Face masks do not stop any virus who told you they did? Why are people being mandated to wear these innefective devices?  

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Face masks stop no virus
written by Kenneth Wegorowski August 24:2000+20 at 6:19ampt

Why are people being told to wear these innefective devices by mandate?

On eBay they show face masks for sale KN95 "PM2.5" which means Particulate Matter size of 2.5 micrometers.

They CAN stop cement dust YOU CAN SEE and fly ash YOU CAN SEE from a fire and pollen and mold spores but that is not how they are being sold to the public in this fake health emergency.

They can also stop you from breathing in some dust mites but not viruses and some bacteria maybe but viruses are wayyy too small, they go right through the fabric holes. They can't stop smog, tobacco smoke, or soot or atmospheric dust.

For that matter in the last massive virus panic of the 1980's Margaret Heckler who was the Health and Human Services Secretary in the USA told people that wearing condoms to 'protect from viruses' was like leaving your front door open and expecting flies not to come in. Even condoms do not stop viruses. Who keeps telling us they do?

People are being brainwashed to believe that viruses are thrown out of other people's breath and they can "catch them" without being able to also let go of them. This is mostly emenating from disingenuous sellers of various products like vaccines and treatments and testing methodologies that do not even find virus.

The tests for 'covid' do not find virus. Even the very inventor of the technology Kerry Mullis long ago stated that the PCR method cannot possibly determine exact viruses they find fragments of other particulates that are in everyone every day of their lives which viewing these proves nothing. Kerry also pointed out the problems with the claims of HIV being cause of AIDS when there was and still is no scientific proof of this only claims. What is going on here?

We are in the middle of the same kind of panic that happened in the 1980's where a virus was blamed for multi-caused diseases. Explaining how panics cause scientific misjudgements gets a bit complicated so for now let's stick with looking at our face masks in the mirror and the size of viruses and how the fabric mesh does nothing to protect us.

Take a look at this example I created of the size of holes that let oxygen through a face mask fabric mesh. Think of panty hose where you can see through the MESH, face masks also have a mesh with holes so you can breathe in oxygen and viruses GO RIGHT THROUGH.

Viruses are even smaller than smog, tobacco smoke (or vaping fog), and soot, most certainly smaller than heavy dust.

Viruses go right through according to this chart by Jisaac9, Mieszko the first. There are tens of thousands of other references that verify this.

The chart shows them as much as 2500x smaller than bacteria.

Face masks don't stop smog or suspended atmospheric dust or soot or
gaseous contaminants like the horrible fumes now coming from  the putrid smelling disinfectants which are all GASEOUS CONTAMINANTS (look at the above diagram again). If you can breathe through a mask you are breathing in viruses. Viruses are not the problem.

All public spaces are suddenly now required to use 'hospital grade disinfectants' to "kill the virus" which is not something that can be killed as viruses are not living things. These have a horrible smell that makes me wonder what chemicals are being used, are they chemical waste from industry being reprocessed like fluoride? I am much more concerned about these aerosols and their effects on our health, look at what they are doing to our Earth.

We really have to ask what is going on here? We are in the middle or hopefully very close to the end of a 'public health crisis' and governing DISASTER while we are being gassed with gaseous contaminants over something the body handles naturally with it's own immune system's antibodies no matter what virus enters ever.

If you are healthy you body works to do this naturally.

We don't need synthetic antibodies provided by 'vaccines' anymore than we need synthetic vegetables or meat made of nylon.

Face masks are pacifiers.

It's time we all grow up and stop being treated like children
- end this maskcharade.

MAKE UMBRELLA USE MANDATORY WHEN IT IS NOT RAINING TO PREVENT COLD AND FLU WHILE MAKING YOU STAY AT HOME SO YOU DON'T CATCH A COLD AS IT COULD CAUSE SOMEONE ELSE TO CATCH A COLD. They also use this logic of stopping your from working productively while forcing you to burn your rights to practice the religion of YOUR CHOICE  not the States choice as the mandate to wear face masks is based on medical religious beliefs not actual factual science. No state can effectively force it's people to breathe less oxygen in public in the name of your health and that of others withough all of those demands being challenged and struck down by courts as we have already seen in Michigan, Pennsylvania.

