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    In Trump's Miami speech he says Arizona's "Obamacare" is a disaster but is it?

November 2, 2016 -

Today Trump once again trashed "Obamacare" which is the common derrogatory term used to describe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He claimed that it's a disaster in Arizona with doubling or premiums. This statement is a pants on fire erroneous claim.

I am listening to Trump speak live in Miami. He mentions again how costs in Arizona are doubling for health care and of course it's the Obama family's fault. I believe it has more to do with free markets that compete and massacre the competition, and then raise rates. This has happened in many free markets.

I went to to see what it would cost an individual who made a mere $17,000 a year, just over the free medicaid qualification threshold. Take a look at their monthy premium, out of pocket maximum for an entire year of $2,250 (that is the highest they could ever pay for all heath care for that year).

Then I looked at if they made $117,000 a year and their monthly rate was still affordable with a maximum yearly out of pocket costs of $6,500 which is much better for people who have surgeries or go into the hospital. In that example they are making about 7 times as much but only responsible for 3 times as much in the entire year.

A stint in the hospital for a month can easily run $40,000. If the individual was making $117,000 per year, they would only owe $6,500. The person making only $17,000 per year would have to pay $2,250. When they die, say like at 89 years old, if they had been in the hospital during their years of 55 - 65, the money from that hospital bill could come out of the estate after death if there is anything. So the taxpayer gets it all back in that case! That is because of the health care act (Obamacare) and is not widely reported. It helps stabilize the system of care so that it's not all on the back of taxpayers or rate payers.

So it ooks affordable by all indications.

The AFFORDABLE CARE ACT seems to not be as Trump portrayed where he constantly bashes it as a "disaster". He is completely full of misinformation on this as is all his sources because for years now I have yet to find one credible shred of proof of such wild exaggerated claims.

The PPACA can help families especially if they need care. It will save a lot of money as compared to before the health care act.

So all this talk about it being so bad is smoke and mirrors. It's right there in the rate charts on

So if he loses, one good thing is we will not have a Trump wrecking ball hitting our new towering Affordable Care Act health care building which would be a disaster.

If Hillary is president, we can be assured that there would be no repeal of our health care reforms as she would veto anything that the upcoming Republican controlled congress would send to her to sign.

Here is some rates in Arizona, first making $17,000 per year single individual in their 50's, and the other making $117,000 per year.




In evaluating the costs for health care in Arizona we should look at deductibles and here's what it costs

Total health care costs in year with a hospital stay of $40k for someone making $117,000 per year:

Obamacare - $16,784
prior to Obamacare - $$24,800

So the numbers prove it, unless you just want to run for office, then everything you are running against is a disaster because salesmen never lie or deceive or do math in speeches.

For that person making $117,000 per year, their monthly premium is about $857 but they also have a deductible of $6,500.

That means that the entire year they have to pay full costs until they hit that deductible!

So that comes out to $541 per month if they used that much health care services.

So add that on top of their monthly premium that year of $857 their monthly rate they pay if using a lot of care is $1398.

That is for the entire year a cost of $16,776.

That is 1/7th of their entire income for the year.

So in many cases yes that is a disaster and it does not fit with the care act guidelines that was supposed to make it no more than 9% of someone's income, here it's 15%.

Of course if they are hospitalized they come out ahead if they have a $40,000 bill, only having to pay $6,500, thus saving $33,500.

Considering the cost of their monthly payments of $857 totaling $10,284, that's a total savings of $23,216.

So that's not a disaster.

It all depends on how you look at this thing.

The way it was before that person would be paying $1400 a month for insurance, pay 20% so the hospital bill for them would be $8,000 and their total premiums for the year would be $16,800, totaling $24,800 as compared to under Obamacare where it would cost them $16,784.

So really, before Obamacare is when it was a disaster for sure if they had to go to the hospital.

And again, this proves the care act is better overall.


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