CDC changed definition to meet their legal needs

The following excerpt comes from an article found here at American Thinker

More appalling to Dr. Rake is the prevailing view that the unvaccinated are somehow less than human

 that they are irresponsible vectors spreading a disease and the main obstacle to our getting "back to normal."  

A staunch advocate for patient autonomy, he believes that mandating a treatment is a violation of ethics and constitutional rights.  

He abhors the co-opting of the medical profession to impose a nefarious plan to control the populace.  

And he wryly notes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

quietly changed the definition of vaccine from a "product that produces immunity to a specific disease"

to "a preparation that is used to stimulate an immune response"  perhaps to cover itself for endorsing a product of dubious efficacy.

No vaccine ever created immunity to any disease it simply is not possible and this lie has caught up to them now so they only claim a vaccine stimulates an immune response. This is like saying coffee will give you energy, when it ony stimulates, the body itself is the only thing that provides that energy when it has proper nutrition. Coffee has caffeine which is technically an irritant. The body kicks into gear to get rid of that IRRITANT, that is why you feel energized, all hands on deck, it's like an invasion on a Navy ship at sea, and a flurry of activity happens because caffeine is a chemical that the body does not use for rebuilding cells it has to get rid of it. So this principle is applicable to all vaccines, they give the body a kick using chemicals THE BODY DOES NOT NEED FOR PRODUCTION AND MAINTENANCE OF HEALTHY CELLS.