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News Items

$60 million book deal and $400k speaking fees bring Obama into the multi-millionaires club he often criticized

4 Confederate monuments removed in New Orleans

Rachel Maddow forced to retract claim about the US president's donations having falsely stated Venezuelans were protesting Trump

USDA sanctions use of cyanide poison that is killing coyotes AND family pets

Official orders to "buy American" may not work in America's free markets

They're starting kids off thinking inside the box

Smartphone controlled mug keeps coffee warm

Water vapor is the world's most threatening greenhouse gas

Stop Google News from switching immediately to links you click on

Trump's $2.9 billion wall if spent on building homes instead could slove the nation's homeless veteran problem

Barney Frank best explains how to communicate your goals and ideas to lawmakers

Oregon's ballot initiatives give power back to parents instead of government in the decisions as to whether to inject things into their children's bloodstream

U-turn made on EPA allowance for California requirement for auto makers to make electric cars under Trump

A computer's blinking LED can let hackers steal data

Moon dust now belongs to a civilian woman, not NASA

To be perfectly clear, the winner of the Oscar® for best picture is confusing

Trump claims health care reform must be done first before tax cuts

Mosquito control district claims they need to spray risky pesticides in the air in Indio California to control a mosquito that's everywhere!

Apple joins other high tech companies to challenge the travel ban

Trump nominates conservative judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court, now there's 5 steps to confirmation

LAPD Chief Beck does not want to do the job that belongs to federal immigration authorities

Trump's ban on Muslim countries could spur similar bans against Americans

 Soon you may be able to smoke your smart phone (youtube video)

Mary Tyler Moore in a different perspective on set of the 1960's "The Dick Van Dyke Show"

Goodyear presents the tire of the future shaped as a sphere

The cattle were fed candy after it spilled all over the highway

The first monarch to circumnavigate the globe tried to save Hawaii's dwindling native population

Green eggs & ham actually does exist and is not just a Dr. Seuss tale

Scrambled green eggs can also be made with regular eggs using kale

Republicans' plan to shred Obamacare and add health savings accounts benefits the rich by tax-sheltering their money

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt said something very interesting about patriotism

Golfer's guide to Pebble Beach

Electron activation of C02 produces what makes up protein

Rare ice circle seen spinning on Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

Some authors are actually saying "Don't Buy My Book"

Uber plans to help cities make good planning decisions in their transportation projects

Illusions that dictate Russia US relations

Politicians demand more internet security then they say they don't want encryption which makes data secure

Organize your sticky note pads into a colorful tower

Trump's first cracked promise appears and he's not even president yet

Girl falls to death from Indio freeway overpass that has low rail

How to do your first pull up without pulling up

Law could make disracted driving as serious as DUI

The PPACA is unlikely to die a swift death (if at all)

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would affect everyone

US patent # 9,305,280 is like something from The Jetsons, allowing one company a space ship like shipping center that hovers at 45,000 feet

Media outlets falsely claim California man was charged with Driving Under the Influence of caffeine

State Department purges website data stating that climate change is not necessarily due to man

Steve Martin tweets tribute to Carrie Fisher and social media has a fit

Wattway powers the world's first solar road

December 26 is federal holiday so many banks and offices are closed

Palm Springs sees a white Christmas in the pines!

California could lose 209,000 jobs if Affordable Care Act is repealed

Holiday artichoke dip goes terribly wrong on air

Income tax and health care can be repealed by H.R. 25

Kanye West meets with Trump

Grain-free pet foods might contain an ingredient that's not healthy food stores have no checkers

Rexnord to ship 300 jobs to Mexico

Climate scientist predicts record cold snap to hit USA in December

Texas to require funeral services for fetus when woman has abortion

Son of Vivienne Westwood burns $6 million of punk memorabelia in protest declares war with breakfast cereal maker after they pull ads, creating #dumpkelloggs on Twitter

