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January 15, 2013 does not use Java uses Javascript for the functions of providing the date and time. Java and Javascript are two different applications that assist your computer to render certain information so that you can see it as the developer of a web page intended. 

There is some concern about leaving Java turned on and it's being said that you should disable Java for security reasons even though the developer of Java has made updates to fix the problem. You may or may not want to turn it off. 

Javascript is different from Java. Many websites use Javascript securely for various functions from creating links to web pages and other things. uses Javascript to render your date and calendar and this function should be left on. 

If you have a concern about turning off Java (not Javascript) you can do so. You can always turn it back on if you have any issues with not being able to see certain things on other sites that you may be regularly visiting that require Java.  

  • Firefox > go to TOOLS from the main menu bar, then ADDONS then select the DISABLE button next to any Java plug-ins. 

  • Safari > go to SAFARI in the main menu bar, then PREFERENCES then select the SECURITY tab and unselect the button next to ENABLE JAVA 

  • Chrome > type CHROME://PLUGINS into your browser's address bar, then select the DISABLE button below any Java plug-ins. 

  • Internet Explorer > There is no way to completely disable Java in this browser made by Microsoft.


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