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Variant Theatricks  COVIDLAND documentary by Alex Jones is now playing   $1.7 million reward to anyone who finds THE/VIRUS is still unclaimed   VARIANT THEATRE     THE GREEN NEW STEAL      INTERNET MATTER   Everyone has been accounted for!

The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared a children's mental health emergency. Kevin Kiley a California legislator is calling for a hearing into inhumane conditions at California schools like forcing kids to chew their lunch with masks on. Meanwhile as ports clog the governor refuses to roll back AB 5 to free up trucking and jets off to climate conference.

The injection is NOT AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS. Shut all of them down for our health. Food is essential when away from home, open all In-N-Out burger restaurants in California for our health. Defund the NIH, CDC, FDA. We will not be deloussed with experiments when we have no lousse it would be loussy to force it on people in order to have a job or eat a burger.

New smart ass Pfone will only unlock with proof of vaccination and will give you the alternate option of telling you to go find a rotary phone if you don't comply.

Alaska railroad recinds their mandate on employees to be Fauci's lab puppy. Finally we are seeing some logic. All mandates on injections are illegal.

11 May 2020 UK government cofirmed that covid-19 harmless to vast majority. Over that next year we watched it all be turned inside out, sideways, upside down, and allover the place as the world followed ever changing games of Simon Says. watch official statement

Firefighters with excellence in training on how to put out the fires in NY CITY are being thrown under the bus by swampiticians if they refuse being Fauci's beagle to torture using injections of poisons that television presents as rainbows and butterflies. They are trying to tell the city that making such unreasonable demands on them which are unnecessary and firing them if they do not worship Faucist regime, it will create chaos, longer times before getting to the fire, and responding to emergency health and injury situations. THE POLITICIANS CARE ONLY ABOUT WHAT THEIR CULT LEADER COMMANDS.

Marine veteran the kind that the Biden administration would shun if not injectionated receives a valor award for disarming a robber who pointed a gun in a convenience store. Bravo. Thing that's cool about this, he received his award wearing a "Let's Go Brandon" t-shirt. Imagine what would  have happened had there been the Faucist mask police at the door, the robbers would be allowed in, this veteran would have been driving home disappointed, THINK ABOUT THIS.

Vatican administers 3rd dose of injections that are EXPERIMENTAL not proven $afe except for portfolios. This is looking like the goal is 4 per year. Doing a little math, if they start new humans at 5 years of age, by the age of 80 the old human will have had 300 injections of what used to be called a flu shot.

Ted's in Buffalo another long running family restaurant ruined by Fauci's virus hunting expedition. The Experience Media reports

More virus hunting psychosis exhibited in UK report that vax/pass could speed the spread. Reading their findings is just laughable in a sad state of way, it's so retarded, claiming the pass gives a "false sense of security" so patrons would do this or that omg hyper proinsane nit picking lunatic attempt to manage while indoors not getting hit in the head by a 700 pound virus floating in the air that has spikes all over it and will breathe fire and invoke Godzilla. When are these insane lunatics going to seek help?

In-N-Out burger gets a 2nd location slammed shut temporarily by the virus hunters in Contra Costa County. this burger joint is another good role model of sanity saying they refuse to demand people present their papers as was done in Nazi Germany

Please use the proper adjective when referring to my friends, they are decliners, not unvaccinated nor unvacuumed. I accept them equally to all others you should too. Thank you.

Surgeon in Minnesota speaks at school board suggesing not to mandate masks for children that cut down oxygen supply and stop on virus anyway and in this new Faucist regime is fired from being a fantastic experienced surgeon that saves lives 9 days later this is how Fascist regimes OPERATE on you.

Spanish government has to refund fines starting from March 2020, collected $115 million, July 2021 ruling stated government broke law regarding freedom of movement, all of the governments around the world are violating their own rules with all corona virus lockdown rules, they all know it they have been playing the public, and it is all about one thing, INJECTIONS, making the people fear a virus that DOES NOT EXIST and thus succumb to all the fear campaigns. This was called out as illegal from day 1 by all the "conspiracy theorists" who have since fully proven the CONSPIRACY. Hugo Talks

The Universe said "Fuck Alec" he killed a great human being no excuses he's a piece. Biggest egomouth against guns you would think he would never even pick one up. Who's not sick of these full of themselvers.

Guns don't kill people air fresheners and vaccines do as claim is made an air freshner contained a super duper dangerous beyond dangerous mega morphing monsterous killer bacteria [seems like a distraction] while FDA gleefully with merely a vote tells the world they will allow fake emergency u$e of a proven dangerous injection. Think about this, a vote, it was merely a small group of people that all have vested interests claim their vote is all that matters after hearing many horror stories, to force inject children who have, if they even rarely catch "the virus", 100% chance of recovering fully using their natural healing process of their body without medical poisons. What is wrong with that picture. Why does the child or parent have no vote? Bring the vote to the public, guarantee it will be voted DOWN. Viruses have not been proven to exist as anything more than cell debris. Measles virus proven to NOT/EXIST. It's all about money, fear, control tactics for money and more control for more money. Even stated in the hearing was that the only way they can find out if it's "safe" is by injecting all the kids and then observing how many drop like flies.

Speeches To Jackrabbits is a fresh piece of internet pie you gotta check this out the guy and give the guy a break as he is one of the healthy asymptomatics that the cult now is terrified of like they are of Satan. Medical fraud cult dictates brought to you by Obamacare and lying cons like Fauci who murders puppies have ruined the guy's career so he's making videos to share some thoughts, a little clunky but interesting. Notice his different set each time, that is a technique that everyone should do to make videos fresh. Same old set is so boring.

CDC and Simon Fauci says 'immunocompromised' will need a 4th poison injection of an unproven product in a trial phase pushed in a FAKE/EMERGENCY "for your health" and their wealth. The conspiracy theorists again proven correct. And when people die it will be "the virus" fault of course.

McCullough urges "unbreakable resistance" the the drug pushers trying to inject your kids, the corruption is out of control and families need to protect their children. Keep in mind NOT ONE SINGLE COVID INJECTION IS FDA APPROVED AS PROVEN SAFE, they are only approved as a trial IN AN EXPERIMENT. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO EXPERIMENT ON YOUR CHILDREN WHILE THEY MAKE MONEY OFF ALL OF THE LIES. this is a fantastic presentation

David Martin speaks with Reiner Fuellmich about the patents involved in "coronavirus" that date back to 21 years ago. Coronavirus is not new but the public is being misled that it's new thus pushing an unnecessary injection protocol that is not proven safe by any means. This is a very important discussion.

California TCS (The Cult State) goes the extra 666 miles to make the lives of chickens better, expanding their accommodations and giving them vacation rentals as well as bigger homes, at great fossil fuel energy cost that you pay for, while it claims it will one day leave all fossil fuels in the ground, does nothing to stop the torture and murder of beagles and other animals by Fauci. What it could do if it were genuine, instead of worshipping the Faucist medical Hustle In Virology (HIV) which has provided massive cash flows in for 40 years, is immediately call for his dismissal, but no cult ever does that to it's leader.

If "covid" was more than just the flu people in Texas would be dropping like flies after each of their normal way to live events like in stadiums and so many normal life activities of which they have been partaking in quickly after they realized the scam. American Thinker gives those trapped in liberal states a view or what normal life is like, help them escape their state run cult if you can.

Australian press report someone shouts out "Neurenberg 2.0" which caut them a bit off guard. 7 second clip

Fountain Wind in Northern California is dead. Appeal to planning commission rejected. This means wasteful green energy that is all propped up using your green dollars that feeds all the rich portfoioists and pension plans is not going to pollute that beautiful region.

Want to go back to normal, refuse testing it's the testing that provides fake results that are not indicators of infection or disease that is driving this fakedemic that the un$crupulou$ are using to take what they can get.

Branch Covidians in Oregon Cult "accidentally" release 40,000 private injection data. what did you expect privacy?

Dogs Against Fauci join the condemnation of the animal torture horrors routinely carried out on animals for big buck$ money that should be spent on saving dogs lives from kill shelters, finding good homes, and establishing beautiful resting places for those who are lost to be remembered and honored for their contributions to the world

Nebraska Attorney General will not seek any disciplinary action on doctors that prescribe Ivermectin in the attempt to help patients who have cold and flu 19. Del Bigtree report short segment

How have Australians SO/EASILY watching too much TV fallen for the COVID/HOAX sexy masculine Australian dude explains the horror

Flight attendant keeps saying "sir I need you to put your mask on" but he was eating

2021 you have to get tested to go to a restaurant or see a movie OMG what world is this?
People are so brainwashed by lying medical cons they believe it is necessary to keep the mantra safe. This is not new, similar fake testing for HIV was the introduction of this kind of fraud. Testing is a trap.
FDA committee hearing
regarding possible approval on experimental injections on children for the novel cold and flu virus. October 26, 2021
visit the official page  Steve Kirsch Executive Director of the covid-19 Early Treatment Fund asks some questions at FDA hearing hear one hour of it

why are kids dropping like flies right after gertting vaccinated?"Why are kids dropping like flies right after getting vaccinated?"


troubling slidesThe next slide presents headline that kids are up to 16 times more likely to die of covid-19 after injection.

trialsitenewstoday search verbac

11 min 25 seconds in Dr. Jessica Rose points out there is no emergency.

28 min Amy Alvo her daughter got vax and had neurological reaction from the covid-19 vaccine arm shakes uncontrollably California denies any exemption for her daughter mandating her to get more vaccines for school, she "failed her daughter" in allowing her to get the injection.

34 min 30 seconds Kim Witczak against, death of her husband with undisclosed effect of drug, is there an emergency or is there a political agenda, 140k comments in the register about this meeting never seen this much, mentions "expanded access" and "everyone wins" but does not mention how CHILDREN LOSE similar to how baby boys get their dick foreskin hacked off by these corrupt medical system$ not protected from the horror

38 min in Luke Yamaguchi natural immunity needs to be taken into account (it's not as these drug pusher$ have an agenda) natural immunity is broad and robust, calls to not approve

41 min in Dr. Bryan Dressen chemist researches protections for firefighters and first responders, Pfizer fails risk benefit, rushed does not consider long term reactions, urges deny approval, his wife was injured by a single dose her reaction was not included in reports, 10's of thousands injured tossed aside and forgotten by these agencies, the system is broken (not for the portfolios) they ignore cries for help of injured by these injections, says "with covid you get access and help, with injuries from vaccine you are completely on your own" wow

Associations spoke in favor, they all have a financial interest.

47 min in Kermit Kubitz was a polio pioneer in 1955 is of course for the injection, 94% efficacy (that would be like touting a 6% failure ratio of car brakes or 1 out of 16.66 cars brakes failed on the road of course not all would cause death but there would be deaths)

50 min in Kristi Dubbs reaction to injection couldn't breathe heart rate blood pressure, many effects, day 3 the effects of the injection ravaged her body, she was told by her health doctors NOT TO VACCINATE HER CHILDREN, THIS IS A VERY GOOD SEGMENT, she accepted, wrongly coerced, crime against humanity if these are forced on children

There was a mix of for approval and against approval, how can anyone be for it? It's unreal. It's a cult. People watch too much TV. They simply do not understand.  WATCH THE 1 HOUR SEGMENT

Where is the control group? In all drug experiments there is supposed to be a control group. This does not exist in the Renaming Cold And Flu For Profit Industry (RCAFFPI).

Hong Kongers getting tired of endless surveillance.

They NEVER HAD A CURE FOR THE COLD and yet these fools believe they came up with the miracle cure for "covid" Boris gives the credit to "free market capitalism" which was always there when they NEVER HAD A CURE FOR THE COLD. Signs Of Hustles In Virology (SO/HIV) are everywhere.

In a fake pandemic they do not do autopsies because all they would find is PNEUMONIA. Welcome to the fraud of corona hysteria. jump to 40 minutes in explain the need to autopsie in a "emergency"  Asymptomatic "transmission" is absurd fake scientific ASSERTIONS for profit. Dr. Amanda Vollmer, Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Ramola D. Reports 1 hour in discussion on creating contract instead of just saying no to test where you have them sign agreement that they are liable for harm, they will not do that, then no contract, it's illegal to force take temperature or inject you by any business they are all violating international and local laws forcing medical procedures on you. Peggy Hall also has resources at The Healthy American

40 years and trillion$ later collected by the Faucist regime and NEVER DID THAT ELUSIVE VACCINE FOR AIDS then suddenly in 9 months poof like magic a new magical potion appears to treat the novel cold and flu virus at a time where interestingly people were getting fewer annual flu shots because they don't work and probably because in their scheme they figured out how to scam the entire population of the world into believing a new disease emerged when it was merely new definitions that emerged.

Masktardation-19 "As we 'paranoid conspiracy theorists' have been warning would happen
 for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregatedstripped of their jobsbanned from attending schoolsdenied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted." Ron Paul Institute

Liberal states keep folllowing only the science of filling their portfolios with money from unions, besides California's lying con of a mask-charade governor who requests exemption for his favorite union, we have another example: "Washington state governor granted a 45,000-person carve-out (vaccination exemption
) for unionized home care workers represented by the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU 775.  The union pours millions into political campaigns to keep Democrats in office." details


Rich San Franciscans hire private security as they don't feel safe in their neighborhoods anymore. Homeless sleep on doorsteps noticed there after the rich fly here fly there stay at air bnb's everywhere which has cut supply of affordable homes down to nothing and no rich person can go through the eye of a needle to find out how to fix the problem. Ask a camel maybe

Marxist sexist phobist edercators want to make white people hate themselves but that would make it a hate crime you would have to turn yourself in for hating yourself based on the laws of the New World Upside Down Pyramid Build Back Absurd Plan. Has something to do with basketball and football and fabulously wealthy musician privledge. Let's go Brandon. everything is upside down how much energy will that use to prop it up

Fraudci cult member plows through HUGE crowd of protesters in CA that got thrown to the streets by government that insists they be injected with Fauci semem serum poisons, the man was enraged that anyone would disagree with the cult.

Rembember when people died from the AIDS treatment called AZT and not the virus?

"Highly Effective!" what a crock!!! watch

They will push an ingestible prophylactic. Tell them "sorry I don't swallow condoms for my health".

Veritas exposes NJ governor Phil Murphy sleasy tactics to scam undecided voters into thinking things will get better if they vote him back in, exposed is they plan to clamp down even harder on the unvaxxinated with Fauci's mad science experiment, as if they are a health threat which is the most retarded concept ever that certain brainwashed Faucist cult members follow as cornerstone of their religious practices. Asked about California's sleasy "make everyone  into Fauci's tortured puppy" mandate the senior advisor Wendy Martinez stated "Murphy will do it but not until after the elections" and condescendingly stated "my rights my shit" and "they [unvaxxed] don't care if they kill everybody". watch

Wow this is retarded.

Australia. Covid delusionists mandate experimental Faucist injections "for safety". Never shop Aldi or Woolworths again. Why is it so hard for these corporations to understand that many of those injected will have placebos? Those with placebos will freely be allowed to enter while those uninjecteds will be shunned. How does a placebo "provide protection" again? Said that if the employees don't have a "valid reason" they lose their job, I just explained a valid reason. watch

Branch Covidian Cult should be avoided. watch

Dr. Kevin Corbett was there in the 1980's taking care of AIDS patients when the paranoia of touching others was at it's peak. We see this same paranoia happening again with the Covid Cult. He speaks about one of the key problems with the entire covid belief system, alleged "virus" was never isolated to prove existence. Russian science kept promising new technology in the 1950's for crops, year after year they failed, finally it was unavoidable, the science used was FLAWED. This same situation has been resurrected with covid fearmongering. There is a financial political agenda overriding good balanced science. There is no purified isolate proving existence and all testing and injection technology is artificial intelligence on roids, not healthy, monsterous, imbalanced, impractical. watch Kevin calmly speak about what he knows his official website is found here he is a wonderful healing energy in the midst of chaos.

Who needs to know it's actually there? Public health documents from HHS do not care to make sure "the virus" actuall exists in a patient, this is medical fraud. This was pointed out by Dr. Kevin Corbett in the video. It's not about science he says it's about power and money. SMON was a disease in Japan blamed on a virus in the 1970's, it was found later it was really caused by, take a guess, yes, prescription drugs, the anti-diahhrea medication clioquinol (iodochlorhydroxyquin) look at that name, iodo chlor hydroxy quin and re assemble .... iodo hydroxychlor(o)quin HYDROXYCHLOROQUIN. Buyers beware as the drug formula was later found it interferes with DNA replication and caused neuropathy. Also, "The science of HIV failed. It was a fake construct." In Kevin's presentation he describes the problem with the AIDS condition and blaming a virus.

Hospital does not care locks door will not assist dying father outside family cries for them to open and help save his life he is dying right in front of them staff ignores their pleas this is your warp speed Faucistcare in action.

SICKO Boris Johnson offers suggestion to feed humans to animals as a way to save the planet or something. He and another woman were speaking to a small group of children. watch short segment

Her husband took the jab, trusted his government thugs that are all owned by drug lords and puppy torturers. I just don't get it, I just don't get why people won't give up their TV brainwashing. be forewarned these injections are new unproven technology and every human is Fauci's puppy

Green hydrogen is the latest climate warrior fad that wastes energy and green policies keep people in poverty which wastes energy and kills people. They push electric but electric wastes energy it is not efficient except for certain applications like making essential coffee.

DeSantis calls for CLEANING OUT THE CRAP IN THE GAIN OF FUNCTION PUPPY TORTURE CULT Fire Fauci and the whole lot of them let them get jobs cleaining up dog shit and toilets and make reparations taking all their million$ to give to puppy shelters and tortured puppy cemetaries and memorials AMERICA IS TIRED OF YOUR FAUCIST BULLSHIT ANTHONY FUCK HEAD MURDEROUS THUG

Canadian Mounties open letter "Police officers are expected to preserve the peace, uphold the law, and defend the public interest. We strongly believe that forced and coerced medical treatments undermine all three and, thus, contradict our duties and responsibilities to Canadians."

2019 Fraudci and others present how to force vaccines on the public using a novel fiction virus from China, it's become so obviously obvious it was all PLANNED to push at warp speed new money making drugs on the public and rape and pillage the town square

Protesters stand with Kylie who refuses to be Dr. Frankenfauci's lab beagle Breitbart has story and an intriguing comment for those not drunk on media bullshit:

"NOBODY is vaccinated. These are NOT vaccines. Vaccines require 10 years on average to develop. These were produced in 9 months. Vaccines also prevent you from getting what they are for, and do NOT require masks, distancing or boosters. These are NOT vaccines. NOBODY is vaccinated." Besides that, they are experiments, you are Fauci's test beagle, and you might be getting a placebo that does nothing offering no "protection" so how is it even legal to deceive the public that way telling them they need to be an experiment in order to go to anything indoors?

Faucist scum in mad science experiments had beagle puppies eaten alive by insects and to stop their incessant barking had their vocal chords removed and they were thrown around like dead pieces of meat horriffically abusing the defenseless dogs this is now finally world wide news but it's been known for a long time

Watch how FrankenFauci's "Maximum Pain Experimentation" tortures helpless beagles an experiment that continues into 2022 STOP THE HORROR THROW THE FUCKER IN JAIL he's a mad scientist

A. Fauci, MD (Murders Dogs) and people by installing toxic drugs into systems of delivery. Stop the madman that comes as an Angel of Light ready to deceive. Any congress person that does not now stand up and immediately remove Dr. Frankenfauci from his position after this horror of what he did to beagle puppies being out in the open is complicit in these continued Horrors In Virology (HIV). Fauci is one sick puppy.

How much more evidence does the world need that the head of the NIH and Faucist medical tryannical empire IS THE CAUSE OF HIV - Horrors In Virology see the horrific images of beagles heads locked in mesh cages to have their heads eaten alive by flies

flu AND covid vax? they are both corona virus! helloooooooooooooooo

The drug pushers want you to get flu and covid injections. They are the same virus. It's like a sleasy car salesman saying you have to get the "full preventive engine treatment" along with the "preparative engine additive" and all they are is the very same oil additive which is comprised of 99.98% motor oil and .02% glycol and telling you it's going to do wonders for your engine and it's "free" when in reality you pay for it in your taxes and insurance.

There's only a few people in Brazil demanding no vax/pass/gass nonsense.

