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This whole thing about don't touch any surfaces and obsessive compulsive sanitizing was absurd, "The CDC has quietly added a link on its website to a new study showing that surface transmission of the virus is extremely rare." - Ron Paul Liberty Report

We have reported over 10 months ago that the EPA listed Pine-Sol as an effective killer of 'the virus' why did it take CDC a year to figure that out, viruses do not exist on surfaces, they don't float around your head, they are not alive to be killed, they are a myth. Fire Fauci and defund CDC. Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxen also reports on this very well done.

Protestors in Ontario Canada fed up with lockdowns hold up signs saying to stop masking kids it's child abuse many drivers honk in support

Longtime president of the Motion Picture Association of America Jack Valenti original gold/silver movie projectionists membership card is available as a collectors item. He created the MPAA rating system used to this day.

Tom Cowan MD debates Vanden Bossche - no SARS isolated - PCR fraud

Fraudci gets serious about saving the world from things 666 trilllion billion zillion million octillion to the 666th degree smaller than we are FUN/POKE

Rebel News & An0maly speak on PCR testing, lockdowns, and currrent news in political issues and what can be done

Professor Denis Rancourt has been banned from academic pre-print publishing site ResearchGate for publishing research evidence suggesting masks can cause harm to the wearer. He announced the news on Twitter: "ResearchGate today has permanently locked my account, which I have had since 2015. Their reasons graphically show the nature of their attack against democracy, and their corruption of science. By their obscene non-logic, a scientific review of science articles reporting on harms caused by face masks has a 'potential to cause harm'. No criticism of the psychological device (face masks) is tolerated, if the said criticism shows potential to influence public policy."

Major League Baseball  Texas Rangers play schedule calendar

Factual perspectives in clean energy

MASSIVE wind factory fake clean energy system planned to consume 46 square miles in New Mexico

"Wind and solar constitute the majority of our renewable energy supply. Because these sources are intermittent, meaning this power arrives when it wants and not necessarily when California needs it, much of it cannot be used. The oversupply situation is getting worse as MCE and other energy companies attempt to pour more wind and solar onto an electric grid that is incapable of absorbing it." - Jim Phelps, of Novato, is a retired power contractor

The renewable energy cult keeps telling us that the only way forward is backwards: ie a life dependent upon the time of day and the weather.

The Fukishima tital wave and shut down of nuclear reactor lesson more died from the unnecessary evacuation as no one died from any radiation.

Instead of building homes for everyone we build movie sets

What's Playing is the fraud everywhere

Getting bacterial pneumonia from mask wearing? Who cares? Not Health and Human Services they will allow business to fire you

You might be surprised to learn there is something much bigger causing climate to  remain the same the more it changes

The winds blew fierce across the US spreading viruses everywhere

Unmasking the truth about viruses & protection from illusions of danger starts here 

LA County caught red handed "can you please practice social distancing if the cameras are on" proving as has been shown in so many places that it's all about the performance.

Dr. Phil looked like a deer in headlights a year ago when his bosses said no audience but now he's got the herd mentality thing all sewed up. When he starts his show as he's first stepping on stage he's seen peeling off his mask as if it's not yet another of many medical/political props. Masks do nothing to stop any virus, they go through the holes in the fabric like mosquitos go through an open door. Dr. Phil won't tell you that though. All the TV's a stage.

Dr. Larry Palevsky speaks on fact that vaccines do not create immunity during public health committee with compelling testimony that presents unvaccinated are healthier than vaccinated

Tom Cowan explains it well why claims of viral contagion is misleading medicality

Reiner Fuellmich is suing the World 'health' Organization for crimes against humanity.

the recall of California Governor Newsom has reached over 2 million signatures

It will now go to a VOTE

"Our case against Gavin Newsom will be heard by the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento on April 20 at 9:30 AM"  

Read details at how Newsom is being sued in California court by Kevin Kiley who is fighting for the public    

California Fitness Alliance also has suit against the key players in the CoViD scam   

The CDC is not an independent agency

It is a vaccine company owning many patents making billions of dollars for itself and it's owners.

CDC states they 'never said' that masks protect those who wear them they said they said they only protect others. In forensics like that used by Dr. Andrew Kaufman this is the kind of statement that stands out as the herd mentality thinks it's about protecting themselves. As we read further into this we find outrageous contradictions. Why is anyone wearing these outside of surgery it makes no sense.