COVID 19 is a fear campaign with NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS it is a fraud, it is a marketing campaign for new products you don't need


They spoke about it being about political manipulation not about health in the early part of the year. Do they still have jobs?

Watch also:

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** "You have a secret health score and it's as dystopian as it sounds": https://www.bitchute.com/video/rmZbWTLLV0Zv/

This fake pandemic is about swamp creatures getting mad.

Dr. Reimer Fullmich presents a thorough case as he plans to coordinate massive lawsuits against all the monsters

actions cause reactions

Some good reading and video on these issues that are hyper proscaring us can be found here:

Medical doctor in Oklahoma eloquently speaks on how dangerous masks are one patient became dizzy and fell due to employer mandate he wear mask and now he's got broken bones. Seems to me that no employer should mandate any of this as it seems they would bear the brunt of liability.

Vapor particles as seen in the image are freely expelled around sides of surgical mask. Here's the science liberal politicians refuse to acknowledge. Why do they refuse to present these facts to the public? None of these masks stop this from happening people simply cannot breathe well enough to not pass out due to lack of oxygen if they only were getting air through the fabric. Viruses still go right through the fabric and as we can see go right through the open spaces on the sides! Viruses ARE NOT THE PROBLEM anyway. Surgical masks are for stopping SPIT in surgery that is all they are good for. If the mask is real tight this vapor would be pushed through the front but it would be very laborious to breathe for the wearer. How dare any government entity try to control your breathing forcing you to have more difficulty, it is sadistic, and flies in the face of the most basic foundations of Civil Liberties of which the ACLU is no where to be found protecting on this matter. View the video presentation by clicking on the ineffective face mask.

The real public health emergency is highlighted here where the companies that provide vaccines HAVE NO LIABILITY

 'new case' counts as seen on TV in error as much as 1,369,6969%    The Infectious Myth   'The Raw New Deal'   Masks Stop No Virus   There Is No Virus CDC Admits   UCLA/STANFORD study shows chance of dying from 'the virus' is 1 in 19 million  Martin County Florida repeals mandate to wear face mask  HORSEPOWER.net  great interview with gymnastics owners in Canada where they don't wear masks  we are an EXEMPT people

ake America Maskfree Again
ake America Manufacture Again
is this what this is all about after all look at where masks are made and where are all the disinfectant fumigation pesticide chemicals made that are forced on every public space now the money flowing in for these items must have grown exponentially by hundreds of billions of %

there is no pandemic says the doctor at recent London freedom rally but then the police came to arrest him for telling the truth
catch wind of this doctor explaining the truth

PLAN demic movie can be viewed here exposes who's behind this global shutdown and why.

there are PAN demics and then there are PLANNED demics
link https://www.bitchute.com/video/2K3epLwLxfpP

The movie is based in part on the work of Judy Mikovitz and Kent Heckenlively. Mikovitz worked with Anthony Fauci and knows his tactics. When you see Fauci speak notice how often he has a smirk, that kind that the parent says they will wipe off the bratty kids' face if they don't shape up.

Watch it on iMovies.com

PLAN demic is now showing us the way

An interview with Mr. Heckenlively is available for view as well. In this interview he points out his theory that his last name and his likeable look and personality have created a situation where medias who are basically all owned by drug companies will not allow him to be seen and heard in their news and interviews, stating his last name when stated is funny and it's just too hard to find him as a villan. His book "Plague Of Corruption" is 'the most popular book on virus studies' in the last 30 years.

