Dr. Andrew Kaufman has this thing figured out.

The true nature of the sarc-cov-2 'virus' if it even exists is presented by Dr. Andrew Kaufman as an exosome NOT TO BE FEARED. He presents analysis that concludes that there is no viral cause rather there are other factors of causation such as stress, toxins, injury causing body to react and produce exosomes which are being labeled as a virus. This video is a fantastic well thought out presentation with examples and comparisons that make it easy to understand this matter. If there is any streaming problems you might be able to right click on the video and save it to your desktop and watch it direct from your computer.


How bad is 'the disease' anyway? Notice the recovery rate chart below.

These numbers are for those who are actually diagnosed as 'having it' not the outrageously inflated 'case numbers' as seen on TV ad nauseum that were from positive tests using PCR amplification technology that does not find any specific virus at all just virus and bacteria and cell soup so we can say that virtually 100% of all people recover.

When you get a test for 'covid' with PCR you should understand that what you are getting is not likely what you think.


At about 26 minutes in various things are presented as causing the body to PRODUCE exosomes (viruses) that have research behind the claims. Dr. Kaufman did not find any research on cellular tower 5G influence which has been feared a possible cause but we can reference the work of David Crowe who spoke and wrote about his research and experience in telecommunications forming his conclusion that 5G has no effect. Read his work on this here in English or Spanish.

The conclusion of there not being a virus is contrast to Financially Funded Fauci and his wealthy gang member frineds present it as something to shut down the world so they can rape your body with injection$ in order for you to be saved. Many see virology is more of a cult than good science. The body itself is the only immunizer no synthetic based injection provides immunity so when these drug injection pushers instill hysteria and fear in the public we need to remind each other that they call it immunization but only your body immunizes. In these areas of research it is virtually impossible to quantify any virus thus impossible to quantify any absolutes of what exactly they do. They do not track and trace any virus but now they want to do that to all of humanity for unheard of profit$.

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