Coronavirus American Medical Association medical reference calls it common cold

Study of the claims made regarding pandemic testing treatment of viral research and assertions


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Self righteous narcisistic pompous creep Newsom claims if he's recalled "more will die". This is a tactic of all cult leaders they use fear like a cattle prod. His governing IS SO BAD even the LA airport BUILDING wants him recalled.

Retardocrats claim abortion law in Texas should in response force vasectomy in men. No one in Texas is forcing an invasive procedure on any woman in the ban of abortion. It is just removing choice of what they can do to their body when it comes to the developing human being. The contradictions are all over the map. A balance might be to consider the mother holding the fetus IN HER BODY to be Goddess and not a government, thus, the scales tip toward HER/CHOICE predominating not that of the state. Now if we also applied that to CIRCUMCISION which is a horror that was perpetrated on hundreds of millions of men without their consent we'd be getting somewhere but of course priorities are backward$ syawla.

Red Cross will still after 40 non--inclusive years reject homosexual blood and now added to the dis--inclusion list all cold virus vaccinated blood now that would be given to cold virus cases. Wakey wakey.

Canada Education Minister is a retard. No, that's not right, retards are much smarter than this dodo.

Diversity and inclusion is now proven to be nothing but the usual money grubbing hype as we watch Palm Springs and Cathedral City and so many places claim you need to first FAKE/PROVE you DO NOT HAVE A COLD VIRUS before they will serve you, mainly by showing your vax paper which is not proof of immunity, it's all lies and the biggest display of utter stupidity and brainwashing the world have ever succumbd to. experts destroy all this virus cult propoganda

Push back on the vaccine thugs, bullies, holier than thous, be they your friends, in governing, employ, the restaurants, etc. state RELIGIOUS/EXEMPTION do not say what religion you are, do not say anything about how you feel about vaccine dangers, all their demands you be injected to live a normal life like others are illegal and unconstitutional and violations of so many privacy and human rights laws. Do not tell them whether or not you are vaxxed it's no one's business but your own do not give your personal health information what so ever, then when they deny you sue their crass. Del Bigtree also makes a statement

Kevin J. Johnston for Calgary mayor

The Fake Doctors show in the good old daze of actual controversy

Taliban "confirms" dogs left behind are alive and well, Fauci's dogs that were tortured in lab experiments confirmed dead and US CON/GRESS just hands him more BILLION$ to torture dogs and people with his cult experiments on humanity. When are people going to get it?

People in Canada are fed up with Trudeau chant "Piece of ______"

Vaccine one size fits all will be for every 3 months or you will not be allowed to buy food, enjoy the theatre, drive, buy insurance, spit, or pretend that everything is coming up roses if you don't stop this bullcrap, it's not about health it's about elitist wealth.

The Covidian Cult is here and it's leader is Fauci who is sneakier than Jim Jones but worse as far as death counts from the pushed poisions such as AZT which in the "Hit Hard Hit Early" propoganda campaign in the 1990s killed my friends

Speaking out not allowed so the nurse's daughter helps us read what is going on.

100 years back the common expression it was the vaxxine killed the many so the doctors called it Spanish flu instead of vaccine death  as much as they tried they never could duplicate transmission

CDC will phase out current PCR test as to "what it looks for" not banning it entirely as they should, an analysis that the inventor Kary Mullis said LONG/AGO was unsuitable for diagnosing any disease. CDC spins the fact that they never isolated any SARS-cov-2 and this procedure let to all the unsuitable results that led to panic while the honorable Jon Rappoport translates to a more accurate synopsis: "We, at the CDC, did not have a specimen of the SARS-CoV-2 virus when we concocted the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2. Yes, it's unbelievable, right? And that's the test we've been using all along. So we CONTRIVED samples of the virus. We fabricated. We lied. We made up [invented] synthetic gene sequences and we SAID these sequences HAD TO BE close to the sequence of SARS-CoV-2, without having the faintest idea of what we were doing, because, again, we didn't have an actual specimen of the virus. We had no proof THERE WAS something called SARS-CoV-2.

Polio outbreak to be used to cover VAZ/TRAX

Vax wipes out natural antibodies was recently stated regarding not being able to donate your vaxxed plasma!