Plague of Deception

Kent is also publishing a book called "The Case Against Masks" with ten reasons why face mask use should be limited basically to invasive surgeries as masks DO NOTHING TO STOP VIRUSES AT ALL.
the public does not need to wear masks

click on the book or here to watch video interview by Michelle Malkin with the author as they discuss Robert Redfield the CDC director who is incoherent in his statements that are all over the place
in the video Judy Mikovitz mentions Barnes & Noble refused to stock her book "Plague of Corruption" but Amazon does have it and and the other book about masks there is no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier that is a made up term to instill fear

David Icke and Andrew Kaufman delve into why the COVID-19 'test' does not work to find any virus it's basically a lie to say they find a virus and he discusses they tyrrany and 100% error rate in the tests being forced on populations globally where they would not be allowed to be employed unless they get tested! And the CDC even finally admitted that 94% of all 'deaths from covid' were mislabled and had other causes like car accident or heart disease. Covid is nothing more than a new name for the cold and flu that has always affected elderly more severe. It's a marketing scam.

David Icke pioneer in exposing reality as we drive through the mirage

David Icke Talks To Free Speech Media

Kerry Mullis invented the PCR "Polymerase Chain Reaction" testing protocol and stated way back in the 1980's that the companies using the technology are misinterpreting results in RT-PCR, they do not find virus he stated, finding mere genetic material that is found in everyone. As he is the very INVENTOR of PCR technology used to 'find the virus' stated test 'results' are being routinely misinterpreted. In this interview he also presented in the interview how to stop AIDS. At the time the world wasn't intere$ted as TV drowned out anyone speaking from a place of deep knowledge on what AIDS was and wasn't. So here we are today with new virus frauds looking back at some of these foundations of virus hunting gone amok as Kerry Mullis clues us in about the manipulative tactics that is being used on the public and outright lies  as they did not even have a study proving alleged cause of AIDS back then. He kept asking all of these virus hunters where the studies were that proved virus causation and not a single one of them provided evidence, only assertion$. This is where we are today with this latest fake threat.
Click on the image for interview.

More recent interview with Mullis presented in this current news compilation where mentions PCR does not tell you if ou are sick or if it can make you sick it is not a diagnositc yet that is what is being done with the methodology in FAKE determining corona virus diagnosis

Michigan joins Pennsylvania in states where the high court stikes down UNCONSTITUTIONAL lock down fake emergency orders on the public. I did a search on this news and noticed this piece where CASES are mentioned new in Michigan but as we discovered summer cases are exaggerated by as much as 4,600% and people are dying from things they have always died with not any new threat by cellular debris that these hucksers keep calling the threat virus. Click on this search result image to view video. Up to 90% positives are error as these tests are ultra sensative.  Doctor mentions genetic material. Genetic material is all over the place in a body, in air, everywhere. DeSantis mentions quarantine based on errors.


EPA statement is troubling: "As part of the Federal Government's efforts to minimize risks to its citizens, in January 2020 EPA activated—for the first time ever - its Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides." That is the horrible smell noticed as governing bodies everywhere shut down business to fight what may not even exist using chemicals that kill. This is a terrible situation of basically gassing the public that is going to or is already causing problems with health. Never before has the public been so routinely exposed to the rampant spraying of pesticides in enclosed spaces. This is obscene violation of our right to breathe free of chemicals in the air where.

discovers they can't find deaths from 'covid' anywhere on the charts!

