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Changing consensus in the scientific community on changing climate

first published on September 18, 2017 by Ken Wegorowski

Although there are various opinions regarding "climate change" all of which have valid claims either way, one thing that has stood out to me as a particularly important point that is constantly made is the repeated statement that "the overwhelming majority of scientists agree".

This assertion just doesn't seem to hold up to scruitiny.

Take for example, what is seen in this snapshot from a presentation at the International Conference of Climate Change by Greenpeace Canada co-founder and president Patrick Moore, where he points out that there are at least 31,000 scientists just in the United States alone that do not believe that we can look forward to ecological catastrophies due to changes in climate.

You may click on the image to view the presentation or here.

In the talk Patrick Moore states "We are in an ice age" as he looks at the the last 6 billion years worth of temperatures.

Wikipedia entry: Patrick Moore (born 1947) is a Canadian activist, and former president of Greenpeace Canada. Since leaving Greenpeace, Moore has criticized the environmental movement for what he sees as scare tactics and disinformation, saying that the environmental movement "abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism."[4]



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