Apple fire in Beaumont Cherry Valley area spreading massive burn of dry brush could affect Morongo Valley and Big Bear 

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Thanks to all who helped save our communities!


this section is written and maintained by Kenneth Wegorowski in the public interest and as a community service last updated 8.15.20 at 13.39 pt
Friday update August 14 2020
they still have work to do in the next 5 to 7 days, we are still in fire season for a couple more months so be prepared to escape if necessary
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On August 13 at 7:28 pm Cal Fire reports fire is 90% contained

August 11 - evacuation WARNING lifted
for Morongo Valley there are no more threat warnings for either Riverside or San Bernardino counties fire is 55% or more contained watch video update for 8/10 morning  watch video update for 8/10 in spanish this first map below shows outline in yellow of last warning area now lifted air is very clear in Morongo Valley view video of community meeting Thursday  quick overview of fire latest data found here at Cal Fire  latest sat map look at real time air quality maps  video about the RED fire retardent  San Bernardino sheriff twitter page has most current warnings

August 13, 2020 image showed areas in red where fire was still burning as you can see compared to the day before it keeps getting more contained

August 12, 2020 image showed areas in red where fire was still burning

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click on image above for latest view

on Monday 8/10 5:29 am it showed and only one fire

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watch this video latest update for 8/8/20
there is no update posted on Sunday also in Spanish
this weeks pics and videos from INCIWEB on the Apple Fire 
operations map found here very detailed  incident action plan with Waldo
here is the latest map showing evacuation WARNING not ORDER areas outlined in yellow
it also shows where the latest outlines of the fire was since Saturday morning

Apple fire as of August 9 at 12 noon looks to be almost completely under control and not threatening Whitewater and West Desert Hot Springs skies are very clear looking at this map 40% contained but not growing but the warnings remain in place. details can be found here in the "INCIDENT OVERVIEW" SECTION this does not mean it's over but it looks good. Remain vigilant and informed.

as of 8/8/20 in the morning the fire charred 32 thousand acres currently Morongo Valley, Rimrock, Pioneertown still in evac warning and now part of Yucca Valley added but the planned burn fire suppression effort was said to have been a success so at the meeting at Morongo Valley community center on Friday they said they are hopeful

Yucca Valley had a WARNING area up to Old Woman Springs Road that has changed the most current areas in warning are shown above

older news

The latest fires on 8/8/20 early part of day shown on this map. The smoke is light not shown here but it is traveling northward with light winds. Morongo Valley is clear as of 1:04pm.

Apple Fire - the fire department is PRE-BURNING dry brush ahead of the main burn and smoke can be seen billowing above Morong ValleyA PLANNED BURN used for fire control on 8/7/20 happened during the day starting around noon where they burn the brush ahead of where the main fire is headed to try to stop it from progressing this is why there is so much smoke in Morongo Valley now at 4:19 pm. The fire is still 10 miles or more from the area. A warning for evacuation remains. This burn was said to be successful and may divert any continuation of the fire upward into rocky areas as firefighters had as their goal. details here  >>>

MEETING at community center in Morongo Valley at 6 pm WAS ON 8/7/20 about the fire current plans etc.

At the meeting the fire department reps stated they fell the control burn was a success may have done what needed to divert fire to rocky areas. They said fire needs to be close at about 5 miles to town to trigger an evacuation order. Then the community has about 10 hours but if it's windy much faster rate than that. Said they have too much food donations they can't give enough of it away give water instead. The fire was "caused by particles in the desiel exhaust" in a truck that was traveling the roads. It started 3 separate fires. The video of the event is supposed to be posted here the exact place to find it is here it  is now up

At the start of the meeting of course the spokes man asked the public to wear their breath control masks "for your and everyone's protection" yet viruses go right through the fabric and they are 100% ineffective. They had question/answer later mentioning at the start that they will "clean" the microphone.
In the video one might look at how it was presented in a covered outdoor picnic area where flies and dust can enter freely. I find it odd that the public would be asked in a REAL emergency where fire could threaten to annhilate homes and lives and as smoke has been pouring through this area to be told to cut down oxygen supply with ineffective "virus blockade" masks as a priority. It is absurd and hightlights a serious problem in governing in this state. There were a few not wearing them. I saw no effort to "mask them" fortunately which seems to indicate some balance as the bottom line really is no state has any constitutional or humane authority to force the cutting down of anyone's oxygen supply "for their health". Less oxygen affects the immune system we all know this as we exercize for that very reason to stimulate oxygen supply to the brain and body.

