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Oregon voters choose higher taxes to pay for health care for the poor

January  24, 2018 -


What I see just happened in Oregon I see happening country wide, they voted to approve a measure to help keep health care for the poorer class that cannot afford health care.

This means the hospitals and insurance will be taxed, more taxes!

Since Oregon has become saturated with liberals, it's now becoming like CA with it's voting FOR tax increases at every turn, not that this is necessarily a bad thing but people left California because of taxes and went to Oregon for low or no taxes. Maybe it will be California 2, with the rural conservatives wanting to split the state someday.

The Republican was trying to be the lone voice to deal with the loss of "obamacare" medicaid revenues from the federal government for state run plans, raised $125,000

The hospitals and insurance companies raised $3.5 million to push the plan to add taxes to themselves! Logic would state that makes no sense that a business would want to tax itself more. Right?

I don't trust the idea that hospitals are only thinking of us. The bottom line for them is it adds to their business at the cost of taxpayers. The medical industry is all about helping themselves first and foremost while knowing their customers are those who need care, if their customers lose their health care, they lose business. They are taxed an extra 1.5 % they pass that on to the billing department.

The reality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act many call "obama care" is that states have had support from the federal government, but this would be phased down or out over time.

Oregon did is like what government did with that, they expanded Medicare which gave money to the states, like CA which gives us Medi-Cal.

It's said "For the first several years of the Medicaid expansion, the federal government covered most of the bill. But a drop in federal funds meant the state needed to start picking up more of the tab."

So the State scrambled up a way to do that with eggs.

Many don't understand in their narrative on "obamakare" that is exactly what Republicans scream at the top of their lungs should be done, give more power to the States, "let States decide" they decry, but when the States get that power, then the Republicans try to shout with little donations that government is killing them as we see here.

Widely criticized "obamakare" has already in place those protections that keep the federal government from having to fully support it which is another yelling point Republicans have stated incessantly, and deceitfully or ignorantly, as if it wasn't already there.

"obamakare" is already set up that way, to cut funds over time to states.
so as we find out now already, the changes in health care "obamakare" already had in it's plan to shift the burdens to the States, which is a KEY STATEMENT that is made by all who HATE OBAMA CARE.

They say "shift the burden to the States" "let states decide".

So what's contradictory is that we have a Republican there in Oregon saying that the shift of burden to the State could be paid for in "other ways" (like how, magic fairy dust? they never explain how) and says that a no vote would have "made the legislature do what it's supposed to to".

Yea right, while the people decided the way to pay for it is via reality, raise taxes on hospital care, which makes the doctors and administrators and insurance companies and all of them keep getting richer with fabulous real pensions, and also provide the care for everyone poor, we have the Republican claiming that government should be run more like being a homemaker.

Ok let's look at Government as a home maker.

The Republican representative Julie Perrish who pushed for a NO vote is a coupon cutter, ran a site @hotcouponmoma saying she once bought jars of peanut butter for 17 cents each and that the State needs more of that kind of thinking to cut costs. Good luck. Health care doesn't come in jars and is not ever overstocked like peanut butter. You can think like that until you have peanut butter coming out of taxpayers ears, but if you can't find those bargains you will need to waste more money on q-tips than ever.

Health care is not shopping for peanut butter, and it's an overly simplistic "logic" that Republicans regularly use in their health care presentations.

If you disagree, let me know when you find the same number of hospitals to choose from as you do sources of peanut butter by the jar or by the case.


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