The jabbed and unjabbed are overwhelmingly against diseased governing VAX/PASS including the 1st responders who are also doing their own protests Chris Sky & Kevin J. Johnson

Remember in the 1950's we trusted CDC guidelines that told us to spray everything with DDT as it too was safe now they are spraying your blood directly injecting their snake oil opotions

"Gladys Berejiklian Takes Over The World" almost true! editing gone wild!

Canada's biggest shit head experimental drug pusher too afraid to get off tour bus as he was met with hecklers who only had insults to throw no sticks or stones

Another great hoax was of Tutankhamen

Looks like most businesses in Canada will not enforce the VAX/PASS governing syndrome they know fraud when they see it

In 2016 a Muslim woman was told wearing a face mask hindered her educational development in 2021 education departments say it protects them from dangerous unicorns as a priority to educational development as the Faucist regime churns

The Church of Covistiansanity of South Wales presents a short surmon

Inderkum High School teacher asked questions about radical statements he made in classroom. Project Veritas reporter then goes to the district to speak to head with safety concerns and they are not interested. This story might be one sided. The teacher might be using a technique that makes the children THINK. view reporters story here  PV issues statement  official statement from the district on their site archived 

The interesting thing is a day later reporter speaks at meeting where oxygen deprivation is not the issue. I think they are sensationalizing a very trivial matter that is being taken completely out of context, something that 99.99% of all medias do as their goals are always about getting attention. Veritas gleeful as reporter at public meeting is told will be able to meet with board separate

Now Playing in the dangerous unicorn theatre "Delta Variant" presenting more fiction than anyone thought could ever appear on the mind set stage written by a fraudci we can actually see

Doctor in Mayo basically states if you are sick get out of her hospital if you are not injectionated what a creep

Pro mask school board gets trolled. LOL. After a woman says she is against masks none of the next on the list rise to speak

Phil McCrakin - Fill my crack in
Sulk Sook Mahiddik - ?
Ophelia McHalk - Oh feel up my cock
Eileen Dover - I leaned over
Don Kiddick - Donkey Dick
Wane Kerr - Wanker

hear it from one of the many Horsa Sasses in governing that fly planes while building them thinking they are saving you from a disaster. What was done to prank them may seem childish and that is exactly the point all their demands to wear worthless masks are childish acting like hall monitors on power trip and not based on any real science

Yet another FAKE/NEWS reporter presents mask theatre while camera man no mask zingading

No Requirement For Medical Intervention Bill dedicated to truckers of Australia who on August 31 2021 along with many French truckers all had problems with their trucks at the same time obviously caused by THE/VIRUS. Australian Parlimentarian speaks in protest of the unelected bureaucrats violating human rights that demanded all be injected with experimental medicine to treat a problem they do not have

The Tribe of Injectio Nation is a dangerous cult

2021 Jab Cup horse race guess who wins

Fire fighters in Los Angeles join protest against mandated Medical Dictates (MD)

We hate New York as Naturally Immune Lives Matter but in New York City only the injected allowed to attend festival outdoors but God sent rain so it ended up cancelled after vaxpeople waited hours and gave the finger to many of the disincluded

Man calls CDC to see if liability shield has been lifted

Dr. Bryan Ardis - Fauciz Favorite Drug Remdesivir Is What Is Killing People Not a Virus August 23 2021

More religious than religion THE/SCIENCE

Idiot vax and pass pusher in government got injectionated and developed palsey and still pushes it

True nature of viruses by Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Parents are declaring their freedom speaking to the board the mother from Encinitis stops asking for permission to protect her kids from their abuse

Maybe it was an ALLERGIC REACTION to the vaccine is he on to something? loud rant from Austrialian dude fed up with it all

Liberals are now Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons going door to door to convert people to their cult

PA governor candidate says it's time to stop giving lawless school boards information says they will be removed

Why are people still wearing dirty bacteria ridden mouth rags? Kate Shemirani shout out in front of NHS England

Australia is fighting back

What would an AUTHENTIC expert know? inventor of mRNA calls out injecting all the way down to 6 months old

Lawyer Rocco Galati August 17, 2021 suit against British Columbia Canada 'health' officer Bonnie Henry obsession with vaccination and tyrannical regime not a public health agenda

Fed up parents shout out the school board they are criminals Connecticut Highland School they are guilty of coersion and violations of human rights

Woman in Australia stands up to thugs telling them there is no public health order on her what they are doing is criminal

240 year old theory still snaking oil everywhere

Woman points out who's selfish

"The body's natural immune system provides better protection" go to parties more!