This meeting can also be used to make a good representation of how big the holes are in face masks that let air through. Even the tightest fabric has mesh with holes that let viruses go right through. It's like at that outdoor covered meeting space that has no walls, imagine between the ground and the roof and flies and dust easily blowes through and hearing someone tell you if you are out in the field that if you want to avoid bugs and dust to take your picnic and go in there to eat in peace.

Viruses are at least 1000x times smaller than all these holes in fabric, even Margaret Heckler Health & Human Services Secretary of the USA in the 1980's stated in the HIV panic where that virus was not even deemed the absolute cause that viruses are so small they go right through the fabric of condoms! So why is the entire world being duped into believing that they need to wear these devices that do not stop any virus ever and then be told to wear them during a fire threat where smoke is already blowing through that area cutting off oxygen because the Governor tells us that is the priority? Makes no logical sense.

Two of the reps did not wear mask while presenting. To be CLEAR I have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT AND PREFER no maquerading apparatus. The audience often noticed a MUFFLE in voices wearing the masks, this is a public safety issue! If you can't hear them well in certain situations what does that do? There were times we could not hear what was said. Maybe we missed an important point about protecting ourselves or homes or family.

At start of questions first man mentioned "there doesn't seem to be a great source every hour on the hour to ask questions ...." The response was that they update 2x a day. He gave an address for email request to be added to 2x day list and mentioned other sources.

I was updating almost every hour or two hours at the peak of the threat and at the very start as I could with what information I could find and I had that same difficulty there was NO ONE SOURCE THAT WOULD PUBLISH everything quickly. I went to KESQ before the Sheriff website and it did NOT have data on this until ONE FULL HOUR AFTER the Sheriff Department posted on Twitter that Morongo Valley became listed in evacuation warning area. I had it published within a few minutes after reading it there as to be put in a warning zone was VITAL INFORMATION TO GET OUT TO THE PUBLIC.

I had learned about the evacuation ONE MINUTE AFTER THE DEPARTMENT POSTED THEIR WARNING TO MORONGO VALLEY (see snapshot below proving this) because I was following this disaster in the making closely. KESQ had a web page filled with nonsense about viruses and numbers of "new cases" all of which data is flawed as it is all based on PCR testing that does not even find any virus as the inventor of the technology Kery Mullis stated over 30 years ago corporations are all using it improperly and deceiving the public for profit.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are way past the time where emergency health declaration orders should be lifted in the UNITED STATES and especially in California a state that is dragging this out as long as they can. The alleged emergency never should have lasted more than 2 weeks. The country and world suffered a horrific economic shutdown based on unproven allegations regarding supposed "new" viral health threats. In reality those who understood these systems knew at the start there never was an emergency and is no emergency now and the COVID label for the same old conditions humanity has endured with seasonal flus was a total farce for financial gain perpetrated by certain corrupt medical elites and political manipulators in key positions of power and influence. Maybe in the future Congress and other powers will create better checks and balances where as only WARNINGS are stated much like what was done in this fire situation.

map from showing where fires are at currently
These two items are an area of concern. Another point is that in study of how they fight these fires I was looking over a statement made by NOAA which supplied the image showing the windmills and where the fires were on Saturday.

It was a disclaimer that said "The ability to detect fires and smoke can be compromised by many factors, including cloud cover, tree canopy, terrain, the size of the fire or smoke plume, the time of the day, etc. The satellite sensors used to detect fires are sensitive to heat sources and reflected sunlight. Analysts do their best to distinguish between fires and other heat sources or highly reflective surfaces, such as factories, mines, gas flares, solar panels, clouds, etc. but some false detects do get included in the analysis."

All those involved directly in that fire fight are well aware or have direct access to those who are aware of this principle of multiple factors and errors. Let's refer to Multiple Factors as MF. In the fight on viruses this concept seems to be left out. We get one declaration of "the fire fight on viruses is continuing and we are using all suppression efforts available" and we trust they are doing a good job. When we hear a statement like that coming from actual fire suppression efforts it's likely to be rather accurate but in virology they are fighting the INVISIBLE.

