Roku make stop asking are you still there easy fix


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Roku might present you a blank screen with a message "are you still there" that can be annoying there is a way to fix this and it's rather easy

go to the HOME on the Roku menu
choose NETWORK
choose OFF

go back to watching TV on your Roku device and be free of those messages your TV should keep playing

this is so helpful for the disables or anyone that merely wants the TV left on

you may want to have the TV on during the night as it helps you sleep as some people like hearing the activity of people talking and other sounds playing in the background

in a way this annoying default setting reminds me of going to the supermarket checkout and they ask "did you find what you were looking for" which is a question that ends in a preposition and bad use of language

it's a rather demeaning question as if I couldn't find what I was looking for I would ask someone prior to standing in line with all my stuff, do they really expect me to say "no can you find what i was looking for" and thus hold up the line?

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