Ethical nonmonogomy

Maybe we just have to move on and go back to normal without any alleged vaccine. Imagine that as a solution to the fake problem. THE/END

For the common good of the people or the company and investor? India news channel seems to get it right.

Killary Klinton liar extraordinaire who klaimed for decades she was against big pfarma demands experimental injection mandate$ making everyone Fauci's lab puppy. She's a political piece of crap. These liars do not care about you they are all narcissists who get fake injections.

Plane nosecone goes right through massive steel beam structure appearing completely intact, helloooooooo.

VAX/PASS shares your private health data with Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Royal Mail irregardless the fact that none of these protocols guarantees immunity to anything. It's all scam. none of these portfolioists care about you

Ha ha you can't go to restaurants walking up to pole he sees the message which basically sums it all up

Sicko surveillance freak$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ present vitamin intelligence authorization token$ for their profit, ingestible microchips in vitamins, her arms are like alligator clips, wheeeeee.

Virginia would be better served with Republican governor Glenn Youngkin Fox news report

Dr Reiner Fuellmich - 1000 lawyers have evidence that pandemic is crime against humanity 20 minute presentation

Why are so many healthy people even judges calling for Nurenberg trials?

Police dog turns on handler who tries to harm anti-vax-anti-passporter. If you look close it appears the dog thinks it's an exercize, he's wagging his tail a lot.

Chis Sky is a HERO much like the 1st responders that opened the gate for his excellency to attend and speak at protest at Windsor Ontario Canada where now 40,000 of those 1st responders are standing up against the government medical tyrranical fraud. He talks about the Rosa Parks Challenge, gee what could that be about, she sat on a bus and did not budge demanding her civil rights. If government chooses to discriminate against someone who identifies as transgender or identifies as vaccinated is that right? more information at and

10 days to fake flatten the pancake goes to no job if not a lab rat who did Nazi that coming?

All they care about is getting people injected to become genetically modified organisms. The restaurant in Canada was shut down and that is what the Vancouver "health" goon told them, they want people to be injectionated as their goal, not fairness, not balance, even though there's hardly anyone getting "infected" in any restaurant and comparable food venues were left open. That is corrupt. Owner should demand the "health" department test the air for the fake non existent virus. Dan Dicks interviews the owner

More covaids reasons to avoid being Fraudci's lab rat injection experiment.

Children's Health Defense has some information on how to spot a COV/AIDS/CULT

Dr. David Martin explains life insurance situation that explains why we are where we are in this "clash risk" problem where "there is not enough money in the annuity". He explains a diabolical situation that evolved where NY state life insurance regulators telling insurance companies do not have enough to pay their obligations. What would they consider? Why don't we have a pandemic? What was the priority, health? listen to his 4 minute segment here

100% corona virus (flu) vaxxee nation rate and they still are getting the FAUCI/FLU in Ireland, well hello, it's the flu, no flu vax has ever worked, covid is the flu, who and what will they blame next? read more here

The school district tied a mask on a down syndrome child using nylon rope for 6 weeks dripping wet with saliva, never told the parents, "there is a special place in hell for the 3 people who did this.....experienced real child abuse at the hands of school board." They called about her taking her shoes off but not about masks wearing. watch 2 minute presentation by public official

there is no immunityInjections without consent is rape. more at

No immunity needed just proof you submit to the drug lords wishes. Item #4 states it right there, all they require is proof you got an injection of the experiment "proof that a vaccination event has happened - NOT proof of immunity, which is not feasible to determine." OMG NOT FEASIBLE TO DETERMINE NO ONE IS DETERMINED TO BE IMMUNE WHEN THEY ARE INJECTIONATED.

So there is no proof that ANYONE is immunized. Let that sink in, they tell you to have your normal life again and to make everyone "safe" you have be injected with an experiment that does not necessarily even provide immunity. The entire thing is a fraud. also visit Perth-Group the attorneys that are fighting for the 1st responders in Los Angeles

Man holds sign in front of store asks everyone entering exiting personal health information and they almost all freely provide it

Over 75% covid cases in Ireland hospital are the injectionated. Obviously vaccines do not work as intended.

Faucist regime announces covid re-education camps. Claim they will not fire federal workers and contractors, just ship them off to winter camps. Where have we heard this before, Native American Indians, Japanese during war, 666 million times in history?

Halloween 2021 just go as yourself, no mask, Halloween has been all year, it's now inverted. Schools call off celebrations. Lists of acceptable costumes gets shorter than ever. You could go as an acceptable and popular virus that does not exist in the air, or a virus breathing dragon which is another dangerous unicorn, or 666 million other delusions presented to the public for obscene profits by the Hustlers In Virology (HIV). neurosis used to be a condition that was treatable

All of the unvaccinated are now legally disabled. There is no way around this, they are not considered healthy they are all considered a threat to others health and especially that of the deranged mask entitled lab rats. This new disabled class is all entitled to Social Security Disability. That is what logic dictates. Let's see if cases make their way through the big Pfarma Portfolioist First administrations at warp speed. If you still think this is about anyone's health pfbig pfarma has more injections to sell you.

Democrats keep playing Follow The Fauci. What a stupid game.

Max Igan deserts Austrailia he's called out by a sharp internetter pointing out the drama and bullshit

Lithuania's sick "health" ministry now says September 2021 to get injected every 60 days or forget living in society as you had before and uninjected pure bloods free of poisions are excluded from society. If they could they'd make it ever 30 days. Ministry is a religious term. Belief in viruses is a cult.

Smart Alec the nauseating boisterous self absorbed anti-gunnist shooted dead a good person of only 42 years of age on an independent film set in a wide open space in New Mexico. As more details and allegations start surfacing like pimples it won't be long before they blame the unvaccinated for the mishap. It also begs the question why did they not film under those gorgeous disgusting GREED areas (Green Renewable Electric Energy Developments). eieiopinion enspired by Breitbard report and does not necessarily relect the unopinion of any calendar that merely points to what section of the universe and time we are at in any given upset of humanity's delusions Alec smart ass once arrogantly posted that he wondered how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone. Let's see how many of his movies are banned from Netflix, likely zero. Trending in the loony upside woke world is thinking that offensive words even in jest are "more harmful" than actions.

One of AB filthy tweets in 2018 the most hypocritical thing, trash guns, trash people that use them FOR DEFENCE, then use a gun in making movies like OMG that is so hypocritical AND THEN actually killing someone with it. Simply does not get worse and more obvious the anti-gun narcissisist mania than that.

France considers 3rd jab man-date to travel as a way to insure protecting portfolios. Israel is already in it's 3rd jab now looking at 4th. People, pay attention, this will go as far as they can push it. If they could get you to take it every day the drug lords and their puppet$ would be extatic. Are you getting it yet? It is about injections of your money into their portfolios, that is all. commentary inspired by Breitbart article

Child with infection refused treatment with simple antibiotic because "he's not vaccinated" watch in horror how they respond as she pleads for treatment for her son

In 2019 Faucist and friend$ hash out plan for world domination and universal mandatory rebranded flu injection now heading up to 4 shots per year in$ead of one that was losing steam as the public was becoming so well aware that vaccines are bullshit. watch 7 minutes and notice the lengths they are willing to go

Fauci is a beagle killer. He poisoned and chopped up puppies "for your health". He lies about everything, promotes deadly AIDS drugs that kill people, what more do you need to know about that freak. Is it time yet for him to be fired or do you not care how many people and dogs he kills "for your health".

Fauci is a living being killer

There is no approved injection for children there is NO FINALIZATION of any of these corona style injections don't buy the lies that are plastered all over the fake lying news channels that regurgitate liars that regurgitate lies over lies. Trials are not finished until at least 2024 or longer. They are all in panic mode as the entire virus paradigm is garbage. watch 19 minutes

The unvaxxed in ten years. A film made without shooting anyone dead like on the set where the retarded Smart Alec allegedly accidentally shot a woman of 42 dead and injured another. The only problem with this film is that the script should have been written so that he visited all the grave sites of those "provided protection" by the Faucist regime that kills puppies to keep you safe. watch this short segement and make your own film like this

Virology is not based on the scientific method. Interview with Stefan Lanka who shattered all basis in law that requires injections of any substance to "immunize" humans and animals presents these facts in discussion. watch 1 hour 10 minutes

Also watch Lanka discuss measles trial and the final exposure of the corona HOAX/FARCE that is all based on the pseudoscience of virology watch 59 minutes

Covid Derangement Syndrome is a disease where people believe that the cold and flu has morphed into fire breathing dragons. The most obvious symptom is the inverted pyramid approach to Building Back Better whereas they do not understand the most fundamental principles of physics that disallow such building on the tip rather than base. watch 8 minutes

"The Final Refutal of Virology" by Heather Lynn Bruno watch 22 minutes

Canadian experts resisting unconstitutional lockdowns and speaking out boldly about the lies being presented by the few that unfortunately have emassed unbalanced power for profit. watch Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom 29 minutes

Dodocrat In Chief (DIC) builds border wall around his summer beach estate to keep out illegals from his property, using your money, could care less about America and keeping out intruders preferring to tear down those border walls read article at Breitbart

Republicans should drop the term "illegal aliens" and replace it wish "party crashers" and "uninvited" and keep asking lying Dodocrats what they would do with a born again Christian party crasher that was uninvited as it scaled the fancy estate's border wall and they were all partying. Redefining terms is a standard marketing trick used to sell products, like how the medical con artists replaced the term "cold and flu" with "sars bla bla bla" that then was replaced with "covid" which with the lies of a new killer virus in town, that scaled border walls, pushed through by breath, led to raping of so many humans with needle semen.

Build Back Better is more like Demolish America Mandate (DAM)

Woman calls out the lack of responisibility for any harm for the thing they are INSISTING you get to keep portfolios safe she ain't no fool

Australians sit outside on the sidewalks as summer approaches and aliens observing our planet wonder what drug made people believe there was an dangerous unicorn invading all indoor spaces watch 45 seconds

Italian head of police is fed up with Faucist orders coming from his superiors on how to deal with protesters that are peaceful watch 1 min 17 seconds

Australian vaccine cult celebrates a super saturday event to inject poisons into their cult members says it's a wake up call there is no excuse not to "get vaccinated". watch 1 min 36 seconds

Politicians are so stupid here they are tricked into saying "Let's Go Brandon"

California's scumbag senator Pan works for the injection drug pusher companies not the public. He pushed through the measles vaccine mandate in 2018 AFTER A FAKE MEASLES SCARE that removed any religious or personal exemption. Measles virus was proven to NOT EXIST in that year, I guess they did not get the memo, or, they simply put it through the paper shredder. Also discussed is how a mere 7 people in DC committee chose to shut out any member from entering buildings based on showing their GMO papers. DemocRATS are disgusting. Del Bigtree episode October 21, 2021 Del is one of those who called out this COVID/FRAUD at the beginning.

EU parliament opposes mandates to injections of an experiement on people questioning the removal of civil rights, this is a good talk

The Covid Illusion Syndrome (CID) is getting the treatment it needs while the government agencies that feed the rich are getting fatter and fatter like a turkey. Do not trust anything these liars say.

Oklahoma police new recruits eligible for $5500 bonus AND get this the department went total sane turning away from CDC guidelines that lead people into injection and "Fauci says" head spin game hell, they dropped all requirements for everyone in the force of receiving big Pfarma's cold and flu virus genetic modification experiments hustle.

Child was murdered by "vaccine" genetic modification experiment in West Midlands police there wrote this in their report. Injection murder charges filed and accepted by prosecutors, officials intentionally killed patients.

Headed to the office drive through country where Green Renewable Electric Energy Disasters (GREED) are not scattered all over the beautiful countryside. These things take your money and feed it to pensions.

Militantly anti-gun narcissist Alec Baldwin shot a woman to death on a movie set

Scumbag billionaire Trump is shilling the warp speed lab rat genetic manipulation experimental injection again on the deluded public none of these lying political fraudster salesmen reality TV stars do not care about you.

Instead of thinking outside the box or thinking in the center there are times we need to think in the corner to be centered.

1961 president speech compared to 2021 president speech presented in one photo

People will be giving and getting a lot of chairs this Christmas as Biden and Buttigeig have no idea how to do their jobs effectively, causing supply chains to fracture and break not even trying to fix them. Biden should be in charge of his Old Folks Home card game night on Sundays and Buttigeig should be in charge of housekeeping and diapering his children not for 2 months at taxpayer expense but for every month at his husbands expense.

Faucist regime kills pizza place in Calgary we tried to tell the world in the 1980's about Faucism during the AIDS crisis which also blamed a virus when it was not a virus at all and AIDS was a new term that described 28 diseases all with different causes suddenly Faucism blamed virus then offered solutions of incredibly expensive drugs that people died from that media fueled/profit drug intervention, and they would not listen, well some did, but Faucisim has been digging into your life for 40 years now. Faucism creept in

750 workers walk out in protest at GE federal contract Ohio then stay tooned for what happened to edurcayton

THE/VAX as CDC states does not provide immunity, it "provides protection" and "like a rain coat" says Leena Wen on fake news CNN. This "provides protection" is like wearing that rain coat and jumping in the pool during a hurricane and expecting to stay dry.

The midazolam virus? what is this?

Melbourne's 6th lockdown is ended except it hasn't the fake news and fake "Lord Mayor" gets all giddy giving the news while we see people still wearing COMPLETELY USLESS MASKS that do not stop viruses that do not even exist in the air. She claims there's so much more work to do, get up to 80% "vaccinated" in the test on human$ making billionaires all double their money in better odds than Vegas.

Putin calls the obscene push to get kids into transgender mania a crime

"That's not a pandemic", there is no pandemic, they are all lying, expert pharmacist scientist calls out the liars in New Zealand this is a great rant

Paging Lesko Brandon, Lesco Brandon please come forward there is a crowd trying to get our attention saying FUCK JOE BIDEN

Let Me Travel America Act Senate Bill 2847 seeks to "prohibit the Federal Government from mandating vaccination against COVID19 for interstate travel" and "may not deny service to any individual solely based on the vaccination status of the individual with respect to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19)".

It's time to call it CD not covid and drop the 2019 as IT'S JUST THE SEASONAL FLU with added hysteria and hype to con you into buying new very expensive drugs and manipulate the world and Pfilfer from the treasury. The cold and flu viruses if they exist were said to change constantly thus the term "novel" is nothing more than "new version" and there is no such thing as a more deadly strain, it's all marketing hype by drug pushers. Used in a sentence, "I caught CD and had some chicken soup that grandma made me after she escaped from her retirement home prison."

Health official in the states asks CDC for parameters to remove masks from children, CDC does not provide any. They have an indefinite guideline. This was predicted at the start of the fake 2 week slow curve. The current creep of a Surgeon General claims the kids will have to wear masks even when injected experimentally. Is it not clear yet these guidelines that are all over the map are completely sick militant illogical obsessive compulsive tyrannical Faucist behavior. These thugs do not care about our health, they are all about their own wealth, either that or they are delusionists, or both. Let's see all their stock portfolios how many own drug stock$. We do not need permission from this corrupt agency on this matter, remove the masks, they are abusing the public and oh my God they are abusing children for profit and sick power games, it is disturbing cult theater. David Knight speaks on 9/21/2021 on the need to take the matter in your own hands and STOP ASKING FOR PERMISSION FROM THESE CROOKS they are playing you like a violin.

Cash and lottery incentives is disgusting putrid drug pushing nonsense, and a waste of energy and resources.

Woke army leader has troops chant rembember MLK while wearing masks, like helloooooo, MLK would have had fits about forcing people to cut down their oxygen supply "for their health".

NYC "health" control freaks once again lie with outrageous claims "the only way out of this pandemic [is vaccination]" demanding all 160,000 employees of the city be injected experimentally with not even the option now of routine testing. Many of those injections will be PLACEBOS. They do not tell the public this fact. How exactly does a placebo get you out of the pandemic? Because the drug lords at Pfizer and the others tell them so. They own all these politician$. Why would anyone heart New York anymore. Broadway shows, restaurants, all of it is worthless now.

"In their greed for power, and complete control, these progressive politicians believe that COVID [also known as cold and flu], together with temporary control of the federal government, has given them a very narrow window to 'fundamentally transform' this country." Problem is they are all too fat and will get stuck in that narrow window then annoy us with their screams for help.

Italy government "live" webcam does not show the massive crowd PROTESTING medical mandates why do government$ keep lying to the public about the fake non-existent virus?

My body my country you will not invade my body. Those who do are the aggressors. This is why Texas governor and others including flight attendants is warring with the sleazecreep installed like malware POS (President Oftheunited States) to protect from invasion. During the event news crews show up interviewed guy passing by said "Jesus was circumcised" as if that makes it ok, a reply was "Jesus was also crucified". Stop this HORROR.

They have no clue what "comirnaty" is at the pharmacy BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST there is no FDA approved covid-19 vaxxine available on the planet Earth and the "booster doses" are the same UNAPPROVED product that has no legal liability if anyone gets hurt, they all just laugh their way to their resort destinations using your money and if you think these drug pushers care about you YOU ARE WATCHING TOO MUCH TV. This was at the Walmart pharmacy of all places and the person at the counter has a sucker in her hand then in her mouth while the pharmasist is speaking with the undercover reporter.

Day 9 in quest to end amputation of a baby boy's most private part which is done for profit by the constantly lying disingenuous medical societie$. Harrisburg protestors on the streets include young children even they can understand IT IS ABUSE OF BABY MEN WHY DON'T YOUR STUPID POLITICIANS

Why is a rape plastered all over the news and nothing about the rape of baby men in hospitals where doctors hack off part of their most private sexual organ for obscene profit? When will the USA get it's priorities straight? To allow this horror to continue is participating in child abuse. A country that fundamentally allows children to be so horrifically abused at birth can never be great until it bans this ritual cutting and provides reparations to it's victims.

Indiginous tribes are being invaded in Australia in violation of the Neurenberg code human rights laws. Indiginious people speak from Australia at the horror that is happening there. Note in this video the disingenuous term "breakthrough cases" is used to describe what is better termed as "the injections do not work as promised like sleasly car sales men promise the car to work and it leaves you stranded" the woman presents officially statistics showing greater injuries from those injected.

There is no approved vaxxine that allegedly "provides protection" from CVD in children, a health condition that virtually no child dies from as it's rebranded flu and cold disease. If any one is forced or coerced into submitting to such "it is racketeering". All these vaxxes claimed "approved" are PROJECTIONS OF THE FUTURE as all current products in this war on dangerous unicorns are in testing mode using humans as test subjects. Approval cannot be granted until at least years into such trials. It might be approved in 2026. It's like they are saying it's approved for maybe being approved in the future. It's all medical marketing mind fucks to push an entirely new technology as they all know their current vaccine technology is doomed as Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in German court in 2018 that measles virus does not exist and all laws based on forced vaccination are invalid as he proved viruses do not exist.

TED talks in Wisconsin and military will be committing more suicide due to the Biden schizo regime that mandates being raped by injections it's all the most digusting display of political thuggery by narcissists

Becerra called out by Paul. Health secretary who probably does not even know shorthand, ignores the science, lies, does not even know much of anything, dishonest about natural immune functions, calls people who disagree "flat Earthers", ignores studies showing robust immunity after recovery, has no scientific degrees, wants $700k fines for disobeying his dictate$ to force injections of AN UNPROVEN TEST PRODUCT ON ALL OF HUMANITY, Fauci and all these monsters have one ajenda WAKE THE FUCK UP.

CA gruesom governor declares an emergency on drought. With all the climate change fixes the state implemented over 30 years why did they not fix this? California has more Green Renewable Electric Energy Development (GREED) there than anywhere and it's still not fixed, probably because GREED only fixes portfolios and those use even more energy from fossil fuels to function reliably. Never mind that "The state of Commiefornia literally dumped two thirds of their fresh water into the ocean to aid the delta smelt, a two inch bait fish, and up to a couple thousand salmon. Two thirds of their standing water." At least with drought "emergencies" we can actually measure things rather effectively which leads to an acutal end when it rains, unlike virus emergencies that use tools to measure virus quantity like using a rubber band to measure gasoline. Seems the public could be well served to call a "governing emergency" and remove him from office.

Another wacky thing the state does that only helps the rich get richer is California pays Nevada to accept green electricity. You would think they would pay the consumer.

We really should have seen the warning SIGNS of outrageous discrimination coming, they were there in the parking lots all this time.

