Milkin' you!
the universal scam of "covid" was about a "universal flu vaccine"
Watch them discuss this here

In 2019 Fauci and friends such as Michael Specter Staff Writer for The New Yorker and Rick Bright of HHS were talking about how to get the public to accept a new genetic modifying organism (GMO) technology to replace flu shots. They were frustrated with the resistance of people to get injections of anti-freeze and polyester pants (polymers) "for their health" as more people have become aware over the years that vaccines DO NOT WORK so they said they needed to "blow the system up" and "create an air of excitement" meaning PANIC and that is how the Coronists Ongoing Fraud Con Of Fear (COFCOF) started.

Watch them discuss this here

Then tell congress you want Fauci's ass fired (accomplished but he's still slithering about) CDC, NIH, and everything pHarma abolished and watch them ignore you for another 40 years as they are all in this together and here's more proof of their scheme as of September 2022 and Fauci wants everyone to get, wait for it, an annual mRNA covid shot
and for us to THINK OF IT AS AN ANNUAL FLU SHOT which is all corona virus (cold and flu) ever was they just changed the THE NAME to "CoViD" said like Kovid who walked Project Runway in 2019 clueing us in one year ahead of time to what these hustlers were planning for decades as we saw him showcasing himself wearing an air filter on his face of fabric in red plaid. They created panic, and adjusted their technology to scam the public into this new scheme, one where all they do is have their computers spit out new alleged GENETIC CODE make believe nonsense data to allegedly insert that imaginary code into you "to stimulate an immune response" using repurposed chemical waste from Wuhan, China without any proof of this claim of any virus existing anywhere but the imaginations of hustlers and those who fall for their nonsense.

Frankly my dear, I don't care what any of these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) want. THAT WAS THE PLAN and it's disgusting and because too many people learn from TV and their doctor that's captured by these scoundrels many will fall for it. Share this with friends!

Click on any of their pictures as seen under our electron macroscope to view their scheming discussion about creating a panic in the public in order to sell their junk science fake alleged modified ribodino nuclear acid.

And now even the
Pfizer CEO claims he was hoodwinked as if he wasn't in on the scheme!

ROFL they are all in this together!

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