Cold virus isolate does not exist it is only a computer simulation total fraud

Oxford paper is scientific nonsense Dr. Tom Cowan explains

Abusive abrasive swabs to test for alleged viruses that are shoved up nose look like porcupines under the microscope called out by Dr. Antoinetta Gatti and Tim Truth

questionable medical procedures

Pathogenic priming and spike protein dangers is a faulty theory by Dr. Tom Cowan

Jen the secretary says PLANDEMIC in press conference, whoops! this is called a Freudian slip There is a movie named PLANDEMIC by Mikki Willis explaining that the whole thing was planned not PANned

Natural immunity is a serious danger to drug induced PORTFOLIOS watch short explaination

Get FACTccinated! Lose the fear at TheHighwire

Senior Trump advisor blows whistle

Assault is illegal any school that force masks children is abuse and assault they have a fundamental right to breathe Peggy Hall explains

ABC babblist Jan Fran deleted her Twitter

STOP calling it the c-word, that is slang, a swear word, it is Cold, Flu, Lungitis, or Pneumonia.

Proper name is C-FLoP

Why are politicians giving medical advice??? They are even going so far as to make medical demands. Something not right. Smells like a duck.

FDA "approval" is not as it appears

Caveat Emptor. "They approved something that does not exist"

The "delta" variant is a pseudo-virus made in the imagination, it is in reality only a computer simulation

We believe Pfizer does not really want full approval where they actually start providing that product.

It seems more like they just wanted interim approval for a song and dance for media and government lie/propoganda campaigns to ramp up for a product that is actually not on the market yet.

They are playing a game with the public, they want EUA to continue, this is the only logical conclusion. If an approved vaccine is actually on the market EUA cannot remain, thus they would be LEGALLY LIABLE for all the injuries occurring from these horrible experimental injections.

We think that this fake but real but fake approval is a crafty legal and marketing push wrangling trick to make public officials and corporations and employers and the public continue to believe the ongoing lies to get as much of this no-liability product out there for MASSIVE PROFITS and manipulation of so many things. Already in just one year this HEALTH/SCARE game just created a new level of 1%ers while so many small businesses were shuttered unnecessarily.

find out more here in this presentation

Natural immunity is ace in the hole to injected fake masked immunity 15 studies prove it

COVID-19 Dossier view the entire 205 page pdf here
This document is prepared for humanity by Dr. David E. Martin exposing the corrpution behind the Hustle In Virology (HIV)

Fitness Depot demands employees get THE/VAX many are fired what happened to innnocent until proven guilty? Rebel News reports

Bill Gates and Jesus recommend the book "How To Lie With Statistics"Jesus got in on the COVID/SCAM recommends a new book to read it's the only book he's ever suggested beside his dad's "How To Lie With Statistics" review by An0maly

FDA authorized license for "covid-19" vax THAT IS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE learn more

India has 10% of ELIGIBLE population injected, since children are about 50% of the population and not eligible, only 5% of the entire population is injected with an experimental biological weapon

The clinical trial is so easy to manipulate explained by Jon Rappoport

post Covid Vaccine Syndrome (this is acronymized as pCoVS or CVS) get the story from the very inventor of the vaccine tehnology himself Robert Malone inventor of mRNA where we learn something rather interesting

"His filed patent and disclosures from the Salk included in-vivo RNA transfection and also methods for mRNA stabilization - now being claimed as invented by others."

Genocide notice sent to UK government view here at Dr. Kevin P. Corbett page on CORONAHYSTERIA

Ireland admitted THE/VIRUS does not exist A YEAR AGO view here

The VAX/PASS is NOT just verifying if you have been jabbed listen to this reporters amazement after she reads the details of what information it catalogues

Dripping Springs high school had another of those THEM/THAR Emergency Again Meetings (TEAM) fed up parents said "My children will never wear masks again"

Also at Dripping Springs the father tries to prove a point that since we mandate clothes to be in public places we should force people to breathe in less oxygen for their health so he strips in front of the board

Liberal Minnesota school board Jennifer Tift votes to mandate abuse of children with masks then appears at 10,000 plus concert unmasked NationalFile

Coachella Fest 2022 demands ALL be injectionated "for health" DUCK THE COACHELLA FEST 