Keep in mind that when CDC says something it's not absolute, it's an opinion that has deeply embedded conflicts of interest. It's like when it's said a country says one thing or another, or a committee says this or that, referring to what the entire group is claimed to have decided, to claim it's the gospel truth is absurd to believe on it's face yet that is what people often do with what spills out of the mouths of these players. Certain "officials" such as Fauci have vested financial interest in many of the recommendations made such as in the push for experimental injections to fix fake problems so we should be careful what we adopt of their recommendations. They use their best propoganda tools to fool us. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr of Children's Health Defense calls the CDC a vaccine company. Every thing they do seems to point always to selling us more stuff. Lockdowns should have us really paying attention to this as it's now insane neurosis coming from governing bodies based on their 'recommendations'.

So let's look at this deeper, why is everyone not following CDC guidelines that as seen above clearly state they do not protect the wearer? It's even on the box of N95 masks "does not protect from viruses" yet the majority believes it protects themselves and their child and think little of the harm done by oxygen deprivation as they are in such a hypnotic trance.

Think about this carefully your leaders at school councils, local governments, state, federal, are forcing mask wearing in case you or your child 'has the virus' as per CDC guidelines which are not rules or laws 'to protect others' yet this statement itself is impossible, if a mask does not protect you from getting it it also does not stop you from spreading it.

there is no covidAgain look at the box. Then ask the box where the test for 'the virus' is coming out of your exhaled breath, it's more likely to tell you the truth more than anyone at the CDC and especially liar head of NIH, there is no test for it in the air, because they cannot make any test to find something that does not exist. They would be better off creating a test for unicorns floating out and about. It doesn't exist in the air.

So here we have government groups giving orders like kings and queens and dictators, using alleged emergency powers to keep shutting down things, making you stay apart in contrast to how human nature has functioned for thousands of years, cancelling AA meetings and church as if you need it's permission claiming it's the authority on your health not you, on and on because the claim is you need to protect others while you wear your masks even 3 of them yet you are NOT PROTECTED FROM VIRUSES IN THE AIR.

Now think about this again, if it doesn't protect you from viruses in the air why wear them at all as the viruses you are protecting others from are in the air anyway and go through masks because they don't stop viruses, so the others are not protected and others wearing their masks are not protecting you either.




More important why is the fact that viruses basically do not exist in the air anywhere not being widely reported there is endless campaigns of fear pushing vaccines, tracing, endless mania all leading to massive profits for those invested in the oppression.

Maybe it's time to have these public 'health' agencies test that air to see if there are any actually viruses there at all. Where is that breathalyzer for viruses? THERE ARE NONE. This is because viruses are impossible to quantify. The lie constantly about viruses making assertions and selling fear. Save your money.

Seems we are going in circles here allowing the turning of our world into an upside down pyramid with government expecting us to hold up this new 'normal' structure this way with all the guidelines and guide ropes. Kinda takes a lot of energy to do that. It is NOT sustainable. Meanwhile like being stuck upside down on an amusement ride where the change falls out of our pockets, even our purses and wallets, there are those standing on the ground laughing and collecting it all.

If it's not clear by now that the CDC is speaking out of both sides of it's orafices what more proof do we need of these constant lies spewing out all over us?

In Canada a very well accreddited doctor spoke at a Council meeting in November on this whole matter of lockdown mania. It is very interesting to hear him call out the problems as he compares it to seasonal flu.


"Individual health is to public health as liberty is to totalitarianism. The moment you depart from treating individuals and attempting to collectivize a population, you're not so much an expert as you are an authoritarian control freak disguised as an expert."


"Fauci is not a public health expert, he's a power drunk immunologist. Bill Gates is not a public health expert, he's a maniacal technocrat. The CDC and WHO do not possess public health expertise, they are bloated bureaucracies offering historically poor recommendations for dealing with disease spread and other societal issues."

That quote was interesting to read, I would change 'immunologist' to 'virus hunter on a rampage'

read article

Of course then if we listen to CDC's head Redfield at the hearing where he held up a mask and said "face masks work better than a vaccine" that could spin our head. I would conclude by that statement and the other one above that vaccines don't work and masks don't work to protect from any virus that basically does not exist, has not been proven to exist, and that viruses are merely made in the body to rid the cell of toxins and/or break down dying cells, they are not flying out of our breath in any quantity and are not an airborne threat to anyone. The virus they are hunting is a novel. The vaccine pushers from the presidents to the Fauci and others all have vested interests and that also is a big problem. Redfield since then has been placed on committee in Maryland health department eeek.

