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The 9th Circuit just ruled Gavin Newsom violated the 'right of parents to control their children's education' by closing private schools. Kevin Kiley for California Governor!

CORONAHYSTERIA: 1,000,000,000 years to flatten the curve!

quick reminder CDC also told us DDT was safe and effective!

UK Column News, 26 July, 2021

The 'covid' scam reminds us of multi-level marketing scams, high pressure sales that benefit only those at the top.

BREAKING! CDC quietly bans the PCR based 'corona virus test' which is what was forced on the world and fueled the hysteria creating 'cases' not representative of any real threat. PCR was called out BY THE INVENTOR Kary Mullis 30 years ago as not being suitable for diagnosis yet CDC has allowed this magnification technology that has only limited suitable applications as it's a financial winfall. He also called out Fauci as a fraud. What is it going to take for the world to realize the ongoing corruption and stop it now? David Knight explains on this episode

The brainwashed and the conniver$ are starting to chant MAGA (Make America Gaslamped Again) demanding ZERO/EFFECTIVE face masking even if one is vaccinated (a procedure that is like receiving a bullet to the blood cells). Even the as seen on TV drama queen Geraldo Rivera who showed us how effective it is to dig for other thugs treasures besides that of Fauci (Al Capone's vault) is on the silly MASK/UP bandwagon which is heading for a ditch again. What on Earth is wrong with these people. So much of media now is modeled after The National Enquirer which by comparison now was more accurate than a lot of what we see today.

People have this idea they are safe in this fake emergency by getting injected with an experimental genetic therapy, having no idea that it could just be a placebo! "Whether given the placebo (saline placebo or meningitis vaccine placebo) or the actual vaccine they are considered fully vaccinated" stated by UK Nadhim Zahawi listen in

Spike protein lies - ask your Faucist leader about the Devil found in the details and watch him squirm, in particular ask how much in exact quantity and proportion of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen is in each spike protein. All protein contains those four elements. If he cannot provide this data it makes it clear they do not know anything they assert about spike proteins as quantitative analysis is void in the basis of their false claims of existence of spike proteins. All statements by these hustlers are sleasy drug pitching assertions. There is no virus, no spikes, it's all lies to sell drugs, testing, and play stock markets.

Full Blown Covid (FBC) aka Long Covid (LC) may qualify as a disability says the schizo administration.

Ventura County BOS meeting public comments 7/27/21 on fraud-19

Injections are not safe for animals but safe for humans? And effective???? Helloooooooooooooooo.

All mandates and exclusions by business, government, venues are all founded on the illusion of being "protected" when in fact since the hype product that is sold to save us from viruses which are categorized by shape (corona) may only be an INJECTION OF SALT WATER or oddly the other placebo of meningitis injection. So the reality is everywhere on the planet here in 2021 that 'the vaccinated' may not have been given any alleged injective 'protection from the virus'. So why is this not being shouted on every rooftop, political meeting, TV channel that gets 99.9% of it's funding from drug money? Why is government misleading the public, not telling them about this trickery much like how other experiments were kept from the public? Why is no one telling this truth? Of course as always the drama pushers will keep up their game so who will hear this over all the lies? So basically there is no proof anyone is immune even if 'vaccinated' and the claim that an injection of even licensed products 'provides immunity' is not actually true any more than claiming the sky is blue as one can clearly see any night it is not blue at all yet during the day it looks blue so how can it be not blue and also be blue?

Author of the book "What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?" Christine Maggiore spoke with Elini Papadapoulos exposing that fraud way back when. The AIDS/CRISIS of deceitful disingenuous profit driven medical definitions is fundamental to where we are today with the abuse handed down by the fraudci regime. watch the interview

2018 Fraudci says GOFR is not dangerous, completely the opposite calls it PC30 not to be confused with C3PO and claims he has no control over things not funded by government, which is disingenuous as there are many ways of influence available

 vote for Kevin Kiley California governor  his latest statement July 20, 2021 do not vote for Elder

Dr. Andrew Kaufman exposes the lie of the 'delta variant'    more interview with Kaufman here as well exposing the BIG/LIE of the virus

Worldwide Rally for Freedom Day London July 24, 2021 can be viewed in full here

Canada health HAS NO PROOF OF "THE VIRUS" this is on record

The testing fraud is over, sorta, at least for the PCR technology, they will figure out something else, it's all in the plans, what's that smell? It's in the pool testing!

again a reminder CDC also told us DDT was safe and effective!

Earthlings notice something once again not adding up

Corona is a shape not a disease

Hospital workers decide not to jap people with medical EXPERIMENT any longer

The 'safe and effective' Tuskeegee Experiment

The first kids vaccinated for polio with the 'safe and effective' product died it's in the official records, polio occurred during warm summer months during pesticide spraying time, they blamed a virus

People being turned into dogs wearing muzzles/masks and the elite laugh their crasses as they steal all the moeny they spend

The insanitic NY gov will give free rides to 'drive' up injection rate$

French farmers spray horse manure all over government buildings, what are they trying to say? Can't they just write letters to their 'representatives' that could care less and don't even read the bills they sign?

