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January 19, 2021

This day is special and is celebrated and rememberd by those who despise the utter destruciton of wars. This day remembers those who fought in America's biggest civil disturbance disaster to it's people wiping out 2% it's citizen population. It occurred in the 1800's when America was a youngster. This page is designed to honor all who participated by force, by choice, in error, on purpose, with good or other intentions.

The Confederate Flag is to be honored like all flags treated equallyTexas celebrates Confederate Memorial Day on this day of the calendar.

The day honors those who fought in and died in the Civil War.

The Civil War was a horror like none other in America where 625,000 US citizens died at the direction of the US Government.

Think about this when you see that $5 bill with Lincoln on it. He alone made the executive order to start the war.

Really there should be a Confederate flag on that bill to remind us of this atrocity of Civil War which is something TV networks seem to be striving for in this country.

To get a grasp of how massive this atrocity was, consider Palm Springs has about 50,000 residents, Los Angeles has about 4 million, it was over 12 times the population of Palm Springs that died in the war, and about 16% of the population of Los Angeles that died in the war. That just puts in perspective just how many died. That does not even include those who survived with loss of limbs, eyesight, etc.

In 1870 there was about 32 million people in the entire country. Let's compare to that number. 625,000 men died. That is 2% of the population.

Shredding the Confederate flags' display, view, and purchase as has been done more recently by mob mentality, hustling politicians, and media disingenuousness is a dishonor to all who fought from both the Northern and Southern states.

It was a war that can simply never occur again. Various outlets have presented their push to ban the flag and have done so successfully. This tactic is unfair.

If these kinds of methods continue history will repeat itself and slavery will re-emerge, in ways it has already embedded itself into our systems.

We will not be free as long as we do not free ourselves from being slaves to our own devices.

Think about that.



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