Tulsa council erupts when mayor with double innefective muzzle cancels any more comments Wednesday, August 25, 2021

THE/END of pharma and health care lies as we know it short clip full interview  featuring Karen Kingston biotech analyst

Trudeau marched out of Surry neighborhood by angry crowd that is fed up with his lies

PHD Dr. Christina Parks PHD speaks to Missouri HOUSE members on mandate of vax, mentions 70% of blacks are not vax'd "are we going to deny services and employment to them?" This is worse than segregation from long ago watch at Internet Matter

The virus is a computer model, that is it, no proof it exists in the real world. This WHOLE THING IS A SHAM.

Stew Peter and Dr. Jane Ruby

The LAST expert you will ever have to listen to tells us MASKS DO NOT STOP ANY VIRUS

FDA says it approves "covid-19" injection but this is not entirely as it seems.

The final product if it ever reaches market will be called "Comirnaty" for ages 16+.

It is not currently available. 

read the FDA news item of August 23, 2021

FDA only aproved vaccine that is not yet available!!!


They are going to use this "approval" to start denying services and employment push harder than ever for mandated injections which are illegal to demand everywhere for the unvaccinated to make this sham of a scam look real. Before you jump for joy and believe that it's now proven safe, "everyone should get it", those who don't are "a threat" we have to talk details. The press releases and manufacturer claims are based on two letters that are a bit confusing.

There remains massive inventories of this old "non approved" emergency use only (EUA) vaccine that will be used first
, it is labeled Pfizer-BioNTech. Only the new batches with proper labeling called "Comirnaty" will be deemed licensed and approved for use. They are the same formula but these "licensed" ones will have certain liabilities by the company in their use.

The current EUA version Pfizer-BioNTech has no legal liability, the manufacturer is IMMUNE to any harm they cause to anyone. They can push these old ones that remain under EUA with this continued risk to the consumer until they deplenish those old stocks so don't be fooled, only those labeled as "Comirnaty" are licensed. If you want this product in it's licensed form make sure you verify when it becomes available. The big difference is legal liability so this might be a trick. "Comirnaty" might not be in stock for months IF EVER. So be careful of anyone claiming that you can now go get injected with a licensed "covid-19" vaccine, it's almost certainly still the same EXPERIMENTAL "Pfizer-BioNTech" product. I believe there will never actually be any such licensed actual product released as it would create legal cases against the manufacturer filed at warp speed to the moon as already there are so many injuries from this product. I think this is another crafty manipulative pitch to buy more time, mess with elections, sell more product without liability until those are exhausted while by that point the public will be exhausted and fed up as well and just won't put up with any of these insane illogical measures. Since the only vax will be the ones still under EUA no one can mandate any of these on anyone legally. I think at some point when lawsuits forge ahead against those places that fall into this trap and deny services and mandate challenges get sorted out, of course in favor of plantiffs suing against those mandating them, they will pull all of these experimental use items off market as they are already a disaster, and so many scientists, doctors, lawyers, pod people, and others are shouting out that there are many dead and harmed from the injections and these should be stopped immediately. Even the inventor of mRNA technology have been trying to warn people from the start. The vaccine industry is going down they are in a panic. In Germany it was proven in court that the measles virus does not exist. Proven in court. The case is ROCK/SOLID. The case cut at the entire foundational basis of all aspects of virology and vaccines.
This means all vaccine mandates are illegal.

Dr. Stephan Lanka meets with others
Cowan speaks with Lanka
read page 12

COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is now licensed for individuals 16 years of age and older. There remains, however, a significant amount of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine that was manufactured and labeled in accordance with this emergency use authorization. This authorization thus remains in place with respect to that product for the previously-authorized indication and uses.

The claim is:

Comirnaty contains messenger RNA (mRNA), a kind of genetic material. The mRNA is used by the body to make a mimic of one of the proteins in the virus that causes COVID-19. The result of a person receiving this vaccine is that their immune system will ultimately react defensively to the virus that causes COVID-19.

The human body does this on it's own already. We watched these same kinds of lies come out of the Faucist regime in the 1980's that led my friends to take the AZT poison. They died. The masters called it safe and effective. Effective at what? Effective at killing them. This is well documented. Fake news won't tell you that though. They are hopelessly dependent on drug ads to feed their billion dollar empires.

