Face diapers were masking the perps of hellth scare behavior pattern$

Description of Picture.It was all a mask charade.

There is something very very ODD about using Oxygen Deprivation Devices as a means to allegedly generate HELL th. A large group of people bought into the lie that adding and air filter over one's aire intake and exhaust is a smart app. It might have made sense if we were cars and trucks where the air flows only one way but this is stupidity at it's finest of stupidness to put cloth over one's face thinking that it would stop anything smaller than the holes that let air through. Seems those pushing wearing these breath diapers are saying we are s*^t heads in a subliminal kind of way when you look at the absolute science and toss out the relative science they use 95% of the time to trick you into buying their products that you don't need for "prevention".

A face mask cannot filter out a particle of any dangerous unicorn labeled as a "virus", they are too small and are too big in the imagination to filter out any more than trying to rid the body of carbon dioxide that is in the air. Masking is insane cult behavior spurred on by psychopaths and those who get sucked into these cults.

It shows who the liars are in the HELL th community as they mostly all know that all any ODD is good for is dust storms and keeping spit and drool that is constantly pouring all over all the huge sums of money constantly filling their portfolios as they do surgery on the mind. In 2020 we started reporting on installing air filters on heads that don't have the ability to filter out "viruses" any more than a chain link fence would filter out mosquitoes from a yard.  read the detailed analysis here