El Dorado fire is mostly contained there are some areas to watch especially north of the Highway 38 if you see anything burning above that fire line they say to notify them

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El Dorado fire  information updated by Kenneth Wegorowski 9/28/2020 utilizing various public sources
22,665 acres with 92% containment as of Friday 2 October 2020 about 3 pm
INCIWEB reports "Interior burning on the El Dorado Fire will continue for several weeks as the fire continues to burn in the steep and inaccessible portions of the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Forest roads and hiking trails within the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area remain closed."

more info on this at INCIWEB

latest video update Sept 28 with Mike Wakoski 'Incident Commander'  
he states they have conquered the fire!

It's interesting to see INCIWEB page look a lot like what I have been posting here as I have been making it easy for people to see the videos, I had found them very hard to locate before. They even posted what I highlighted about conquering it. Had they seen my page? I had been covering the El Dorado and Snow fires recently and never saw that set up like this. Apple fire was the same way. This presentation is very good I hope they continue.
this was September 29 2020 in the evening

OPINION: I feel it's important at this point in light of the fact that
the fire is now conquered to point out something else that needs conquering. In the start of the videos presented you will notice these great fire fighting personell are shown wearing an innefective at stopping any virus face mask that are mandated to 'help stop the spread' and in the first few seconds then pull it off to talk and for us to see their face naturally so they look more personable which is great. Earlier videos they did not do this, often they would just be there without a mask, other videos they wore them through the whole presentation which I found uncomfortable to watch, it always muffles the sound, and they look, well, goofy and not giving the impression of authority. I never thought I'd ever see this day where in the "Land Of The Free" we would be forced to look so rediculous in the name of 'fighting invisible threats'. Viruses go right through these things, nothing stops them. Margaret Heckler the US Health and Human Services Secretary even stated this in the 1980's.

All of this is basically
fake virus threat theatre being handed down to us all here in California by systematic medical fraud and the Governor Gavin Newsom's unconstitutional orders and unconstitutional indefinite shut downs.

the Pennsylvania politician got caught stating that the face masks are political theatreSome evidence of this political theater happily appeared on September 29, 2020 we saw one of the people's elected representatives in Pennsylvania get caught on hot mic stating this very thing
that the masks are political theatre and laughs about it.

Click on the image to watch.

All of this fake theatre needs to end. All of these mask mandates that cut down oxygen supply need to end immediately and the political theater exposed.

We all know it's hard to breathe with these on and if one group knows this more than anyone it's likely those in firefighting. It's time to conquer the burning up of sane governing so let's Recall Gavin Newsom. Have your leaders to end these insane mandates and open everything back up exactly as it was before.

Covid-19 was a marketing scheme and also a big mistake. Many of us just went along with it not understanding what we know now. Many leaders just follow orders but the Governor and other leaders should have never allowed the 'torching' so to speak of our economies, freedoms, normal social activities, and ability to shop without breathing in disgusting chemical fumigants sprayed around all day 'for our health' and it must end now. The fraud is exposed.


update with Lauren Blake mentions wind event starting up pushing fires west and mention about the quality of fuels being burned in the forest a great explanation. Additional recent update with Bob Evans  map as of 9/26
morning video update by Lauren Blake 'Fire Behavior Analyst Trainee' 
earlier video update
Bob Evans 'Operations Section Chief'
another update mentions how Angeles Oaks community allowed maintenance crews in last winter to preventive measure clear undergrowth which help save homes 
important video message regarding when to call in or when NOT TO call in when you spot a fire, there are 'fire lines' that fire fighters are using that keep the fire well in control that they state certain areas where you might see glow or fire are under control and that certain areas like above Highway 38 would warrant a call to 911 if you were to see fire buring up there but not in the other areas as shown in the map
9/24 we see new technology used with 4 monitors showing the one big map, I am not sure this is better, I find the big black lines from the edges of these monitors in the center as a big cross very distracting, it feels harder to 'see' the entire scene, compare to before, but it is brighter and more vivid color, maybe the brightness helps though one might consider how a paper map is easier to transport and set up and maybe the only glitch would be with a breeze or tape letting go of a corner, old fashioned 'technology' can often be better overall especially in a power failure 9/25 video update 
watch September 24 update video  watch September 23 update video

September 23 2020 video update El Dorado fire

these two presentations were done using tripod or similar fixed camera position - we might consider also the close up method that was used in the Bobcat fire presentation

September 22 2020 video update El Dorado fire

video presentation update on September 22 with paper map display notice how you feel more there and no distractions, keep in mind if comparing to the one with monitors this is a wider view than above and there is shading, notice the angles spot of lighting, if the lighting was better on this map and zoomed like above it might even be a better presentation as in the map image we are not looking at limited pixels of light as above, usually these paper maps are extremely clear and precise and with a little editing and some close ups the viewer could see extremely well each section that was being discussed, there is also a small problem with looking at Div L, Div R, Div Z, Div O, etc. as with the 4 monitors the viewer could be confused wondering is that square monitor section Div O where as with this paper map it's more clear that it is not a 1/4 section, and we also have on this paper map on the wall is posted a a general weather outlook we can see just well enough whereas with the monitors it's not there, I suppose we can leave this to all who are viewing these to decide

compare to the video from 9/24

view a list of all the videos and snapshots of this event

map 9/24

With great sadness it is reported that one firefighter has died.
view the procession through the beautiful mountains 

