Susan Crockford speaks with Jerm Warfare presenting the facts instead of the fundraising


Polar bears are doing fine and World Wildlife FUND deceives the public in their documentary about walrus populations

Polar bears are difficult to count so much of the claims of doom are suspect to abuse for personal gain

Predictions based on this inprecise data are all over the map wrong

More biological measures show thriving

Status of extinction and doom are based on MODELING and this is not an accurate method

26,000 polar bears in the world but teachers believed between 300 and 1000 when she was to speak in class about polar bears

observable measures instead of MODELING even set at 39,000

the polar bear ruse is about working people up to fund building and mainataining pipelines to your money

why do polar bears need ice? for their endless raves!

experts pedictions are all wrong said less ice less population that is not happening in the Arctic but again the pipelines to your cash keep working as intended

why are there no polar bears in the Antarctic? MAYBE flat earth could explain, Susan tries to figure it out sorta put on the spot says they could never survive the treck through the tropics

this is a wonderful interview

the reality is polar bear populations are healthy

stop funding these deceitful groups like WWF that have political agendas to build and maintain pipelines to your cash

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