THE/VIRUS appears to have jumped out from behind the safe plastic screen scaring Andalusian parliament, there was a cigarette named Parliment, time for a smoke

Trader Joe's forced to acknowledge human rights citizen activist pressed the mask issue and wins for the employees and says how it's done right

PATENT-19 is the only viru$ in existence that needs round-the-merry-go-clock advertising to remind you of it's existence

Mike Lindell's pillow proves that the election was stolen by aliens

There is an epidemic of unicorns flying magic carptes to get away from DRAMA-19

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich apears on massive stage screen at freedom protest

Antibodies and t-cells are more beneficial than injections of who knows what often "Made In China" could ever provide anyone. Expecting any vaccine to make you healthier is like expecting on a hot humid summer day at the beach that wearing a plaid bright green nylon leisure suit will work out better than a cotton t-shirt and shorts. It's like thinking by covering yourself in motor oil your body will be able to win NASCAR. It's like thinking that highly processed hamburgur made of soybeans, chemical preservatives, highly processed oils, and dyes is going to give you more nutrition and work more symbiotically with your cells than a slab of beef roasted on an open fire in the woods with some fresh vegetables which has been done effectively for billions of years making antibodies and t-cells do what no vaccine anywhere on planet Earth can do.


take a break here

Del Bigtree on the latest hysterical push to blame the "unvaccinated" for health problems of others

When things don't minus up

Beware the social BOTS that are merely computers in sheeps clothing

When political theatrics walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then demands one look like a duck....

Austin mayor lunatic claims everyone needs to mask up or everyone's headed to the ICU

Story time with Vernon Coleman reminds me of hearing Santa Clause talk about his year prior and the shortages of toys from the scamdemic disrupting his supply chains

variant theatre  intersection hesitancy  fakedemic theatricks

UK Column News 23rd July 2021 if you want no hype reporting instead of typical fake news from the United Kingdom

Registered nurse shows how Canada's elite fake their injections

The Swamp Family only cares about its wealth and power over the big world plantation

Kamala Harris fakes her injection. They all do as they all know it's an experiment on humans then they all LIE TO THE PUBLIC telling them it's safe yet it's NOT LICENSED for use and not proven safe and cannot even be licensed until the end of the trial in 2023 using humans as guinea pigs  

Austrailia Freedom Rally July 24th Saturday

Donna Howard one of 60 Texas Democrats skipped out on vote, shown on plane maskless, model for hypocricy at it's finest, now calls for universal mask wearing, ignores the solid proven science instead latching onto the science fiction on masks

Some thawts on the scam-o-lympics raise your hand if you are sick of elitist cons making humans all into mosquito vectors with all their lies

Elites do not care about humanity the suicides are exploding man in Australia tells story

Los Angeles the capital of world wide theatricks closes restaurants again due to fake variant threat it's time for an intermission

Vernon Coleman speaks about how wind and solar cause more energy to be used than they provide

Eric Clapton will not play at events where viral Medical Dicktatorships (MD) theatricks are installed denying equal treatment of all

Frenchzies now deny voting rights unless injected with experimental medicine at eliti$t$ whim$ or i$ $omething lo$t in all the tran$ phobic tran$lation$?

Pfizer should have been closed down in 2009

Fauci's workshop hightlights critical point of FUNDING his Gain Of Function Research (GOFR) back in 2013

December 19, 2018 Fauci lifts GOFR funding pause

Years ago Democrats in congress called out flaws of voting machines then in 2020 used those flaws to steal the election

Idaho Governor has a message for fleeing Californians crossing the border into his state

Fauci talked about distrupting the world to push new flu products October 29, 2019 at the Milken Institute

crowds chant "Arrest Boris Johnson"

Lanka and Cowan refute entire virus cause theory but not unicorn theory that most humans hold onto with all their might

David Knight talks about massive pushes to force injections of RNA manipulation software programs guaranteed to cause "blue screens of death" in humans and the worthless politicians everywhere

Peggy Hall talks about NON-NECESSARY orders by 'health' authors

My Pillow Guy offers $5,000,000 if qualified debunker can debunk his exposing election fraud

Bezos fake travels to outer space while Earthlings are denied travel to inner space

drug companies say vaccines have an "acceptable" death rate?

Still think masks stop viruses? If you believe "the science" is what tells us they work, know that what they forgot to add is the word fiction, its the science fiction that tells us that they stop viruses as it's all medical profiteering theater

No mask stops any virus the particles are just too small for that matter HHS secretary in the 1980's stated even condoms don't stop viruses, for a quick test take one of those plastic bags for vegetables you use at the store for lettuce or fruit and use it to pick up goopy dog poop, the smell goes right through to your hands because like viruses those air particles go right through

DeSantis now is fully engaged to pushing experimental vaccines making false claims why are all these politicians in bed with these drug companies?

Miss Information spreaders are like a dog's tongue

Australia is mentally ill telling people to not talk to people to be safe from dangerous unicorns

dogs vs humans intillegence test  latest space flight theatricks  Fraudci's rubber band hand band plays on

celebrities say no to being lab rats 

Fraudci projects his lies onto Senator Rand Paul as he gets called out for his lies on GOFR

even with simple matters of energy use they cannot agree on simple physics, construction, placement, efficiency as we hear observations warning everyone that 'you can't proceed with federal agencies warring with each other'

so how on God's green ocean spray and air filled with viruses by the zillions of barillions Earth can we believe anything said about dangerous unicorns


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