and TV where it's a mess. They will even go all the way to Winslow Arizona which was such a fine sight to see at one time replacing that with 49 whopping square miles of endless vista of 170 count Los Angeles skyscraper size wind turbines that will be seen flashing red for as far as the eye can see all night long.

Solar storms ahead

"For the power grid, photovoltaic power is garbage power, and garbage disposal fees must be charged." Shudong Zhou


variant theater is now playing at


What if the moon was actually a hologram?    

What if the President was actually a hologram?

WHO is vax scene scissorhands


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