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California halts it's high speed rail

Derailed: high speed rail in California hits end of the road

written by Kenneth Wegorowski 2/12/2019 at 2:55 pm pt

At the start of the Great Recession 2008 - 2016 California touted ways to save the planet from global warming doom and gloom. Rather than give the fear campaigns on climate change a rest, they pushed full force ahead with an overly prohyper ambitious plan to save energy, cut carbon emissions, save the world. Tis now a pipe dream with a lot of debt left behind as it's been cancelled.

Proposition 1A High Speed Rail Act was going to save the planet.

Just a week ago the new New "Olive" Green New Deal was introduced with high speed rail as a key element in saving the planet from possibly being spun off into going around some another galaxies' Sun.

The Prop 1A had similar promises like those made by the Democratic party's New Green Machine and although the plan will not go anywhere climate change hucksterism will continue for another decade wasting by then one trillion dollars.

Tens of billions have been wasted on the now defunct high speed California rusty rail. This money could have been better spent on slave descendant and indigenous people's reparations.

Imagine what we could do with the money wasted to make Al Gore and his climate cult pushers rich, instead using it for reparations.

We could easily give $10,000 per family to help every one of them buy that new home that was ripped away from them to feed those evil hungry bank monsters.

Climate change as it's called is a fantasy.

The climate changes all the time, it does not change that much where in ten years because of man we would see unbearable changes. We live on a tiny ball in space which is a constant 456 degrees below zero. The massive Sun provides a constant warming effect causing even the interior of the Earth to warm and thus keep us from going down to 456 degrees below zero during the night.

Climate change claims have been dissected and found to be fraud or simply erroneous so many times already. There are countless other factors that affect climate that are not part of the calculations in the doom and gloom carbon narrative. Rush to get the latest story on climate to press has become the hot tabloid topic of the last 20 years now and it's still going.

When we see the governor of the premier state that spearheads everything environmental, one that's been at the forefront of carbon controls, halting a project that the Democrats are now currently claiming is part of our salvation in the new green deal that we need to embrace or we are doomed, well, the writing is now on the wall of the failed rail project and the Green New Deal.

Efforts to control climate tend to be spearheaded and pushed by those who profit from new industries or simply buy into the error. This news of one of man's plans to save the world from climate change shows how futile and terribly energy wasteful we can be when politicians and hysteria lead. 






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