Testing is a scam based on Polymerase Chain Reaction that does not find any specific virus, it is based on amplification which only finds partial sequences, the tests are unprofessional and inadequate finding nothing more than what is in everyone and governments around the world have been hoodwinked

Dr. Stefan Lanka points out the fundamental problem in all virolgy research is that there are no viruses! "All claims about viruses as pathogens are wrong and are based on easily recognizable, understandable and verifiable misinterpretations. All scientists who think they are working with viruses in laboratories are actually working with typical particles of specific dying tissues or cells which were prepared in a special way. They believe that those tissues and cells are dying because they were infected by a virus. In reality, the infected cells and tissues were dying because they were starved and poisoned as a consequence of the experiments in the lab." He has said HIV does not exist. He also said measles virus does not exist, "German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that the measles virus does not exist. Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of what was actually injected into millions over the past few decades."
https://www.globalresearch.ca/dr-stefan-lanka-2020-article-busts-virus-misconception/5719146  http://neue-medizin.com/lanka2.htm  https://www.preventdisease.com/news/17/012717_Biologist-Proves-Measles-Isnt-Virus-Wins-Supreme-Court-Case.shtml

The late David Crowe pictured to the left has published extensive critiques of this corona focus with 6 years of fantastic podcasts on various health matters visit his 'The Infectious Myth' website. One of his podcasts presents how CDC was founded on vector control to push pesticides and this same new vector scare with 'novel corona' is becoming just like the hysteria over zika where the published studies are laundered through the CDC for 'purity' thus presenting methodologies that suggest the same things we see every time, chemicals, pesticides, vaccines, fake tests. Interview between David Crowe and Virstyne Henry discusses this insane hysteria driven and neurotic approach to hunting viruses that has public officials and health authoritarians basically in the coloseum trying to escape from the lion as they keep going in circles fighting the invisible
 https://theinfectiousmyth.com  https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-5jsgm-5e8b66

Kevin Corbett a NURSE/DOCTOR who was the first to receive the HIV Hospice award presented by Princess Diana has written about corona hysteria

Hans Gelderblom knows electron microscope imagery inside out and sideways and in an extended interview in "House of Numbers" he determines virus hunters likely "$ee what they want to $ee"

Children's Health Defense protecting against vaccine authoritarianism and rampant abuse of medical collusion and is fighting against this corona virus hysteria and fraud

#yahoonation takes on politicial rhetoric in Toronto regarding Doug Ford new law threat to publicly gather

Ron Paul exposes the illogical absurdity of this entire face mask push and it's horrible effects on children and adults all being used as a political tool and now after he and so many others have been saying since the start that COVID-19 is a fraud and the numbers were cooked we learn that only 6% of fake COVID-19 deaths were from THE/VIRUS a message presented us by the CDC which gave us the wrong numbers in the first place which maks us wonder of those 6% how many are simply from old age or oil slicks

A high profile European pathologist along with his colleagues say there are NO DEATHS FROM THE NOVEL CORONA VIRUS, it's a fraud perpetuated by a daisy chain of erronuous assumptions built on a murky quicksand like foundation that is the basis of all virological studies

Laura Lynn speaks
with two guests about the madness that is being forced on the public by certain people in power and about all the deceit

Doctor who served 35 years in Shantallow, Derry, speaks out about systematic killing of old people in this fake pandemic

stated in her talk in the open square in England that "the system was never at any time overwhelmed" yet medias all gave us the impression that they were and because of this she watched nursing homes move the patients to 'covid' isolation where they were left to die

Nurse warns under Obamacare the word 'biogenics' is being used to mislead people into getting vaccines at hospitals
says you can be given flu and pneumococcal 'vaccines' without you knowing it even when under anesthesia must be diligent to realize that concent forms have this hidden must write on form decline of all vaccines and initial, doctors are now all asking if you got a flu vaccine and logging this in their databases to use against you in the rampant UNETHICAL push to vaccinate everyone constantly

At the start of this fakedemic ghosts were the only ones lining up at hospitals while common media outlets presented an entirely different scary story and media outlets shopped the same clips around the world to use in all their fake news reporting. NY governor Cuomo claimed he needed 30,000 ventilators and citizen reporters asked around there were no patients really needing that many. They reported seeing parked sitting ambulances no patients in the waiting rooms. Ghosts like at the Magic Castle, they are real but are they really really real? One hospital did have a sign in front though saying 'disaster drill in progress'. Is everything we are seeing on TV a part of this drill?

