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Woman's tweets tracked from Toronto to ISIS front lines

Djokovic glad to advance to finals with 5 set win over Wawrinka

Man climbs up frozen ice Niagara Falls

iPhone case includes backup external battery power

Gas price hits $1.99 in Southern California

USA Today columnist calls for prison time for parents who do not vaccinate

Rare red fox photographed in Yosemite

Malaysian Air flight MH370 declared an accident

This graffiti is super

Peanut allergies could be cured with probiotics says doctors

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

Using asteroseismology they found a solar system with 5 earth like planets

LG introduces a smart flip phone

Selfie in front of running train costs three college-goers their life

He left his pizza box unattended for all of 45 seconds

Johnny Depp's 3rd movie flop puts career in crossroads

Fashion designer breaks last big taboo, full frontal male nudity

Teen 'posed as gynaecologist' for a month without hospital staff noticing

Mexican police find crashed drone carrying drugs

BlackBerry's version of net neutrality would force Apple to make apps for it's system

1,700 private jets will fly to Davos to discuss 'global warming'

Food pyramid for man cave dwellers

I can't afford eggs anymore 

Science is actually not sure if 2014 was alleged "hottest year on record"

Oil industry layoffs start due to plunge in gas prices

Miracle on I-84 man survives crash

Pleasing people

France becomes first country to ban pro Palestine demonstrations

Patriot Act idea for France ridiculed

Gaming: Sunburn has you round up friends in space and plunge them into a star as the goal

Forgiveness works both ways

Target closes all it's Canadian stores after only 2 years

92% of college students prefer reading real books over electronic 

Children CAGED to keep the streets clean for the Pope

Christians and secularists should get comfortable with blasphemy

Egypt's Grand Mufti warns Charlie Hebdo magazine to not publish offensive Mohammed caricatures calling it a racist act 

Apple granted patent for a superior Go-Pro like camera

Unarmed suspect James Shaw shot and killed by police officer who was seen crying after the event

German newspaper offices torched for printing controversial cartoons

We use more than 10% of our brains

George Zimmerman arrested again

GM plans a Chevy "Bolt" with 200 mile range on electric

Intel's $150 HDMI stick turns TV into Windows computer

French terror suspects dead at both locations

Colder than Mars

Protesters in NY city plan to hand out loose cigarettes for donations to draw attention to Eric Garner's alleged crime

Ex wife rejects divorce settlement check for nearly $1 billion

12 killed in shooting at Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo

Tree within a tree

Chicken breast said to be ultra healthy....but maybe it's not

Rats! The study on sugar is too simple

UFO spotted in Southern California ejected an "orb" like object in the opposite direction

Pirates are re-writing copyright law

This is called a "Sundae thru Fridae"

Helping chickens and other wildlife cross the roads

Florida clerks cancel all weddings to avoid performing same sex ceremonies

The entire top comes off this beer can

Historic grey wolf shot by hunter

Build THE BEST mousetrap simply at home with peanut butter, a paper towel tube, and a tall trash can

NYC policing insubordination situation 

You think your dog food is expensive...check this out

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