They also state:


Under the EUA, it is your choice to receive or not receive the vaccine. Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care.

If you are 16+ it is a licensed product named Comirnaty. If you are 12 - 15 it is not, it is labeled Pfizer-BioNTech. They are actually the same product.

Furthermore, the pharmacovigilance system that FDA is required to maintain under section 505(k)(3) of the FDCA is not sufficient to assess these serious risks. Therefore, based on appropriate scientific data, we have determined that you are required to conduct the following studies: 4. Study C4591009, entitled "A Non-Interventional Post-Approval Safety Study of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine in the United States," to evaluate the occurrence of myocarditis and pericarditis following administration of COMIRNATY. We acknowledge the timetable you submitted on August 21, 2021, which states that you will conduct this study according to the following schedule: Final Protocol Submission: August 31, 2021 Monitoring Report Submission: October 31, 2022 Interim Report Submission: October 31, 2023 Study Completion: June 30, 2025 Final Report Submission: October 31, 2025

If you have submitted to the mRNA injection since it's rollout you could have received a dose of 5 μg, 10 μg, 20 μg, or 30 μg. They try to determine how much won't actually kill you as this is an experiment using humans. They did this bullshit to my friends in the fake AIDS crisis in the 1980's and 1990's. If some are killed "oh well" those are part of the side effects. They fed high doses of AZT. Tapered it down after so many died, blamed "the virus" yet it just was unavoidable to see what was doing it, what always does it, pharmaceuticals. In this case with the new injections you may have received a placebo! It's a test. Current smokers and vapers are considered excluded from the phase 1 trials. Obviously now it's healthier to be a smoker as that way you avoid an injection that could kill you in less than a year whereas smoking might finally catch up with you at 88 or 97. view the official document

Illegal approval of vaccine.

Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada public "health" refuses to provide a package insert to the resident requesting it right there at their offices, why? What are they hiding?

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich who is suing governments everywhere for the corona fraud appears on massive stage screen at freedom protest

The best report on the "delta strain" lie Pinnochio nose is actually visible

The Noble Lie governs all vaccine agendas passed like gas in the public face presented by the guy who invented mRNA

The propoganda will ramp up like never before to push this lucrative injection product fast tracked to cell hell, ignoring all science that states that the body handles any virus and any mutation brilliantly better than any synthetic injectible.

The reason there is "not enough beds" has nothing to do with the number of beds. this nurse explains

Long list of FDA approved drugs later pulled from market, gee why? from Brittanica which was a vintage encyclopedia!

Germany EXIT of pandemic stupidity exercise view the presentation here

Mining companies love wind and solar power. Find out why. Stop These Things

Oceanside gym owner has a few points to make about vaxxine passports. Actions speak louder than words. Hail Fauci!

FDA won't release studies until 2025! Owen Shroyer discusses

Doctors get aggressive to get those injections in you because they get $4,000 incentive from Blue Shield if they inject 100 arms. Goes to $80,000 if they get to 200. so the story goes

Old products being given new names is like a snowflake variant suffering from Pig Lipstick Enjoined Acquired Syndrome Expression (PLEASE)

They did a dose finding study on the world's citizens without their knowlege and permission. 50% received placebo. The public will never be informed who got the placebos. This would explain why so many got the thing and are doing fine while others are not. 9 minutes in 

"Stoke's Law" - based on it, for particles the size of Covid-19 (.12 to .09 micron) to fall five feet would take between 5 and 58 days in still air. Kentucky court case striking down mask mandates as completely stupid and unconstitutional
Masks do nothing, distancing does nothing, politicians and sick health departments do EVERYTHING to:
1) make a profit IN THE TRILLIONS
2) make your life "hell" instead of "heal" they are just one letter off but worlds apart from reality
3) remove your constitutional rights to replace them with their Medical Dictates (MD) at every whim they choose

Children's Health Defense presented this image with link to their articleThe hunt for the "origins" continue at warp speed with an answer from those who know, it originated from a computer as Dr. David Martin points out repeatedly. It is merely a computer model. The computer may or not have been located in a lab. We can spend another 666 trillion dollars to find out more and create 777 billion more computer models, or we can do other things with that money. David Martin on Stew Peters show

Corona panic EXIT/EXERCISE by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich acting as German chancellor watch the simulation of exiting the pandemic here