Woman refused surgery for which she has been waiting months, reason given, she would not wear mandatory mask to enter hospital in Canada even though she medically cannot wear a mask, all because of a virus that does not exist nor can be stopped by any mask.

The Bolen Report offers some other insights.

What's in a vaccine?

Dr. Birx of US gov says "we no longer have flu" which she was caught Freudian slipping as this is exactly what is going on, they got tired of pushing flu shots, they rebranded the whole thing added quarantine by force, called is a new scary name, scared governments everywhere of a new alleged plague, but the reality is it's just the flu but to make it sound like something worse they coerced everyone into believing that there is a new King Kongzilla virus, none of them will tell you that viruses are made by the body and are basically soap, cleansing us of toxins

Sarah Westfall interviews Kevin Annett in an interesting discussion about common law being used on insane 'health' mandates in Canada and offers us an interview with David Martin who has spent decades researching the funding of SARS/Coronavirus family of viruses. She states, "He has famously exposed that the NIH/China partnership has resulted in business ventures worldwide aiming to monetize the coronavirus applications." https://DavidMartin.World or https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidMartinWorld.

John Rappaport offers a translation of the statements made by the governing agencies telling us what 'covid' testing actually finds. He asks is it the worst test ever devised? So why are so many getting tested for this fraudulent test that DOES NOT FIND VIRUS?

There is no 2nd wave any more than there is a 2nd wave at the beach, there are continuous waves. There is no new dirt particle causing disease this is all the same thing we have had since life began, the flu and old people dying of the flu. All of these disease conditions are complicated and not caused by one thing that is invisible.

Is it a PAN demic or a DEM panic that was planned for profit? There are many players making a lot of money off this and many panics. Democrats are the worst in demanding breath control devices on everyone to fight this fake invisible non-threat of cellular debris that is billions of times less dangerous than dust.

Crowhouse presents how the covid theatre is falling apart. Meanwhile drive-ins are booming and Regal Cinemas goes bankrupt. The spin of virus hunting has been all over the map which is key to understanding how to know when you are being conned. Never let people spin your head around. At the beginning of the new name for the flu mess conidiots like California governor RECALL NEWSOM 2020 made the statement that basically everyone in California 'now has it' yet the very fundamentals of virology state that if you have it you develope antibodies to it and then you don't have it, thus in all reality the state was immune, but these liars in virology that are shills for drug companies will take you all over the place to get you to sit and let them take over, then selling you all sorts of crap you don't need like injections of cow puss with the virus you try to avoid with a non effective face mask. Good for America that Trump appointed Dr. Atlas.

Dr. Atlas is more trustworthy than swamp creatures Fauci and his welfare dependent NIH and Redfield of Centers for Delusion and Captivation

Breaking the 'covid' trance could start with turning off TV as it's become obvious this is more of a psychological operation coming from power players in the medical industry as the facts just do not support all this draconianism. We've now even seen proof that politicians know it's all theater as in Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf mentioned taking off his mask and Democrat Representative Wendy Ullman said "I'm waiting so that we can do a little political theater" and laughs. The court there already declared all the panic measures unconstitutional yet the Democrat governor refuses to let up on the public and this political charade continues (as of today October 1, 2020).

Masks are MEDICAL/POLITICAL theater for profit and control

politician mentions it's just theater for show

Californians are sick of the political theatre that dominated 2020 where businesses were locked into fake emergency shutdown orders while certain people profited immensely from the scam so they are seeking to recall the corrupt governor Newsom

time for SOME REAL LEADERSHIP not theatre

Candice Owens speaks about it saying she knew it was a political fraud, there was no need to shut down anything, the idea that making others stay home was absurd. She saw the psychological play that medias were using on the public as they weren't harping on the epidemic there is in car crashes as that would not make public watch in panic.

