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Sometimes an individual can say that something happened on 'todays date'

on user/Go_For_Jesse

Ran out of gas in Camden one night back in ‘06. We had zero cell phone service. It was 27 year old me, and two girls and a guy in their early 20s .... all white and all scared shitless.

A local lady pulled up in her car. She said, “you guys should absolutely not be out here!” and she piled us in her car and drove us to a gas station.

She just happened to be driving around just trying to get her baby to sleep from the motion of the car when she saw us.

She probably saved our lives.

I think it was literally on today’s date.

That would be referring to todays date which is May 3rd the day that statement was posted was 2019 but the event would have happened years ago. The author did state it was '06 which means it would have occurred on May 3rd 2006. The claim that there was "zero cell phone service" would mean likely that that area did not have cell phone towers that would be necessary for a proper signal going to and from the wireless telephone.

The discussion in comments was regarding an blog post on Reddit that showed a run down abandoned stretch of row houses in a very old industrial area of New Jersey. Other comments stated that when industries moved away poverty set in and thus buildings became abandoned and run down. It was also stated that Campbell's Soup Company stayed there and that helped the area. Reddit kinda stands for 'read it'.


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