Board certified physicians mock wearing masks and distancing, courts keep ruling masks unconstitutional Kentucky court case striking down mask mandates as completely stupid and unconstitutional

Las Vegas brings back mask mandates unless you are smoking a cigar, pipe, cigarette or vaporizing. Obviously for your health this is the best time to maybe use smoke therapy to kill viruses using natural means and deleting all the viral hunting stupidity. An0maly speaks

If you live at the beach you are constantly bombarded with viruses as the ocean contains zillions of millions of octillions of trillions of them. learn more

The virus hunter gatherers are now up to 3 soon to be 4 shots each year for just the corona shaped thingy. Soon it will be up to 8. This will come out their goal of need 666 new booster shots during your 80 year lifespan if you keep hailing Fauci. no injection passport necessary 

Nuremberg Code requires human test subjects not be coerced into anything learn more

Attorney in Canada Nicholas Wansbutter tells the public coersion is not consent and threats of compliance and forced passport to live normal life by government are assault implementation of vax pass illegal

How many variants are there now? 8. Turn 8 on it's side and it is INFINITE. The varianats are infinitely varied just like snowflakes are varied, no two are alike yet THEY ARE THE SAME. read BMJ article dated August 19, 2021

Hispanics are from Hispania? speculate here

Masks are ONLY for peasants at master they Nancy Pelosiz elite luncheon see for yourself

How does a virologist identify a novel virus? The same way a writer discovers a new character for his book, out of the IMAGINATION

Novel virus vaxxines do not work. There is a simple reason for this, novels are FICTION. Guidelines to HELL now tell us we need a booster. Only makes sense if you are drunk. Certainly the liquor stores will not be required to mandate vaxxine passports!

Increase risks amongst those vaccinated early says the CDC how can anyone trust anything stated by an organization that claimed DDT was safe and effective and why don't they just have subtitles, waving arms are distracting, oh, it's to get your attention! be exposed to their lies only once more here then send your TV to the moon at warp speed for your health

Faucist face masks cause hypoxia, pneumonia, and cancer disease occurs most frequently in a low oxygen environment and sugar is one of the most prevalent factors that cause bacterias and cancers to thrive

Dr. Byram Bridle, exerpts, Liberty Coalition Canada, August 20, 2021 speaks on going back to campus

Cardiovascular perfusionist will not take the vax, tells board if he doesn't work, people die! how'z that Obama care workin out for ya now that it's had a chance to cauterize.....the Faucist sick health regime infected everything, Obama parties at his palacious estate with all his friends none wearing the face mask scams.

School nurse resigns - speaks to Prior Lake-Savage school board - just can't continue the mask charade she says. To fix that loss the Medical Dicktatorship (MD) will fast track teaching new imports from other countries that are not as schooled in American Medical Dystopia (AMD) those imports with no schooling coming in from wor/torn countries, where the industrial medical complex decimated their ways of life, and instead of 8 years in medical school, requiring then just 8 months, just like how they make new injections breaking all speed records as well as principles of physics. watch her speak to the board

Victorian police caught trumping up charges, saying "It's just bull ship anyway it will just go to court and get withdrawn", it appears the crime was getting to close to a closed toilet

New Mexico demands everyone wear masks again, so the surgeon speaks masks do nothing to stop viruses so why does this bullshit keep being declared? Surgeon calls out all the CDC studies and obvious lies.

"There is no virus.  That is the first thing to understand the CDC cannot produce a real purified, isolated sample.  All they have is an Insilco (imaginary sequence fragment). These shysters are all contributing to the false narrative.  There is nothing different falling out of the sky now than 18 months ago."

Poison by prescription Fauci is a monster, not only has Remdesivir been called out decades ago as poison, whereas Hydroxy-whatever and Ivermectilitious have a hundred years of safety studies, it was shown that Fauci forged into the minds since the 1980's the illusion that treating the fake HI virus with AZT was safe. That man does this constantly it is his calling card. It's always about PUSHN/POIZN. I watched my friends die of that poison in the "Hit Hard Hit Early" campaign. HIV is Holocaust In Virology. I think there is a book by that name.

