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News: Watch the David Knight show  Kary Mullis on PCR tests and the HI virus 12 July 1997 Santa Monica

50,000 businesses in Italy finally all defy lockdowns over fake virus threats OPEN

Another 23 good humans died after getting injected with 'covid' poisons listen in



What role does PAN play in a pandemic?

Newsom is a disgrace to humanity says actor John Voight and about 7 billion other people on the planet end the mask charade & the big pharma latest PANscamic

California Fitness Alliance is working to restore our health clubs and gyms, the latest date to look toward is February 2nd which is when the court will set a trial date to end the endless fake emergency restrictions that have decimated an industry that kept people healthy

Man's best friend always provides energy adopt a pet today

It's odd to see people create rules and laws that forbid HATE then watch them HATE a President who was the only one that wasn't a career politician while they spread HATE more than others & and bully people with face masks that CUT OFF OXYGEN SUPPLY my God how much more obvious does it need to be that they are full of raw sewage.

Fake news is real. CBS staged testing event. Fake tests. Fake patients. Fake Fake Fake. So like this is news? Everything on TV is fake. If you want real go out side, go to a real church, go to a real place where there are people. TV is fake.

They don't want you to come to DC because then only the sludge stream medias would be there dumping what ever they want on you and rub your face in it. Here is a refreshing take from an honest reporter there. watch

The vaccines for last years 'covid' strain are already obsolete as there's an asserted not proven new strain and just just like how they study the various strains of snowflakes that no two are alike they can't keep up with the constantly mutating weakening strains of virus so watching the news reports about Disneyland becoming a 'vaccination' site and stadiums is like watching an episode of MASKS ARE NOT HEALTHY AT ALLThe Twilight Zone whatta ride. The risky injections are all in test phase, they are not licensed like a normal vaccine it's a 2 year test, they are only approved for human guinea pigs in this fake emergency. Caveat emptor.

Woman who works in hospital shares her feelings about the corruption in the latest as seen on TV crisis and says it's time for the whole thing to come crashing down. watch her speak while driving

We kinda heard this crashing down thing from many who saw this fraud evolve back at the beginning, it's now 306.666 days into this abuse of power mixed in with stupidity where they the public health officials claimed only 2 weeks to 'flatten the curve'. Elect Kevin Kiley is keeping on top of these fraudsters in power with lawsuit as is the California Fitness Alliance and others. Anyone who at this point sides with Newsom and these health goons has got to realize their lies are the infection. There is no new virus. This is ALL ABOUT MONEY not your health.

Business: Some are waking up to the corona virus disease fraud as we notice one of them put up a digital billboard in front of their gas station telling the public various things learned about THE/VIRUS and the experiment on humans as guinea pigs with the RNA chain breaking technology disingenuously marketed as a 'vaxxine'. Virology is one pig pile of fraud for massive profits not your health. If any virus is in the air as the virus cult leaders exclaim and overly proassert have them show us the test for them in the air. They do not exist. No test exists for them in the air because viruses do not exist in the air. The mask charade must end. watch the sign tell us stuff we might not know

D-day: What to do on January 20, 2021 Inauguration Day

First thing in the morning even before your morning coffee go to your local recycling facility and give them the recyclable thought that we will have a Savior sworn in to the US Presidency who won't be crucified. Then go do something more productive, something else, play at the park, visit friends, there will be nothing to see but a fake virus fake protection face masketeer muffling something stupid again about our over proexistence on planet Earth, and it will be all fake virtual crap no one wants to watch, even 1940's television was better than all these virtual nonsense to keep you FAKE/SAFE no one allowed up close to stop the spread of viral lies. It will be just the worst day in celebration inauguration ever in American history, or maybe a super hero will come in made from computer graphics.

Testing: If you do go to Washington be prepared to be stopped and checked to make sure you are not drunk with power there is a point where we all realize that those drunk on power are a danger to others and themselves. click the image of pylons which are movable guides to watch the fun video

Views: Seeing people in masks reminds us of the horrors of slavery throughout thousands of years so it's a good thing. It's all an interesting view on human behaviors.

Open for business: This gym owner > did not shut down nor does he require submission to worthless face mask slavery. He is 2020 Hero Of The Year. Unfortunately though to try to comply with health department demands that are not based on science he routinely sprays and wipes all his equipment with dangerous chemical fumigants that lowers oxygen supplies indoors to follow that portion of 'health' authority mandate to kill viruses which are not living things. We are being routinely lied to about viruses. These chemicals are harmful and not necessary. It's another scam by the petro-chemical-medical-pharma industries to push more harmful products for whopping profits and that sucking sound you hear coming from your checking account and equity is it all moving into their accounts. Stop the fumigation of public places. It is killing us.