May I dedicate this track that happens to be called "Wildfires" to the brave soul who helped make us safe and left us too soon. Listening to this and thinking about this made me cry. Maybe it will touch your heart too. I don't know what the words are it just felt deeply moving.

watch September 20 update video

latest perimeter map

more info on this El Dorado fire and evacuation status and other information at INCIWEB


  • 2020_09_19-
  • 2020_09_19-
  • 2020_09_19-
  • 2020_09_19-

  • Daniel Diaz presents updates on 9/17 morning with good progress and he mentions that some of this burn is very good for the forest San Bernardino County evacuation map remains the same. There is a new fire on San Jacinto Mountain south of Interstate 10 near Cabazon that just started it is called "Snow Fire" as it is at Snow Creek right next to Palm Springs. We are still in hot summer days so there is no snow on San Jacinto whereas in some places of the world there is always snow year round. It appears this fire has spread eastward though which puts those of us in the Morongo Valley, Whitewater, and Pioneertown areas on edge again but then we learn the following about MODIS stating new red dots may indicate fire equipment. My images below are from INTTERRA. I am guessing that their warning applies to this as well.

    "There are no active spot fires that have crossed Hwy 38.  We understand that many residents may be looking at Modis online.  Modis is an instrument aboard the Terra and Aqua EOS Satellites and measure thermal and infrared detections. This can create confusion as anything emitting heat registers in Modis, including smoke AND fire-fighting equipment.  What communities are perceiving as spot fires across Hwy 38 is likely smoke or equipment operating in the area.  As of this update, the El Dorado Fire has NOT crossed Highway 38.  Please know that the firefighters working in this area are monitoring this possibility very carefully".

    El Dorado fire location current 9/18/20 at about 11:45 am

    older fire perimiter maps here
  • 2020_09_17-
  • 2020_09_17-
  • 2020_09_17-

    "Along Hwy 38, the fire activity continues to slowly back down the slope and burn eastward along Mill Creek. The fire line behind Forest Falls continues to hold and firefighters continue to  work in and around this community. Fire crews continue working to secure the fire line along Mill Creek from Vivian Creek to last month's Apple Fire scar.  Residents of Mountain Home, we continue to ask for your patience.  Our work in and around your community is not complete yet.  Power lines are still down and we ask that you stay away from your homes for a little longer." 
    "There is NO evacuation directive for Big Bear residents AT THIS TIME. Please monitor official sources for any changes including the San Bernardino National Forest information listed at the top of this update, San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, the CAL Fire San Bernardino Unit and San Bernardino County Fire."

    note changes to evacuation orders and latest list of road closures here at INCIWEB 

  • latest image
    presentation update by Dan Munsky on El Dorado fire fighting efforts many of which are very successful

    previous video update
       also in smaller size window

    The video update mention that they "allow community to repopulate where it makes sense"
    as of 9/13 in the morning

    all forests are closed to the public from Sept 7 to 14th due to fire danger and fire fighting resources limited you cannot even be on the roads read Randy Moore Forest Service letter here where he explains threats due to wind

    burn area map as of 9/13

    older information .....
    latest satellite view from INTTERRA

    Latest evacuation warning/order map has less yellow warning areas
    large upper area is an ORDER to evacuate and there are two areas that were in yellow WARNING that have been removed

    Evacuation orders north of Forest Falls in a large area south of Big Bear around highway 38 includes Angeles Oaks, Pinezanita, Seven Oaks, Barton Flats, Heart Bar Campground, this area extends out to Pipes Canyon west of Pioneertown so this EVACUATION ORDER area has grown big and again is threatening Morongo Valley but Morongo Valley and Pioneertown are currently not even in warning just be aware this could change if the fire spreads.

    All residents located North of Valley of the Falls Drive along Highway 38 to Onyx Summit, including the Angelus Oak, 7 Oaks and Jenks Lake area you must DRIVE NORTH to Big Bear as Highway 38 is impacted by fire, rock slides are also being reported along Highway 38 where the fire has loosened rocks

    map of fire perimeter as of 9/11
  • evacuation area grows this was the morning map of 9/10 click on image for large size

    short video shows how winds are fueling this fire the ample oxygen helps the fires burn faster and spread and also helps move it further along unfortunately

    Friday afternoon
    Friday afternoon 9/11/20

    Thursday morning
    as of 9:26 am Thursday

    some new fires as of Thursday 9/10/20 north end causing evacuation orders to the north east
    as of 9 10 2020 at 7am
    map for 9/10 evacuation warnings for Mill Creek Road and west of Bryant Street at Crafton Hills
    evacuation orders for Oak Glen community and Mountain Home Village, Forest Falls, eastern portion of Yucaipa

    evauation orders El Dorado fire Yucaipa area
    yesterday's warning/order map  all images from INCIWEB found here
    INTERACTIVE live map where you can enter your location to find current warnings and evacuation orders
    map showing where the fire spread
    found here power outage maps for all of California located here

    archive page



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