In-n-Out burger refuses to be vaccine police for any government. "We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. It is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not, whether based on the documentation they carry, or any other reason....We fiercely disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business." Now there's a smart business run by smart people.

Kevin Kiley posted about these "freedom fries" also, some comments from the cult followers asked if they will allow no shirts, no shoes, and claims that a business cannot just do what it wants it has to follow the "health" rules, but the problem with those arguments is there is no vaccine LAW only declarations being made by one man as a dictator and it simply does not work that way, nor does "health" department have legal standing on demanding an science experiment on anyone. Newsom does not have constitutional authority to create an order that everyone is his slave that has to do as he tells them and get rapeed by a needle that will ejaculate it's syringe filled contents of some magic elixir that Fauci's friend$ have concocted when they have no liability for harm, only liable for counting all the money that keeps flowing into their portfolios.

The commandeers of San Francisco 'health" department demands they check everyone for fake corona virus protection whereas the injections could merely be A PLACEBO offering absolutely no "protection" as they allege. The In-n-Out company will not take their order as they sell french fries. It's like the "health" department goes to the drive up window and ORDERS a Big Mac and demands they provide it. That once great city has a deep dark history of being militant in going to war with dangerous unicorns though we might compare the absurdity of today's war with that of AIDS, both of which have no evidence of any virus existence, just a foundation of hysterics and Fauci and his drug and money grubbing buddies lies all working in harmony. In-n-Out is Christian owned and more balanced in it's approach. Often people have some weird problem with that. In a logical world the gay+ would join forces with them on this issue right now but they tend to be stuck in the virus/cause theory and hate Christians because some Christians are anti-gay+2ndowemrolwgborgysuiy and it's hard to see through the lies as friends have died and emotions are strong. It's sad to have watched these errors continue for so long.

It is all about a financial agenda. It is not about health. The most obvious glaring fluorescent pink flag waving wildly is that the test has since the 1980's been proven to provide false positives incessantly and that they all have a one track mind to push poisons as a solution.

There is a push back on the scientifically religious devotion to raping blood cells with injectible poisons "for your health" and those devotionists that were commanding it on their flocks are backing off. Eventually CDC will have to announce that 110% of Americans died from the dangerous unicorns they are waging war on to try to con-vince anyone of anything.

Hero nurse allegedly smuggles in life saving drug for patient saves life.

Would Jesus or Satan take the experiemental injection? Hell and Heaven no!

It's virus hunting season, head for the hills, avoid those who try to shoot things into your body to kill these dangerous unicorns that lurk in the shadows of air like ghosts.

Colorado governing goon liberal nut tells kids to disobey their parents and become Fauci's lab rats for profit.

October 19, 2021 Queen of England no mask other elites no mask all the richers no distancing, not even a 6 micrometer distance! minimum 6 micrometer distance should be observed even by the eiliteDid they check everyone before entry for the delta alpha beta gamma marburg Santa ebola zita and 666 billion other "deadly viruses"? No of course not because the whole thing is an obvious portfolioist scam. No one should follow any of their rules, or guidelines, follow their example, only put a mask on when you are acting for profit as part of a script. In the video we see the queen shake the hand of Bill Gates standing in lineup of prestigiou$ guest$. Billy is the guy that claim$ everyone in the world needs injection "to be safe" when the injection could just be a placebo of saline instead of an active ingredient, so, not all those who are "vaccinated" are "protected". All these richers make mega more fortunes to supplement and give energy to more fortunes in the quest to scam the world about dangerous unicorns. That's why they call it a novel virus, it is fiction. Bill from Hell was greeted by some angry peasants much like how Satan will greet him at those burning gates.

FDA official makes statements in the hearing where the head official voted against the majority of the committee as he says "we killed two people to save one life" using vaccines but of course as seen on TV drivel it's all worth it if we save just one life

Retards in control making decisions for the world that promised just 2 weeks then one jab, then two, then three, then no job if you are not jabbed, on now kids have to be injected experiments AND wear masks all day to save lives, and on and on based on LIES, they are the same retards that "fly planes while building them" as politicians have been quoted, and had been championing saving the environment and think they are bigger than Mother Nature, as they now push and mandate the public use 1.548 trillion unrecyclable masks that are thrown into landfills and seas and streets and waterways every year then to try to figure out that problem they will spend endless hours watching more TV and social media babble fuckint into infinity all to control something that does not exist as their billionaires they were fighting prior to getting sucked into the corona fraud are now almost doubled their wealth since the start then they claim it's the white trailer trash that is the problem

Statement to the international criminal court by holocaust survivors concerned about crimes against humanity with the COVID-19 FRAUD poison injection pushing experiment

Most men are petrosexual

You should be dancing if you own drug pushing stock and recall how they thought Martin Shkreli was the bad guy.....he was the canary sitting on the elephant in the coal mine trying to tell you what the problem really was.

The climate change crowd is being forced to come up with a new "fix" as Europe is experiencing a shortage of wind that is forcing them to scramble to buy reliable efficient recyclable coal based power to survive the winter.

Indiginous Native Canadians in North Sascatchewan being driven from homes into the bush by forced injections by presidents who have lost patience with HEALTHY/PEOPLE and children, a woman pleads THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

Safeway Pfarmacy manager QUITS tells customers boldly to not take the injection as she's seen it kill people

Whoopi blames the unvaxxed for death of an 83 year old SOS who had various health issues while retard liberal state of Washington that worhips Bill Gates cash flow$ fires 127 good cops "to keep you safe" or was it to keep the other officers that were injected experimentally to "keep them safe" from a virus CDC documents clearly state was never proven to exist

COVID/ZERO goes the way of the dodo and dangerous unicorn as countries drop the passport policies to the billing gates of hell. 

Those test swabs shoved up your kids nose are not what you think it is rape they can cause brain damage they contain dangerous chemicals they have shards of spike fiber that get stuck in the nasal passage it is insane to test healthy people like this, if not insane, it is MEDICAL FRAUD

San Francisco mayor says Walgreens not closing because of rampant theft, claims it's just a cost saving measure. This is another of the standard political disingenuous spins. It's a cost saving measure becaue of rampant theft which is caused directly by liberal Democrat policies actually written in law (not mandate) that allow looting up to $900 in each case without any prosecution, of course we have global elites that do this same thing but doing it with billions of dollars at a time.

Quantas airlines firing good people for not being FAUCI/CULT lab rats never ever fly that airline ever again. Demand reparations.

The Fraudci monster explains never getting it under "control" it's all about "control" but there is no such thing as controlling viruses that are ONLY CONTROLLED by the human body if they even exist in a form other than what has been repeatedly proven as being mere cell debris. The Fraudci monster keeps pushe$ing injection$ that are experimental claiming it is the only way to get control of what cannot be controlled any more than NASA could be controlling the Sun using Marvelist Mystery Injection$.

Some places in the world the kids are 100% against injectionations while those pushing it stand there babbling through their "provide protection" surgery masks looking quite stupid they are stupid, the fact is that those masks are as effective at providing protectioin from viruses as they are providing protection from methane, carbon dioxide, or other gasses, meaning THEY PROVIDE NO PROTECTION WHAT SO EVER.

Break through cases. Pffft. In reality the injection experiment provides a wall made of paper mache like one built around a home as CDC states about injection experiment made in China (lousy quality) will "provide protection" and the wall salesman takes you up to his display model in the showroom and and shows you how it's hard so you know it will "provide protection" and in the first rain you watch the thing melt like what happens to Fauci's crafty lies melt when a bucket of water is thrown on them. The medical con game marketing term "break through cases" is another sleasy snake oil sales pitch

LA Press Club snubs their nose at wearing ODD (Oxygen Deprivation Devices) even though there are mask mandates in place and they flout mandates the most disgusting display is the fire chief presenting an "award" to Sean Penn for his bravery in fighting through the dangers of telling others to wear masks and omg nauseatingly repeating the cult mantra of getting tested with tests that are all over the map like a drunk celebrity that can't find it's way to the bathroom to puke and does it all over you and while the LA fire chief was not wearing one even though it's a mandated to wear those indoors, once again these self absorbed liars and less absorbed mistakers are often too only interested in dominating others and performing in their silly dog and pony show$ almost as if it's some sick s&m sexual fantasy.

Fox news channel Ted Williams says to police "Get the vaccine you idiots" claims they have no right over their own bodies. Reality check: there is no vaccine there is only an injection experiment trial going on until January 31, 2023, making humans lab rats and the producers of the show filthy and rich. They renamed the flu and cold virus to make it a new scary disease that you can't see but "it's there" and the only solution is from the producers of the theatricks. The idiots are the ones that get their health data from TV which are ALL run by drug money so it's like asking the rapist for help when you get a flat tire in the middle of a dark city street where no one is around. When this lunacy started with the 2 weeks to stop the spread lie I shut off all of that TV news garbage and did real study though I have known about the Hustle In Virology (HIV) since the 1980's. I hope my writings help.

Rock star Travis Tritt refuses to play at venues that discriminate AGAINST THE HEALTHY. Now there's a good American with a brain. On his official website you can see him riding a motorcycle wearing a helmet with a face shield, these "provide protection" to stop bugs, stones, dirt from hitting his face, the lying medical cons, politicians, and babble mouths in medias will tell you they save you from viruses which do not exist in the air. If your trusty cult leader or it's minions tells you otherwise have them test the air and provide you the results. There is no test for the air to find viruses BECAUSE THEY DO NOT EXIST IN THE AIR. Watch his video where he states "we've come a long way but I say it's a little too far"

Scientist speaks to authorities wearing mask - at the end of her alloted 5 minutes to speak her carbon dioxide levels were at 1700 ppm double what it was at start and the alarm on the test unit was blaring every parent should send their kid to school with these units that measure what can be measured for their health whearas THERE IS NO TEST IN THE WORLD THAT MEASURES CORONA VIRUS IT'S ALL LIES

public officials all around the world are committed to ignore the warnings

Shipping container homebuilding put on hold as the containers are now in short supply and costing too much

World's most famous CULT/SICKO tells the public they can only enjoy Christmas in 2021 if all worship him by his ESSENCE injected into the holidays while shunning all who are not part of the injection cult, think this through while listening to some reggae rappae music and read further down while listening it's the most wonderful way to enjoy the day today!


Airplane! movie a 1970's flick the director said he could make the film today, er, just without jokes due to the nauseating Worry About You Offending Fake Freinds (WAYOFF) culture read

Routine male dick hacking ritual PROTEST continues in Altoona Pennsylvania. Medical $y$tem$ everywhere in the US make a fortune off the foreskin holocaust as Hollywood celebrities use face cream with baby penis parts as the ingredient MAKING GOBS OF MONEY FOR THESE PEOPLE MAKING IT. The protest is trying to prevent future moms from being regret moms and regret dads and baby men when they grow up feeling bad about being horrifically abused by the medical system beast that wants to grab our baby boy's genitals who grow up into wounded men STOP THIS HORROR of SEXUAL ATTACK BY THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY

Hear a personal story presented by Sean McCann and how it was for him to experience realizing this horror happened to him and the history of what this ritual is about in religious realms

Masktard US energy secretary says "We don't have much moral authority" to hold China accountable. Looked undera rock and it said, like when flipping a Magic 8 Ball, "Stop buying stuff from China stupid".

Train plows through semi carrying vehicles as it got "centered" on the tracks and could not escape

Some are upset about the 'blankety blank' covid crisis blaming this group or that group, What if it all originated here IN THIS VILLAGE instead of THE HORRIBLY POLLUTED AIR Wuhan China?  also look at this historical record

Fake new$ does not cover the masses of protests on illegal injection mandates as their cash flow comes from drug companies and government grant$ all tied together in a yellow and pink ribbon

Colin Powell dead from old diseases made new. He was supposedly fully injectionated from the Faucist drug cult pushing regime. Media reports state "complications from AIDS covid-19.2. We have seen this word gamimg with the public before in other hysteria outbreak$, using the term 'complications' when drugs are used and never blamed. In the "AIDS crisis" this term was used to cover the fact that the drugs killed people or at minimum pushed those who were sick over the edge, Hit Hard Hit Early was a horrific drug push campaign that killed a lot of gay men as the poison drug AZT was in high doses, doctors finally could not deny it was killing their patients, and there never was public declarations of blame of the drug dribbling from Fauci's mouth, either side of it, it was always "the virus" or "complications" from "the disease". Dr. Bryan Ardis is actively calling out Fauci's lies (see below) and calls Fauci as a "serial killer" as he's knowingly pushing drugs that mame and kill many victims. WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO ALERT THE PUBLIC ON THIS FOR 40 YEARS.

Ontario Canada government being sued for denying equal treatment to those who are healthy as government bans entry to normal activities without proof of injection of the Fauci serum

Iowa SF 193 sponsored by Sens. Guth, Johnson, Schultz, Whiting, and Carlin, categorically bans all human rights violations in relation to "Pfizer" government mandates. more here at Ron Paul Liberty report

Alberta vax proof site offline after shrewd find in source code slots for 8 injections! must watch

It was a common expression in the 1918 Spanish Covid war that more died of the injections than shots from the enemy

Dr. Bryan Ardis exposes the lies of the CDC, the plandemic agenda and how flu is not deadly no one should get the flu shot the medias and CDC skew data to mislead people through fear and alzheimers had one thing in common the flu shot Ardis had not heard of Fauci but the gay community sure knows that scum head of NIH who created the Holocaust In Virology (HIV) were Fauci pushed killer drugs that did that very thing, AZT was a drug pushed on the gays in the 1980's by the murderous Fauci thug, that drug AZT had been pulled by FDA in the 1970's due to the horrors of it's toxcicity, it's a failed chemo drug Fauci brought it back for massive profits on the unsuspecting gay community creating that holocaust, this is what's happening again with covid-19 fraud, must watch this interview side effects are being blamed on the virus when it's THE/DRUGS

also watch The Dr. Ardis Show

The Vaccine Death Report by David John Sorenson and Vladimir Zelenko MD

Conspiracy realists explain the facts

Maskeritops vegetarian Southern Californian signs petition as do others to stop triceritops hunting which is an extinct dinosaur as Joe Rogan shot one so the dude is collecting signatures for add to endangered species and people give birthdate too readily believing what they are told


Victorian Australia presents a paltry 54 million $ "outdoor economy" package only for the Faucist regime lab rats. These leaders are disgusting, look at the propoganda, claiming your vax is your ticket, we told you this was THE/PLAN at the start, people tuned in to the TV lie box instead, the 2 weeks to slow the curve was the propoganda to scare people, it was a global plan to manipulate and brainwash the public they violate their own constitution and fundamental logic and reason they don't care about health it's about their wealth show me one of them giving away their million$ and billion$ to the poor like Jesus pointed out was needed for the rich to do where he stated it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven these people are so lost we pray for their souls as they continue to harm so many people lost in their delusion or greed

California school walkouts October 18 will HIT SCHOOLS IN THEIR BUDGETS money they can't recover moms believe it's time to take down the Nazi injection regimes as they discover the measles virus does not exist as proven by Dr. Stefan Lanka in German court

Is Dill Krates a psychopath ask Alexa to ask the internet

The mask was a tool to convince you and others that there was a threat in the air when it actually never existed, and to be afraid of everyone's breath, it's a scam to sell drugs you do not need and in this case ones that are experimental we saw this on day 1 of the fake "2 weeks to infinity to boost spread of money flowing into our portfolios"

Catch 22.covid so the CDC tells us that the vax only reduces symptoms, so they go to work, have less symptoms so they don't know they are getting sick and thus they are more likely to "spred it" so the Joblow administration mandates it so it's just making things worse while the unvaxxed are  not allowed to work yet they are the healthier ones that if they have symptoms they can stay home, wakey wakey

Psickos pfractice mask theater for the health of their portfolio$ it's become obvious who all the freak drug pushers MASKS STOP NO VIRUS

Still no evidence of a virus even existing it's just not there and people in Canada are amazed when they here this information on how doctors are paid big buck$ for pushing certain drugs they know are poisoning people

John Dunwell flipped Democrat seat in Iowa to Republican House District 29 probably because he's not a Democrat masktard

If viruses were the problem humanity would have to evacuate all coastlines and move inland hundreds of miles to escape them as all the world's bodies of sea water contain billions of viruses per one liter. Internet Matter

Efficatious yak yak yak scenes

Remember that Obamacare mandate they lied then too about fines as Supreme Court struck down mandates are not laws

California governor nicknamed "Screwsom" asks court to remove all Pfauci mystery juice injection mandates not law for his rich donors, a union that gave him a whopping $1.75 million for him to remove it. If the injection juice is not needed for his biggest donors, it is NOT needed for kids or anyone else. Kevin Kiley is demanding as are many others that he IMMEDIATELY REMOVE ALL MANDATE NON LAWS and end this covid medical political musical chairs charade recinding ALL COVID FRAUD ORDERS OF FAKE EMERGENCY EVERYWHERE NOW

Vax passport fines are smoke & mirrors FAKE they will NEVER HOLD UP IN COURT

In Washington State a police officer signs off after 22 years of great service to the citizens after he continued for all those years providing real protection not vaccination fake protection and now under the 50 year old Faucist regime the man is suddenly without warning tagged as unclean and unworthy and a danger to society yet he is healthy and strong and not spreading anything as viruses do not exist they are construct of corruption.

Y2K was a wash but boy did those lawers make out with each other, for those who remember that debaucle there were those of us who were clued in to how that whole thing was a rediculous unfounded fear yet corporations lock stepped in unison to "provide protection" for themselves everywhere, they were piling up the bills for corporate lawyers to write up contracts and protective clauses that literally were stacked to the ceiling with paperwork in the defensive continued operations position that swept the world in every corporate and business enterprise and when the clock struck midnight 2000 nothing happened other than some remorse by families of trees which allowed their loved ones to march off to that war, giving their lives to create those worthless documents. Y2K.021/COVID is no different.

Psicko public "health" official in Australia thinks viruses are stopped at borders claims the only way out of this hell is to be corralled into a place where everyone can be deloussed with injections of synthetic RICHES/BREW concoctions

Following Fauci's Simon says 'science' for 2mins: waiting for a parachute to open until you hit the ground watch


Effectiveness hits NEGATIVE 109%

2009 Alex Jones tried to warn us
about the Deloussing Injection Experiments (DIE) to come

Multi zulti billionaire hogwashes
the truth telling the world he's very much against teachers being laid off saying is it ok to let grandma die from death panels that maybe should rather use that money to hire teachers. If they are so concerned then why does not the group of billionaires that keep doubling their net worth HIRE MORE TEACHERS USING ALL THAT MONEY THEY HAVE emassed from everyone. These lying scum money sucking parasites have no interest in your health only their wealth and they create systems designed to take it all from you latest being the COVAIDS/HUSTLE drug pushing Fraudcist agenda.

Did Nancy hesitate to hustle a profit
off stock option trades on Microsoft, Tesla, experimental vaccines forced on the pulic, bought right before so many government announcements that caused each of those to increase in value? does not look like it

Anyone in science who speaks up
against anything Fauci dictates has their careers bankrupted. NIH budget is $6 billion a year, your tax money, pays the scientists he and drug companies prefer, the corruption is deeper than most people know but everyone is starting to wake up now that they ruined everyones lives using the corona fraud as leverage Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains

Take a break from the fear-19 fraud and hysteria
with 2 country boys who sing a good tune on not complying

Viking clap is taking the political dicks by storm
in protest of arrogant dictates in Italy

Divided tribes of America
stole land from others before them and those before them stole land before them and on and on we are sick of THE/LIES. The UNITED states is not perfect but it deals with an entire world of problems where so many escaped to come to the USA for freedom. It's helped so many over the years while people like Kamala and Biden and Trump and Pence rip everything up "for your health" while enriching their wealth@watch comment on Channel 6 in Michigan dude that worked there 33 years not allowed in building and was fired because he would not join their poison injection cult. One thing that makes cults obvious, they feel they are better than you using illogical arguments and demands.

Dr. Peter McCullough has "cull" in his name talks about wholesale failure of the injection protocols

Street hockey
takes over downtown Toronto by the CN tower

Go find your employment contract,
there is nothing there that requires you to be Fauci's lab rat, it would be a violation of human rights, constitutions, common sense, and if it did it would be illegal
. Uncle Sam is showing signs of addiction.

