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The British and Kommunist propogandas are coming

The above image is is a public health message put out by the British government with Boris Johnson at the head of all this nonsense who parrots dictates, guidelines to hell, and suggestions that turn into "It's time to do as your told" by the health ruler of the world A. Fauci. It's a propoganda piece that shifts financial resources to places that are not really being productive but support high tech firms that produce these on computers. Building new homes would be a better use of the many billions being wasted on all this virus hunting and fear campaigns.

They keep pushing the science fiction that all these bizarre measures would save lives while livlihoods go away and people starve. Staying home does not protect anyone.

Acting like you've got what?

A dead virus particle that there is no test for in the air.

Anyone can spread what?

A virus that does not even exist in the air in any measurable quantity so it's like spreading air on toast and invisible eggs over easy thinking you have a delicious breakfast.

The plastic face shield does not stop any virus if it even were in the air nor does the face mask.

Nor does those white zip up gowns. Nor do condoms.

So where is all this science fiction they keep promoting taking us?

To the ideal world built as an upside down pyramid.
Internet Matter discovered how to lower our energy use by 10% by removing one thing while also saving our landscapes from industrial blight

Man's best friend always provides energy adopt a pet today

The Panhandledemic

I call it that as the drug companies and all their sleasy associates are constantly at Congress for handouts.

In 2020 it was easier than ever to create a fakedemic and suck billion$ of your money which if you are a player of the game went to your portfolios while others lost their homes, jobs, savings, etc.

The planned emic insanity and push for treatments are nothing new, and are still dangerous 150 years after some books were written about these same schemes.

Read "The Horrors of Vaccination Exposed" written in 1920 & "Horrors of Vaccination" written in 1870

When will hysterical defenders of "science" face up to the destruction the US medical system is causing?
retake a guess

We have had a hard time finding a pandemic anywhere other than on TV and the both sides of the mouths of politicians. Take a look at the death rate of men and women in the United States over the last ten years.

Per 100,000 in 2020 it was the same as every year prior. If you want to get real picky though it was a little higher than 10 years ago but so is our use of PALM/OIL.

2010 - 798
2011 - 807
2012 - 810
2013 - 821
2014 - 824
2015 - 844
2016 - 849
2017 - 865
2018 - 868
2019 - 870
2020 - 878

CDC reports the regular flu season completely disappeared in 2020 replaced with a new marketing pitch that included shutting down of your business 'for your health' and killing gyms 'for your health' and excessively fumigating and neurotic compulsive cleaning with chemicals every public space 'for your health' and the forced deprivation of oxygen 'for your health' and the routine testing using erroneous tests to get case numbers up so they can scare you more 'for your health' and then they introduced new legislation that would make it even easier for them to quarantine you indefinitely all they would need to do is declare another fake emergency 'for your health'

Then the public cheered as the masketeers in Congress and the Presidency and Parliments worldwide made it official, lockdowns will never end

AIDS hysteria prefigured the latest strain of illogical sets of viral science lies 1
In the period of 1985 - 1989 he helped spread the HIV lie fires 3

See how they fail at protecting anyone in 10 seconds flat

Equality demands that genital mutilators
repirate those who were harmed

Congress House Democrats passed new legislation that creates new rules in gender neutral nonsense abolishing many terms that are commonplace and have been such for thousands of years. One example of how it is used is intstead of saying man or woman it will be necessary to use the word 'person'. Another is intstead of 'chairman' it will be referred to as 'chair'. This will cause more confusion. Used in a sentence, "The chair can be found now on the other side of the room". Does that mean chairman the person or the chair we sit on? So again instead of actually solving problems Congress which has a 9% approval rating fiddles about on stupid stuff.

"Someone got me sick" actually is a lie, we create disease we do not catch it.


The 'health' authority presents the lie that face masking helps to 'stop the spread'


It is propoganda created using your federal, state, local tax monies that pour into medical systems. This one came from Maricopa County 'Health' and Human Services which serves the greater Phoenix areas.

What struck me is they don't provide any percentages of how much they are claimed to protect, they just offer coloring and words that claim high, moderate, low, lower, or lowest 'risk'. It feeds on the illogical fears that medical societies keep promoting for profit that 'viruses are transmitted by air' and you can catch them and die from them and not equally release them. It's an extremely lucrative scam. In reality whether masked or not the difference is statistically 100% insignificant.

Take a look at the image. I will attempt to assign some numbers to each level based on good quality science not the crap fed to us by TV illusionists. I will give each one a rating of the percentage of risk that someone would possibly catch a bad virus and get sick.

HIGH RISK - .001%

MODERATE - .0009%

LOW - .0008%

LOWER - .0007%

LOWEST RISK where both people are wearing masks and staying apart 6 feet - .00069%

So the difference is about 1 in 31,000,000 or we could present this as 1/31,000,000

So this is what government tells us, wear masks to be safe yet there is no difference by any statistical measure.

These 'health' authorities and their TV shills never tell us that even if we catch a virus which is statistically IMPOSSIBLE we can let it go if the 1 in 100,000 chance we caught it in the then 1 in 1 million chance it would stick and stay inside us forever.

Even then in that 1 in 1 million chance it stuck then there's a 99.8% chance that the body would get rid of it as that's the % of people who always recover 'from it'.

Thus, when all is tabulated whether you wear masks or not your chance of getting sick from any virus that is basically non existent in the air anywhere is about 1 in 1 trillion.

They also don't tell us that viruses are not in the air in any quantity either. If they are have them provide you a test result of the air in your business they shut down, they cannot provide one. There are no viruses in the air.

Thus if they were in the air and we did catch it we would then have a 1/666,666,666,666,666,666 chance of holding on to it and then since 99.8% of people who 'catch it' recover fully that brings the chance of dying from this fraud 1 in 700 trillion.

We are actually safe either way in regards to preventing viruses. If we wear a mask that lets viruses go through as they go right through the holes and around the gaps THEY DO NOTHING TO STOP VIRUSES.

Of course many people do not understand math so this is all Greekulous to them. All they understand is commands presented by liars on fake news medias.

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER whether one wears masks or not. There is a huge problem that the hucksters never tell us about, the  holes of the fabric that let air through SO YOU CAN BREATHE a mere 40% of oxygen what you would normally let millions of viruses through, they do not do anything to stop any virus.

Viruses are not the problem. We are being totally lied to about them. They are made in the cell as a cleansing mechanism.

They are like soap



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