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  Norm seems to move faster than Superman in one scene

"Cheers" mismatch of a scene Season 5 Episode 9

by Kenneth Wegorowski published on March 6, 2019

I noticed a scene when the gang from Cheers goes to Carla's house on Thanksgiving.

Woody and Cliff are sitting on the couch and Frasier is sitting on the chair to our right of view.

Next we hear a ring at the doorbell. Carla opens the door and Norm comes in and everyone of course says "Norm" which was standard in every scene (except one) when Norm comes into Cheer's bar. Norm has a big brown bag which has a raw turkey with him.

He sits in a chair after turning the TV towards himself and thus the TV is turned away from Frasier who's sitting in the chair on the other side of the couch. We see Frasier's face in disgust, and disbelief at Norm's action.

After some discussion and hellos, Norm gets up and takes the turkey to the kitchen and then Sam arrives who then sits himself in Norm's chair after moving the TV back as when Norm left for the kitchen, Frasier moved it back so it would face him again.

Norm makes his way back in the living room, sees Sam sitting in the chair he had been in, and meanders behind the couch with no where to sit.

Right before camera goes to Frasier who is sitting just to the right of the couch we see Norm turn facing everyone. He's right in front of the bike and he places hand on football.

Immediately after this the camera edit goes directly at Frasier who's in the chair to the right. Notice norm on the left in this frame, he should not be in the frame at all as he's at the window, he should be still at the bike.

Shortly after Frasier gets up he goes to the TV and we can see a broader view of this error. Norm really should have just started making his way to the window at this point not already there

image snapshots of Cheers episode 9 season 5
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Cheers is an award winning comedy television series of the 1980's to 1990's.

It's currently playing on HULU and other streaming services.
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