Chicago mayor, the lovely & very friendly lesbian & inclusive Lori Lightfoot
though rather unqualified for her job and sometimes gets some things right now erroneously claims that the police union head is telling the department to "work stoppage" but it's her that's claiming that she will fire any and all who do not comply with Faucist dictates that obscenely VIOLATE/RAPE bodily integrity. Forcing anyone to get any vaccine against their will is RAPE. So is hacking off part of a baby boy's dick when they are born. Union president John Catanzara has told his members to stand up to the unreasonable demands for them to all be Fauci's lab rats, telling them to reject providing injectionist status to the cult. THE/CULT backed down a bit
requiring as an alternative 2x per week tests THAT ARE WROUGHT WITH ERRORS so that should be rejected as well as the entire thing is medical fraud on a much grander scale than any "medicare fraud" we ever saw reported in the past.

It's becoming clearer
by the nanosecond that those who forgo injections are smarter than those who watch TV for their medical information

They call it anti-gene-therapy protests but it's better called genetic infections,
they are not vaccines, it's RNA manipulation as claimed by the manufacturer and thus it is a genetic infection by a product the body does not recognize as normal so it reacts. The drug pushers claim this is good for you. The good people are out in the streets protesting because phone calls do not get returned.

Kevin Sitt the governor of Oklahoma chose to be Fauci's lab test subject
and sayz he plans to LAW/SUE Biden for the MAN/DATE to protect others who do not want to be part of Tuskeegee 2.0 as people have a right to choose what experiments they want to be a part of and anyone who pushes you is a bully here's a guy who's now in a world of pain after 2nd experiment shot unless of course he's just an actor in a play as Shakespere stated "All the world's a stage and we are just players"......remember the first person to die from THE/SHOT in Europe was named oh so coincidentally, William Shakespere.

The corrupt CFDCAP issues "guidance" for the holidays that everyone should ignore
in fact don't even click on the link

Biden's grandstanding about having the ports operate 24/7 
won't make a difference.  The Green Renewable Energy Electricity Dictates (GREED) and the unions killed the infrastructure to unload those ships. American Thinker

Italian port
workers on strike until the vax/pass is recinded and dumped into the sea like Boston Tea Party rebellion on taxes.

A perspective on the murder of a British parlimentarian
by a grandma

Good Catholic says refuse the injection experiment in video presented by Max Igan who covers the treasonous behavior of Australia's governing elite and their insane approach of going to war with viruses that DO NOT EXIST IN THE AIR. Michael Gunner of Australia's northern territory as all of them are hopelessly embedded in the "get the jab" cult speaking on alleged need for everyone to "get the jab" repeating it incessantly. It's all so bizarre and anyone can see all the signs of it being a cult.

AIDS in Africa
was rebranding old diseases to push drugs and testing using the same crap test protocols now being pushed hard on the world for testing for the cold and flu all for the health of portfolios

Polish scientist says he found
"aluminum parasites" that start off like eggs and multiply found in the corona virus injection sewage Stew Peters Show

City of Chicago police 50% defy
being Fauci's lab rats file unfair labor practice and restraining orders the mental delusion and outright defiance of the US constitution, religious rights and protections, medical privacy protections union officer speaks on fact that city has NO/AUTHORITY on forcing injections

Why on Earth do anyone listen to secretaries?
This one is only a deputy - think Bary Fyfe is warning us about our health and knows knothing about our individual health, a complex matter, trying to sell us one size fits all product, like one size fits all socks would fit babies to adult men. He works for the biggest drug pushing organization in the world, your creepy abusive Uncle Sam, that in the hindsight is 2020 era keeps trying to get you to allow him to rape your blood cells with something he wants to insert into you so "you will be safe" and says if you don't do it it's why you might not have food. It's all very creepy. Swamp creatures and parasites are everywhere.

The only ones that ever are IMMUNE are the drug companies

1980's we were warned about FAUCI Dr. Robert E. Willner was innoculated with "HIV"
TO PROVE IT DOES NOT CAUSE COMPLEX DISEASE CONDITIONS few listened as the popular medias ran with the FEAR/PORN. Fauci was like the bulldozer moving maneur into everyone's yards blaming someone else for it as he pushed the HIV/LIES that led so many into his drug cult. He was a fresh of breath air back them.

Godwin's Law is the REAL pandemic founded in preweb times

What's wrong with this Pficture

Stop the assault on children with injections of medical experiments - listen to lying scumdirt Fauci's dispicable response when comparing flying safety and injection safety
and the honorable David Knights explainations of truth

Rationals in TX ban non-biological men
from women's sports and non-biological women from men's sports, still does not ban hacking part of baby man's private bart when born while continuing ban on hacking off part of a baby woman's private part so please, anyone that whines about this INEQUAL TREATMENT shut up already until you actually handle this unequal treatment horror.

The mainstream news organizations reported starting in August 21, 2021 "full approval of "the Pfizer vaccine" which is a tactic they use of over-generalization, they do this all the time to deceive. There is only an approval of a version of the injected product (it's not even a vaccine) called Comirnaty that is not on the market and NEVER WILL BE as it would contain in each vial LEGAL LIABILITY FOR DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OF THE HUMANS THESE INJECTIONS INFECT. "The Pfizer vaccine" currently available, and it's October 16, 2021 now, remains the fake emergency use version. When you watch modern popular medias you are watching slick sales pitches coming from systems that are all owned by those who have huge stakes in these drug pushing systems. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware.

The Fraudci infected everything

Coronavirus is a part of normal cell structure
normal protein coating no big deal and Fauci is part of abnormal money sucking drug pushing structures

Protestors chant

Australia talks about how Biden would bully them if they went net-zero carbon and how the US is in disarray they are more fun to watch their news than in the US

Reiner Fuellmich explains in 2 minutes how the drug pushers forced themselves on the public with a fake health emergency of international concern basis on inflated case numbers by faulty methodology of "diagnosis" the whole house of cards crumbles in courts when it gets there

shows corona is common cold Ardis Northrup Stillwagon dig into the upside down health and disease theories

Immunizations no longer exist - the CDC changed on 9/1/2021 how injections are defined, they are now "provide protectionists". They are about as effective as a comic book super hero and equally as much a fantasy, actually more like they are the villan and the virus is the innocent bystander caught up in the drama.

Pete Buttigieg is completely unqualified for the position he is in he is on paid leave since August to care for his husband and two newborn babies he is better qualified to be a housewife and expert knitter and do not misunderstand I LOVE GAYS this statement on qualifications has nothing to do with what his private parts do with other private parts it's about what he does to public parts of society. LOOK AT ALL THE CARGO SHIPS SITTING WASTING ENERGY OFF LONG BEACH.

Pfizer is basically running on your money Fauci does disco around all the issues and keeps up his theatrick$ as he's too sexy for your virus

Pfizer senior director of world wide re$earch runs to avoid question about fetal cell lines used in product

A. Fraud See tells us "when we vaccinate as many people to get level of infections low enough" we will get our freedom back, but it's an endless arbitrary process, there is no paper anywhere on planet Earth that proves it exists, and vaccines do not change levels of infection as well as the tests are horrendously innacurate but do any of these criminals making gobs of money off this corona/hoax care?

US government health departments NIH and Fauci have conflict of interest owning patents on the very things they are trying to force on the public. It's like if the US army forced you to buy US army socks on eBay for your health and you did not want them as there were other brands you could buy yet every night on your conflict of interest drug pushing TV/LIE box you saw the president drool about forcing you to do as he commands, but even with that Conflict Of Interest (COI) at least there would be no chance in hell the socks might kill you like the risk of any injected substance could provide. Notice on the US army socks the size is "one fits all" 6 - 12. These will fit someone shoe size 6-8 well and stretch too much for 9-12 making them only comfortable for smaller feet.

NASA we have a cardboard problem

Episode 237 The High Wire OSHA is violating the law with their emergency forcing injections the process would have to go through Legislature not executive order Biden is schizo with his demands and orders to these various agencies for public safety "this isn't a chlorine gas leak" says one of the OSHA guests where clearly many deaths could happen immediately look at the chart

Well well well be well look what we have here Fauci and friend$ plotted in 2019 to have a universal flu vaccine so they changed the name of the flu to covid. What more proof do you need. You have been had.

Man serves cease and decist letter to Hawaii cafe at Honolulu bank he's been going to for years for illegally denying him equal treatment. 4 minute watch

No America is not on it's knees

Scumship Administration President (SAP) bluff
explained by David Knight

Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ)
has some fantastic reading on the period of time many endured of HIV criminalization, vaccine mandates, laws passed and by whom such as Gerry Brown California governor signing mandatory measles vaccination to kids although measles proven the next year in 2018 to not exist by Dr. Stefan Lanka, and how the OMSJ assisted those who were unjustly accused of transmitting viruses some of whom spent years in prison unjustly as HIV was also never proven to exist. Their work is a must study for anyone concerned with the abuses of Medical Dictates (MD) imposed on a healthy world where they use exaggerated claims of threat by particles of matter that are only "seen" in a vast array of biological soup. OMSJ also points out that most medical informaion on Wikipedia is false, they purposely leave out many perspectives of science that are valid when it challenges the virus and vaccine paridigm.

Guy tries out for an internet movie role
on the All The Worldza Stage Theatre what do you think does he have star quality?

If the virus existed by Jon Rappoport

...and it doesn't...

There would be no way to stop it.

It would have spread so far and so deep...

The only answer would be: LIVE THROUGH IT.


Jon Rappoport also states: "The notion that a war against a virus can be won is on the level of the notion that a war against the natural flow of air on the planet can be won." read the good science void of Fauci's science fiction here

The Corrupt Administration plans to destroy all US coastlines with ugly pristine view destroying inefficient money sucking wasteful wind turbines that only make green energy for pensions that sail the world discovering new extravagance using your money

Green Renewable Electric Energy Development (GREED) wind and solar plantations make you slaves to higher electric rates

CA psycho governor signs bill to protect environment from poisons while in the same month signs bill to inject poisons into children instead of protecting them from poisons, you get one guess who always win$ and who always loses, hint, chemical companies and portfolios win, children lose

An0maly chats with G. Edward Griffin who's 90 years old who interviewed Yuri Bezmenov decades ago, a man who tried to warn the world that some day if we don't pay attention to mind control manipulation tactics, there will be no where else to defect, and that day has arrived under the Obamacare health care scam and 40 year old Faucist regime. watch this short segment

Wearing a face mask is a medical political cult ritual to make you think the pandemic is real that there is a dangerous unicorn that stalks you that the air is filled with mini godzillas in a rage it's a disgusting abuse of good people

What people will do to protect themselves from dangerous unicorns!  Does any of this not loook ODD? the injected go to a gam without the purebloods yet they are still wearing face diapers!

Top vaccinologist in Canada says the injections are bad on Kevin J. Johnston show about 1 hour 25 minutes in this is mentioned 10/13/2021. Also mentioned NO PROOF anywhere virus exists. Scientology is a cult. They keep saying they follow the science. Helloooo.

To be married in Canada one area is going "above and beyond" to keep everyone safe from dangerous unicorns, requiring everyone be Fauci's lab rats in stead of humans
injected with magical "safe marriage" serum, the "Safe Cult" keeps growing like a fungus

October 13 2021 there is still no 100 or more employe mandate it's another of many bluffs Jon Rappoport is following/watching this through an electron microscope and finding many mutant parasites in Washington DC that keep lying about Bully Biden's school yard rants when is that guy going to grow up

Life as a trucker in Aussieland he does not show his personal papers on the road they won't let him thru they won't let him turn around they want him to just back up which is illegal, maybe they will let a helicopter come in and lift him and his truck out, this is your Obamacare and Faucicare working at warp speed infecting the entire planet that took A. Fauci 40 full years to develop and implement to keep portfolios SAFE and FULL to the brim while throwing you to the wolves of Wall Street

Garden State "Equality" Ball bans those who are not GMOs like them which does not seem like equal treatment anymore as this is becoming the norm, those who have demanded and fought for equal treatment not doing that very thing. Public official for schools went maskless and others stood and posed for cameras showing how utterly hypocritical they all are in front of the word "equality" behind them what a discussing display

So long as California can claim itself a "sanctuary state" don't come to me and say that the federal government has legal standing on ILLEGAL DECLARATIONS for injection mandates that trample all over human rights and "mandate" business force all employees to be Fauci's lab rat in the biggest fraudulent human experiment in HISTORY Tim Pool has some things to say on these absurd demands that are all about medical one size fit's all absolutism created for the health of elistist portfolios

"Mandate" papers filed in federal registrar to make everyone on planet Earth be Fauci's lab rat but some were pointing out that it is not yet PUBLISHED and it is unconstitutional, unnecessary, to demand private health data for all and it is an experiment of an entirely new injection technology, is this written in Obamacare somewhere that government can do this whenever it wants? Don't ask anyone in Congress they never read bills. hmmmmmmm

LUNATIC health director in Australia should be institutionalized claims to stop the spread of what DOES NOT EXIST claims masks will be worn for years indoors, outdoors, in your closets, while on the toilet, and when flying in outer space trips to get the hell away from these disgusting authoritarians

Silent epidemic of plane crashes probably due to being Fauci's lab rat and these crashes are rarely making national news because they would not want to offend their drug pushing sponsors making them all very rich

Why is Chicago Mayor not obsessed with transmissible bullets?
Most of the deaths are from transmission of bullets not from viruses that DO NOT EXIST. All the focus is on a virus never proven to exist and not on the constant murders caused by transmissible Delta bullets. In this episode we hear Laura Lynn, Tim Pool, Dr. Andrew Kaufman the best doctor in the world, graphene, and mention of the 1,734,300 US dollar reward for anyone who finds SARS-COV-2 as it has never been proven to exist.

I am all the pronouns please refer to me as all of them thank you.

Dr. Reimer Fuellmich who is suing world governments and players in the corona/hoax states we are enduring the biggest crime of all time on a Mr. Global scale. Mainstream medias are continuing to ignore this news as they are all owned by Mr. Global.

Southwest airlines backs off maintaining Yosemite Sam position against dangerous unicorns. The employees do not have to be Fauci's lab rat. The employees are heros still considered only worthy of experiment. What about all those employees that caved and are now injected GMOs by coersion and threat? They should sue for patent rights on themselves as they are now GMOs. What a sad time in history.

Hospital workers fired in droves for refusing experimental injections and replaced with FEMA workers WHO ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE INJECTED that only makes sense in a schizo administration

Farmers in France bury government facilities in maneur why it's already covered in maneur

Where is the proof that changing people into GMOs to "provide protection" from cold and flu viruses (corona) works? There is none. The whole thing is an experiment, a medical and political marketing fraud. It is in a trial, most people don't understand this, they just believe their TV lie box. The trial does not end until January 31, 2023. They cannot possibly know it works safely or does anything they claim they are all pitching you. Everything being said is LIES.

Trumps border wall of steel falls apart with massive flood movements of water which brings walls of viruses from everywhere, they should test Mother Nature for the cold and flu virus (corona) and quarantine it or send all the politicians to an insane asylum. This is the problem with all one size fits all simple talking point "solutions" to very involved multifaceted issues be they flow of migrants that are preferred to enter by certain locations in an approved process or be it the incredibly complex functions of the human body where anyone that tells you to get injected with an experiment to "fix it" well you should run the hell away from as it's one size does not fit all approach. With injections we might think of them as steel to STOP the virus they claim, but your body also has rivers of water which can blast through walls that are supposed to stop viruses from illegally immigrating into cells (albeit the entire virus theory is a lie at it's core).

CUTTING OFF PART OF A BABY BOY'S SEXUAL ORGAN IS CRIMINAL SEXUAL ABUSEBillboard in BUFFALO New York highlights to drivers on the I-190 highway the barbaric and utterly cruel violation of bodily integrity practice of circumcision which really needs to be banned before plastic spoons and so many other stupid things being banned. In the USA we have been misled by medical cartel$ and the public is led to believe that banning plastic spoons to save plastic is more important than saving baby boys from this cutting off part of their boyhood. It is rape, it is a horror. It is a HOLOCAUST. 16 functions of the foreskin are horribly lost forever on a man and the perpetrators never even even apologize in fact they make money from it and probably enjoy what they do to harm baby boys physically and psychologically. Henry was asked in Ohio at a stop light he basically said HELL/NO he would not have his son's private part partically cut off.

The medical community YOU/TRUST to inject you with needles filled with bizarre concoctions of chemicla formulas that basically rapes your blood cells, routinely hacks off the most sacred part of men's bodies that make them men at birth. We are living in and are exposed to a FORESKIN HOLOCAUST that continues at the hands of an unethical medical elite who lie to us. Hundreds of million$ of men have been VIOLATED. An "intactivist" group used donations to help alert one part of the world about this in Buffalo proud to show off their accomplishment. This site will always support such efforts to bring justice to all the men harmed by that horrific procedure that is 100% unnecessary and extremely harmful to it's male victims. We simply cannot allow this barbaric practice to continue.  good interviews around the 30 minute mark

If this is still too hard to deal with how about exposing how DEMOCRATS and Republicans are all getting rich off insiderous trading and it's the TIK TOK kids who are exposing their fraud

The Kamala thing speaks to Indian conferance "lamenting mass migration in America from Europe" and it's "destructwhile opening floodgates to mass migration from latin American countries to do what, plant flowers everywhere on Indian land? Are her followers so delusional and lost in their cults that they can't see this disgusting hypocritical pandering? She said nothing about where all her money comes from, not Natives but Europeans who came here and built industry, discovered oil, fed the world, nor did she mention the Male Penis Holocaust (MPH) she and other politicians do nothing about. Moreon pathological authoritarians.

Today's quote of interest: "What is even more remarkable than the fossil fueled Texas Permanent School Fund being the largest educational endowment in the country? Over-educated idiots at the University of Texas in the Peoples Republic of Travis County are actually demanding that the UT System divest from fossil fuels. I schist you not."

More proof the entire virological construct is a scientific $hit $how on $teroid$ with dancing clowns called politicians.

We teach our kids at 2 years old to not put a plastic bag over their heads then they grow up and end up in the hospital where, guess what, the hospital puts a plastic bag over the girls head.

US to open land borders in November 2021, only those who commit to becoming Fauci's experimental lab rats may apply. All the liars behind the injection cult are disgusting. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said last week all vaccines approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)". THAT IS A LIE. An appoval only exists for a product not on the market and likely never will be which would contain LIABILITY FOR INJURIES. The entire covid-19 thing is a massive medical political marketing fraud and injections of cash which is what the fraud is all about is what is necessary for portfolios.

Federal judge blocks United Airlines Faucist injection demand of all employees to be HUMAN EXPERIMENTS thus saving lab rat lives.

The Green New Steal considers if California is going to LEED the way to a cleen green bright future it really should start by using only "green energy" from solar and wind  to bring water from the Colorado River. California is basically an irrigated desert and this irrigation relys on reliable fossil fuels to move all this water, store it, process it, distribute it. It is disingenuous for politician$ to not make THAT first and foremost priority to set example. The Green New Steal sales pitchers will not tell you this. They want your green dollar energy for themselves. The will never tell you the truth that all of these industrial [puke] "green energy " systems are a scam to get your energy.

There was only one group of people that handled the fraud-19 virus intelligently without Apple, Microsoft, apps, Google, Twitter, $8 billion given to Fraudci, or obscenely paid health care workers and government officials, find out who

Fake injection syringe prop used on Fox News sooooo obvious on Dana White segment covering Southwest cancellations fake nurse pulls out the syringe and the retractible needle is not exposed at all, it's FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE real movie prop. None of these injections on FAKE/TV are real. LOOK WHO ALL THEIR ADVERTISERS WHERE THEY GET THEIR BIG MONEY FROM. They are all in on the gaming of the public and it's just not nice.

LA based vaxxed pilot allegedly died in flight on Delta needed emergency landing, maybe that was what really caused the shutdown of all the flights. He will not be listed as fully vaxxinated or caused by the shot as it happened in less than the 14 day waiting period. Flight attendents getting sick, well duh, everyone's rebreathing in their DANGEROUS LEVELS OF CO2. Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby reports on yet more horror stories

Liberal mask cult devotee goes skydiving "to be safe" doesn't notice till later that the instructor she did it with had on his helmet an sticker that states "ARREST FAUCI". It went viral so she stamped it out, deleting the tweet, as it backfired, everyone loved it.