That is like waging war on carbon dioxide using chemicals to fight the delusion of climate change that "could kill us", it can't be seen but it's everywhere and thus the CO2 hunters would start spraying chemical CO2 suppressive foam on every thing that could contain CO2 irregardless of what it does to public health. This is what is now being done with virus hunting they are spraying chemical "virus fire" suppressants everywhere in every public space on everything that is touched by human hands or coughed on. The problem with hunting CO2 or viruses this way is the toxins produced and it's effect on other things. Creating a completely sterile environment everywhere is not healthy. The other problem, again, is they are invisible and actually these viruses were never even isolated in the laboratory properly using Koch's Postulates to prove they even exist as a threat.

So in this new war on the invisible they now spray for imagined viruses everywhere the toxic chemical fumes will harm the lungs and mucous membranes. Meanwhile chemical companies are seeing their profits soar.

When firefighters spray their suppresant chemicals they wear high grade gas masks that even have oxygen tanks so they stay healthy and do not breathe in the fumes of those infisible chemical fumes that any nose will tell you is definitely there and to protect them from actual real smoke from real fire that can be seen. In the new neurotic war on viruses they are spraying what is basically pesticides all day while people are inside and told wear face masks to protect them not from the fumes but from pests that are not even proven to be there. These mask-u-raid devices do not stop any virus nor stop chemical fumes.

So in going back to that statement about the limitation of using a satellite image we have to compare how they do this with virology as they use electron microscope images to "see" that it exists on Earth somewhere though in that imagery it's not pinpointed exactly where and in reality other than the delusional world we are immersed in right now with this latest name "covid19" that used to be called severe flu, SARS, or pneumonia, to what the disclamer should be about using that imagery without using so many other sets of data, the statement should be like this "The ability to detect viruses in a moving body or place can be compromised by many factors, including the subject who's being tested the oil slicks in their body that attract things and can't let go much like when in the Gulf Oil Spill wildlife got stuck in the black thick sludge, how well functioning is the immune system as a complex whole, and many other factors including time of day, did they just have food ingested which affects the entire body processes, etc."

The testing kits that are falsely claimed to be testing for "cofudge" are using swabs to collect saliva as methodology to see if it exist in a specific location is not exact by any means and the very inventor of the technology for PCR testing Kerry Mullis stated for decades it's being misused by unscrupulous companies hunting for massive financial gain and it's testing methodolgy is innefective in finding any virus alone as they only find random objects of cellular material in everyone. Yet these are now being forced on people in many businesses to maintain employment and get this, if you are running from fire escaping because of an evacuation order and are going to the Banning High School that was set up as an evacuation center for that community, they require you get tested for this fake flu threat.

Rarely do analysts in the commercial fields and their government sponsored partially corrupt organizations such as the CDC, NIH, and WHO present anything other than what they want to present whereas other reputable with integrity scientists not connected to massive profiteering will do a much better analysis in distinguishing between cellular debris and other sources such as DNA or RNA particulates and will consider a multitude of factors such as reflections in the sample, contamination from other matter, etc. but some false detects do get included in the analysis."
Hans Gelderblom mentioned he saw cellular debris not a dangerous threat when he looked at what was claimed to be HIV. Same with Peter Duesberg who called it way back in 1980's mere passenger virus incapable of harm. They are both master interpreters of electron miscrope imagery yet still today the illusion persists that it's "the virus that did it".

In all reality the virus testing is like someone looking up and seeing smoke as they are shopping for a new mirror in a new online virtual mirror wonderland. Viruses cannot be found by any test and all testing that claims it "finds it" is just smoke. I believe THIS is what can be seen and is what has to be dealt with immediately.

All the rampant claims of what the smoke in virus hunting is a set of reflections of bad concepts of what actually causes health problems, complex sets of factors much like in real fire fighting and unfortunately in virus hunting they are trying to "put out fires" using those toxic chemical retardants spraying them everywhere in the theme of "well they could be here so we have to stop them in their trax" but this method is as insane as spraying chemical fire retardants in every business and every public place when THERE IS NO FIRE.  

