Christine Massey compiled 217 Freedom Of Information Requests for information
on alleged "viruses" sent to official health departments and institutions world wide and their official responses.
The requests asked for proper isolation of any virus to prove their alleged existence as claimed
and the responses were all that they do not have such evidence.


These are very solid responses with legal weight behind them. We often get responses
in words by doctors and science publications printing this or that study or this or that "peer reviewed" claiming isolation of a virus
but their meaning of the word is distorted from what any one would consider is isoaltion.
There is no science in virology, it's all made up stuff. Their distortion of "isolation" is so bad,
it would be like saying to isolate the baby squantlichtrawt from the bath water and what they would present you
is a hospital maternity ward that someone discovered online a video of the building and it's rooms and hallways that is abandoned after a war.
Because you said "baby" that's where the science led them as they would further explain that there was evidence that a baby was there at one time but it gets worse,
their junk science would claim they know what a baby squantlichtrawt looks like which of course
not even the internet has ever isolated that to prove any such thing exists. Similarly when this rotten branch
of biology called virology which needs to be cut off says there is a squantlichtrawt variant baby
and is terrorizing the hospital ward nearby and to be safe you have to shut down your business
and stay home they are making all that up to scam you out of your money and for their fun.
Virology at it's core is not filled with honest people.

Viruses do not exist. Because of that they are a poor explaination as to what causes disease and how to prevent disease.