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Current wildfires CA and USA  Power Outage maps CA and other areas

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Remember this year that we are all human beings and perfect in our imperfection

Watch out for those imperfect teddy bears though as seen in the 1992 film "Teddy Rampage"

FEAR/PORN is #1 in the ratings "Ride and Roast with Two Dicks in a Car"  "Golden Joystick Awards"

100% rigged  open Ohio rally  business owner rips up fine  dominoes keep falling

The HI virus was another covid-6 foot scam one that has continued for 35.004% years!!!!!!! It told people "to get well you have to ingest chemotherapy poison for the rest of your life" which made portfolios feel like they were enjoying Thanks Giving & Black Friday EVERY/DAY of the year.

What if viruses were actually JUST/SOAP it would be pretty stupid to wage war on JUST/SOAP.

New Mexico governor makes inanimate objects quarantine for 14 days shutting down essential grocery stores "for your health" while Thanks Giving Day parades were like they were pretend with no crowds and pre-taped segments of performance which just reminded us of how chasing viruses that do not exist is pretend "2 balloons and it was over already"

Testing and cases might not be what you think AT/ALL

Imagine the inventors of the first successful flight by air craft The Wright Brothers explaining how the plane files and how exactly step by step how it needs to be built, then in 2020 listening to politicians telling you how they are handling a novel virus they have not isolated thus never proven to even exist and then they tell you stop everything we have an 'emergency' as they spout they are "building the plane while flying it" which is exactly what many politicians are doing as they try to build society as an upside down pyramid.

Meanwhile citizens in Basildon walk the streets in protest to insanity and police use all their energy to capture people that are not even sick and they do nothing to capture the air filled with the real villans 'the virus' as it runs rampant everywhere no matter what anyone does as it's lighter than air and smoke, it goes through condoms, walls, leaps taller than buildings, travels the globe without a pass, it would be more effective if they were using butterfly nets on each other

Current wildfires CA and USA  Power outage maps CA and other areas 


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