To the authorities who have joined in fighting invisible threats that really only the human body itself can handle, we must stop allowing this neurotic obsessive compuslive insane virusfight that is decimating our economy and destroying all logical and sane social ways of life that effectively helped us maintain many aspects of what makes us healthy by human nature.

The current methods of fighting "virus fires" are like as if the fire department would tell every business to turn on their sprinkler systems 3 times a day to be safe from fire expecting their business to still function after it's soaked.

Someone watching it all once said,

"Where there's smoke there's fire, call for help, but where there's smoke and mirrors, run".

here is the forest service web page

MORONGO VALLEY still has an evacuation WARNING

warning continues as of 8/8/20 at 1:16 pm also for Whitewater area and Deset Hot Springs up to the Route 62 on the west side. The thing to be watching for is if the winds get strong as that is what makes these fires travel fast and out of control Hi-Desert Star reported on the Pioneertown meeting that was on Thursday the following:
"The northeast fronts of the Apple Fire are burning about 4 miles away from the Whitewater drainage, an area that fire managers hope will stop the flames in their tracks. If they manage to make their way past the drainage area, they have another 6 miles to get to Pioneertown, Minton said. The fear is that if the fire is strong enough to cross the drainage, it could race over those 6 miles."


On Friday the map presented accurate evacuation WARNING areas but left out Morongo Valley which WAS IN A WARNING AREA. This was terribly confusing for people. I emailed and I got a reply back from those in charge of that map and they promised that would be fixed yet later in the day into evening it still was not. It did get fixed by Saturday. This is yesterdays snapshot, the most current is at the top of this page. It's a bit concerning that such an error was made on a day where there was massive plumes of smoke that covered the back side of the mountains on the north side of MV scaring many who live there.

Evacuation Center: San Bernardino County residents under the Oak Glen Evacuation Order may contact The American Red Cross at (571) 595-7774

map at this link showed fire points
notice the invasion of wind turbines do not let that happen to your area

satellite fire map seen below as of 8/7/20 at 7:30 am shows spread to new area as circled since last night - click on image for latest view

fire is about 10 miles from south west edge of town

satellite fire map as of 8/6/20 at 5:20 pm   the fire is directly north by about 6 miles of Cabazon Outlet shopping plaza and the dinosaur on the side of the I-10 freeway in the Morongo Indian Reservation and it is moving east

new warning area goes to Route 62



27,000 ACRES 30 % CONTAIN

Active fire in Beaumont Cherry Valley California.
as of 8/4/20 at about 11 am it is 15% contained as of 8/5/20 at 6:52 am it is 30% contained with no current theat to Morongo Valley but Pioneertown and Rimrock remain in evacuate warning so those residents should be prepared click on image for latest update

Pioneertown and Rimrock were given an evacuation WARNING to be ready on 8/2/20
these were posted about 4:15 pm pt

NO LONGER evacuation order in BLUE AREAS only a warning to be prepared for YELLOW

New evacuation WARNING area stretches east to Whitewater

current evacuation WARNING in yellow and current evacuation ORDER in red as of 7:43 pm pt on 8/1/2020 click on image for most current map
there was a fire in Whitewater today Sunday August 2, 2020 that was 100 acres and was fully contained by afternoon. That fire likely started abruptly from a burning ember, these have been traveling far. I don't understand why Whitewater was not made into an evacuate zone as the fire was getting close today.

this is a very dangerous fire with massive amounts of open undeveloped lands that contain dry brush it could spread all the way east to Morongo Valley and north up to Big Bear

where the fires are as of 8/2/2020 at 12:15 pm pt
click on the map for most current version - as of 8/2/2020 at 6:24 pm pt there is no new satellite image but since Pioneertown and Rimrock to the northeast are on evacuation WARNING now the fire must be moving that direction. There is no current warning for Morongo Valley. I would think there should be as it's getting closer to Morongo Valley than it is to Pioneertown unless they feel it's not going to go over the ridge here.

as of 8/1/2020
click on the map for most current version

Riverside County CAL FIRE evactuation orders can be found updated regularly here

smoke flow as of 8/1/2020 around 5 pm pt

Here is ash falling in Morongo Valley take a look at how big some of these pieces are.
These are coming from about 24 miles away. A neighbor said he felt one on his foot that burned. These must be able to stay smoldering from that long of a distance then.

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