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On this day October 21, 1720 the first display of the word "Liberty" on a flag raised by colonists in defiance of British rule in Colonial America

How to not build a "better mousetrap"

Your day probably didn't start like this

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It won't happen again you say?

Ventura man is trying to find his old 4x4 Toyota pickup this should be on milk cartons!

Seattle group pushing for minimum wage of $15/hr only wants to pay $13/hr

Learn how to get rid of gophers without using any poisons or traps

Doorway border security 

Athiest jailed for not believing in a higher power is awarded $2 million

Couple's dream home built on wrong lot

Netherlands ok's biker gangs to fight Islamic State

10,000 seeds sent to Arctic to safeguard humanity from climate change

Colored salt would make it easier to see how much we are putting on food


One star Yelp reviews of national parks

Tiny island in the middle of Tumuch Lake in Northern British Columbia

Someone took a great movie selfie with a drone

iPhone 6 looks bent in Apple store window

"Coal is good for humanity"

British Parliment recognizes Palestinian State in symbolic vote

27 touchdowns and only two interceptions and only two interceptions with a 119.2 passer rating

Amazon is opening a brick & mortar store in NYC

Teachers handout says not to call students boys & girls in theme of gender neutrality

Lake Oroville at historic lows in California drought

Signed Earnest Hemmingway book allegedly bought at garage sale for $2

Weird and wonderful bookstores

Artificial intelligence being used to make websites for you

Yovo has unique scramble feature making it bettter than Snapchat 

Today's thought: at a certain point in time, you were the youngest person on the planet

Worldwide internet usage map

Video poker 'hackers' cleared of federal wire tapping charges

Comparing marriage equality with slavery and Dred Scott Supreme court decision

Muslim inmate right to keep beard discussed by Supreme Court

Diabetes goes back as far as 1522 B.C. and it's diagnosis has an odd past

Garfi, the Angriest Cat In The World

Some people are planning to become an e-residents of Estonia

Sweden to recognize the State of Palestine

Stranded man in Northern Saskatchewan cuts down power lines to draw attention and get rescued

Drones banned at hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Macintosh computers affected by 'back door' worm

Earth underwater in the next 20 years

Police agencies distributed dangerous 'internet safety software' called 'ComputerCop'

Tree growing through speed limit sign

Germany to make sending some emails illegal after 6pm

Ebola causing panic in Texas, quarantine ordered, yet not all feel the same way about the official reports

Politicians don't have to pay water levy on 2nd homes and the public is upset

California 1st state to ban plastic shopping bags - reusable bags mandatory in parts of CA starting November 1

FCC could ban the "R" word "Redskins"

A Granny Smith a day keeps the bacteria away

Apple faces billions in fines in tax avoidance probe

USDA awards $52 million in grants to grow local and organic food economies

Speed camera generates whopping $77,550 in one day enough to hire an officer to patrol the intersection full time

Lifting the gay blood ban could save millions of lives every year

On the internet no one knows you're a dog

BlackBerry has managed to attach a three-row keyboard to the end of a 4.5-inch square screen and call it a smartphone and it's selling fast 

Apple iPhone six is warping in pockets

Physics professor says black holes are mathematically impossible

Unarmed man shot during seat belt violation stop, officer charged with felony

The next European stop for Ryder Cup will be Le Golf National just outside Paris

MUSIC - Self Titled e.p. - Sumeru

How U2 became the most hated band in America

COMEDY - Arguing in the 90's

MOVIES - movie listings, weekly feature film

TV - "Somewhere Street" visits Mousehole, Cornwall, England seaside village NHK world


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