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  The US $22 trillion debt is no big deal

by Kenneth Wegorowski written on 13 June 2019

June 2019 US public debt total official can be viewed here.

Media outlets of various kinds love to scare everyone into paying attention to wild claims about the United States debt being $22 trillion dollars but this is so bogus and such a poor use of energy.

To be exact according to one counter today's debt held by the public is $16,190,248,759,467.87 plus the debt held by the intergovernment is $5,835,218,455,854.46 which = a total of $22,025,467,215,322.33.

calculated using this calculation tooling thingy

Oh my! But let's look at this debt over say 30 years like a home loan. That comes out to a total of $734,182,240,510.7443.

If we figure out what that is monthly for the next 30 years that is $61,181,853,375.89536. That's 61 billion dollars still EACH MONTH. But there is about 365 million people in the United States.

Let's say about half of them are adults and can work, the rest are children. Using 150,000,000 adults we find that each one of them owes a "public debt" of $407.8790225059691‬ each, each month.

Considering the average income is around $58,000 per year now, and that comes to about $4,833.333333333333 in pay each month, the US public debt per adult in the USA comes to about how much it is to finance a car.

Whoopee. I am supposed to freak out about that? Sorry fear pushers, I don't buy that hype. People pay 4 to 9 times that monthly to finance a home.

Various medias love to grab you by your private attention parts so they can sell you all sorts of stuff, things like refreshing drinks that look so good as they are seen on the ski slopes of an exotic location as the model is sipping it on a sailboat in the tropics, things that because of added carbon blanket raw materials (carbonation) your taste buds are tricked, the buds don't let you notice how much teeth rotting sugar is actually in that can of soda pop. Let that thing go flat and try to drink it. Yuck.

The medias routinely use fear mongering all too often to get you to pay attention. Public debt is one of these things they use constantly to scare people and get them to do their bidding, be it vote for a particular party, or press for a change such as in managing the weather, a concept that is so absurd it's beyond stupidity, it's pure brainwashing.

No one can actually believe that we can control the climate without having lost logical sense or merely lack a few items of knowledge, as we are surrounded by a blanket of universe that is at a constant 456 degrees below frigid zero. There is no blanket anywhere in any galaxy that is made of hot air that can keep the Earth that warm that it causes the calamities these fear mongers are claiming.

The fun thing in looking at all these climate doom claims is that they all propose allocating more money to "fix things". Money is energy. The more of it you make the more energy used.

Let that sink in for a bit.

There is no threat of climate doom nor of debt doom.

Now go play instead of watching these people grab you inappropriately on TV.
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