Dr. Shiva exposed Fauci and friends at the start of the co-fraud video 1 video 2 one of the things he points out of many great observations is that we are a germ farm, virus farm, a bacterial pond of activity, our bodies are a sea of viruses, the virus is NOT THE PROBLEM

thalidimide was also deemed safe and remember CDC deemed DDT safe and effective

German news APOLOGIZES for deceiving the public on the corona virus as they spread LIES as presented by CDC, NIH, NHS, ABD, DEF, GEHI, JKLM+ communities

Atilis Gym presentation in May 2021 after a year of keeping their gym open for health, being fined $15,000 each day for disobeying shut down orders and masky rules, speaking on the corrupt agenda of politicians I wonder if they are still open. Sick health officials prefer health clubs not exist without being fumigated with their chemical concoctions for profit, each member be subjugated to Medical Dicktatorships (MD) endless rounds of injections and up your nose kcuf that nasal passage intrusions.

An0maly calls out the New York City separation but equal as governing dragons breathe fire on those who rely on natural immunity, the dragon masters insist everyone get raped by their medicines in order to buy and sell and eat and subsist indoors. Winter is coming! Can't do anything indoors in any public place unless you bow to your Nazis in Medical Dictatorships (MD). No longer will they rely on face diapers that don't work, never worked for anything other than catching spit and forming peitrie dishes on people's faces anyway. This entire scam is about the industrialists forging new injection mechanisms that don't require years of development, and create a new indoor 'healthy' ventilation policy. They will demand and likely successfully the upgrading of ALL PUBLIC SPACES heating/cooling air cleaning systems at great cost to the world none of which have any capability of eliminating viruses.

"The Fearist Regime" might just be removed from power soon as people keep waking up to the lies features HOMOSAPIAPHOBIA where this obsessive compulsive behavior makes people believe all humans are dangerous until proven healthy using complex unreliable testing protocols

Trump & Biden are both vaxxine used card salesmen

They both support the "show me your papers to have a life" based on the sicko demands of A. Fauci and both are rich thugs with conflict of interest making money off their drug pushing as they present the picture they want you to see so you will buy their needless product. They are both disgusting. An0maly calls them out here 

"No we don't want him [the president] to talk"??

who is running the sh*t/show then??

Public comment by Brittany Mayer at board of supervisors meeting she corrects them saying "America is not a hospital..."


The Fraud New Deals using PCR 'testing'

The House of Artificial Indoctrination



CDC documentation is clear THERE IS NO VIRUS

there is no virusThe CDC/VARIANT is the actual problem

They vary their "findings" contradicting themselves constantly.

CDC documentation itself declares "no quantified viral isolates were available". This means they never proved it to be real. Folks, it's a novel, it's a work of fiction, and technically all it is is a computer simulation, that is all they have, a mathematical projection.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. called the CDC a "vaxxine company". It exposes itself to the public with it's decades long conflict of interest, patents, lies, no liability the list is endless how they vary for pure unadulterated profit first and foremost and not your health.


To put the fact in perspective, it's like we are hearing claims on TV that the first prototype for the Spruce Goose (which was a massive wooden airplane built by Howard Hughes that flew one time over the Pacific Ocean) "was lost at sea" and then claimed has been found in a remote landfill. The landfill never existed before, it was novel, or it was A/NOVEL. So then government sends an artifact hunter in and claims he spotted wood that looks like a tip of a plane tail made of spruce wood sticking out from piles of tires and other garbage that is spotted from overhead on a small island in the Pacific that was created by the Garbage Patch there that is inaccessable due to it being surrounded now by active volcano and flowing lava. This artifact hunter was a virus hunter who at one time discovered invisible things that were found only in the imagination, his name was adopted into being used to describe the Faucist regime of virus hunting and totalitarian control, tracking, intrusions, of everyone's lives. Fau who lost his job FINALLY after 40 years of his bullshit lie$ tells us as he gets a new job searching for old planes that it indeed is the FPFT Spruce Goose, says his computer models proved it he claimed, along with the other liar Neil Ferguson, and he they shes goes to CONgress and gets $111 trillion printed up for more of his they she pet project$ where he they she gets patent royalties for yet more computer algorythms that make up stuff like what was done to tell us that the fake novel story told us about a new godzilla virus should cause us all to turn our world upside down like an inverted pyramid and expect to function like that - THERE IS NO VIRUS - it is right there in front of you now "no quantified viral isolates were available", they just MADE EVERYTHING UP.


variant theater is now playing at IMOVIES


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