Looking ahead: On January 21, 2021 articles of impeachment will be filed on Joe Biden on his first day of fully illegitimate Presidency who routinely abuses and bullies the people forcing humiliating face masks and destroy business like other abusers in govermnet like California and New York's governors. details

New normal: Building the world as an upside down pyramid is a challenge. All we need now is more positive thinking, ample levitation.

Political goofballs: Pelosi and Democrats gender mutilated the gender specific language in House Rules then days later goes on to call herself and others gender specific mother, daughter, etc. as we listen to her muffle behind a prophylactic fake protection device.

Canada: Kevin P. Johnston is taking on all the fake unconstitutional orders to stay home as a fake way to stop viruses that do not exist.

Vaccine nation: The Wild Doc is a father and learned about the horror show of injecting poisons into the body to find wellness. He created a presentation that's worth investigating. Keep in mind the 'covid' prevention method is not a vaccine it is a RNA chain terminator like AZT and is experimental not even tested on animals and this video presents that Italy found 'covid' to be more like heart disease and bacterial. One might also consider that in 2019 H.R. 2527 was introduced by a Democrat that seeks to VACCINATE ALL CHILDREN and was cosponsored by nothing but Democrats who are very much funded by pharmaceutical interests. Then there's pre-existing IMMUNITY how come the news that's owned by drug ads doesn't tell us about that! There's no test for pre-existing immunity, or is there? With the HI 'virus' there's testing for antibodies, I learned about those 40 years ago. They hang around after infections. They match and mirror any 'virus' threat. When one tests positive for antibodies, assuming the test is accurate, that means one has pre-existing IMMUNITY.

B117: This is the label for the alleged 'new strain' of snowflake virus that causes the same snowlike storm theatre that alleged disease causes create. San Bernardino County Health presents data claiming that this 'new strain' of SARS also known as SARS-COV-2 also known as many other name labels is more contagious. Fear is what's really contagious! They also present it does NO MORE HARM as the 'less contagious' version but of course we seee more militant response telling us now to be extra vigilant with usless methodologies to 'stop the spread' of things that are not as described. As most of us know these assertions are not proven, just made out of thin air. It makes for more hysterical reporting on TV to sell more drug ads. There is no specific test for this 'new strain'. It's more bullshit based on PCR tests that find fragments of nothing specific to any one virus. Some of us lived through the sayme bullshit presented by the lying medical societie$ during the HIV - Hysterical Information Virus PAN demic.  PAN is a mythical creature known for mischief, debauchery, and fornication. WHO changed the definition of PANdemic to include these that is why we are living in the new upside down pyramid world today. It takes a lot of cables to hold up such a structure.

PRESS in a panic to learn why not to panicOut & About: If you find yourself being denied service in a retail establishment this day because you dare to breathe oxygen fully for your health as that is very well established need and proven factual science not the science fiction we are getting from television news as you do not consider yourself to be a human pietrie dish and instead consider yourself as you are healthy to be incapable of spreading disease as diseases are created and never caught and feel you have God given rights to not practice the face cover religion of the Faucist-styled State of Corruptifornia or other dictatorships remember to be kind to those who are stupid slaves just doing as they are told as they have been bombarded with lies about non-living viruses that are not in the air and are merely soap made in the body all their life and are usually too busy to be able to study these issues instead relying on conniving manipulators in the 'health care' industry of drug pushing giants that are out to get more of your money.

Tip: If you use creamer in your coffee, instead of pulling off the entire safety seal make a slit in it instead, this will help keep it from pouring out like Niagara Falls.

Reminder: Television is a black hole and covid is a fraud.

Alert: So called 'health' authorities continually lie about face masks  they protect no one ever .

Plam said: Viruses are non living protein based solvents, they do not reproduce and wiggle around invading healthy cells. They are part of our immune system. THEY ARE PART OF OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. If they are part of our immune system one has to then wonder WHO is telling us we need to wage wars on viruses? WHO is profiting from all the chemical warfare? When we wage war on a virus we are waging war on our immune system! OMG/STOP found on Joh Rappoport's blog, if you want to learn the truth about viruses study there not CNN

you cannot be forced to take any vaccine the virus scam system uses medias to brainwash and influence disingenuously, flush the hype, virus scare tactics are a lie to sell you more stuff be come slaves to the medical con games

Flatten the curve syndrome

There never was a curve. We can see this in the charts below. Notice how co-morbidities create a fake curve to present the illusion that there is a new threat but there is not and there never was. click on the image to watch the presentation

See co-morbidities

The so called 'co-morbidities' of normal death rates created 'the curve'. In the next image we see how when we remove the co-morbitidies aka actual causes of death we see how curve disappears like magic.