We cannot vaccinate our way out of ANY disease condition. He worked with FDA safety committee realized this corona thing was not what we were being told and that the safety checks were being ignored so he put his career on the line as a doctor and is now speaking out and informing the public, DR PETER MCCULLOGH SPEAKING in front of the of American Association of Physicians and Surgeons Oct 2 21 I think the fraudci virus does not like him

Pfizer called about FDA approval they say "it has to be approved first" there is NO FDA APPROVED injection.

"The Comirnaty has not been approved" as stated by Pfizer customer service this product IS NOT ON THE MARKET (and probably will never be available ever) it's a marketing ploy, if they were to put this one called "Comirnaty" on the market it would make them liable for injuries, do not be fooled by their bait and switch, the only product available is under the fake emergency use where they have no liability

The pro-injection mandateists are terrified of the non-existent virus and natural immunity. Jon Rappoport explains

Registry deed found for the entire Planet Earth surprises everyone who owns it.

Nurse asks "why are we not testing for antibodies?" I can tell you from watching the AIDS/MESS, if they start testing for antibodies in conjob-19 it would expose the lie of HIV/AIDS which uses testing for antibodies. Antibodies show up as a response to remove virus and toxins. They hang around as a blueprint for when they need to be made again.

The plan is to create more disability, WAKE/UP.

"Compilcations related to covid-19" is the new buzz term used to blame the non-existent virus that is ONLY A COMPUTER MODEL for complications in health and disease that often include dangerous injections of biological and chemical serums. This is the same thing that was done with HIV/AIDS blame game long ago in the 1980's when the medical community thugs in disseminating information would cover their blunders by blaming that fake virus instead of the horrific drug AZT that was killing people then, and drug abuse, and other factors, they continued to constantly blame the virus in all the medias, all the government "health" agencie$, and their cash cows kept having babie$.

No travel unless you become Fauci's lab rat forces mass exodus of smart air traffic controllers and Southwest employees Jacksonville leaving their posts and other employees such as pilots who are suing throughout the company joining forces agains segregation in a sickout to avoid being injected with the Fauci virus causing cancellations more details also here as all the news outlets report fake weather problems

the weather was fine - fake news ignored the trugh

If you or a loved or hated one gets "THE/VAX" and dies within 14 days, it can easily be listed as a conjob-19 death not an injection of biological weapon death. The lying medical cons do not believe you are fully injectionated until after those 14 days even though you are injectionated and even though the needle has been removed and the poison injected inside of you. The Faucist scum bags never blame injections only things that are invisible and they can't prove exist and you can't prove does not exist which is the pillar of all religious cults. How much more obvious does it need to be conjob-19 is a big con job.

Chris Sky speaks on recent events including his speaking at rallys in Canada and how the London and Ottowa and Niagara police departments are in solidarity against all Fauci lab rat injection mandates. Speaks about the Rosa Parks Challenge challenging the new segregation. Rally on October 16.

The tin foil hat wearers are now the injection pushers. They still fear the Fauci virus. Never happy until every blood cell drinks the poison. Fearing dangerous unicorns is tin foil hat territory. Democrats are leading the cult. Religious zealotous Republicans are not far behind though Trump led the entire cult at the start. What a disgusting piece of crap. Jim Jones sits up in his grave amazed.

There is only a mandatory press release, there is no actual federal mandate, show us the proof it's not there it's not published, it's all fake nonsense, it's unconstitutional, it's lies. Employers that are following the declaration of basicall just a press release will be subjecting themselves to legal issues. Smoke and mirrors cough cough. In the video notice the real person on the left and the fake one on the right window box.

The vax is harming million$
BBC and British government are criminal drug pushers? The data is there that might suggest. Total adverse events corona virus vax 1,350,092 compared to ivermectin at 5517. To fix this maybe CfDCandprevention will merely change definition of green to mean red to fix the problem like they changed "immunization" to "protection" as there never was such a thing as immunization and protection can be like providing you a FEMA umbrella to protect you in a hurricane of 200 mph winds where as immunizing you from hurricanes means you are never affected but since Dr. Stefan Lanka German court case now PROVED undoubtedly that measles virus does not exist, the entire basis of all laws requring vaccines has been sent to hell which is where Fauci does some of his behind the dirt consultations. Red usually signifies STOP so we recommend STOP all drug pushing. listen and learn

For your health stop listening to anything Fauci says unless he's right next to you and warning you not to cross the street without looking both ways but while you are standing there be forewarned he might push you. He has a history of pushing people. He also works closely with Lucy to protect the health of Charlie Brown promising Charlie if he just gets the shot he can play football with Lucy again.

Vax roulette more dangerous than the Russian version 4,520 times more likely to die of experimental Fauci injections in an emergency where every political leader is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off and it's head still screaming the sky is falling and "It's an emergency our heads will save you" as not seen on TV because they are all drug pusher$

NY Times article last year exaggerated by 13x the number of children in hospital last year claiming it was close to 1 million. I call this the disease of FEAR/PORN routine of mass media companies that regurgitate bad data all of which is tied to drug money flowing in to their ad budgets.

Maskaholics should stop influencing elections and policy they need help they are sick, be understanding to them, try to help them out of their cult if you can

Spanish high court also confirms covid is medical marketing fraud there is no virus isolate anywhere in the world. Presented in spanish with english subtitles this totals about 7 billion references now available to anyone willing to shut off the TV news and stupid daytime talk shows that all work for drug money

Canada's liberal wackjob ruling king "bans" his people from leaving the country unless they get shot, Justic Center emphasises that it is just an announcement and they cannot bring legal challenge as no law was made

"The War On US" talk from the Ron Paul Institute featuring Robert F. Kennedy on the PAN demic

Emergency room nurse speaks out after being fired for refusing to be Fauci's lab rat, telling us that they are lying to the public about "not enough beds" it's actually not enough staff as many have quit refusing to be used in an experiment.

School in Wyoming put in lockdown over non-mask wearing student who would not leave when asked after they then suspended her. What kind of Faucist hell is this? Face masks stop no virus anyway. The parent also tries to discuss with school official.

Attorney Thomas Devore in Illinois explains they cannot force masks on children without due process THE LAW DOES NOT ALLOW IT they are assuming everyone is diseased and it is illegal quarantine. He has had great success speaking to each school district where he practices law.

See Attorney Thomas Devore explanation

In the UK man stands outside school teaching about informed concent medical interventions and Fauci's lab rat experiment horror show and watch parent discuss.

Coldvirus-19 "threat" exaggerated for profit, biggest slickest sales pitch in HISTORY channeling trillion$ to portfolios, when you wake up you might see it's probably not yours.

Del Bigtree who produced "The Doctors" says ICAN is suing Gavin Newsom for his attack on children watch

Oregon "health" authority lies to the public on who are "unvaxxineated" playing games with definitions and statistics, all of these world vaxxine pushing organizations are lying and defrauding the public and in Israel these lying thugs now say the public needs 3 shots to be "vaccinated" which means that anyone who died from the shots before that they are listed as unvaccinated, so they can use that to scare the pubolic, can you see the fraud yet?

Why does not the world understand THERE IS NO VACCINE THERE IS ONLY AN EXPERIMENTAL INJECTION. It can be a placebo so any business that mandates only the vaccinated can enter is allowing in many who are PLACEBOED. Hellooooooooooooooo. Wakey. Fauci and so many leader$ and health authors are all lying their a$$e$ off to the public. A vaccine is a fully tested product, these injections are not fully tested. They are an experiment on humanity and allowing people in with vax proof that have PLACEBOS is stupid. It's all about their wealth not your health based on infinite LIES  there is no FDA approved injection it's only an experiment you are Fraudci's lab rat  it's unconstitutional and illegal to require it of anyone 

$1.7 billion lawsuit 871 Los Angeles firefighters try to put out the political fires of declarations by liberal cult goons running that city demaning they all become injected test subjects and thus be part of their masters sick medical cult  there is a purpose behind all this  the lawyer defending these 871 good firefighters is Kevin McBride read his statements on his official website that it's unconstitutional for employers to mandate

Child hugs his mom after hearing mask mandate overturned in court shows how OBVIOUSLY TERRORIZED HE WAS BY SCUMBAG DEMOCRATS, FAUCI, AND ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THE COVID VENTURE FRAUD

Parents serve $200 million medical malpractice lawsuit on Clark County school board officials who ARE NOT DOCTORS yet are prescribing medical procedures on HEALTHY CHILDREN

The human race cannot control the climate by any means any more than it imagines it could control where smoke goes after a forest or wildland fire or volcano eruption that spreads the entire planet. Viruses are smaller than particles of smoke, anyone that thinks they drop on the floor before getting to 6 feet is an ignoramusexual they solar report

Canada Minister for Employment who works lock step with the Faucist injection pushing regime Jalla Pulford tries to respond to question what should employer do when employee does not want to be a guinea pig experimental injectee, she offeres how to get rid of the employee from hire making them UNEMPLOYED with no prescription as to what that person is supposed to do to survive when these idiot control freaks insist they need to remove all of the people they feel are "unclean" from their cult to "save the world". It's become clear these psychos grew up watching too many superhero movies. This is presented with comment in David Knight show 8 OCT 21 which also features Bill Gates discussed digital pass for "global reopening up" stated 10 YEARS AGO which statement had been edited out, this is more proof of all this being a plandemic. Gerald Calente also was featured on his show in another episode speaks about coming dragflation.

What happens in the 45th year of lockdowns, under the dome of Mars Colony Two, in the city of Fauci? find out in this short novel fiction story which is like the novel-19 fiction virus both are stories and imagination

Leading corona researchers admit they have no proof of "the virus". Wow! So what the hell are government doing all that crap for? Why do we have people locked down, injectionated, chemical fumigation?

Los Angeles City public comments of the motion they insanely approved for all humans there to be injected GMOs or they cannot participate in most normal aspects of life in any indoor setting. This is illegal and claimed to begin November 4, 2021. People are simply not going to stand for this tyrrany shit show that is exposing who are the worst people on the planet. listen to comments

Once upon a time when it served their needs DemocRAT controlled Los Angeles hailed 1st responder firefighters as some of the best people on the planet. They are! They always are but now they consider them villans if the individual declines to be Fauci's lab rat in his big genetic modification injection experiment forced and coerced on the public. The city are firing large swaths of them for not complying with the Faucist regime. What a disgusting bunch of RATS lost in a world of delusional medical cult$ only interested in their wealth not your health.

There is no virus, never isolated, it's all fraud. Virology is not a science there is no actual proof these critters exist as explained by the Hustlers In Virology (HIV). This included "the flu virus" and all of them. Feel free to send the guest data on this matter, former RCMP officer explains on Kevin J. Johnston show.

Colorado hospital refuses to provide life saving organ transplant when the patient refuses risky experimental injection of genetic modification, 2020 hindsight now shows us the scum sick "health" care $YSTEM funded by massive amounts of new $$ from the treasury to deal with rebranded flu, CARES ONLY ABOUT ITSELF AND IS PRETTY STUPID if it believes viruses cause disease, so they will not give her this organ if she does not change her mind and submit and likely will die whereas the chance of anyone dying of virus that does not exist is nonexistent. Meanwhile sore throat 45 year old panics could get emergency treatment. Wellness Forum by Pam Popper  her official website

Nurse speaks in board of supervisors meeting calling out the indoctrination in Disgusting Medical Cult Rituals that are not science and witnessed the "TORTURE AND MURDER in the hospitals" calls out the mask circus 84 health departments admit not a single paper demonstrating isolation of a virus claimed to cause newbrand-19 disease. Notice the militant cut off of her mic and threat for goving over time by about 10 seconds. Says when you understand you will never believe virus hoax again.

Always ask for the ingredients! They don't know what the ingredients are. Just trust them she says it's the Pfizer vax. Claims it will give immunity but that's a lie. Even CDC changed that definition September 1, 2021, only "protection" like a baseball cap will "protect" you from a landslide. Pfizer received biggest fine in the billions by government years back for fraud. Just trust them. What are the ingredients again? She can't answer. Hangs up on him. That's SICK "health" care.

No experience needed to be a county clerk, whaaaaaaaaat?

As many stated at the beginning of fraud-19 it's the flu, it's rebranded flu used to push new fangled injection$ to make you into a genetically modified organism in a test experiment. It's not very nice to do this to people. Lying media and lying Fauci work "smart" to suck people into their cult. We saw this whole thing play out with HIV/AID$, pushing killer meds for profit, lying and saying they saved lives.

Discussion panel including Fauci at Milken Institute Michael Specter of  The New Yorker asks "Why don't we blow the system up?" so they did as we saw them do with the fraud-19 theatricks presented to the world starting in 2020 hindsight. A MUST WATCH

General Dynamics institutes a mandatory vaxxination policy, using an experimental vax that is genetic modification, unproven safe, has varied amounts from 5 micrograms to 30 of active ingredient which no one knows what happens to people with these varied dose amounts, and it could be a saline placebo or a meningitis vaccine placebo because THIS WHOLE THING IS AN EXPERIMENT ON HUMANITY so how is this protecting anyone? It is not. Hospitals will not allow uninjected in to visit, they are considered non-essential. When is this bullshit going to stop?

The Good New Yorkers want to help Australia as well as them selves from tyrrany. Marched from Brooklyn to the Australian Consolate in Manhattan. The bad New Yorkers preferred to keep watching good people be fired and not allowed equal access to food and lose their dignity as directed by their dictator$. Rebel News has a report

An0maly speaks on the latest including US government pritning TRILLION$ to handle this PANDEMIC IN BAD GOVERNING and are we better for it, hardly, only the billionaires are better off. "Flu has been around for 80 years and we never reached herd immunity" think about that, vaccines never fixed that problem. They never will.

There was no deadly virus only dangerous unicorns in a Broadway show that played everywhere on every stage on Earth. Bonne Comley supports throwing unvaxxed with experimental GMOs off stage "to be safe". She talks about SELL/OUTS. Some of those vaxxed will have placebos so THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PROTECTION FROM THE SHOTS. These events will have patrons that are vaxxed with salt water. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Ted Nugent speaks simply to those who jabbed the got.

OMG the injectionists at WHO approved first malaria vax, these thugs never stop. How many will this thing kill? They will blame THE/VIRUS which does not exist.

This fraud is exposed as we see Fauci in 2019 and others plotting how they will force everyone to get a flu vaxxine as for years fewer people have been getting the injections that do not work they had to plot new strategie$. watch and share the truth

Doctor of presidents speaks out on the possible new holocaust by injection. It's a scary thought, but considering what he did not present, that no one knows how many placebos are being used, nor how many very low doses are given as they vary from 5 micrograms to 30, in this genetic experiment on humanity almost everything is speculative, yet one thing for sure, the drug pushing $ale$ pitches are the same.

Fauci pointed to his OPPOSITE ARM when he was asked about his FAKE/VAX in 2020. This is what liars do forget what they lied about and they get caught in their lies. 40 years of LIES. Video shows him getting his FAKE/VAX in the other arm. He's a drug pusher thug.

2SLGBTQQIA+ is the newest retarded hyper insane version of "gay". GAY+ is the new non-retarded version.

Xavier Becerra a lying sucm pompous elitist politician WHO IS NOT EVEN A DOCTOR and heads HHS from California which used to be a FANTASTIC PLACE to live where people were included and no longer are claims 666k died of "C*$vid" blasted by sane non-liars on his stupid statement that those who insist on injecting themselves with NATURAL IMMUNITY are flat earthers pushes synthetic injections to make people into GMOs as if that is better.

Florida's agricultural commissioner a staunch liberal social media delusionist cult member, Desantis calls our her distortions on masks WHICH NEVER STOP VIRUSES THAT DO NOT EXIST IN THE AIR ANYWHERE.

Mask on the microphone not face sure that makes sense "to keep us safe". This "bla bla bla" is one of the bla bla blaest Green New Steal bla bla blaers.

Many point out the absurdity of leaving out the UN/VAXT from the VAXT saying if the vax works then they are protected from the unvaxt, problem is corporate law based on fear of being sued is afraid of the unvaxt spreading it to the unvaxt. Say there's 10 vaxt in a store indoors and they let in 10 unvaxt, if one or more of the unvaxt "get infected" with the fake virus of which there is no test in the world can show exists well then they could be possibly considered held liable. It's pretty much like Y2K though, basically all farce.

New Zealand rolls back it's super strict ZERO/TOLERANCE virus hunting policy as it's a failure. Don't get too excited though as they still will be dictators in mandating vaccines and if you don't obey you will not be allowed to have a life. So as they keep "building planes while flying them" tell your politicians you have a no tolerance policy and they are fired FOR YOUR health and welfare

1/2 day of vaccination training is what doctors get and you trust anything said about vaccines? THAT IS ALL!!! They know nothing! Del Bigtree caught this and replayed for his audience on October 7, 2021. Episode 236 re-presents episode 145 of January 9, 2020 before the vaccine holocaust started with the big fat "2 weeks slow the spread" LIE used so they could declare fake emergency and brainwash the public so they can get them to accept vaccines. They said it in their meeting that is their goal. These are CULT LEADER$ AND DRUG PUSHER$. They admit making world dependent on them. They have 276 vaxxines in the pipeline. That will be one every day, not just 2 and a "booster" each year! Stop this cult.

The warnings were there at least going back to the 1980's. The gay holocaust prescribed by the Faucist regime was where it started. Medications that were toxic killed my friends, not any virus that was never proven to exist, now you see what so many were trying to warn you about. It's 2021 and THE/FRAUD and the Medical Dictate (MD) cult have forged into the minds of their puppets separation policies that are beginning to resemble establishing leper colonies but this time the whole thing is upside down, it's deleting THE HEALTHY as a way to fake protect you. They declare without written LAW proof of being a GMO to make sure others who are supposedly immune are "protected". All lies. They are all fraud$. It's Fauci's world of mad science. Is this not clear yet?

Obsessive compulsive hunt for dangerous unicorns i$ in$ane. Viruses do not exist as described, they are cell debris. This has been studied thoroughly. Virology is a lucrative drug pushing cult. Have them show you a test result for the virus monster foating in the air coming from someon's breath. They claim it's in the air, they lie. There was better health care in the middle ages. There is no law requiring anyone to provide PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION in fact just the opposite, no scumbag politician anywhere has any right to demand you provide your medical information regarding anything there ARE LAWS that forbid that. It is illegal for stores or other places to deny service, you are not trespassing for merely not showing a vaccine passport. They are all breaking the health privacy laws making such declaration$.

Irish cinemas served legal papers telling them they are breaking the law by compelling patrons to provide personal health data giving them 7 days to respond and they face $20 million euros fine for discrimination.

Everywhere Biden goes masses of people come out with "Fuck Joe Biden" flags gee why would that be isn't he the greatest Alzheimers in Chief ever?

Santa Claus exists this is repeated everywhere and is well known and this is exactly how they prove viruses exist, they don't, they do, they don't. Q: These agencies are all saying they have no records proving SARS-CoV-2 exists, but at the same time some of these agencies sponsor and fund studies that claim the virus does exist. How do you account for this contradiction?  template for FOIA requests to expose the fraud of Santa Clause or other frauds can be used here

Vaccine supremacy is all the rage: "What do you mean I can't go in the bar to buy you a drink unless I share my PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION at the door? Why would you DISCRIMINATE against me for being human? Oh I get it you are building a medical dictatorship and that is more important than all the HUMAN RIGHTS matters you sailed ship on in the past as THIS IS WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS NOW problem is this is quarantine without due process the law does not allow it." See Attorney Thomas Devore explanation especially if you are a parent concerned about school districts abusing your child. Kevin J. Johnston show starting about 50 minutes in has some other legal discussion on your rights.

Every human has natural immunity to what ever the virus mutation variant have you, the body matches and mirrors any and all and sweeps them out, down the toilet. Drug pushing liars do not emphaise that. Ron Paul called out the government's highest paid drug hustler liar scumbag (choose which pronoun you prefer) who in the 1980's claimed one in 5 straight Americans wold be dead from a "virus" that was actually just cell debris. The only ones that died were my friends who bought this fuck's lies and fed themselves the poison AZT like Jim Jones did to his brainwashed followers in that cult. Just say no to drugs.

Speaker at council meeting presents the problem of sending child home with no symptoms of unhealth, was a grade 93 student now down to 49 as the school district is the one forging that drop by not allowing him participation due to fear of dangerous unicorns never proven to exist, notice there is no one in the audience and they chop his time off after his few minutes are up. These politicians everywhere don't care about the public they are all taking orders like in many a dictator ship heading for an iceberg.

