visit today's date whenever you need a quick look at today's date


Place a clock and date display function on your website. Copy the code below and insert on your page.


<form name="clock_form"
style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial;">
<p class="auto-style162"><a href="">
<img alt="visit today's date at whenever you need a quick look at today's date" class="auto-style23" height="60" src="" width="210"></a><b><font face="Arial" size="6">
<input name="clock"
size="58" style="width: 373px" class="auto-style2"></font><font face="Arial"><span class="auto-style2">*&nbsp;</span></font><span class="auto-style2"><script language="JavaScript">

<!-- Hide from non JavaScript browsers

function clockTick()


currentTime = new Date();

document.clock_form.clock.value = " "+currentTime;


setTimeout("clockTick()", 1000);



// End of clock -->