There is no curve it is an illusion used to sell you stuff and take your stuff

These actual causes of death like heart conditions, pneumonia, car accident, fall from a skyscraper, and stabbings then go on a different chart with actual curves that should be focused on as there is no curve from COVID-19. The whole thing is a lie. THERE WAS NEVER A CURVE TO FLATTEN. This particular analysis focused on Denmark but is equally representative of every city in the world that has fallen into the COVID/TRAP. THE/CURVE was actually never there.

The curve is fake manipulation of data used to terrorize the public and this was done by disingenuous medical authorities starting with CDC, WHO, NIH, Anthony Fauci, Redfield, many other player$. Shut down the world, riots, ruin lives for no curve. IT NEVER EXISTED nor does any virus threat. Politicians and destructive health authorities keep babbling on about a CURVE that is nothing more than fake manipulation of existing data.

There is a movie by that name CURVE, see it.

India is a normal country and freeA vigilante often talks about why it's better in Mexico now than in the USA and many other 'free' countries such as in India where they don't waste their ENERGY with anti-social psychotic behavior and they are actually saving the planet by producing about 9 billion times less plastic waste than the FAKE/FREE countries that have locked it's citizens in their closets 'for their health'.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom is taking on cases to defend the right to go to church and assemble in Canada news releases gov government data shows fewer people are dying in 2020 than prior years in all categories and this is either because THE/VIRUS is actually a healing mechanism and/or that like when Los Angeles doctors went on strike and fewer people died because THEY DID NOT GET TREATED BY THE MEDICAL SYSTEM

The 'expert' promotes the up-your-nose flu vaccine points out that all it takes is the child to sneeze to spread the 'live virus' they shove up there, so let's get this straight, we are shutting down societies because they claim viruses are monsters that spread in the air, then they sell us flu prevention up the nose that will spread the virus. If you still believe anything these medical monsters tell you please keep studying and learn about all their lies.

"As 8,795 deaths with COVID-19 were recorded, there were 10,295 fewer deaths ascribed to cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, stroke, pneumonia and influenza."

Obviously the bigger problem is the rebranding of THE/FLU and creating panic. Who knew the medical system had such power to ruin our lives? Many in the holistic health arenas have tried to warn people that the medical systems have too much unchecked authority with quarantines, and look what they are doing now, seeking more power. We need to put its power into straight jackets, not give it more. discovered how to lower our energy use by 10% by removing one thing while also saving our landscapes from industrial blight

The Panhandledemic

I call it that as the drug companies and all their sleasy associates are constantly at Congress for handouts.

At  the beginning of the fakedemic Fauci asked for $8 billion and got it. What we got for our money was not Big Brother but rather Mommie Dearest forcing endless shutdowns, temperature checks, insane psycho behavior coming from 'health' agencies that hunt what does not even exist in the air using disinfectant chemical weapons where if you read the labels for these products they are dangerous to our health. Remember the images of the 1950's spraying of chemical DDT, that's what's happening all over again.

In 2020 it was easier than ever to create a fakedemic and suck billion$ of your money which if you are a player of the game went to your portfolios while others lost their homes, jobs, savings, etc.

The planned emic insanity and push for treatments are nothing new, and are still dangerous 150 years after some books were written about these same schemes.

Read "The Horrors of Vaccination Exposed" written in 1920 & "Horrors of Vaccination" written in 1870

Peter Duesberg is a founding father of retrovirologyA more recent book by one of the founding fathers of retrovirology Peter Duesberg's books which read like an encyclopedia is now selling for about $1,000. It exposed the lies of a single virus claimed to be infectious and thus causing 29 different diseases labeled under a broader category. I had one I gave away to Goodwill many years ago as it was just too heavy to carry around. Get your hands on ANYTHING by Duesberg, signed photographs, anything as it will be worth a lot as time progresses as the world realizes that this man was at the forefront of exposing the virus lies and will be written in history books like Gallileo, George Washington, Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Rosa Parks, and all the greats.

When will hysterical defenders of "science" face up to the destruction the US medical system is causing? retake a guess

We have had a hard time finding a pandemic anywhere other than on TV and the both sides of the mouths of politicians. Take a look at the death rate of men and women in the United States over the last ten years.