Lindsey Graham compares measles injection to genetic modification and the small audience under the tent won't have it, the guy in the back yells out "I'm gonna lose my job, you've got to stop this". Graham dribbles out he was in the military pushing the injection that is EXPERIMENTAL, is given in various doses, can be just SALINE PLACEBO OR MENINGITIS PLACEBO. He's another part of this dangerous injection cult.

Some believe in Santa Clause hoax, global warming hoax, and the social distancing "to be safe" hoax.

Where's the mandate? No one seems to be able to find it only finding dribble from Biden and Fraudci. One strategy a restaurant owner used was to get down to the non-published only declared "100 employee limit" he prioritized firing those lost in the cult who got vax-in-ated. The fantastic reliable honest Jon Rappoport asks "where is that rule exactly, can't find it published anywhere!" it's only on TV land of the make believe fake virus scare box. The full text of the "mandate" is not even listed at OSHA. If it's not published it's not real. Since we all know politicians and presidents never lie we will have to look into this further. Maybe it's a new gay dating app. Man-Date.

White colonists plan invasion hidden inside the fake clean energy wind turbines the Trojans that plan to devour large offshore areas off the Eastern seaboard plan to colonize where indiginous threatened whales and fish have been living for eons and where fishermen have scaled the seas where she sells sea shells by the sea shore store they see the threat coming and are trying to warn humanity. learn more

WHO exactly came up with the solution of alleged need of a injection to make you into a GMO so that you can be healthy? The Hustle In Virology (HIV) cult always has drug or injection to sell you while they always make $$$$$$$$$ in the billions. Maybe we should ask them if they might know who came up with this flawed idea.

Disney rolls out vax proof for those on their media production sets. Who needs any of this crap. It exposes health data, it creates prejudice. Boycott. The vaxd can still get or receive viruses. The whole thing is stupid.

THE/SCIENCE fictionists in "health" governing with their lies about transmission of NON-EXISTENT VIRUSES IN THE AIR keep trying to control virus from flying in their air space anywhere even though no virus was ever proven to exist. US Freedom Flyers speak with Stew Peters

Where's the man date? We can't find it, Waldo can't find it, no one seems to be able to find it. The "executive order" is hogwash, it's not published, if it's not published it's hot air just like the fake "apporoved" GMO product that does not exist. Businesses do not have to tell any employee they have to become GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS owned by portfolioists if it's just more hot air bluffery. The only thing found applies to federal workers. FAKE/NEWS tells us otherwise. Jon Rapoport explains

Hustle In Virology (HIV) exposed - viruses do not kill cells

Fauci's dribble about viruses out of both sides of his mouth and out his ass is fluid, ever changing, grossly exaggerated and all over the place. It's best to avoid Fauci's fluids for your safety and health.

White is not a culture she says in the seperate but equal room at school as she rants at the white guy

Petroleum is an ESSENTIAL business to all Green New Steal projects. California is allowing installing of billion$ worth of these fake clean energy propeller sticks in Lompoc which PRISTINE LANDSCAPES will be ruined using your money. They catch fire more than cars. They can't put them out they just watch them burn up ALL THE 500 GALLONS OF OIL THAT IS IN THESE THINGS used for hydraulics and lubrication of the many moving parts. These things are a scam and a WASTE OF ENERGY.

Lying scumtruck National Institutes of "Health" director finally resigns after gain-of-function bio weapon research funding exposed fire all these lying cons and take back the world and fund real science not their science fiction that keeps blaming dangerous unicorns. The piece of your money sucking pension filling garbage blamed naturally immune non injected GMOs for making others sick and pushed innefective mask abuse of children turning our world into an upside down pyramid then stands there praying to God to fix it.

Before entering the good HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTING businesses you must now prove your are pure blood with no GENETIC MODIFICATION as businesses are banning the injectionairies to protect those who are pure and free of synthetics. Support only those businesses when you can. This for your health.

The State of Slippery San Andreas has lost it's mind now banned state funded travel to 1/3 of the USA east of the FAULT. This state is the most retarded nit picky self absorbed bastion of stupidity in governing and slick mind control medical political corruption turning the whole place into a cult. As leaders trumpeted equality and did help with gay rights for decades, and for that we are grateful, while also eroding them as they strangleheld free sex, banning porn production, basically made people eat condoms "for their health" made of treats of toxic chemotherapy taken daily (AZT which killed my friends) on and on which is now worse than ever in the lie game of "for your health" they now have completely fallen into a Medical Dictate (MD) pit, SHUNNING those who refuse to join their medical cult that demands everyone become a GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM (mRNA injected) as the only way to protect others who already "are protected" - it is a cult - while the leaders of the cult avoid such measures and pretend.

Polly in OntarioPolly in Ontario presents a well thought out study on EXEMPTIONS which are bullshit to even have to ask for one as basis for all human rights is no one can force any injection into you it's rape with a synthetic chemical formula NOT PROVEN SAFE, "It's soooo Nazi!" In her talk she references word games played on us called "immunization" but that term is a lie, all these public agencies deceive and throw the ball around none taking any liability for any of their recommendations that are not LAW, even the CDC finally changed vaccines to "provide protection" instead of "immunize" as there is no such thing as an injection actually "immunizing" anyone, there never was, it was a lie, there is no such thing as immunity, the human body is always susceptible and it is always working to protect itself, thus there are no immunizations there are only INJECTIONS that rape blood cells.

Polio is a one of many LIES (Log In Eye Syndrom) the problem is and always was paralysis caused by chemicals. Polio is a disingenuous LABEL that does not treat disease conditions equally. Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are consistent in their abuse of label making for profit. Children were exposed to pesticides well documented. The virus hunter$ blamed an imaginary virus that was never proven to exist only asserted to exist. AIDS is another LABEL/LIE the label lumps in 28 different diseases then gave it a new cause, a novel fictitious "virus", also never proven to exist, used to push expensive drugs and calm fears they injected in the public. My friends died of the LIES.

Drone show in China was pretty but the lasers are stupid they take away from it they just never shut off like somoeone who'z had too much coffee watch

Universal Flu Vax 2019 on CSPAN discussion Milken Institute Future of Health Summit featuring Fauci says it takes 10 years (not lightning speed like what was just done in 2020), Specter mentions blowing the system up, Bright mentions need for excitement and distruption as does Fauci [in order to sell the product] not dependent on bureaucratic strings, this is very TELLING how it is a PLANDEMIC

Alex Jones also has a report on this in detail

Going puke green means electric rationing already this is happening in Europe, "Electric car charging points in peopleís homes will be preset to switch off for nine hours each weekday at times of peak demand because ministers fear blackouts on the National Grid." If the world is only powered by the sun how the hell are you going to recharge your car at night? The Green New Steal is all about using your energy to FUND PENSIONS.

French tennis player Jeremy Chardy has bowed out of the 2021 season, citing terrifying reactions to the GENETIC EXPERIMENT

Navy Seals told they are "undeployable" unless they become GMOs so they and others sue

There was never any demand for weekly, daily, or minute by minute "testing" for the 1st responders "during the pandemic" and they did not drop like flies, now suddenly demands are to make them into a GMO or get tested every millisecond wearing a patch that hooks up to an app that sends data to Fauci's jesters for analysis in order "to protect others". Stop the SPREAD OF THEIR LIES.

Attorney Thomas Renz calls out Newsom Gruesom announcement to inject kids with GENETIC MODIFIERS saying "it would be safer to push out kids out of a plane with a parachute"

There is no vaccine measure in California for the GMO injections. There is only hype. It's a dancing pic show with lipstick. The product is not a vaccine. Stop calling it that, it sometimes corrected as being genetic therapy, stop calling it that, it is not therapy, it is not a massage, it is an biological weapon of mass cell destruction as Dr. David Martin calls it, it is an injection of what the producers of this LIE/FEST claim is genetic engineering using unproven technology that's supposed to make your body into a virus producing factory, so it can "stop the spread" which is like feeding rats so they will like you and leave your home. Viruses do not exist. What is there is cell debris that your cells poop out. It's all lies they are making things up to scare you into joining their cult. Notice how it ALWAYS leads to expensive drug pushing and injection$. This time they bet your farm on it with illegal quarantine declarations, massive media blitz, coordinated hysteria.

Retarded fear porn tries to make Florida governor look bad, it only makes idiots in masks look bad

Pfizer scientist "I still feel like I work for an evil corporation...." admits natural antibodies are better.

With 4,000 patents owned by US government the preview shows us that THE "NOVEL" VIRUS is not so novel after all, it's fiction.

Sotomayor denies appeal by teachers looking for PROTECTION from tyrranist demands by employers to become experimental GMOs so they must become expermental GMOs or lose their job. What the hell is wrong with these people? Once again we see health "care" by vote, remember when Sarah Palin talked about government run health care and death panels?

SICK/CARE system fires employees after 40 years when they refuse to become their GMO property.

Forced injections BY A VOTE? Something does not smell right, that is not health care that is SINISTER. $an Diego $chool board merely vote$, using a handful of people, to make medical decisions for millions. Sleasefuck governor makes declaration. Endless "emergency" for profit. San Francisco "health" did this with HIV from the start, never ending the "emergency" when deaths dropped like a rock. When the Dr. and Politician quacks like a pig and all the lipstick in the drugstore and online is all bought up you know something is terribly wrong. Stop this Holocaust In Virology (HIV).

You have got to watch this vax shit show 2018 CDC ACIP meeting where they say WE HAVE NO DATA then say WELL WE WILL PUT THEM IN MANY LIMBS. This shows the complete utter FRAUD being perpertrated on humanity.

Democrats are SCUM readily throwing away 1st responders and many other protectors demanding their "property" be injected to become a GMO for their financial god$ Fauci and Gates or they get fired. They are the ones that should be fired. Border patrol is trying to deal with horrific problems there. They claim border problems do not exist while they for 7 billion years have declared viruses exist never providing proof, only computer simulations and sales pitch assertion$. Jim Jordan goes off on them.

She has a new identity, please call her "Varoom" from now on and now instead of getting blood tests she gets smogged

In the 1970's "Concentration" was a TV game show that presented images that people would have to figure out what they were trying to say. What do you suppose this following puzzle is this trying to tell us? Bring back game shows?

+ for the answer turn the page upside down like what the players did to your world to scam you into being their lab rat and GMO

MP's in Poland want to rescue Poles who are stuck in totalitarian Australia as the government will not allow anyone to leave. An Aboriginal took the shot and died 6 days later, it will not be called a vaccination death because "the rules" state that they are not considered vaccinated until after 14 days passes, they will blame it on something else. WHO made those rules and for what purpo$e?

Are you being patented when you allow experimental inection of genetic modifiers "to be safe"?

Self absorbed SEGREGATION/MARATHON is disgusting as it requres only the genetically modified organisms attend

FEAR is the remote control of tyrants and psychopaths a US Marine was trained not to fear why do leaders in other parts train people to fear?

At the beginning of farce-19 David Crowe and Dr. Kevin P. Corbett published statement of problems with the lockdown policy on Journal of Advanced Medicine blog which was later removed as it called it exactly as it was

Major oil spill in the Pacific Ocean at Huntington Beach plastered all over the news, nothing about the massive disasterous oil spills that occur daily in bodies of water that comprise human beings and what those oil spills do to harm aquatic life mainly blood cells

Might not be as safe to fly after November 15, 2021 as that's when they plan to fire EXPERIENCED pilots and crews to replace them with FAST/TRACK recruits, maybe well to do Hatians that just crossed the border giving them a quick "smart" lesson on flying using teleconferencing to be safe, or maybe they will ship in those in a leper colony who are now treated better than healthy non-GMO-injected long time citizens and devotees of the American Dream that is as long as they devote themselves to the GENETIC MODIFIER INJECTION CULT.

Why such a push, maybe because the government owns GMO patents as pointed out by Dr. David Martin which could mean if injected with their GMO serum you become like GMO seeds and their property?

Er, excuse me Joe Prez and other$, the virus is already extinct, it was extinct by summer 2020, 666 billion variants since, wakey wakey, nudge nudge, ring ring ring, time to get back to work

Australian 800 die in their concentration-quarantine camps "health" department charged and no one's going to be held accountable and tax payers will pay the fines Sky News

2020 vision-19

Video by They Sears pretty much sums up the stupidity of the vack scene. Show me your life jacket!

DTTV Remeece - Dont Tek Di Vack Sine

He was refused bowling in Canada they demand his private health information and he's an experimentally injectionated so he reluctantly showed his papers as he did not want to disappoint his kids then realized he's not being a good father realizing he's now in an abusive relation ship with an abuser, this is a good short presentation examining tactics of cults

Make a compromise in safety? $icko $peak$

When in C*$vidland do as thee C*$vidians do when you want to eat, picnic in the street

Woman calls out SickoJoe for calling her LatinX

Corrupt medical systems hack off part of a baby boy's dick for profit. This HORROR must end. When are your public officials going to declare a crisis on that? Foreskins are dying in the hundreds of millions in the USA. These "representatives" freak and do what ever it takes to make better when a public official makes a pass at a woman harassing her as if it's the end of the world and DO NOTHING TO PROTECT INNOCENT BABY BOYS. Sick societies just laugh it off, like Sandra Bullock and Ellen did when they laughed about foreskin in Sandra's face cream on the Ellen Degeneres Show broadcast to billion$. It should be the boy/man's choice how much of his dick he gets to keep should it not. IT IS MORE MEDICAL FRAUD. Save the babies from this SACRIFICE RITUAL.

cutting off part of a baby boy's dick is not pretty nor nice

They use emotional blackmail to get u-vaxt-19 know your abuser

They are masking children because they are getting PAID woman calls out the school district on their illegal mandates that are a conflict of interest

DILDOS (Desperate Intolerant Liberals Destroying Our Society) non-slick-slimy-snake-oil-TV


The huge pile of iron said to the mountain of road salt "diversity is our strength" so they integrated and worked together and as winter finished and spring arrived, both were a big pile of mess, broken down, neither being strong with the other, this is called corrosion and a metaphor.

So many straight men are having sex with men.

THE/FRAUD virus that created HIV (Hustle Infected Virology) will not step down off his throne that is riding on the back of it's high horse

How to turn off an audience telling them how to start a conversation with someone you are romantically interested in, look like you just woke up after a night of partying.

Reporting vax injuries became a full time job for the doctor.

What is the real purpose of the mask?

In April 2021 pilot crashed plane on same day he got 2nd EXPERIMENTAL INJECTION media brings out the broom sweeping it under the rug as LOOK AT WHO THEIR SPONSORS ARE

Denver policeman now crippled after being "forced" to be injected

World's most draconian city award currently goes to Melbourne Aussie to "stop the spread" of what cannot be stopped no matter what man does.

Soon your phone will not unlock unless you present your medical history, mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's maiden name, and current vax history to the millisecond you received your bioweapon injection "to keep you safe" even though the CDC no longer promises immunity.

2,500 Pfizer employees exempt. 1,500 Moderna employees exempt. 120,000 J&J exempt. 8 million Chinese students exempt. 2 million illegal invaders exempt. 500,000 homeless exempt. Deliverers of packages for Christmas so online sales giants keep killing small business, exempt. Slaves, not exempt from the bioillogical weapon of mass cell destruction. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Go to war over the common cold? Can a jab actually help keep anyone immune? NO. They know the injection cannot work on basic fundamental principles of immunity. It's all fraud. This is a very good simple explanation using HARD HIGH QUALITY SCIENCE that's not coming from liars.

No one knows where the 6 foot rule came from says former FDA head.

Dr. David Martin explains how the FDA and CDC keep violating the law even in an 'emergency' they cannot violate law but they are and they never proved by their own science existence of any novel virus other than that of novel fiction and it's organized crime. Fauci started in 1999 a plan of infectious coronavirus to invent a pathogen that did not exist. It is a computer simulated code in the form of mRNA to turn your body into a factory of spike proteins with hope of an immune response. It's mad science.

Deranged leaders demand you show PROOF they never show proof their experimental injections provide immunity in fact CDC removed that claim recently changing "immunity" to "protection" for their legal protection. Providing injection$ of synthetic "protection" instead of relying on natural protection is on par with being told you must wear a nylon baseball hat for "protection" from being hit with a baseball.

The fans in the stands were actually chanting something like "Suck You Biden" the FAKE/NEWS reporter of course stated it differently, the year was 2021 when it was discovered the Earth was not round or flat it was an upside down pyramid and Dr. A. Snake ruled

Clean energy pushers keep mi$leading everyone, it's steam coming out of all these "smoke stacks" barely any carbon dioxide is emitted ever which is recycled by nature anyway

They most often will colorize these photos with orange to make it look doomy, it's totally disingenuous pitch to get you to buy the LIE$ of climate change

The Green New Steal

Northeastern Arizona's mini Grand Canyon at Chevleon is planned to be ruined by 170 Los Angeles skyscraper size wind turbines placed over a whopping 49 square mile spread that will destroy landscapes and views while renewably sucking your energy and sending it to Canadian pensions much like what's presented in this movie Headwind 21 where the dude worked in green banking and was disillusioned, moved to get away from it all, then watched it all come to him.

Court finds natural gas powered electricity better for environment than wind and solar logic and reason were finally asked which was better

Wind turbine spins out of control and explodes watch what happens

Green energy vehicles sit in parking lot to "recharge". Besides the stupidity and safety issue of extention cords all over the place to trip over there is another BIG PROBLEM they turn into fireballs.

Voters should have elected a dog in California recall read about the huge disappointment

The Gruesom Navinator says 10 injections of synthetic materials is not enough to keep kids and portfolios safe but receiving $1.75 million check from unions keeps the political lying theys safe from harm as the Navinator grants them immunity from the experiment read Kevin Kiley's most recent press release

What Kevin and everyone needs to really do is start chipping away at the very fundamental foundation of vaccination which is proven invalid, all laws requiring such are invalid learn why vaccine mandates are legally invalid they are measures they are not laws these people are not your doctors they are illegally using quarantine powers on you and your kids if they coerce you or deny you your undeniable rights to manage your own health without interference.

Alberta Canada is fed up hundreds of millions flood the streets the LIE$ box news will make it look like 20 showed up

Whistle blower speaks about being placed on "leave" after exposing yourgov.LIE$ that are harming people's lives

California's sicko child abusive governor announces for his drug cartel "required" cold virus alleged protection injectionaries of EXPERIMENTAL goo coming soon for the already rampantly mask abused full flow Oxygen Deprivation Device (ODD) in person schooling. In part of his narcissistic drivel he mentions these [abused kids] are already "required" to be injected with measles vaxxine [so we should accept more needles as many as they choose like NY's sicko governor that presents herself like Jesus telling her disciples to get people saved with the vax so they too can wear a neclklace that says vaxed and thus be indoctrinated into their cult] but neglects to mention that Dr. Setfan Lanka proved in German court in 2018 that the measles virus does not exist thus all legal basis for such requirements HAVE NO BASIS and must be struck down. Hallelujia! Praise you Jesus, Satan, anyone but these elitist$.

San Diego's communist school board of vaccine pushing losers vote to force illegally to experiment like Tuskeegee on kids if they want to be a part of normal schooling what a putrid disgusting me$$.

Boosting problems with boosters is not a nice thing to wake up to wake up with Joh Rappoport

Allegedly a baby gets Pfujection and gets paralyzed in 13 days when is this going to be obvious what the hell is happening this is Pfgenocide and purposful maming for profit as warned by many since the start of the WHO is behind all this

Allegedly CDC reporting system reports flu vax deaths reportedly soared into the reported stratosphere in 2021 to 84,000 when prior in 2019 and 2020 it was less than reported 100, how is this report possible either the flu vax suddenly reportedly went bad or these are reported C*$vid vax deaths

Vaxxines are polluting blood streams are masks, what happened to saving the environment should we maybe start within?

vaccines are polluting your blood streamLook whoz exempt from injection mandates measures why not you? [please do not use the sexist term mandates]

And you think THEY care about your health more than their vaccine wealth? ROFL/COUGH

Natural immunity is being sued accross the United States of medical malpractice and the New Civil Liberties Alliance is leading the revolution in proving in court natural immunity trumps synthetic injections that don't ever provide immunity

Professor Michael Baker professes LIES about face masks what the hell is wrong with these people they are all sick in the head, where is this dangerous unicorn, it's not in the air anywhere, show me proof, it's all LIE$

Protests in Italy over the obsessive compulsive disorderly hyper proextreme insane ultra sanitary pass told by governing thugs that it's needed to "keep you safe" and approved by Fauci$t world leaders everywhere as seen on teLIEvision hypnosis box so we know just like children's sugar infused cereals we see there we know it's all for the greater good of someone's portfolios

16 - 2 rejection by FDA of creepy FAUCIST/NAZI/BIDEN plan for endless EXPERIMENTAL LAB RAT injections and endless declarartions for someC*$vid lies but they recommend for those who are weak which makes no sense as these experiments are already proven to be causing weakness and there's a secret ingredient not disclosed which means there is no informed consent with this product

The c-19 cult with their masks off look kinda scary total corruption of public health the guy is a monster along with his Faucist buddy , even witchcraft is more scientific than all thoze  

Break through cases is more DISINGENUOUS lying medical drug pushing marketing vomit. The reality is the product does not work.

