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Corona is a shape. It is nothing new what so ever.
Adjectives do not cause disease.

The sales pitch is that there's a new novel virus, it's the science they say. Really it's science fiction. It's the same old corona virus that they had for many decades claimed is associated with the flu, colds, pneumonia. There is no new killer disease. They lie. They assert themselves all over the place like a horny drunk. They were losing money on flu shots that never work. The public was wising up not getting them any more. They had to come up with a new scam. Some decades back the Fauci disease inserted it's pRNA into the CDC changing it from a mere failing 'disease control' agency to one that then also 'prevents disease'. This scheme opened them up to making billions with patents to allegedly prevent disease and opened all sorts of funding floodgates. Dr. David E. Martin has been calling out their lies and scams and has published the Fauci dossier exposing his fraud. Virology is assertive science. It's a rotten massively huge tree branch that needs pruning as it's now taking down the entire tree. That tree is us. It's like the bully in the school yard asserting his rules of handing over lunch money in order to be safe.

Make your escape off the medical science fiction dizzy-go-round and defund the bullies.

Dr. David Martin reveals The Fauci COVID-19 dossier 
exposing the Fauci Lie Yabber Syndrome (FLYS) in the Ointment Of Science (OOS)

watch his presentation first  read the full 250 pages here

The Highwire

Dr. Kevin P. Corbett's website

The Infectious Myth

Internet Matter

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