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If the Mayor of Idyllwild MAX would have run to replace the Gruesom Navin thing he would have won as dogs are apparently way smarter than humans. After the surprise failure of the recall of Navin Gruesom Mr. Kiley who spearheaded the effort put out a message that we need to stay strong and work toward next year's election to replace Gruesom in the general election.

Kiley was quick after the defeat to pat his supporters on the back, which is so nice, like having cookies and tea with grandma, itich felt so good as we look out the window and see the enemy surrounding us. He then patted himself on the back ONCE AGAIN for not taking any 'special interest' money.

OMG that was the stupidest thing anyone could do. I wrote him directly by snail mail about this embedded malware concept of his 2 months ago. Never heard a reply of course I guess as I'm not part of his district and he's surely very busy, that's fine but I pointed out that declining the pay raise that legislature gave itself was silly and even a slap in the face of all Californians like rejecting a gift from a relative on your birthday because they gave you something that was 'against your principles'. I begged him to change course on these ideas of refusing money from special interest.

This is a fundamental flaw I later learned about Kiley and when the election turned for the worse it hit home hard. It's like this, when things are moving fast, there's a real emergency as has been happening of not a virus that is FAKE and medical story telling that appears real as most people believe what medical societies tell them, but the real emergency is the utter annhilation of centuries of build up of the current prosperity and ways of life based on FREEDOM that were ripped away by that Grusom Navin thing, we need to act fast and have ALL THE ARTILLARY WE CAN GET FROM ANYWHERE WE CAN GET.

Kiley dug his heels in to protect his principles. What a disaster. He refused so much financial help and prides himself on that. It's like if California was invaded by Trojan Horses filled with condoms being dropped by air gunking up every mechanism everywhere and China offered $666 billion dollars to help drive out invading drone forces coming from alien life on another planet, he'd say he would not be able to accept it on principle as China is the enemy. Helloooooooooooooo.

What a disaster and he just doesn't get it.  Kiley was the one that started the recall but he failed at doing what it took to get the job done based on illusions of principles. The polls were even there was a very good chance the Gruesom would be recalled but this state knows how to manipulate people. The new fake variant was promoted heavy instilling fear again. Suddenly the vaccines did not work on that they claim (vaccines do not immunize dangerous unicorns) fear campaigns ramped up filled with nothing but lies. Mountains of money poured into TV and media ads to keep the governator and the need to mask up again as there's the new boogy variant.

I cover this lie in
variant theatre at IMOVIES.COM

So here we have Kiley sits on his throne of principles while Navin G. sits on the palace of fake emergency dictatorial power on the mountaintop. The rest of us remain slaves as cities now institute the need to separate the injected lab rats from the humans that wish to remain human but weirdly giving those rats all the toys we had.

ELECT Kevin Kiley for California Governor!

Dear Californian voters, I beg of you, please stop voting for celebrities, they always suck, Larry elder wants corporations to mandate injections and masks and who knows what would be next he's a lousy choice

Kevin is the best choice California has ever seen in it's entire history, he initiated the recall effort and is a powerhouse



Watch his latest presentation explaining what and how he will restore BALANCE 

KEVIN is an attorney and in legislature and started the recall and is the best choice California has ever seen in it's entire history

Kevin Kiley kept his word


On 8/4/2021 to be at a live televised debate between current California governor and other candidates, the Nixon Library Foundation stated this prior to the event "Governor Gavin Newsom was invited to participate but did not respond to the invitation. Candidate Caitlyn Jenner was invited to participate but is unable to attend due to a prior commitment. Candidate Larry Elder's campaign cleared the date but subsequently identified a conflict." Obviously those 3 are not what California needs in an EMERGENCY, that is this emergency of restoring California business, freedoms, normalcy, that is the only real emergency is as the medical establisment's rebranding of old diseases which is medical/scientific fraud has been called out by so many now. Kevin Kiley who spearheaded the California governor Newsom 'lockdown lord' RECALL presented HE ALONE is the best candidate as his attention to questions was fierce and his answers were focused like no onter.

watch the entire debate  


read Kevin's latest comment  Richard Nixon former President of the United States dad bought home from Sears catalog

VOTE FOR KEVIN KILEY California governor

Kevin Kiley spoke better than any other candidateKiley was 100% alert and fiercely interested in what the people's questions were that night he will make a fantastic leader as governor




Even the Los Angeles Airport is paging "recall Newsom"

Calfornia presents itself as the model for "green enegy" which if you use preferred pronoun technology it's "puke green energy". When a comprehensive and objective financial analysis is done, solar is 5x the cost of conventional electrical energy sources e.g.,

here, here, here, here & here

thus using your green dollar energy to power it and guess who gets it all, Gavin and his or her elite filthy rich friends so they can bully you make you wear face suffocation technology then make you be a gunea pig in the medical experiment called injections for covid and laugh at their dinner parties as your businesses they shut while they buy them up at 5 cents on the dollar. Toxic leaders support TOXIC ENERGY.

Stop These Things speaks out!




What if the moon was actually a hologram?    

WHO is vax scene scissorhands


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