I look at virology like the Big Bad Wolf blowing homes down with threats. CDC looks at it and claims the virus came out of the wolf's mouth and ruined the straw house. The pig built one of brick and then the actual cause of the others being blown down was solved.

Build your body which is your home with strong materials.

Many good people keep pointing out the problems with Hustles In Virology (HIV). Some call them conspiracy theorists while others tend to call them WHISTLE BLOWERS which is more accurate. Consider who tells you what, if they sell drug ads during commercial breaks, or are getting money for their political campaigns from the drug companies, they are in bed with the Faucist regime.

"The State and Federal public health system have misled the public, politicians, and even the Courts. If they have ANY integrity, they will recognize the truth and accept our requests for injunctive relief."

What if a virus was nothing to fear?


Ya know it's not very nice that they don't tell the public that it's an experimental vaccine. It's not licensed. It's a trial run. Many are getting it thinking it's a finalized product. Even lab rats are running the hell away from the jab. People are being used. It's really not nice.

This guy could be big Red Diesel. This could be bigger "Godzilla: King of the Monsters". Notice the size of this computer graphic FANTASY and compare to the computer graphic of the other monsters out there threatening us all, no not the Fauci monster which is a clown shill, compare to the same old cold and flu corona monster FANTASY. Everything stated about viruses is a fantasy in all reality as they are just bits, and all images you are fam with are CGI nonsense coming out of imaginations. Please keep your fantasies in your mind for our public health. The images may look stunningly real but making decisions for life based on fantasy is unreal. Watch the real trailer at Redbox and pay attention to the part where they point out there are protective monsters and destructive monsters, political goons everywhere in 2020 year of the fake monster became both protective/destructive worldwide. It's like Godzilla trying to save a child from fumigated masked up partitioned school on the East side walking through the city from the West side, not much left of downtown and 99.95% of it.

April 5, 2021 CDC finally admits that sanitizing theatrics must end. For an entire year the world's drunk on power and obsessive compulsive disorderizers turned every surface into a dangerous pathogenic velcro connector pad. The lunacy was unprecedented. Sane people in Europe state there is no pandemic, never was, all demands for showing papers be scrapped.

Once again and again and again Democrats claim that to have a free and liveable society that is safe they need to ban "assault" weapons. In 2020 we noticed how they suddenly banned "assault air" making you feel like your breath was bad, banning breathing normally in public. There is no such thing as an "assault weapon" it can only be called that when it's in the action phase of assaulting. It would be like calling a person an "exercise person" or an "assault person". The word "assault" is a verb it is an action word. Weapons do not assault except when people make them do that. It's like claiming base ball bats are "assault bats" because one or more of them was used to assault someone. That bat would be used as a weapon yet it's made for sport. A gun that is referred to as a weapon is made for defense or to hunt which could be for sport or food. To ban "assault" weapons one would have to ban people as only people have the ability to assault. This understanding of language is used to instill unequal fear on an object. There are only defense weapons, hunting weapons, no assault weapons really as even a rock can be used as an assault yet we don't call them "assault rocks". The only weapon that is ever an "assault" weapon is one used to assault, the person is the one assaulting, the weapon is a non living thing. Please do not assault anyone and please do not assault the US Constitution. The 2nd amendment right is for our safety and health. We need a ban on assault politicians that keep assaulting our rights and basic forms of logic and understandings.

The origin of the NOVEL disease (novels are fiction story telling) was in a Wuhan lab, not in a pietrie dish of experimentation, on a desk where pen and paper were writing it all down while eating bat soup. It's fiction.

Healthy people breathing normally does not spread disease like HELLOOOOOOOOOO. Disease is not butter. There are infinitely spreading reasons why not to wear stupid worthless masks that Fauci, Biden, and all the other con gamers won't tell you unless you are a surgeon which wearing those for a period of time will stop you from spreading spit. Stop being a retard.

Criminals selected 200 children in a hospital in Nigeria for experimental injections in 1996. Washington Post exposed this in 2000. Criminals were sued. None went to prison. Nigeria settled for $75 million. Now it's being done on a much grander scale with the fraud virus. Who would do such a thing?

