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Weather & climate change go hand in hand

There are those who insist the climate is changing due to carbon dioxide. This concept continues to be challenged on solid scientific grounds. The idea that there is a blanket of air that keeps the planet from cooling off by vast expanses of frigid space seems like something that belongs in a science fiction movie yet it's become a standard for which complicated energy using devices have been created in order to "fix the problem" of a planet that is kept warm by air blankets covering the earth. This concept is so far out there that for anyone that can disassociate themselves from it for a moment and consider using an air blanket to stay warm might find the logic sticks whereas air blankets made of carbon dioxide merely blow with the wind, not keeping anything warm or cold at all.


Predicting tornados

May 6, 2015 @ 7am pacific time

During the night the winds whipped up pretty fierce and very sporadic here in Indio, California. There would be a strong blast followed by an immediate calm. This happened off and on throughout the night between Tuesday evening and Wednesday AM. I knew there would be tornadoes in the Midwest again, like maybe Oklahoma. I have felt and listened to these winds here when they happen, a certain way, telling that a bad storm is brewing, but often there's no rain, just wind. It's hard to describe what makes them unique to forecasting a tornado. 

For the past 4 years I have been noticing a pattern, when these certain types of wind happen here in the Coachella Valley, they continue to the east of the country and wreak havoc there, picking up more energy as they leave here. 

I wonder if anyone at weather service has noticed this? It's like it's an indicator of impending tornados. This kind of thing has happened prior to almost every large tornado event in the Midwest and East that I have noticed since about 2011.



May 8, 2015 @ 1 am pacific time

Winds whipped through the Coachella Valley again, ones that said "tornado likely in the Midwest". There were tornado warnings issued later for those areas. 


Climate changed before humans existed

May 7, 2015

Report on comes out claiming that world's CO2 levels are at their highest in over a million years at 400ppm since before humans evolved. How they know so precisely about C02 in the air a million years ago remains a mystery but it doesn't stop those from saying it. 

A couple of comments found on that appeared on today's date May 7, 2015 that I just loved:

sendmessage stated: "CO2 is plant food. It helps to feed people."

kinjinsan 2 stated: "When you set out to find out what causes X you're fine. When you set out to prove that A, B and C cause X you're likely to ignore factors outside of your focus...Seems to me. This is one reason politics and science don't always mix well."

There certainly are more people on Earth than 1 million years ago expelling CO2 all day and all night which could explain that.


More change in Indio could precipitate tornado

May 24, 2015

There were heavy sporadic winds in Indio during the night, indicating to me that the system will bring tornadoes to the midwest. These winds would kick in like from out of nowhere, die down and be still, and again come up. They always seem to prelude a tornado burst in other parts of the country a day to two days after. 

Tornado watch issued

May 26, 2015

There was 11 inches of heavy rain in Texas overnight and causes massive flooding of historic proportions. There was a tornado watch issued at 8:51pm. Click on image for LIVE current maps and watches or visit this link .


Colorado receives tornadoes

June 5, 2015

During the prior two nights there were erratic winds in Indio, CA which could be a sign of air mass traveling east that would cause tornadoes.




Were these tornados forseen?

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