Per 100,000 in 2020 it was the same as every year prior. If you want to get real picky though it was a little higher than 10 years ago but so is our use of PALM/OIL.

2010 - 798
2011 - 807
2012 - 810
2013 - 821
2014 - 824
2015 - 844
2016 - 849
2017 - 865
2018 - 868
2019 - 870
2020 - 878

CDC reports the regular flu season completely disappeared in 2020 replaced with a new marketing pitch that included shutting down of your business 'for your health' and killing gyms 'for your health' and excessively fumigating and neurotic compulsive cleaning with dangerous chemicals every public space 'for your health' and the forced deprivation of oxygen 'for your health' and the routine testing using erroneous tests to get case numbers up so they can scare you more 'for your health' and then they introduced new legislation that would make it even easier for them to quarantine you indefinitely all they would need to do is declare another fake emergency 'for your health'

Then the public cheered as the masketeers in Congress and the Presidency and Parliments worldwide made it official, lockdowns will never end

AIDS hysteria prefigured the latest strain of illogical sets of viral science lies 1
In the period of 1985 - 1989 he helped spread the HIV lie fires 3

See how they fail at protecting anyone in 10 seconds flat

Equality demands that genital mutilators
repirate those who were harmed

Congress House Democrats passed new legislation that creates new rules in gender neutral nonsense abolishing many terms that are commonplace and have been such for thousands of years. One example of how it is used is intstead of saying man or woman it will be necessary to use the word 'person'. Another is intstead of 'chairman' it will be referred to as 'chair'. This will cause more confusion. Used in a sentence, "The chair can be found now on the other side of the room". Does that mean chairman the person or the chair we sit on? So again instead of actually solving problems Congress which has a 9% approval rating fiddles about on stupid stuff.

"Someone got me sick" actually is a lie, we create disease we do not catch it.


The 'health' authority presents the lie that face masking helps to 'stop the spread'


It is propoganda created using your federal, state, local tax monies that pour into medical systems. This one came from Maricopa County 'Health' and Human Services which serves the greater Phoenix areas.

What struck me is they don't provide any percentages of how much they are claimed to protect, they just offer coloring and words that claim high, moderate, low, lower, or lowest 'risk'. It feeds on the illogical fears that medical societies keep promoting for profit that 'viruses are transmitted by air' and you can catch them and die from them and not equally release them. It's an extremely lucrative scam. In reality whether masked or not the difference is statistically 100% insignificant.

Take a look at the image. I will attempt to assign some numbers to each level based on good quality science not the crap fed to us by TV illusionists. I will give each one a rating of the percentage of risk that someone would possibly catch a bad virus and get sick.

HIGH RISK - .001%

MODERATE - .0009%

LOW - .0008%

LOWER - .0007%

LOWEST RISK where both people are wearing masks and staying apart 6 feet - .00069%

So the difference is about 1 in 31,000,000 or we could present this as 1/31,000,000

So this is what government tells us, wear masks to be safe yet there is no difference by any statistical measure.

These 'health' authorities and their TV shills never tell us that even if we catch a virus which is statistically IMPOSSIBLE we can let it go if the 1 in 100,000 chance we caught it in the then 1 in 1 million chance it would stick and stay inside us forever.

Even then in that 1 in 1 million chance it stuck then there's a 99.8% chance that the body would get rid of it as that's the % of people who always recover 'from it'.

Thus, when all is tabulated whether you wear masks or not your chance of getting sick from any virus that is basically non existent in the air anywhere is about 1 in 1 trillion.

They also don't tell us that viruses are not in the air in any quantity either. If they are have them provide you a test result of the air in your business they shut down, they cannot provide one. There are no viruses in the air.

Thus if they were in the air and we did catch it we would then have a 1/666,666,666,666,666,666 chance of holding on to it and then since 99.8% of people who 'catch it' recover fully that brings the chance of dying from this fraud 1 in 700 trillion.

We are actually safe either way in regards to preventing viruses. If we wear a mask that lets viruses go through as they go right through the holes and around the gaps THEY DO NOTHING TO STOP VIRUSES.

Of course many people do not understand math so this is all Greekulous to them. All they understand is commands presented by liars on fake news medias.

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER whether one wears masks or not. There is a huge problem that the hucksters never tell us about, the  holes of the fabric that let air through SO YOU CAN BREATHE a mere 40% of oxygen what you would normally let millions of viruses through, they do not do anything to stop any virus.

Viruses are not the problem. We are being totally lied to about them. They are made in the cell as a cleansing mechanism.

They are like soap



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