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Mars Rover sends selfie to Earth (no selfie stick?)

Global warming data is archaic

Jeep Wrangler pickup is confirmed will be available model year 2019

Migrant children in America

Racial slurs keep being used by students and medias

Model A 1929 truck 4 sale - A must see!

Political correctness and satire gets wrestlist town logo in Whitesboro changed

2015 "hottest year on record"

Cozy on up to the fire with a carbon blanket

Cancer doctor thanks David Bowie for helping people face death

Ted Cruz on spanking and hitting little girls

North Korea, Maddow, Ivy Mike & Flint, Michigan water

Ellen renewed through 2020

Bundy: "We'll leave occupied buildings if community wants us to"

Denmark/Sweden bridge institutes new border checks costing commuters delays and resources

Country singer Craig Strickland's body found laying in shape of cross after duck hunting excursion in storm

American militia men take over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters near Burns Oregon

At 2016 New Year's Rose Parade skywriters write message "America Is Great. Trump is disgusting..."

IRS announces new start date for tax season and different due date for 2016

Chicago cop kills 2 in responding to domestic dispute

Obamacare can save families tens of thousands of $$

Tornado forges path of destruction in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama

Company that makes test that promises to run 30 lab tests with one drop of blood is being investigated

Muslims protect Christians from extremists in Kenya bus attack

Lottery jackpots in dozens of states may have been fixed

Study shows lifestyle choices are primary cause of cancer

Drones must now be registered with FAA

China restaurant charges a 15 cent "clean air" fee

Prosecutor says French teacher made up story about stabbing with scissors and box cutter in name of ISIS

University police shoot and kill 21 year old student Ryan McMillan

UFC's Connor McGregor knocks out opponent in 13 seconds

Houston company gives every employee $100k Christmas bonus

Medical helicopter crashes in Fresno, California

Australian police raid home of alleged bitcoin creator

Details on the San Bernardino rampage indicate the shooter was an employee

It was a cover up, literally

Thereís no such thing as a national primary

Flu deaths exaggerated

An elephant never forgets to clean his teeth using discarded Christmas trees

Islamic calendar forbids battle for 4 months out of the year

Passenger asks taxi driver if he's Pakistani before shooting him

Math never lies but it can deceive

Chicago fires it's police chief

The Christmas devil's in the details - an Austrian tradition meets Syrian refugees

Hundreds of thousands protest climate change

The disappearing spare tire

Citizens of Canada are recanting their oath to Queen Elizabeth the Second

Russia says it might be good for them to have world temperatures increase 3 degrees

Metadata Surveillance Didnít Stop the Paris Attacks

Birth control without prescription allowed in Oregon and California

Gold miners invoke General Mining Law of 1872 to protect their rights to mine in California and Oregon

The ENSO cycle found to be cause of climate change

Lesson on how to say and write today's date in English

Once sustainable, former coal towns are becoming dependent on welfare and drug trades

French artist Jean Jullien "Peace for Paris" symbol becomes wildly popular

LG smart phone/watch has traditional classy look

V/H/S Viral film review

Cortana meets the iPhone

GM recalls cars with oil leaks that can catch fire

"100% clean energy" solar plant generates up to 5% of it's power from natural gas

Being a "team player" isn't always necessary (video)

 College textbooks are a racket

15,000 people protest Israeli violence against Palestinian civilians

Old cars and motorcycles in California can get "legacy" license plates as they were in the 1960's

$2 junkshop photo find of Billy The Kid worth $5 million

War suddenly becomes major campaign issue as Chaffee highlights in debate

$1 billion lawsuit filed against LA school district

Outlet wars - electric vehicle owners finding not enough charging stations

Scientist says more CO2 causes more good than harm

Google buys the alphabet .com

Annual forest fires in Sumatra

6000 inmates to be released - drop in bucket

Fatal shootings around the US by police ruled suicide

 Man escapes bear attack using a tip from his grandma

ConAgra moves headquarters and cuts jobs

Monkey business hits a new low

California reservoir dries up, now's the time to clean out the silt

Mining for old blue jeans instead of gold

Rubio announced US House speaker John Boehner's resignation and a conservative group cheered

717+ dead in pilgrimage to Mecca

Native American community denounces sainthood of Junipero Serra

How can China be "killing us" when the US just got $38 billion in orders to Boeing?

5.6 million people's fingerprints were stolen

View the solar system to scale presented at Block Rock Desert where Burning Man is held

Egg prices rose 14.5% in one month are now at their highest in 30 years

SUV for off road fuses with sports car to make Nissan's concept vehicle the 'Gripz'

World's tuna populations are getting canned

9 California cops arrest crying black teen for jaywalking

Valley fire is 30% contained, 70,000 acres burned, rain on it's way

Federal judge rules it's free speech to write epithets on speeding ticket

Kate's law would destroy all prison reform savings

Drone "no fly" zones may be coming to California

How Trump helped pass the Iran deal he opposes

Carson and Trump tied in Republican candidate favorability in Iowa

Palmyra's Temple of Bel still standing despite many reports of it being destroyed

Uber use decreases DUI deaths

Ashley Madison Trumps Trump

All signs point to Joe Biden entering the race for President

 2 men allegedly beat and urinate on homeless man citing Trump as their inspiration

Spotify music service new privacy policy warns users that sharing contacts may be against local laws

Palm Springs climate changed

Project sunroof

Californians can save 4x more water by eating chicken instead of beef

Connecticut can no longer execute those on death row

Judges are saying the "yes means yes" rape law violates due process

A Colorado river changes color in mining spill

See how wind energy would look like in your back yard

Highway bill changes business tax filing due dates

Is national debt as bad as they say it is?

Windows 10 killed meda center app

 Happy Birthday song could become public domain

Unpaid hospital bills are vanishing under Obamacare

Johnny Galeki from "The Big Bang Theory" buys 9.2 million dollar home in Hollywood Hills

11 Nations under God

Look who's helped save lions the most

All aboard the outrage bus

Modest swimsuits are making a comeback after 100 years

I-10 partial re-open for traffic in California desert

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are vulnerable to hacking

Are sightings of Elvis and old diaries copyrightable?

In experiment SUV was able to be 'hacked' while driving

Rains cause I-10 bridge collapse, divert traffic to I-8 traveling beween California and Arizona

US Embassy opens in Cuba

Rain bring relief to Southern California from heat and drought with record low temperatures

Drones delay fighting the North Fire in California mountains by 30 minutes

Former Dallas Cowboys cornerback dresses in drag as Madonna

Californians could save 17.5 millions of gallons of water every day if it only did this

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Apr 27 - Administrative assistants day
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May 30 - Memorial day
June 14 - Flag day
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Tax season is here!
Get tax forms and file direct at the IRS official website

The Internal Revenue Service will begin accepting individual tax returns on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016The filing deadline this year will be Monday, April 18, 2016

Taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts will have until Tuesday, April 19, due to the Patriots Day holiday

tax news and help

Do I have to attach copies of my federal tax return to my state tax return in California?

Some people can get a 40% higher tax/repayment than expected due to Obamacare - for example, if a self employed individual estimated their year's earnings $20,000 less than what they received, they could be paying an extra 20% tax on that income, and in order to reconcile form 8962 PTC they might be paying another 20% to reimburse for the subsidies they received but did not qualify for due to the higher income. view the IRS instructions on form 8962

TurboTax error on form 8962 reconciliation for PTC (Premium Tax Credit) causing IRS computers to reject e-file "TurboTax was filling out the form incorrectly and doing bad math"

TurboTax stops processing state tax returns on fraud reports

TurboTax restores ability to file online using it's products



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