Clive Palmer tells the world that Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales Australia who is Premier has been directed by lobbiests who themselves were being paid tens of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by AstraZeneca & Pfizer to drive policy. She resigns! Hooray. House cleaning continues. Breath of fresh air for only a moment, next is the install of another piece of crap like the Jim Jones of NY state governing that claims she is Jesus.

San Diego school board meeting 1600 public commenters they shut it down they don't want to hear anything but the voices in their heads

The very intelligent and balanced Ron Paul knocks down the HIGH/HORSER Xavier Becerra who is not even familiar with the recent Israel study on viruses, is not a doctor & has no science degree who goes around traveling the country  insults 100 million Americans traveling the country telling them they are flat Earthers when everyone knows the Earth is an upside down pyramid

Congressman Dan Crenshaw the dude with the patch over his eye and is a veteran denies voting for red flag laws yet he is on record voting for them another lying politician caught

Delusionally corrupt and ancient lying politician of 88 years on the upside down pyramid Earth Daine Feinstein of Communi-fornia wants proof of THE/SHOT and/or negative unreliable 'test' result to fly on any airplane with only their other injectionated cult followers in skies of their delusional narcissistic lunacy she is a one of many retarded sicko politicians like one who stated on the record that they were all "flying planes while building them" in the quest to protect public health while emassing more wealth.

CDC quietely changes definition of what a vaccine might do from 'provide immunity' to 'provide protection' as vaccines do not provide anyone 'immunity' and NEVER/HAVE and to continue to make claim that it keeps anyone from getting or spreading the fake coronavirus flu (which is not found in the air anywhere) which the American Medical Association reference book stated coronavirus is the common cold would not set well with the courts where in Germany they found that the measles virus DOES NOT EXIST which thus nullifies all legal foundations for mandates of all vaccines.

Texas will hire any border agent fired for refusing to be Fauci's lab rat while dodocrats continue to show their true school yard bully colors that smack everything done for human rights in the face

C*$vid IS/SLANG for cold and flu virus disease that chicken soup and rest and the body itself used to cure b4 Fauci and his patents got involved you know like that annoying friend or in-law that insists they know what's best when they don't

Fauci now tells pregnant men and women and theys to get injectionated he has done this in the past killing many fetuses this way and my GAY friends who took his poison shit AZT medication$ for a virus never proven to exist (HIV) he is a pathological liar psychopath why does anyone listen to any thing he says? Turn off that lie box.

Most people just spread LIES like peanut butter few do the manufacturing. Most just spread it and eat it, mmmm delicious LIES with peanut butter or some of the new butters like almond or sunflower are even better with LIES.

Elections have been stolen the past 20 years, testimony proves it from decades ago time for PAPER not plastic and this gives trees a job

Thomas Renz exposes his corruption

Here's a great kareoke song to all sing together when the medical cartel creep$ and liars tell you what "you need to do" to make them rich and filthier than they already are.

The Upside Down Earth Is not round or flat, it's pyramid

Liberal loon former HHSS Obama appointee Kathleen Sebelius says unvaxxed are like second hand smoke, she is another of so many examples of why the Obamacare and Faucicare virus hunting alleged "health" system is such a disaster, there is no virus anywhere coming out of the breath of any one, there is no test for breath, no test for air to find it, show us the virus, it does not exist they are all spreading LIES

Similarly a court finds measles virus does not exist as others find Fauci is continually masquerading as something other than what he is, aHIV (Hustler In Virology) suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Vaccinative Disorder (OCVD)

To attend San Francisco outdoor festival Another Planet Entertainment requires VAX/PASS or proof of neg test (using test modality that is horrendously flawed). Surely many "inclusivists" and equality activists attended this event, where are their protests to include everyone and treat everyone equal? No surprise, the state of California is mostly run by the medical cartel and it's ancillary devices which so often pukes LIES all over everyone and has done so for over 40 years when the hysterics of the fake HIV blame virus game took hold for immense profits and repeated emergency declarations for outrageous cash flows so this was predicted to happen at the start of this fake-19 scamdemic. We saw it was going to lead to this exact thing, disinclusion, coersion, demands all be injected with a new serum that does not prove immunity to anything.

No vacx stops transmission, it's a poison, unless it's a placebo of which many at that aforementioned event will have been injected with meaning that there will be many there NOT "PROTECTED" and thus will be exposing others to THE/VIRUS. What a fucking joke, NO/JOKE. Expecting that one is immune is somewhat like a baseball coach telling the player wearing a helmet will stop the ball from being thrown at you and to be safe Fauci comes in and cancels the game entirely until he can come up with a toxic solution, then claiming you can never get hurt if you do what he tells you to do, while your friend on the outside is reading the rules of the game and texting you that many there in your SAFE/SPACE have only received placebos ending the text with a big ROFL at you.

All these players in virology are using you and lying, you don't catch viruses and die, where is the test for them in the air? It does not exist because VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST IN THE AIR ANYWHERE. There are a billion tests for things in the air, they can't find virus in the air. Think this through.

The Clownish Admission That Deena Hinshaw Chief Medical Officer of Health in Alberta Canada Made claiming that when kids or staff from school are at home with a "respiratory illness" they are counted as part of an fraud-19 outbreak even if NOT TESTED.  watch

Australia court rules cannot force vaccines on employees or anyone and medical tyrrany cannot stand in a free world but do the players care no they are tyrants and are now it's become so clear who is who in this game as they follow the money

Robot speaks on how mainstream sludge constantly LIES (Log In Eye Syndrome) as Arizona proves election fraud stolen election

Fake set fake house fake injection staged

Burger King segregates the population no food for u if you don't Heil Fauci

Peggy Hall for presidentPeggy Hall says stop saying MAN/DATE they keep saying mandate incorrectly to fool you

More are dying from the vaccine genetic experiment than have died in the last 20 years of all over vaxxes combined and you turn on the TV and all it does is push you like a bully in the school yard into a mud pit and laugh$ while it takes your lunch money and the bit coins you were going to use to buy a new bike

Announcing the new improved marburg strain. Naming snowflake viruses is so fun and profitable. There's an unabridged dictionary filled with variants to last through out the next 20 billion year$ and 666 day$. Watch the WHO announce and the "wipe that shit eatin' grin off your face" smile of Bill Gate$ from hell mention how this would happen "to get attention". They are all liars. Why did his wife leave him?

Viruses are actually exosomes, not contagious, not killers, they are not even living things.

Florida governor wonders if Australia should be treated as an authoritarian regime as we ignore need to look at the US regime first as Tucker mentions page 168 government will bankrupt any company that fail to comply $700k for each worker

Vak scenes and tyrrany news (not tranny) that asks you use proper pronouns and adverbs as you ponder how the CDC and FDA committee members RESIGN for missing blatant safety signals and warnings of danger danger danger with injecting experimental synthetic medicine that contains plastic that does not easily decompose just like plastic bags as no one seems to care about the environment of the human body instead more worried about recyclable carbon in the sky that falls with every rain or blow of the wind or gravity 

Mount Royal University Canada backs down after legal warning on their ILLEGAL attempt to force experimental injections of who knows what RNA crap into human test subjects in order to merely go to college to learn how liars are made

Deena Heishaw takes 3 days vacation when SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN COURT to present evidence of Canada's wild claims that the virus exists, is it not clear yet these sick "health" authorities have a nefarious agenda? claims the dog ate her homework or something

CREEPY Video Shows People Worshipping Pfizer Like A Cult, Celebrities Flout COVID Rules At Emmys Tim Pool

School boards and governing authorities have become child abusers forcing Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) on their fragile lungs and denying them biologic identity man speaks out in the ONLY 60 SECONDS NOW ALLOTTED WHAT'S NEXT 5 SECONDS????? GET THESE MONSTERS OUT OF THESE POSITIONS OF ABUSE

Kevin J. Johnston is running for Calgary mayor in his show 9/28/21 he talks about hockey and NHL mandating experimental injections, interviews parents who's kids loved hockey, and what to do

US commerce secretary and climate control freaks think humans can manage weather they promised they could handle health care too and look what happened now they all hide behind masks and forced them on your children, they think and that ridding the world of coal use will help, they push all/electric as it it's more efficient, it's less efficient except in certain applications such as making toast and coffee instead of having to build a campfire, the Dodocrats are all idiots or liars knowing exactly what they are doing, scamming the public

Del Bigtree episode covers God's vaccine as brought to us by His only begotten Daughter, the new female governor of New York governing pits of HELL

NY state governing has gone insane full on religious cult with the new psycho governor thinks she's Jesus making others her apostles firing state paid health care workers who refuse to be Fauci's injectible lab rats Ron Paul has a calm balanced analysis mentions Israel government is up to 4 shots now to be fully vaccinated they keep lying, 100 years of medicine and they still did not cure the flu or cold WAKE UP you are being USED police are quitting THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO END PENSIONS and high salaries they will hire Hatians and Afghans and fast track that they do not care about the good citizens of this country any more Alex Jones also covers this as a Louisiana church pastor was arrested for holding church. Los Angeles did similar thing but only fining pastor demanding he stop holding services and lost their case so the city had to pay half million $ for the church attorney costs, this could  have been used to hous permanantly an entire homeless family for life.

Nurse exposes hospitals filled with THE/VAXXED there is no delta variant it's the injections or simply old diseases and faulty testing with the completely UNRELIABLES and most patients get Remdesivir which is a toxic med but ask A. Fraudci if he cares

Know your abusors don't be BULLIED BY PUBLIC OFFICIALS and sleasy drug companies, billboard ads pop up on highways informing public to beware of experimental injections of who knows what is being injected into you

Officials from Johnson & Johnson caught on candid camera say it's about the money and politics and kids should not be used as injectionated lab rats - by Project Veritas exposing the fraud of virology

Women are going to be drafted in wars now we will watch and see the horror and evil side of fakequality expose itself as Congress may force all women to register

NY governor is compoletely cult delusional claiming the flax is from God, or she's full of variant bullshit, even Jesus says this is an abomination of the truth. Listen to her speak in this segment what more proof does anyone need THIS IS ANOTHER CULT LEADER

Sao Paulo Brazil hit with dust storm filled with corona viruses hitching rides on dust and air no matter what anyone does just like dust they ignore distancing regimes so get over it C*$id is medical marketing fraud

There's light at the end of the "C*$vid" tunnel, just wait two more weeks they say (in perpetuity)'s all a movie set visit the VARIANT THEATRE  for more and INTERNET MATTER

The public health department$ in the Inland Empire that includes the desert cities of Palm Springs and Cathedral City are ramping up the SALES/PITCH telling the public there's "new strains" which in reality are like snowflakes (infinitely and equally no different than the other yet different) thus pushing the idea that people "need" to get BOTH the flu shots which do not work & the EXPERIMENTAL alleged genetic modifier injections "for their health" while the local gym remains closed (put out of business) "for our health" and "to keep people safe" only the injected cult members can do fun things ALL OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS ILLEGAL and completely illogical as if the injections "protect you" then why don't they protect you?? Where does this insanity end?

"The View" corona hosts allegedly test positive, get pulled off set, then return days later saying they were false positive, this appears to be another of many scripts to push more testing as television is mostly all about pushing THE/MEDS so maybe to get a true positive or true negative we need to each get about 666 test$ or maybe just 7 (6.66) and if there's 4 negative then you are in the clear and the pension$ are funded!

The left is using the right hand that is wiping the snot from the the cold and flu virus to install a mix of permanent socialism, communism, and Faucism

Masks work? Then show us the non-existent randomized control study as all studies so far have shown NO ADVANTAGE and viruses if they even existed in the air are so small they go right through and around the fabric like duhh

Toronto Ontario Canada "health" Faucis get ready to to have their cult injectionate 5 year olds on up even though they never get sick with the alleged fraud virus, Ezra Levant reports on this and how Alberta counts cases without tests

Chance 1 in 132,000 odds of dying yet the Mormon Church now reqires ODD after 2 years of not

Dildocrats are completely delusional over "C*$vid"

NBA players resist injections of unknown substances while others demand the entire world's population be held down and submit

Archery shop in Canada will not ask personal health information from customers bucking gov demands to intrude into everyone's personal health choices, he was fined prior in the past and the ticket was tosses as he challenged stupid lies and mandates that have no basis in reality and Calgarians are picknicking in the streets while the weather is still nice enough as many restaurants there have rejected healthy sustomers afraid they are a danger to those injected who are supposed to be "protected" by their genetic modification experiment

Some fantastic insight about the body's radio waves in regards to theory of "transmission" provided by Dr. Thomas Cowan

Getting ready for Christopher Columbus Day many Californians are pondering the Summit towering windscraper project being as high as Los Angeles skyscrapers and how they have difficulty merging into modern day grid traffic as if that discovery year 1492 explorer would merge with traffic on a freeway with his sailboats

In Europe we see skyrocketing electric bills and wonder why is our green $ energy being paid TO KEEP WIND FARMS FROM PRODUCING POWER

Sitting down to eat in the food court has become so much fun now that politicians have priortized the health of medical stocks over health freedom, logic, and reality

How it looks at a food bank in Australia as people wait in lines with yellow Faucist distance marks

Governments tricking business into accepting liability when they mandate vaccines

Maskless liar John Tory of Toronto governing wears no mask Sept 26 2021 puts mask on for the camera they all do this crap and take FAKE VACCINES then they take pictures with masks on no distancing which is so stupid

NYC mayor gets booed at concert as he pushes the injection agenda people are sick of this crap he should study THE CAUSE OF ALL DISEASE you cannot catch viruses and die and in 2015 IVERMECTIN was celebrated on the Nobel stage worker at the CDC/XYZ tells us how science works there

Austrailian government loons FAST/TRACK training of new police, replacing 1 out of 10 that were EXPERIENCED "to keep people safe" as they prioritize protecting the public from dangerous unicorns AND in response to the stupid dictates truckers are planning to clog up roads

The moment you find out you or loved ones were used azza medical scientific pawn for profit you might speak out like this doctor

Del Bigtree warns of what the agenda could be of this fakedemic has laws for Canadians to properly fight the tyrrany and 20 reasons why to not be Fauci & Biden's lab rat

The Disgusting Fraud Disease has a mouth with not just two sides but about 666 sides that this thing speaks from

Never forget that A. Fraudci killed people with AZT a drug he wildly touted as being "safe and effective" for those who were sick from AIDS, my friends died because of this freak of science, he has infected the world with his LIE$

Biden LIES the FDA does not have final approval, this scumbag does not prsent the fact that it is only "approved" for the non-existent Comirnaty labled product THIS PRODUCT IS NOT ON THE MARKET why are all these people so full of LIE$ must watch

4 states of forged signatures Trump is the unforged winner

There is one cause of climate change is about 666 trillion zillion million billion reptillian times more of a problem than anything man does to have a good life. In this case wearing masks helps keep out particles that actually exist.

What did Hillary Clinton say about election machine

Florida governor appoints one of America's Frontline Doctors Joseph Ladapo as surgeon general saying Florida will completely reject policies BASED ON FEAR and policies that are based on Faucist fakery instead using the actual good quality science Fauci always hids under rocks, and Florida will consider vaccines as a preventive issue not anything that would impede or block people's choices on their own about their path to health, in contrast we see California and NY state governors on one hand (in the past) try to block access to super size sugary sodas then push fast food as a reward to get injected with experminetal goo

NY state claims they will replace unvaccinated workers with FOREIGNERS which anyone with a brain can see this was the plan from the start

Atilis Gym owners defied 'shut down' tyrrany starting in 2020 before anyone knew what government was hitting them they remained open and now have a book preorder "Two Dumbb Gym Owners" Thomas Jefferson would be proud

Some countries are going back to the old normal are they insane? Norway is calling it THE/FLU. America is still lost in The Fauci Cult Zone

So far the "health pass" is stupid as more are infected with the vax and Brazil has had enough of the United Nations CRAP

"C*$vid" 19 commissions collapsing under their own CORRUPTION/WEIGHT lololololololol sell those pig lipstick stocks

Man at 88 years of age says he had more freedom in communist regime than he has now in Canada

Driving San Diego bay area in the rare rain guy talks about the homelessness and jab thingy PUREBLOODS UNITE

Paid $500 to get the experimental injection?

Canadians love their re-elected Trudeau thing hear them praise him

Critiqueing Dr. Leana Wen's acting ability

Traveling from germ theory to terrain theory we find on the path that there is no bioweapon other than the EXPERIMENTAL injection no virus to fear invalidating claims of it being "made in the lab and escaped" is merely more FEAR/PORN hear the explanations in this stellar discussion

Cowan & Kaufman and others discuss many topics on natural health and the illusions of virus causation of disease

The Contagion Myth by Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Thomas S. Cowan

5G nor 7G nor XYZG is cause of declarationdemics or disease read what David Crowe said about 5G hysteria from a technical perspective

"Sen. Wendy Rogers unveils letter signed by 41 state legislators from across the country calling for forensic audits in each state, and urging their states to decertify the 2020 election if their audit results mirror those in Arizona. " -

Why can't people understand that Trump lost? He was Fired!

Vaccine sales thing Chris Whitty served notice of liability for crimes against humanity

Dr. Wolfgang Woodard and Dr. Kevin P. Corbett along with Kate Shemerani presented notice last year to Germany and England officials

Fake people don't get landmarking

Doctor in Canada has no problem with old fashioned vaxxines but will not allow himself and his family be Fauci's lab rats with mRNA unproven technology read his note to College of Physicians and Surgeons Alberta

People who are stuck in Fauci's cult of mouth side both talking worship of Drug Insistence Stated As Solving Theatric Experimental Repetoir (DISASTER) should shop for a different one

The vax is designed not by physics but rather by computer simulation, it's not real

Message to Australian police from Alexander Cooney the ex senior constable NSW police force highway patrol

Meet the inventor of the very first wind turbine that generated electricity to power his home

BLM leader calls VAX/MAN racist but it's beyond racist, it's discriminating against an huge swath of people for no valid reason other than one, cash cow preferential treatment

Never Take It - listen in

Amsterdam's good people have had it with Phacism and in Holland they ignore Faucist distancing

Theys don't have authority to mandate vaccination and they cannot make them leave the food court, they explain the law to the police when security tells them they cannot be there without a vax pass the immunization act of Canada does not allow such discrimination they explained it watch this was September 22, 2021

Education facility requires ODD (Oxygen Deprivation Devices) for the vaxxinated when the injectionators claimed they would be free if they only did what they were told

Police en masse at Australia shopping center apparently to stop the virus which goes right past them as it travels from 666 miles away in the air from other alleged human carriers and right through the doors just as easily as smoke from wildfires travels the globe

Australia government is taking property - report by Kevin J. Johnston who is running for Calgary mayor

DEMOCRATS now are leaders in shunning many people from society "Fuck these D*&%#rats" was what was stated as his life has been ruined, vaccines are violence our bodies are a sanctuary, if Demonicrats can declare their cities a sanctuary and still demand equal treatment for all then people can declare their bodies a sanctuary state and be treated equally

They only wear ODD in front of the camera

Chicken Little was right, yet one more conspiracy theorist proven correct, life is full of risks

EcoHealth CEO admits using NAID funding at CUGH 2017 speech (Consortium of Universtities for Global Health) I think it should be acronymized as COUGH 2017. Spoke about bats and corona (cold and flu) virus.

