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Homeless seem to be ignored by congress yet again



How is it we can prioritize illegal aliens over those who belong here?

When we divide that $4.6 billion approved for "humanitarian aid" for extra beds and diapers to people who are illegally crossing borders who know they are illegally crossing our borders and taking advantage of US, and we bought homes for the homeless as a priority over them, figuring a cost of $50,000 each we could have provided 92,000 homes to house all of the US homeless population, people who are in the US legally. House a family of four homeless good US citizens and you get 380,000 of the homeless US population sheltered and off the streets, a problem "no one seems to be able to solve".

The problem is easy to solve.

Illegal immigration was not how most of our relatives got here, and those descendants here now are losing out on benefits of all the hard labor our ancestors, our parents, our grandparents, and great grandparents, and great great grandparents all contributed in order to house people who do not belong here and this is not fair. Money we should be spending on our own is being drastically shifted to help those who do not obey our rules.

Illegal hiring and our current liberal allowances is and has taken jobs and billions in resources away from citizens and here we are handing out more money to create more shelters for them, money which should be prioritized to keep us all from tripping over the masses of homeless now appearing beneath our feet in our cities.

Some of Hollywood's elite are not only tripping over the homeless in their quest to help, they are tripping over each other to get in front of the cameras and scream at Trump and Republicans and anyone who would support reason.

Rosie O'Donnel and Rob Reiner both have loud voices in this quest to "solve this problem" while I have not noticed them solve homelessness in America.

The problem is it seems their efforts are more of an anti-Trump thing than a more balanced approach of prioritizing matters so that citizens never face homelessness as they are facing in droves today. When any of these people with their loud voices give a home to homeless using their millions and millions of dollars they have hoarded please let me know.
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