They downgraded that "19" thing back in March 2020 to the flu, because that is what it is basically, then 3 days later changed their mind and living in hell was instituted by mandate 'for your health' in the insane war on the invisible ghost virus. What on Earth could have done that? Was it that they realized there was a novel Godzilla virus that only appears in the imagination or was it something else? Remember for decades prior the public DEMANDED government create hover health.

The occasional cortex AOC thing and Trump are identical, both big worthless blowhards.

Wall Street Journal lies in its article stating the vax is approved, IT IS NOT AN APPROVED VACCINE. If we got a dollar for every time the internet articles stated that it was approved we would be internet trillionaires. FDA, J&J, GOD, all say it's only EUA. There actually is no emergency either the pandemic is a lie too. NO APPROVAL CAN BE OBTAINED until after January 31, 2023 when the TRIAL using humans as lab rats is complete at warp speed.

Images from California Covid Cult world.

Double check to see if a pandemic is real or fabricated.

Mainstream medicine is 3rd leading cause of death. Eeek. In the 1970's doctors in Los Angeles went on strike. Death rates dropped.

The people are listening to criminals says David Martin. Who the hell is anyone who tells us the only way we can travel or attend a concert again we must be held down and injectionated with an industrial chemical? Think this through. Fauci has defunded research that competes with his one agenda, he decided vaccinating everyone is the way to health. David also mentions the violations interlocking directorates Sherman and Clayton Acts being violated.

watch Gerald Calente discuss18 years ago liars marched the USA into war and now liars keep marching the USA into the Kovid war on the invisible alleged novel that was never proven to exist except in story land. Gerald Calente and David Knight discuss.

Imagine a variant snowflake found to cause car accidents or worse an avalanche and government reacted as it has this last year 100% erroneously to the alleged novel-19 sub atomic particle of fear. The hype we see bombarding us at every visual stop doesn't present the reality that their science also presents that are as many variants of viruses as there is frozen particles of precipitation which actually exists in the air unlike viruses. There is no virusalyzer test for them in your breath. Think about that. Snowflakes, no two are alike. Viruses, no two are alike? Could it be that bad? They say they mutate as fast as they come out of the cell. Hmm. So the latest of the Faucist regime's conniving naming game is "B.1.1.7" with allegations, not proof, that they are dangerous. There's others "B.1.351" and "B.1.427/B.1.429" and "P1" and "other lineages" which is I guess 777 million others too many to count. The methodology is like studying snowflakes and to respond to observation that an avalanche occured and in the snow they see a variant snowflake there, blaming that, and coming up with a $olution pressed hard on everyone like a used car salesman on crack, claiming the $olution is injecting chemicals in to Mother Natures arm in order to "stop" that variant that caused the avalanche. Remember to watch where all the money flows. Are we really getting the bang for our buck? Someone is.

Calls for Nuremberg trials by London mayoral candidate David Kurten that include all public officials who just follow orders even police stating London has descended into tyrrany. Israel human rights attorney is building global coalition of lawyers to end cold and flu virus Faucism. Dr. James Lyons Weiler, PHD warns about dangers of vaccines and dangerous chemical fumigant disinfectants with ingredients that are used in chemical warfare, it's outrageous. So while green freaks push spinning dizzy sticks 'to save us' from Mother Nature who's always in charge, and want to dismantle life giving oil pipelines that keep us warm in cold winters reliably, they do nothing to save us from chemicals being used indoors in public buildings obsessively compulsively neurotically schizophrenically harming our health.

They banned single use plastic bags that were used almost always at least two times, now these fools wear them on their face and make your child wear them to protect from ghosts they believe enter through the nose. Surgical face masks are for surgery, it says right on the box they don't protect from viruses. WHO led this war on the invisible that does not exist in the air? If it's there prove it to me, where is the test for virus in the air? It does not exist because viruses do not exist in the air only lies do and masks do not protect from lies. Can you really catch a virus?

The public is being BULLIED by governments and health agencies who are being led around by the money of drug companies. Recall a time where we stood up to bullies. Where are those liberals standing up to the BULLIES? They are standing up FOR them. Do they not see what they are doing? Corona is nothing new only the marketing schemes are new.