Inclusivity goals has deemed this new sign be placed at all public place entrances:
if you are not being included then you are being discriminated against

This guy is one of the key CDC theatrical directors tells us masks are not needed then as hysteria sets in by design tells us the are needed until we get a vaccine as if 'the vaccine' will fix the fraud of renaming cold and flu viruses with a new label and using medias in your pocket to promote a fake new disease. This guy held up the mask that lets viruses go right through the mesh fabric and because he wasn't wearing it we could see him lying through his teeth like so many of these cons in this corrupt organization. He was smirking quite a few times as he made these comments.

We can argue about what the threat might be, we can and do argue in life about everything really, people have fun with that and opportunists make a bundle. Thing is that we are now building the world like an upside down pyramid. The more work that goes into it the more it keeps falling even with all the bizarre prop-ups being used with this or that restriction. The entire base of the pyramid is fake threats called 'viruses'. That term has been repeated so incessantly in association with something that 'is there' and cannot be seen it's more like religion when you look at it. Virology is pseudo science, there is no absolutes there anywhere. Lockdowns are based on the idea that people should not be allowed to leave their homes as they may harm someone else, but this would be like hearing Mothers Against Drunk Driving claiming no one should be able to drive anywhere because they might have an accident and kill someone. This argument might hold water if every time some one drove a car there were peopel being killed (as later we would find that every car manufactured had a defect that was causing it) but this is simply not the case with this fake virus threat, a virus in cellular debris, not a monster, we are being lied to about this. They named cellular debris 'virus' and used it to their advantage using fear and coersion tactics like they have with renaming the common yearly flu and complications for some '19-covid' which I spell backwards as the whole thing is bass ackwards.

Breitbart reports that a federal judge declares shut downs and all associated restrictions to this fake virus pandemic ended as they are all unconstitutional which most of the public has known as soon at they started closing churches from assembling, especially as Easter rolled on past with no one in attendance. One of the commenters on the article pointed this fact out about the corrupt medical community focus on billing and pushing unnecessary procedures, it's not like this has not happened before, it happens constantly. Religious medicalism fanatical zealots in governing are not allowed to force the Church of Virology on it's people.

Fauci's first fraud may have been HIV/AIDS. A documentary looks at the perspectives that modern medias refuse to present as they are all run by the drug companie$. An interesting point might be observed in the term 'pneumosistis pneumonia' which if you look at that term carefully basically what it says is penumonia pneumonia with cysts. The use of words in modern huckster medicine is astoundingly astoundingly repetitive getting people to believe that there is something new when basically it's the same thing as before just the letters in arrangement change. With "AIDS" the underlying actual disease pneumonia was not new. It's naming evolved into GRID then AIDS then HIV/AIDS as Fauci got involved along with some others claiming it was viral cause when there was and still is NO EVIDENCE of this. It was actually pneumonia and cancer and the AIDS drugs prescribed killed people. Kaposi's Sarcoma was also not new yet medias basing their 'facts' on what was told them by Fauci and friends presented this as not seen before and panics ensued. Some say that Fauci's fraudulent approach was the worst opportunist infection on health care for the gay community and world ever seen. Let's not let this happen with this new SCAM-19. At about 60 minutes (1:00:00) in to this film Kerry Mullis speaks at length about science and his discovery of PCR testing that is being misused even to this day with all virus testing.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report in 1981 stated:
pneumonia pneumonia

Here is another

Medias at that time incessantly reported a 'never before seen disease' and other massive lies. None of these were new but new names for these old diseases became a thing where these diseases took on whole new meanings one of which was that it was now caused by a virus when pneumocystis pneumonia had other causes, in particular, multiple causes affecting the body's entire processing systems, things like too much alcohol and drug use being one amongst other environmental causes that tore down the person's health. If there even was a virus there it was endogenously produced, not caught like a baseball while in the grand stands during sex. The problem with following 'case counts' is like following each drop of rain in a hurricane, the amount of resources expended to do such a thing is wasteful and does nothing other than over dramatize what is going on.