San Jose retired police officer who was a stellar force in justice in that community leaves reserve position over ILLEGAL vax mandate

Elitist scum only wears their MASKS THAT STOP NO VIRUS for the cameras

BLM and Trump patriots and supporters join forces against evil

Should rich kids get their way all the time when they bully you?

Fauci says need to not stigmatize people, this was in 2002, now the other side of his lying smirkmouth says we need to separate the natural immunists from the synthetic immunists and give all the toys only to the syntheticists

None of the flat earth theories mention that we are basically living IN A LENS which causes refraction

FDA is terrified that the skeptics CANNOT BE PROVEN WRONG there is no clinical evidence that can prove all the claims of harm from all C$vid measures is wrong

The Desert Home powered by clean reliable data that identifies as transfactual information syndromes reidentified

There is only a testdemic

It has to be an illness when people laugh when they hear about penis foreskin in face cream and this is something Sandra Bullock and Ellen also laughed about which made many men feel as though they were harmed, why is this procedure NOT/BANNED? It is banned for women.

C$vid is the common cold and flu drop THE/FEAR

The Joe Blow House continues to falsely claim human rights abuses as they ban the use of horses that have been used to protect the border from INVADERS for thousands of years, while they continue to abuse children and adults with their fear campaigns of dangerous unicorns

It's 1999, imagine someone telling you government will mandate to breathe less oxygen even on planes where you need as much as possible and submit to injections of what could be compareed to ground up nano plastic bags (polymers) that take 100 years to decompose "for your health" as they close your gym claiming they alone know how to stop dangerous unicorns

Some claim they need to go underground to help keep people healthy

In the 1970's doctors went on strike in Los Angeles, people could not see a doctor and get prescriptions and treatment, and the stats showed afterwards that during that period fewer people died

Justice Center in Canada issues final letter of warning for government to immediately recind all vaccine passport measures

"Appointees playing politics at the FDA" official caught in candid interview, wants Germany style registry unvaxxinated, suggests using blow darts to target and inject from a safe distance the minorities who have tended to be the least vaccinated in the world and resist voluntary injections as they know government lies when they hear them  by Project Veritas

"Smart" technology "works for me"

"C*$vid" is a genegic experiment violating Neurenberg code mentioned by a microbiologist at the Dawson Creek Council meeting September 2, 2021

Once and for all Trump did not win it's not even remotely possible

Florida new health director says we must respect human rights and body autonomy and there are various paths to health not just one size fits all while those of NY and California do just the opposite and now are telling the injected they are protected but not protected which is the most obvious sign of cult behavior

Thousands in Toronto boycott VAX/PASS and BC gym discriminates and won't give refund to mom who they will not allow in anymore, fuck all these places that SHUN GOOD PEOPLE, go to Monstrocity Burger which does not require an illegal unconstitutional violation of rights vaccine passport putrid sludge

1500 corrupt Canada medias took $61 million from Trudeau prior to his snap election

"Inventing the AIDS Virus: The Greatest Medical Miscalculation in History" by Peter Duesberg is one of the best references on planet Earth exposing the drug pushing establishment and Fauci's lies you can get one of these very hard to find vintage 1980's books for a mere

Read the "C*$vid" dossier written by Dr. David Martin that exposes Fauci's risky behavior from the perspective of someone who states he worked on the inside, the document is about 200 pages but most all of it is reference, the meat of it is only 24 pages an easy read

Israel report, 95% vaccinated are still getting it, the injectin only helps prevent "severe" morbidity? What is non-severe morbidity? They are "confirming" viral load, in the 1980's with the HIV testing lies we often called this "viral load of crap" as these testing protocols are usele$$.

Democrats don't want Americans to know their spending plan is more than what US spent to win WWII

In the middle ages Leper colonies were set up to distance those who were sick with what the Medical Dicktates (MD) thought at the time in error was a transmittable virus. Now in the "smart" era that is incredibly stupid they separate those who like the air itself might have the virus whether they are sick or not. That is cult behavior not science.

Croatian president stops injectionizing at 50% says "We need to know what the goal of this frenzy is". That's easy to answer it's what it always is, $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Pandemics are staged on television by Jon Rappoport

They are MEASURES not mandates, stop giving them power. Refer to them as measures. Language is powerful. Make it work IN YOUR FAVOR. Peggy Hall is one of the fine people on the internet presenting positive approaches. On 9/22/2021 she spoke with Kaiser human resources department about religious exemptions.

Lt. Governor Nevada Mack Miller assaulted thrown out of County Commissioners
meeting in chaos the people are fed up with Faucist dictates view the exact moments leading up to security harming the governor

Santa Barbara BOS public comment about the creation of a 2 tier class system based on government demanding people be Fauci's lab rats "for their health" and "the protection of others".

What people don't understand is Fauci has been pulling this rebranding crap for 40 years.

"C*%vid" is a rebranding of old diseases that needed a new angle, in particular, cold, flu, pneumonia. Corona virus is the common cold even the American Medical Association states this very clearly in it's reference
. The purpose of the rebranding is not public health it's portfolio wealth. Jon Rappoport explains. It's just like the con game called HIV/AIDS which also created a bigger category to describe old diseases, A WHOPPING 28 OF THEM, lumping them all into one broader MARKETING/TERM then blaming a virus never proven to exist, which the world bought hook line sinker and I witnessed my friends die of Fauci's drug pushing lies.

The meds were toxic. They lowered the doses when they saw the holocaust was due to the AZT poisoning but they still harm, more slowly. These thugs love to create panic, then call for funding in the billion$, then call for treatment with new expensive dangerous and often proven toxic killer drugs, even experimental protocol$ that ALWAYS MAKE CERTAIN PEOPLE FILTHY AND RICH.
"C*%vid" is a disingenuous medical political pseudo scientifical marketing pitch planned out at least as far back as 2017.

"Fauci does not understand electron microscopy and should not be in the position he is in, those guys have an agenda....." Kary Mullis decades ago stated this. Kary is the INVENTOR of the PCR test which he said is not suitable for interpretation of finding any virus yet it keeps being used as it's making the patent holders filthy and rich.

lethal air pollution YOU CAN SEE in Wuhan China was the cause of respiratory problems not a novel FICTION virus

STOP THE SPREAD......  of lies. There never was a pandemic.

Injections do not prove nor provide immunity, especially those in TEST phase where you may be getting A PLACEBO!!!!! Stopping people from entry to any business based on injection status when many of those entering could have merely had a placebo is stupid and illegal.

ER doctor says "The vaccine is full of shit" behind the scenes and that doctors are not reporting the problems

Croatian president asks what is the goal and states his country has had enough of the vaxx

Stupid and corrupt politicians that keep following Fauci's guidelines 2/HELL are firing 1st responder NSW paramedic with 25 years for speaking the truth to the lies so basically they will hire inexperienced maybe from Haiti or some 5th world country "for your health" or is it all about THEIR/WEALTH

David Martin explains the FAUCI/FRAUDDavid Martin calls out Neil Ferguson and Fauci as frauds and explains how Fauci's research on viruses is corrupt, starting around 18 min in reference to how the architects of the panic stated they would use MEDIA HYPE to get people to submit to a new corona vaccine!

Construction workers in Australia are FED/UP

The virus does not exist it is only an assertion Jon Rappoport explains

Modern day-19 cult creates Voodoo Instilled Death Syndrome (VIDS)

Corona Psychosis Syndrome goes like this, "The experts disagree but you cannot disagree with the experts because the science is settled" while TSS (The Sanity Syndrome) says "Natural immunity is powerful"

Jason Kenney of Alberta promises they are open for good now lockdowns there in Canada do not allow anyone visitors in their own home all in the name of stopping something that DOES NOT EXIST



"We're KILLING PATIENTS!!" Pulmonary Nurse EXPOSES the Hospital/PCR COVID LIE!!

SICKOS are now using National Science Foundation grants to add mRNA into your food supply $500k that could have homed an entire home less family for life

Test n Pass graphene identifier product claims it will make life normal again, THIS IS NOT NORMAL

FORCING/REQUIRING a child to wear a face diaper is child abuse

Oxygen Deprivation Devices and their demands they be required are very ODD

Scientist speaks to authorities wearing mask - at the end of her alloted 5 minutes to speak her carbon dioxide levels were at 1700 ppm

public officials are committed to ignore the warnings

Canada's president is gleefully claiming that discrimination is the right thing to do

Another politician that has equally lost his way in Austrailia says there will be a 2nd VAX/PASS for the boosters. FDA hearing just said the boosters are killing people

If you are offered a job then are discriminated against because you refuse TO/BE Fauci's lab rat experiment and they withdraw the offer Peggy Hall discusses her view on protections by LAW

CFMEU of Australia like the ACLU changes role$  no longer serving the people and no longer protecting their human rights

ICU's full of the "protected"

The they stated "Be sure to use the proper pronoune when you refer to me from now on, I am pure blooded, not unvaccinated"

 FDA identifies that for every one life "saved" in VAX/TYRNY 5 others are lost and vax causes 75 times more heart attacks. So what do they do? Approve it for 65 and older, the very group that would save government tons of money if they died from these injections that are clearly dangerous to public health.

No vax required for world leaders and staff at UN conference in NYC/WTF why would any business comply with such elitist hypocricy that undermines the very fundamental human and privacy rights issues? They are not heros they are ZEROS

The transvaccinated are equal to the vaccinated thus they are allowed in restaurants and theaters and festivals and gyms and all places as priorTransvaccinated they comes out. Identifies as vaccinated. Treat this they equally.


Attorney Thomas Devore in Illinois explains they cannot force masks on children without due process THE LAW DOES NOT ALLOW IT

See Attorney Thomas Devore explanation

Pfizer injection kills more people than it saves, stated at FDA hearing on September 17, 2021

Navin Gruesom "won" his recall election so in good sportsmanship
L E T  M E  B U Y  Y O U  A  F U K I N  D R I N K
press play

What do you mean I can't go in the bar to buy you a drink unless I share my PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION at the door? Why would you DISCRIMINATE against me for being human? Oh I get it you are building a medical dictatorship and that is more important than all the HUMAN RIGHTS matters you sailed ship on in the past as THIS IS WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS NOW problem is this is quarantine without due process the law does not allow it. See Attorney Thomas Devore explanation

Californians SHOULD/HAVE elected Kevin Kiley for California Governor or at minimum Larry Elder or a dog Click here or on Kevin's photo for detail

Total of $13.8 million. That could have bought and fully paid for 7 homes to house families that are homeless. Instead that money went to making illusions and helped buy drinks at bars for those who were lab rats for the Medical Dictatorship (MD) EXPERIMENTAL GMO injections that are the only ones allowed to participate in society in this new regime of assault vaccine horror

a dog throwing darts at a board of decisions to be made would have run California better than ths stupid lying shit we have nowThis dog in Idyllwild should have run for governor view Mayor Max's 2021 calendar

Variant Theatricks  Visit the new V A R I A N T  T H E A T R E

Gruesom block party in Beverly Hills the entitled people in California are so nice

Kumm to Kalifornia where homelessness is all the rage under Navin Gruesome and take a movie star homes like tour more of Gruesom's governing here before koming to Kommefornia where you will be frisked at the door of all Los Angeles county and San Francisco establishments to grope you of your medical data before being allowed entry as the liars in charge claim the groping is "keeping you safe" which is like something Harvey Weinstein would say to his victims

VAX/PAS working so well the Tory MP says he's not coming ROFL back to the drawing pad maybe the government can get the virus to do the job

first made available at hospitals now ready for widespread useCON/VAIDS nasal filter

approved for use

Testing NOT APPROVED. There is no evidence of a variant they are making everything up!

"You see, the genetic sequencing process, carried out to determine whether a patient's swab sample reveals the original SARS-C0V-2 or the Delta...that process hasn't obtained certification from the US government. It hasn't been approved in any way, shape, or form. The labs who do the genetic sequencing are on their own. They have the final word on their own procedures."

Scientist speaks to authorities wearing mask - at the end of her alloted 5 minutes to speak her carbon dioxide levels were at 1700 ppm

public officials are committed to ignore the warnings

What else gets made up how did a moth make it's way up to and into the International Space Station as it was drawn to it's light?

Coronavirus   American Medical Association medical reference calls it common cold 

Better odds in winning at Power Ball lottery than chance of dying from corona virus infection which is is 1 in 19 million says prestigious UCLA study

The approved vaccine DOES NOT EXIST

Doctorate degreed politician bureaucrat and Hustler In Virology (HIV) A. Fauci in an interview by Bloomberg in 2019 laughs at wearing masks as way to "prevent infectious disease" as being PARANOID. In the 2020+ years he went as high as "it's important to wear 666 masks each day for protection." This was prior to the PLANDEMIC-19. Is it not obvious yet after 40 years of his cult lies that led people to take the poisons he is aHIV?

The plandemic as conceived and discussed in 2017.

Why some are getting sick and others are not with the "you are Fauxi's lab rat" genetic modification experiment? One gal seems to have figured this out, listen to her explain this facinating discovery not shown in any news report in less than one minute & notice her mention of "placebo" and ask yourself, "how is anyone being protected by a placebo??"

Reiner Fuellmich is suing all who are involved in orchestrating the plandemic update 9-15-2021

The vaccineists on thier high horses are now shutting out the uns yet those special vaxxed are being allowed in to venues WHO NEVER GOT THE ACTUAL PRODUCT THAT IS ALLEGED TO PROTECT THEM having only received a placebo. Again, there is a placebo amongst the vax so IT'S ALL LIES!!!! They are not protecting anyone as they shun the unvaxed and they allow in the placeboed.

Some are saying "I'm here I'm queer I'm un I'm shun get used to it" but I'm not sure that makes sense.

The rebranding of cold and flu is a MEDICAL/POLITICAL marketing $HAM.

So why the push to inject everyone? I'll give you one gue$$. Ok try again. 

California is Americas' most medically induced cult $tate. Everything weird that is going on is because of the medical cartel.

It's recent declarations that the common cold virus aka "coronavirus" aka "go hysterical over what cannot be controlled any more than trying to stop Earth from spinning" requires cult like activities like shunning friends and family to deal with it make this most obvious that it is a CULT.

Americans cannot obtain a full disclosure about the "efficacy" findings of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because the FDA hasn't released its Pfizer vaccine clinical efficacy and safety reviews yet so why are we constantly hearing from liars that the thing is safe and efficatious when this HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN YET AS THE THING IS IN A CLINICAL TRIAL UNTIL 2023?

BLM and MAGA are joining together to stand together for human rights

Thomas More Society defends religious spiritual normal logical reasons for protecting yourself from violent injections here is a discussion on this regarding NY State exemptions there is a temporary restraining order forbiding enforcement of these insane Medical Dictates (MD)

The vaxxinated are now given IVERMECTIN in the hospital TO HELP THEM SURVIVE while the unvaccinated are not so they can be used as statistics to keep pushing the lies.

German court: "Measles virus does not exist" Dr. Stefan Lanka proved it unequivocally, this lays the groundwork for all mandates null and void.

"Any national and international statements on the alleged measles virus, the infectivity of measles, and on the benefit and safety of vaccination against measles, are since then of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of their legal basis."

This means that California's measles vaccine requirement has no legal basis and is the basis for striking down all other vaccine requirements around the entire globe as viruses have never actually been proven to exist they were only asserted.

It's like they think they have magic carpets made of carbon that will sweep them off to far away places at any given moment

Politicians keep flying planes while building them but if they "can't fly them" then why are they flying them as they are not flying them while building them as US politicians claim they are doing with the cold virus panic and response of 2020-2021 which of course crashed. "They can't fly them"??

Democrats are the party of massive lies like the bully in the school yard. I am so sick of their lies. They hurt people. Wake up. Stop voting for them.

Look at these idiots wearing Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD)THAT STOP NO VIRUS "for health". They are all liars or stupidists.


B O Y C O T T  D E S E R T  C I T I E S

In 2021 Americans under the iFaux regime were turned into illegal immigrants in their own country. They we were forced into reapplying for freedom to roam, to eat out, to be a part of normal daily life, and even to enjoy Coachella Fest which I will never ever promote again as they demand only the human "lab rats" turned into GMOs be allowed to attend.

The medical political cult created the condition for acceptance into daily life was first delete your human rights which prior they said they championed, then make you accept whatever injections of experimental poisons the dictator$ choose as many times as they delight. Word is it will be 4x a year plus new pills featuring their new injections of genetic modification misleadingly called vaccines. The people who get those are now GMO's unless of course what they got injected into them was a placebo.

Jon Rappoport writes about these new huddled masses yearing to be free 

this entry will be part of my new book "Don't Buy My Book"

I decided to completely boycott Palm Springs and Cathedral city and any other place that goes along with this medical/political con game where NORMAL people are turned away from restaurants when they refuse to be molested with demand of proof of experimental lab rat violent injection intrusion card for an alleged virus never proven to exist while they again demand you wear innefective masks again!

Experimental maxxine vandates are illegal orders violating Neurenberg code. It's become an evil cult worse than Jim Jones.

Vaccines are violence, know your abuser!

There is no need to share your PRIVATE HEALTH INFORMATION with any one who demands it. It is a violation of human rights & privacy laws to deny service in coersion of you revealing private information. All the politicians already know this. They are all lying through their teeth. Do not visit these places that are denying your basic rights.  

Only patronize those businesses WHO DO NOT DISCRIMINATE has more       

Masks stop no virus!

Forced diapering of your face is 100% PROVEN violation of health & safety regulations already on the books any politician, business, employer that demands you diaper your face is violating the rules big time this was even stated before the fakedemic

Your Employer CANNOT Force Vaccinations or a Mask September 22, 2018!

Database attempts to start clarify which businesses are cool and those who are insane.

Kevin J. Johnston exposes and explains the fake pandemic 

a Trojan Horse explains what the pandemic really is 

Kids retake their school going in without masks peacefully knowing
"They can't touch us"

What's wrong with this picture?

Ethics professor unethically terminated gives lesson

Concentration camps setting up in Australia

Psychos are governing Australia indoor mask wearing for years!!!!!  Masks stop no virus!

Class action lawsuit by Hawaii attorney Michael Green filed to protect the people from "mandatory" injections of an UNPROVEN EXPERIMENT 1000x worse than Tuskeegee watch and remember The American Medical Association reference states coronavirus is the cold and flu and politicians are stupid

In 2019 on "Project Runway" a designer named "Kovid" sported his bold fashion statement that included model wearing, of all things, a face mask. This exposes how the fakedemic was conceived, known about ahead of time, and medias also coordinated the hustle. coincidence/not

British people take over public library building from the illigitmate government watch and decide who looks more stupid for educational purposes only

Natural immunity is more robust than synthetic vaccines are all FRAUD

In some worlds only the human body creates immunity.


Regular health security updates provide injections of sanity to protect you from politicians acting as doctors giving you medical advice and even demands. Disease is not caught it is created.

Virology is basically hunting DANGEROUS UNICORNS.

Vaccines do not guarantee immunity.


Chris Sky meets with Toronto police department on Today's Date Thursday September 2, 2021
In his speech mentions the Toronto Police are on the side of the people not Canada's Premier and that they will not enforce compliance with such absurd Medical Dictates (MD) AND that 100,000 businesses are on board with not enforcing any such absurd abuse of power.

Chris Sky speaking in Toronto partnering up with the Toronto Police in rally to protest for freedom from vaccine passports


Here we see crazy woman act like mad scientist

Hawaii used to be easy to travel to, now it's harder than when native Hawaiians would go island to island using canoes with oars thanks to coronahysteria

Freedom from fear!

Puke green energy - they keep chasing unicorns

farmer plans to plow over clouds to stop climate changeClimate change is 10,000% more caused by water vapor than carbon dioxide which is recycled anyway by Momma Nature!

It never gets stuck!

Blankets do not exist in the sky.

If you have one send it to me so I can send it to a homeless shelter.

The occasional power grid

The illusionists of puke green energy keep pushing for grid expansion. Los Angeles wants more extention cords run everywhere like under your computer desk and TV where it's a mess. They will even go all the way to Winslow Arizona which was such a fine sight to see at one time replacing that with 49 whopping square miles of endless vista of 170 count Los Angeles skyscraper size wind turbines that will be seen flashing red for as far as the eye can see all night long.

Solar storms ahead

"For the power grid, photovoltaic power is garbage power, and garbage disposal fees must be charged." Shudong Zhou


variant theater is now playing at


What if the moon was actually a hologram?    

What if the President was actually a hologram?

WHO is vax scene scissorhands


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