That cruise ship started it. Has no one considered bad food as a cause of the "symptomatics". They tested everyone with failed PCR testing that finds particle soup nothing specific yet they keep claiming that it found so and so many postives. We don't hear much about food poisoning any more. There's certainly less money in that narrative and study. Push tests and vaccine "the virus caused it", that makes trillion$.

Corona babble claims to have a good humanistic experience we need to never allow government such powers ever again. It all came from 40 years of Faucism that has been meddling since the 1980's. It must forever be consigned to that skeleton cupboard labelled, 'Cataclysmic Government blunders never to be repeated' and another resolution that would 'wipe that perpetual smirk off Fauci's face' whenever he speaks his lies and con games. "This calamitous public-health experiment was initiated, and sustained, by a potent mix of factors. Blinkered and fanatical public health scientists - whose careers and livelihoods have been built around pandemic management - are clearly implicated alongside weak, panic-prone political leaders. Government psychologists, and a slavish mainstream media, devised and delivered a communication strategy to evoke panic and mass hysteria and, therefore, are also culpable."

Pfizer should have been shut down in 2009 when government found them doing wrong, but then they cut deal with government as it had to weigh the balance of them going out of business to the loss of drugs they were providing. Shell games.

Ted Cruz presents video of how the border is a disaster now under malware Biden. Robot keeps talking.

Vaccine companies are a non-essential business it is said by some. They have almost zero to zero liability. They should have been first to have been 'shut down' in this well proven fake pandemic where the WHO changed the definition of the word to meet their corrupt financial agenda. Vaccines are not necessary for a healthy popultation. They do not immunize only the body does that. They are not like essential nutrients they are like nicotine, a stimulant. No human body needs a vaccine to survive it needs protein as building blocks along with nutrients found in foods. To build a world based on the delusional illusions that are based on medical propoganda that claims 'vaccines are necessary for immunity' along with all the wacked out protocols to try to stop non-proven-to-exist viruses deemed as killers floating out of our breath like fire breathing dragons is like building a world upside down as a pyramid with it's base instead of being flat and expansive it's just balancing it on it's tip. They are making everyone hold the balancing cables. It's unsustainable. They know this. They will play this out as far as they can until it collapses.

Maderna never had a vaccine come to market until now with hyper warp speed introductions of new syntetic vaccine technology. It used to be to protect health we would respect the turtle's progress in the race against the hare. The experimental vaccine race is not complete until January 31, 2023. It's not nice to be treating people this way making them think it's good for them. Jim Jones did this to his cult, making them so fearful they did what ever he said to do. It may not be that bad with novel-19 but the similarities are there. No one knows how these experiments on human RNA will play out over a period of time. Very risky espeically when it all did not go well with animal tests in the past.

Now gyms are denying service for those who got vaccinated claiming that risk of seizures is too great to be allowing patrons to exercise. Side effects are rising and insurance companies are running away from coverage! At this point is it still not clear yet the insanity of being a lab rat?

The immune system makes antibodies to match and mirror any wild variant ever shows up uninvited to the party. There can be 100 billion variants, the body makes antibodies to match those and remove those. This is basic concepts of virology and biology. Why are we not being told this repeatedly? Fraudci and friends do not highlight this, rather like Mr. Haney feature sales pitches.

This year "Earth Hour" wants you to do of all things the opposite of climate logic, they want you to consume more power by going online and watching it there saying that this year it's all about staying in touch. Is it time yet to jump climate ship on these contradictions?

Kovid funhouse has mirrors. The illusion is fake.

Boycott zone: Avoid businesses that treat you like pietrie dish scum with forcing you to wear fake protective gear covering you smile making it hard to breathe and forcing you to get injected with experimental drugs as it's only about their financial health fearing liability, not yours. Start with British Aiways. Use an air balloon instead. Also boycott those that entice you to get drugs injected into you by dangling free donuts such as that of Krispy Kreme.

Social distancing is a sham. The only science that ever showed anything remote to this distancing thing was at a NORMAL 3 foot distance that humanity has done on it's own naturally. Arm's length. Someone coughs they put their hand over their mouth. No freaky face mask. These basic techniques keep people safe not from viruses, which do not even exist in our breath, but from bacteria which is still not much of a threat as so little is ever expelled if the person is healthy. This freak show presented to us all who the real existential threats are everywhere, 'health' departments and politicians, oh and don't forget all those committees.