Jackson Hole opens for skiing December 1st

Donations pour in to dig a huge "Holiday Hole"

Some countries keep building walls while others tear them down

Wal-Mart found liable for not paying California truck drivers minimum wage

Trump picks Amway multi-level marketing founder Rich DeVos son's wife to head school vouchers

At one time in US history troops invaded Mexico City's "Central Park"

Oil-slick-free delicious salad recipe

Some believe Trump should offer Romney Secretary of State role

Marilyn Monroe dress worn while singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JFK sold to Ripley's for $4.8 million

Fashion world considers refusing to dress 1st Lady Elect Melina Trump

Trump is first president elect who never had political experience, winning based on 4 key issues

Polling quacks like a duck

Eric Holder wants Electoral College abolished

The Electoral College allowed Trump to win by an incredibly slim margin

Coal stock soars

Trump is supposed to overturn Obamacare yet he contributed to Democrats when it was being sold to the public years ago

Trump wins United States of America presidential election predicted a WIN with 279 electoral votes. Most media outlets blundered big time on their projections - see which states got what here

Hillary cancels fireworks - more evidence Trump will win

Trump tops Google News search at #1 again

Amish take on authorities over horse poop

Trump claims health care reform in Arizona is a huge disaster

POLLS: Here's a great list of all the US presidential race polls and their results

It's now legal to hack your stuff just don't try to get free cable

Hillary Duff apologizes for 'offensive' Pilgrim/Indian costumes

2 point lead for Trump in key delegate state of Florida may indicate looming win

Trump's drain the swamp plan could lead the US into a massive sinkhole

Professor says 87% chance Trump will win contrary to most polls

Medias must want Trump to win


Tax center

Get tax forms and file direct at the IRS official website

Where to send your individual tax account balance due payments

What is the price of a stamp in the US?

You can pay IRS taxes using debit or credit card


DUE DATES for tax year 2016 to file in 2017

1040 form

business & self employed IRS tax calendar

The Internal Revenue Service will officially start accepting individual tax returns on Monday, Jan. 23, 2017.

The filing DEADLINE is Tuesday, April 18, 2017 for individuals as Monday is Emancipation Day and the normal deadline date of April 15th is on a Saturday.

Taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts will have until Tuesday, April 19, due to the Patriots Day holiday.

IRS tax tips

7-11 food stores are said to be accepting tax payments


Do I have to attach copies of my federal tax return to my state tax return in California?

Some people can get a 40% higher tax/repayment than expected due to Obamacare - for example, if a self employed individual estimated their year's earnings $20,000 less than what they received, they could be paying an extra 20% tax on that income, and in order to reconcile form 8962 PTC they might be paying another 20% to reimburse for the subsidies they received but did not qualify for due to the higher income. view the IRS instructions on form 8962


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Hurricanes & Tropical Storms
Red Flag wind advisories
Austrailia cyclone map
50 Years of Tornado Tracks

old fashioned predicting
Farmer's Almanac

weather in the universe
Today's Weather in space and forecast from NOAA
Space weather website

Real Estate

featured homes for sale in or near desert communities

40 acres for sale in Arizona $19,000



list of shows on Broadway in New York City

Hoyt Hughes "Country" music album debut 9/9/16

Today's Celebrity Birthdays

movies in theaters and/or on DVD

latest releases in theaters

Election & voter registration dates in the US

When is the presidential election and by what date do I have to register?


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Daylight Savings Time

when is daylight savings time?



Today's Ever Changing World
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Current highway conditions for California highways

Aviation incidents  Know Before You Fly (drones)

Wildfire & other incident information 
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Riverside County Fire Department live incident feed

Latest earthquakes 

FEMA flood zone maps

Tsunami risk zone maps for San Diego county

Latest tsunami information & warnings for the United States

New evidence suggests Hawaii could be hit by massive Tsunami based on past events

Dot map of the 2010 census

NASA's "image of the day gallery"

US drought monitor  drought in California



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