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Driverless bus involved in crash in Las Vegas on it's first day

November 9, 2017

The small driverless bus stopped and didn't move, the people inside the driverless bus saw the big semi-truck coming toward them and said "it's going to hit us".[1]

The truck did that very thing, the driver did not see the tiny bus. It was hit.

The autonomous vehicle froze in fear apparently.

Now if this was a vehicle with a driver in it, he would have easily avoided this accident in seeing the truck coming and the driver would hit the gas, speeding away instead of staying in it's path.

Autonomous vehicles on our roads are a fantasy, that is, if you want safe roads.

There has to be a driver.

How is it that city councils, safety organizations, and others think they can treat driverless vehicles as = to those with drivers?

These things should not be allowed on our roads.

Even in the age of the Jetsons there was always a driver behind the wheel.


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