UNHINGED movie is now playing in real movie theaters*

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The only place to see movies anywhere near the movie capital of the world is now at drive ins!!!
UNHINGED movie is now playing in certain locations
August 22:2000+20 written by Kenneth Wegorowski with minor update on 9/9 as indoor theaters are starting to open pack up in some places

When the "covid crisis" hit the minds of every news station on the planet which affected the minds of governing which well you know, I told a friend "buy a drive in theater AND drive-in theater stock" and watch the money roll in. He laughed he said it was the end of the world and said he's moving the bleep out of Los Angeles, California, USA, and planet Earth.

For the entire summer theaters were all closed "for our health" along with fitness centers "for our health" which made no sense as does little public health authorities exclaim in a panic.

Well now we see drive-ins are the only place I could find in SoCal that would show UNHINGED which is a movie I think everyone should see at a DRIVE-IN. In all places in the world HOLLYWOOD not a theater is open as they think it's just too dangerous! People in HOLLYWOOD can drive to PARAMOUNT which is south west of downtown to see a movie in real life. Who could have ever imagined this?


Checking on September 9th it shows ORANGE COUNTY will start having theaters showing this on September 11th which is Friday indoors. Check for HOLLYWOOD shows not playing anywhere as that is all they have is indoor theaters. Los Angeles County is a bit slow on this whole virus nonsense. Is movie going on track to appearing as normal again soon?

First noticed playing in Paramount on August 22nd at the Paramount Drive-In Theaters!

update 9/27/20
not playing in Paramount now and it's still not playing in Hollywood the former movie capital of the world, it's done it's thing at Paramount there but there are other movies playing at that drive in

still not playing in Hollywood



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