This brings us to a couple of final points, maybe it's time to have the Amish run our health care systems. Every indication points to them doing it more effectively, saving more lives, saving energy and the enviromment around the world. For one examople, here we can see them
move a barn in 5 minutes. This would take a decade in our modern age to accomplish, with need for permits if it was even allowed, and so many expenditures of so much energy in all the processing systems. This project probably cost the owners nothing other than some help on their friends farms or merely providing an extra sack of potatoes. It also gave everyone chance to socialize and have fun and oxygenate their blood extremely well something banned in California counties of Riverside and Los Angeles which are obsessed with 'case counts' that include mostly HEALTHY people in these counts that are being founded on faluty testing for 'the virus' which likely does not exist as I believe all viruses are being misinterpreted cellular debris (reference Hans Gelderblom link above).

Politicians and medical dictators who all have their hands in the money pot keep assuring us they are relying on "the science", they are relying on smoke and mirrors.

It's as if they are looking at the ghosts at Disney's Magic Castle and telling us they are real after all the science will prove it.

The over abundance of caution has infected the world of political health so bad now they shut down health clubs 'for our health' this is insanity while they start to carfully open up some they spray more chemical disinfectants everywhere that also fumigate publicly occupied spaces by mandate. San Francisco was caught with it's pants down as it was exposed that public officials had/have access to taxpayer funded gyms 'for their health' while the rest of the gyms for the public suffered bans in operating as they had. Firefighters are recently allowed to use 24 Hour Fitness clubs but the public is not. This double standard must end. People become less health in these 'based on science FICTION' measures of shutdown and doing whatever it takes to try to avoid what cannot be avoided as if viruses exist in the air nothing can stop them they are simply too small. Trying to avoid them is insane. The human body vaccinates itself constantly as needed yet these virus causation theories have been proven erroneous already by those scientists who are not managed by opportunists.

So why would public official$ mandate such a product that is now ending up in the Great Pacific Mask Patch out in the middle of the ocean?

The state has 40 million people. Let's say half of those people wear a disposable mask that's 20 million. If they use one each day at one dollar each it costs them a mere 30 dollars a month 'to protect their health'.

20 million x 365 days a year at $1 each equal sales of  $7.3 billion. That's for just California. The world has 7 billion people, do a little math there.[1]

Imagine a year ago a man walking into the China manufacturing shoppe that makes masks "I will increase your sales by 666 billion percent" what do you suppose the expression might be in the manufacturer's eyes?

And imagine that 'man' might be your state, county, city or medical politician's representative for all of their portfolios, pension funds, etc.

Then he says to the manufacturer, 'how about we do that same thing to your disinfectant sales, you know, that repurposed chemical waste that we cannot dispose of legally anywhere on the planet now'?

And that all ends up fumigating and coating everything indoors, your health clubs, food stores and the foods that air can touch, and gets absorbed by your skin, goes direct into the lungs, etc.

Trudeau the leader of Canada's government sued for draconian and unjustifiable response to SARS 19 with Rocco Galati who pointed out in this video interview that we can imagine 7 billion people on Earth all 'required' to wear 7 billion masks changed/discarded each 2 days that's $28 billion a week in mask sales which is a whopping $728 billion a year in sales. He stated this is pocket change in comparison to the main quest, mandatory vaccination 2x per year of the entire population, at $100 per dose that is $200 per year times 7 billion comes to $1.4 trillion per year in sales.

One has to wonder how much energy is used for all of this when the threat is equal to seasonal flu.


"The problem is in panics the public makes demands and government then tries to help or be an opportunist, or even be the super heros and it usually makes matters worse, especially when the war that is declared is on invisible things, it would be like going to war with the ghosts seen at The Magic Castle because you see them AND HAVE PROOF that they are there even though they really don't exist."
- Kenneth Wegorowski



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