They isolate you not the virus. They claim it's isolated and proven to exist but that is a lie to sell you things you don't need like vaccine snake oil. Dump their lies.

An0maly points out how Republicans and Democrats are not balanced and says they should be mandating exercise rather than all this KOVID/CRAP but that would be rather Communist. One point he makes in this is about how supposedly "free" Texas is now with Abbot removing c-virus restrictions but the problem is that the hotels and corporate entities often keep them. He stated emphatically even though California hasn't dropped theirs, "there's still more freedom in California than Texas!" China is not counting healthy people as cases like in the USA. They are not vaccinating anyone with RNA synthetics like plastic & after last year where government treated us like prisoners, lab rats, unworthy pietrie dish scum, and circus acts and they make us wait for a vaccine to "be free" and it prints trillions of new $ to hand out to their drug company friends they send us a bill at tax time and we have to pay them for stealing our money like that?!?!

Trump was a Trojan condom horses ass. He presented him self one way then delivered pathogens everywhere. Egomaniac throws the entire world under the bus with his injectionator mindset on his boastful high horse bragging endlessly. He is a fraud. Such a disappointment. So many frauds everywhere, so few authentics. The CORONA/VIRUS cult is not new it's the cold and flu. SARS is not new it's severe breathing problems since the beginning of time. The Faucist regime invented the novel claims and blames that made the plane tailspin. It's not a question about if state forced vaccinaiton being legal, it's a matter of it being unconstitutional. Watch An0maly rant better than anyone on the internet on these matters. Warning: High energy!

Fake racist 'white privledge' causes climate change? ROFL. Avi Yemini tackles the Extinction Rebellion k00ks in Australia. Watch his quick interviews where one question asked pointed out the actual logic that since China and India are huge fossil fuel polluters and causes more climate change than any country that makes them 'white supremecists'. If you can't follow the logic then follow the money as money is energy.

Cars that drive themselves are as much a fantasy as injecting viruses that will drive themselves and park in the right places in your veins. There are too many comlicated processes that only the human eye and mind can process properly in driving cars.

Massive wind energy land devour skyscraping spinning pacifier movie set project set to be built at California Nevada border west of Searchlight next to massive Joshua Tree preserve. When is this carpet the Earth with viewscape destroying flashing red lights going to end. They waste energy. It's not even in a high wind zone. And what about those failed solar projects now wasting away off I-15 that were supposed to be the 'solution' to fix the weather.

Christine Pelosi, daughter of Nancy, just said Newsom should resign before the Recall if polls show that "no Democrat could win," so that voters can't choose his successor. That about sums up California politics. It's filled with Kovid Kontrol KrOOks (KKK). Why does this thing have it's mask down? Could it be to breathe properly FOR HEALTH? We see Biden struggling to breathe with his theatric face covering, all these Democrats are such liars with this performance. The C-virus testing complex is fast becoming a $100 billion industry using your money to not find things that do not exist then tell us they found it in healthy people and it makes their case for billing, theatrics and more theatrics. That is what all of this is really about.

One way to 'get rid of covid' is presented here in 45 seconds but that only handles one part what's infected the mind has to be cult deprogrammed.

So where are we now with politics? I plan to exit the Republican party, not because they were not better at handling one of the most important issues in history, the fake virus threat on crack that ruined everything for their gain, as it's clear Republicans were 666 billion times more sensible than ANY/DEMOCRAT but because overall and foundationally they are too much like Democrats. That base appears to be finance. I voted Trump. He tipped the scales for me. He did some good things. He was annoying but his calling out lies was so refreshing especially trashing fake news. I stopped watching all of it as it's like eating out of the toilet. Trump unfortunately has been a disappointment now starting in February 2020 as he shut down travel, etc. and allowed Fauci to reign. When he started promting dangerous experimental injections as a solution to fixing hysteria it was over. I saw a balance in his views in vaccination for a time prior to this mess, then something in him changed now he's hell bent pushing them. I have to assume when the powers of medical tyranny pushed the corona agenda he must have lost a billion on his investments in hospitality and got more into drug stocks. I think this shows where his priorities are. All these politicians and rich people do this and it's rather disgusting. Money is their Corona. I left Democrat party decades ago they were once for the people now they are a cult for worship of big technology gods, drug gods, illusion gods. Both parties are now totally schizophrenic except when it comes to adjusting their portfolios. Corrupt policies handed down and rubber stamped at lightning speed now. Libertarian is more attractive, more balanced. More boring. Less drama. Ron Paul has some ideas that are worth studying. He is Libertarian. A good article there titled "One Year To Flatten Life As We Knew It". Keep in mind there never was a curve to flatten. They lied about any curve. That has been lie checked. PCR testing have been known to be fake tools never ever proper for any diagnositic measure since they were invented by Kary Mullis in 1983. That tool being used with misinterpretative results should be BANNED.

