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Message to Australian police from Alexander Cooney the ex senior constable NSW police force highway patrol

farmer plans to plow over clouds to stop climate changeClimate change is 10,000% more caused by water vapor than carbon dioxide which is recycled anyway by Momma Nature!

It never gets stuck!

Blankets do not exist in the sky.

If you have one send it to me so I can send it to a homeless shelter.

The occasional power grid

The illusionists of puke green energy keep pushing for grid expansion. Los Angeles wants more extention cords run everywhere like under your computer desk and TV where it's a mess. They will even go all the way to Winslow Arizona which was such a fine sight to see at one time replacing that with 49 whopping square miles of endless vista of 170 count Los Angeles skyscraper size wind turbines that will be seen flashing red for as far as the eye can see all night long.

Solar storms ahead

"For the power grid, photovoltaic power is garbage power, and garbage disposal fees must be charged." Shudong Zhou


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What if the moon was actually a hologram?    


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