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written by Kenneth Wegorowski on July 4, 2021 published 5:55 am pt with updates on 7/13

Stupid surgical masks do not protect you nor others from viruses which are smaller than the air holes in the fabric and also flow around the edges, stop falling for the lies, masks are USELESS in preventing transmission of viruses which are basically non-existent in the air anyway, who keeps telling you all the lie$ about viru$e$?

"The whole business is a fake"

For about a year and a half the world has been bamboozled into acting hysterically over what I call now THE SHAPE VIRUS.

You see, in the study of the BRANCH of biology called 'virology', a branch that is rotting terribly and ready to fall and take the whole tree with it, and harm those sitting underneath it so to speak, the term 'corona' is used to give more specificity as to a 'virus' shape, not how it 'acts' as if it would be a living thing which viruses ARE NOT living things.

Corona is defined as crown like. There is a corona shape that describes the sun. It's just a shape. It's not a disease. Crown shape viruses have been with humanity since day 7 when God rested and asked himself "I hope I got this right" and started worrying excessively about it.

Basically we should start calling the 'corona virus' the square virus so as to slow down all the insaninty as that would better describe what 'we are looking at' than the current descriptions that paint moving images in the mind as if the 'virus' is an angry Godzilla on drugs and steroids while somehow having such powers when it's tinier than a pinpoint (think hard about that) yet also has some magical ability to clone itself into so many little angry Godzillas that war breaks out in the lungs and kills people and that all it takes is to breathe and everyone dies. The absurdity of the claims made are endless yet society latches on to fear quite easily when it trusts cons and are bombarded with propoganda for profit coming from all directions. Disease is much more complex than handing causation to one viral particle but my main point is the round virus (corona) should be called square.

Face masks in 2020 were latched onto by so many politicians as Mister Fraud himself declared as leader of the Medical Dictatorships (MD) that we better wear masks to protect others. CDC emphasized that 'masks only protect others' which is a seedy disingenuous legal declaration to protect themselves as they know masks do not protect any wearer from viruses. I wrote about the utter stupidity of wearing masks at the start of this coronahysteria fraud.

You can read that here.

The term 'coronahysteria' is one I first read over a year ago on Dr. Kevin P. Corbett's website. He is a nurse in the UK and called out all the lies at the beginning. It was just today that I looked at his website again and pondered the connection of what he presents in his three dimensional artwork and this term. His visuals present squares. I looked at that and was looking at 'coronahysteria' and was imagining the shape of 'the virus' as being round and that's when it hit, so I'm calling for everyone to stop referring to any 'corona' virus just use round or square to describe it. That would be much more accurate as the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) have all distorted our view of what is really there, just shapes and that shape is simple, an inanimate object, like with artistic works made of steel and other materials that can move yet not actually be living things. What they call viruses is terribly misleading, they are NOT/GODZILLA.

Dr. Kevin P. Corbett's website

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