Richard Grenell may be the only worthwhile not yet candidate to replace freakazoid Newsom in California, presenting common sense solutions that actually balance things there.

We said we wanted more jobs not more jabs. Both sucky presidents are now pushing jabs. Jobs went into the atmosphere to create blankets of warmth. Getting more jabs instead of jobs is like Charlie Brown's Halloween where he went out to get candy and all he got was a rock every time he went to a door while the politician$ at the door and behind the curtains keep the candy for themselves handing it out unequally favoring only those they like.

British government is lying to the public. This is news? Kevin P. Corbett writes about this in relation to the propoganda campaigns being pushed hard and being paid for by the public. Just doesn't seem fair to spend someone's money then tell them lies about what the money was spent on is doing or not doing for them.

San Diego Convention Center turns into migrant facility. I doubt this is what the taxpayers voted for when they helped subsidize it. What really is going on here? Democrats have an open walls policy there while building all around themselves in various ways. They profit from illegals coming in.

Fauci is a better pitcher than what he does in his official role says the former president. This has been studied for almost 40 years now and is indisputable. Fauci's tenure and 'success' relies on mass delusions pumped out by those who deceive you and repeat the lies about the nature of viruses which are better termed as being EXOSOMES that eat toxins. Blindfolds are coming off. RASNIK calls Fauci a fraud as do many others. Need to ban PCR tests as it is the basis of all these absurd diagnosis of HI virus and such.

Los Angeles created a roadmap to 100% clean energy. Getting to 100% climate-friendly power is not just one big hurdle, it's massive chasms and blockades one of the biggest is those carbon blankets that keep falling on highways and on political committees heads. One of the ways it plans to solve this 'problem of trapped heat' in the atmosphere is to tap geological thermal energy, that is heat stored in the Earth. Sounds nice. It will draw it out and up to the surface HEAT to be used to produce electricity, all of which does what......generate and expel heat into the very atmosphere they insist is trapping it. Seems illogical captain. It's said "the city will also need relatively expensive clean energy technologies to make sure the lights stay on at all times." Did you catch that? ECET - Expen$ive Clean Energy Technologies. Money is energy. Do the math. All of these fake 'clean energy' and 'save the planet' energy projects are about getting your energy and making it so as you navigate all these public official's guidelines to nowhere down their roadmap road you have to give them more money which means you have to work harder and use more energy then they will tell you there's yet another app for that.

Where are the studies on HEAT EMISSIONS? It's always about carbon dioxide doom and energy cult gloom bullbogusness. All sources of energy create massive amounts of the very thing they are afraid of, heat that will end the planet and all that nonsense because all of it that is generated will not be able to escape like we saw happen in Texas, the heat was trapped there forever when it hit zero degrees for weeks and spinning towering pacifier energy wind propeller sticks stopped spinning.

It's time to get real about Synthetic Pathogen Injections. The taxpayers end up paying to make theys all so rich but do we really get what we pay for? Then They openly laugh and promote lying to the public saying the way to get people vaccinated is to present a shortage of vaccine. This was presented in 2009. This continues today.

It escaped from a lab in Wuhan? It's the latest conspiracy theory. Virus HAS NOT BEEN ISOLATED. All claims about "it" are moot when "it" has not been proven to exist anywhere then from spoken words almost all of which come from those with financial interest.

mRNA technology has had a decade of abysmal failures read

Street hockey in Calgary presented by Kevin J. Johnston he should be it's next mayor.

Beer tested + for 'the virus' I guess since hops super spread from one hop flower to another hop flower thus causing the disease called pollinating. Imagine if Mother Nature ran the natural world with guidelines as presented by America's Fauscist Doctor.

