Christine Elliott the "Minister of Health" that I guess is head of that religion in Ontario Canada in Parliment claims covid will not go away without vaccine

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  Statements that covid "will not go away until we have a vaccine" fly in the face of the most fundamental aspects of virology yet this is what was claimed by Christine Elliott the "Minister of Health" in Ontario Parliament

The very foundations of the claims about what our bodies do with viruses and what viruses do are built on the science that states the human body creates antibodies to fight off successfully any viral invader no matter what it's design. This is a bedrock principle in their science not mine. This is what the concept of vaccination is built on. Almost all humans have already made "the virus" if it even exists go away already, they have no symptoms, are not sick, their bodies handle all these threats constantly. Documents show "the virus" was never even proven to exist yet these officials all around the globe keep making such wild statements that they need a vaccine.

Covid is medical marketing bullshit. Randy Hillier calles out all this bullshit and government's endless twists and turns that make everyone dizzy for fun and profit of those who are running the show. 

Randy Hillier made remarks based on their science that were intelligent and easy and precise to understand yet in response the "Minister of Health" that like all of these people in the medical con industry are first and foremost interested in their own health of their jobs and propoganda stated "I don't know exactly what point it is you are trying to make".

This is a fantastic short presentation to watch on how the legal battles are chipping away soas to restore sanity and normal way of life to us all. Click on the image to watch.


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