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White Colonists plan to invade Eastern Shores

these are all the sold leases to build fake clean energy systems mostly skyscraper size wind turbines that rely on fossil fuels
PLANNED to be built off shore from North Carolina to New York to Martha's Vinyard
the promise by the Hustle Infected Vortex (HIV) is that spending trillions of billions of your dollars
will free the world from fossil fuels
but this promise is not based on reality each wind turbine contains 500 gallons of oil that needs regular oil changes like cars and trucks
also the promise to fix climate (which is not broken) is a scam
clean energy based on wind and solar in these horrible to look at massive industrial scale is a HUSTLE to get your energy
they add more costs and you pay for it in higher bills
and since we are speaking about wind
consider that wind is the most powerful and efficient carrier of all viruses everywhere over the entire planet
if you think 6 or 10 feet separation or shunning your family and previous friends keeps you safe
wake up and look from above how the wind blows viruses like it blows smoke particles 100 times larger and heavier than viruses
nothing stops them......
so as we ask the "health" department and gas company to come to our neighborhood and check for both gas leaks and virus leaks in the air guess which one can actually be found because only one of those actually exists
you are correct, they find the natural gas leak because it is real, viruses DO NOT EXIST in the air
the world is being sold a hustle Hustle In Virology (HIV)
all of these systems be they experimental injections that no one needs to be safe or wind farms off shore have one thing in common, they take more than they give, and it's you who pays for it forced to work harder to pay the rising electric bills
these systems of alleged protection from climate change and ones formerly alleging immunity now oddly changed to only protection like a baseball cap protects someone in the stands from getting hit by a baseball are incredibly costly they never provide free energy
when I look at the map I see plantations where the masters are making their slaves work for them
money is channeled into the financial markets often making their way to pensions
like what we found out about Chevelon Butte Wind feeding pensions in Canada with Arizona ratepayers money

Ocean Legal Defense is working to stop this project

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