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  Moon PhasesMore Calendars endorses Donald Trump for president of the United States
and endorses most Republicans and Libertarians as the Democrat party has lost it's way

Democrats are all over the place, you can't run a country and influence a world that way.

Biden/Harris now 180'd saying there will be no ban on fracking for fossil fuel energy. They were stating all over the place in their campaign trail they would ban fracking. They left bread crumbs of these promises everywhere for the public that eats up climate change doom where they claim threats of existence of humans on planet Earth if you don't vote for them which is absurd exaggeration. Biden claims we can't run a country unless we 'stop the virus'. This is insane. He would provide us endless shut downs. There is no way to stop viruses by government interventions, for an example of how bad it gets when government tries to do this look around at the shut down world today. Viruses travel everywhere they cannot be stopped, there is basically nothing in the air anyway. Governments everywhere are forcing the most vulnerable to be mask slaves getting less oxygen all day at school. Imagine seeing a parent do this to their child January 2019 to stop them from getting the flu, and not allowing the child to play with friends or hug anyone, making them learn from computer screen instead of interating live with teacher and classmates, child protective services would be called. Now it's all mandated by a whacked out system of false premises. UCLA just reported 1 in 19 million chance of death due to corona virus. No children are dying. The pandemic is fake. Meanwhile CNN keeps reporting new cases based on testing that is utterly worthless to the public but financial windfall for the drug companies that Donald Trump declared war on. Look who CNN and all fake news medias advertisers are, drug companies that are milking the public out of trillions of dollars and have been for 100 years. Trump is going to stop their rape of the public. Trust nothing on these fake news networks.

There is clearly only one choice for the USA if we want good leadership. view this video

Trump has brought peace to the Middle East like no other president has ever been able to accomplish. He now has 3 Noble Peace Prize nominations. The economy was fantastic before the corona virus cons played their trump card disingenuously using fake virus threats to tear apart the economy. He will do the country and world good. It's like Trump is walking on chemical dump polluted swamps that are volitile and could catch fire at any time. Who else has the guts and strenght to do that, no one.

Also be sure to recall the putrid governing smell from California while you are at it if you live in this perpetual shutdown state where you can't even see a movie in a theater in of all places HOLLYWOOD the movie capital of the world

be sure to recall the putrid smell from California while you are at it if you live in this shutdown state



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