We can solve homelessness simply by the year 2020


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It's time to solve homelessness

by Kenneth Wegorowski August 22 2019

As homeless in the USA soars and individual wealth for many shoots into the stratosphere we have those living in huts while corrupt United Nations officials stole millions of dollars in donated food, medicine, fuel and money from desperate Yemenis

How is this even possible, where are the checks and balances to prevent such corrpution? In reading about this though I noticed these Yemenis ARE NOT HOMELESS. Meanwhile back at the USA homelessness is out of control for some and for others homes are being collected in huge quantities.

And as presidential candadates step over each other to get that elusive prize nomination, they push the homeless out of their street beds for their rallys where they will do what politicians do best, never solve the homeless problem ever anywhere in the United States as they collect more homes for themselves.

There's always money for rallys.

If I am elected president there will be a new law, 50% of all political campaign distributions will go to buying homes for these people. Then after they are finished with their term in office at least we can say they got one task completed.

No we will not cancel all school debt including that of those who are rich, no we will not provide 1/1024th of a real apology for systemically scamming the system by claiming Indian heritage, no we will not smoke pot then throw pot smokers in jail as an AG in California, and no we will not use your taxes to give every one brooms to continue sweeping this issue under the rug, we will solve this problem.

We will call it the Homestead Act New Deal and while at it we can add more wind farms.


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