Circle Jerk Jen was asked about spending tens of million$ on nice hotel rooms for immigrants here illegally when making National Guard soldiers sleep in the parking garage. Watch her face when she realizes it's going to be a very very difficult question to answer. She should also be asked about all the homeless in the city streets everywhere who are citizens not getting hotel rooms and when is government going to get some anti-schizophrenic anti-neurosis pills, no, scratch that, don't ask Jen anything, all her answers go in circles. If we were paid a bitcoin everytime she stated "I'll have to circle back on that" we'd all be trillionaires.

Gyms rebetteropen with new fanblastic business models that will keep clients home. One of them in Palm Springs shuts down every other shower, the sauna and steam are closed, lockers probably are too, every other gym machine is closed off, spray chemicals close to the realm of DDT everywhere constantly 'for your health' in the obsessive cumpulsive destructive war to kill what is not a living thing threat, allows only 10% capacity so with distancing good luck with talking with anyone, and of all things, the membership rates are not 10% of what they were, they are higher than ever before plus they demand you breath less oxygen and instead breathe in more carbon dioxide to save the planet or something. I'll pass this gas, thanks anyway. I bought weights. Smaller fitness centers are annhilated. Erroneously deemed as 'health' departments they came in at the start of the war looking for anything that could catch and hold an imaginary virus. The Faucist totalitarian regieme is now almost complete. Kevin Kiley has a better plan, end all CVD/19 restrictions as they were all based on a fake emergency declared by one governing lunatic. Then we can go back to the old normal that worked just fine as there never was a new virus and our bodies make antibodies to any and all viruses to neutralize them, no vaccine needed. That might be the gold lining to all this, the realization that vaccines do not immunize anyone. The body is the only immunization there is.

Kevin Kiley announced recently...

"Our case against Gavin Newsom will be heard by the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento on April 20 at 9:30 AM"

CVD relief bill is a Democrat slush fund but also for Republicans as they all have their investments in drug companies and such. This is what they do in CONgress constantly. Bailing out pensions as they too are too big to fail. Bailing out mismanaged wasteful Obamalockdowncare. Stealing money from our descendents. Massive sums going to propoganda kamps to make endless streams of commercials, print materials, etc. Lucrative for big tech contact tracing nonsense. Programs that are busybody work like Fauci's use of $8 billion to make us all get our temperature checks obsessively compulsively never done in history as there is no need. It all just sends the money to certain places. Great video going line by line over these costs.

It's amazing what you can get done when you throw caution to the wind. This is exactly what was done with the fast track experiment on humans vax scene. FDA was not interested in handing over emergency use authorization when there was other proven remedies available. What did Fauci do to solve that problem? Shelve the proven treatments. Then poof, FDA by law had to follow the rules. Who is this Fauci anyway? The inventor of 'the test' for CVD/19 and HIV/AIDS said decades ago 'Fauci knows nothing about nothing and I'd say that to his face' as he explained the bad science surrounding virology on every side. 38,000 harmed by the NEW/VAX who said it was safe?? Smoke enemas are all the rage with mirrors as a side effect.

We've been told that health is measured by a lab - not by vitality read

Woke stuff should be making another of their nauseating point-at-them accusations at clowns, especially Ronald McDonald who by wearing big floppy shoes treats those with small shoes unequally and makes fun of those with big feet.

What if we were misled with guidelines painted in the wrong places?

Seems thay created a new term for the flu and cold that for thousands of years prior was treated different, like with chicken soup and rest helloooooo. The reality is there is no new disease, only a new marketing campaigns to sell you "new and improved" injections & ruin business so they can consolidate and buy them all up on Wall Street, and it's taking up so much of our time as was stated by council.

Kevin Kiley is a California hero working to end all of the cofraud medical hysterical nonsense.

I have introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 46 to end the State of Emergency in California. It is jointly authored by Assemblyman James Gallagher and coauthored by Senators Jim Nielsen and Brian Dahle along with Assemblywoman Megan Dahle.

One point he made in notable fashion is to remove the color coding.

At a press conference this morning with county supervisors (video here), we called for an end to all state-level COVID restrictions in California. We also presented the 14 Resolutions passed by counties modeled on our Healthy Communities Resolution, to dispense with colors and tiers so people can make their own choices.

I say dispense of that color code tier system like doctors dispense of toxic syringes to be incinerated never used again.

Instead of building homes for everyone and helping people repair the ones they have when they need the help and making sure everyone has a job that can give them the income and satisfaction they need of being productive we prioritize creating movie sets everyware.

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