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Ed Gardner of "Duffy's Tavern" a vintage piece of radio broadcasting history autographed photo see it here

Listen to Billie Holiday in 1940 sing LAUGHING AT LIFE on today's date!




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Why is the moon 90 degrees rotated clockwise as compared to Justin Mac's moon


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learn about the Green New Steal here 

inventor of PCR has something to say about Fauci



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Power center

Power Outage Maps  California and other areas  

SCE outage center 

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specific areas  IOWA

Sunrise & sunset calendars

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one page printable calendar showing only major holidays

History of calendars

Forex economic calendar

Calendarpedia - school calendars, fiscal year calendars, perpetual calendars, split year calendars, photo calendars, weekly & yearly calendars, one-two-three year calendars, and calendars for Australia and Canada, federal calendars, monthly calendars, and more

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Today's date provides the calendar date and time for easy access while presenting a page that you can keep on your screen for easy viewing

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Generate a Yahrzeit date

Hebrew Birthday, or Hebrew Anniversary for the next 20 years for one individual

Hijri Arabic calendar and date

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Health & Nutrition

Why did Kovid appear on TV wearing a mask one year prior to the "pandemic"?

Do covid shots provide any protection? NO

What's in those injections? Pesticides

214 Freedom Of Information Act responses from health agencies as requested by Christine Massey and others offer absolutely NO PROOF ANY VIRUS ACTUALLY EXISTS Wow!

Oil slick free delicious salad recipe

Green eggs and ham is delicious - make it with regular eggs & kale

Beans are protein packed energy capsules

Soy Protein Isolate

Acidity of tea is about 4.9

Coffee mold allergy

Vinegar "The Four Theives" health tonic and insect repellent

Viruses are not what you think

Not all sugars are equal

Diapering your head does nothing to stop dangerous unicorns

Climate change

El Nino in California helped curb the drought

Weather Change vs. Climage Change

Do carbon footprints exist?

Polar bears are doing fine! WWF deceives the public




Wind & solar are disabled trickle energy

Electric cars are often powered by grid energy 95% being coal power

most often the power grid is simply providing that electricity by burning coal, natural gas, or nuclear

Forest Fires and other incident information

National Interagency Fire Center

Current wildfires

California and United States

National Interagency Fire Center


Western USA fires

Northeastern Arizona

California fire maps  

Southern California live news


view map   


INCIWEB for fire maps and info

Orange County Fire Authority

Riverside County active events

Riverside County Fire Department live incident feed

San Bernardino County fire incidents

previous fires     Blue Ridge   August    Bobcat*   Dolan   El Dorado*   Lake   SQF   Snow*   Silverado   Valley   APPLE FIRE at Beaumont, California under control all evacuation warnings lifted   MAP of Apple Fire now under control and details

GeoMac the site transitioned April 30, 2020 to various other wildfire agencies check here for details


Air Quality

interactive map of air quality for Southern California and other areas


California highways

Current highway conditions

Submit a service request regarding lighting, road conditions, potholes, etc. to CALTRANS


Air travel

Aviation incidents

Live Flight Tracker

Know Before You Fly (drones)


Coastal waters

Coastal water temperature guide fixed

other ocean climate links at NOAA



Latest earthquakes worldwide by USGS

Today's Earthquakes


Flood & Tsunami

International tsunami information center

United States tsunami information & warnings

2020 US map showing predicted flooding for spring

NOAA operational product viewer

FEMA flood zone maps

Tsunami risk zone maps for San Diego county

New evidence suggests Hawaii could be hit by massive Tsunami based on past events


Old fashioned predicting & conversion tools

Farmer's Almanac

farenheit/celsius conversions

Universal weather outside Earth's atmosphere

longest lunar eclipse this century was 27 July 2018

Today's Weather in space and forecast from NOAA

Space weather website


Historical weather

Historical Weather Events



US drought monitor

drought in California



NASA's computer graphic image of the day gallery



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