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Stop the refresh automatic on web sites

by Kenneth Wegorowski
published on February 18, 2019

This fix can work for many websites that annoyingly refresh while you are reading the page or reading a page from a link you opened in a new tab. The page refresh is script embedded in the page giving those websites visitor statistics an artificial increase while also providing most current data for the visitor. Most people find this terribly annoying and scream "Make it stop!".

On Firefox go to "tools" then "options" and then look down on the left column for "extensions & themes".

When you open that link there is a search box, type in "yesscript".

Add this to your Firefox, then look in the bar above for a new tool, a circle with a Y in it, click on it while you are on the DrudgeReport page, it will change to RED. That color means it's activated and will immediately stop the refresh.

Click on it again and it's BLUE, I'm not sure what that does. Click on it again and it's GREY. That turns it off.

Finally fixed.



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