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Soy Protein Isolate a natural choice

May 26, 2015 -

Protein is essential to building muscle and rebuilding all cellular components of the body. Many of us get our protein from meat such as chicken or fish or beef. The quantity of protein in these meat sources is very high per serving. For example, a 4 ounce serving of hamburger easily can contain about 29 grams of protein.** 

There are some problems though with consuming meant for our primary protein source, with beef, usually there is sometimes the problem with too much fat, acidosis which is a medical condition of too much acid buildup in the body, and there is no fiber in meat at all. Fiber acts like the fibers of a broom, sweeping things away. If we wish to eat less meat, either for humane or health reasons, we must, and I repeat must, get enough protein. This is so important for vegetarians to pay attention to. 

WHERE to find it - One source that I have discovered recently is Soy Protein Isolate It's available in bulk at stores like Winco found in Indio California. It's available online and in health food stores. More expensive versions are found at nutrition centers and places like Trader Joe's also have Soy Protein Isolate usually in a sweetened form though. It's widely available though. I currently can buy it at about $5.49 per pound which is about as good as it gets, buying as little or as much as I need. Another good thing about SPI is it's defatted and that it's in dry form so I am not paying for water as with meat which is 80% water. So this is an exceptional deal.

PROTEIN - The protein content in 100 grams of Soy Protein Isolate (approximately 1/4 lb.) according to the USDA nutrition guide is a whopping 80 grams! The fiber content is about 6 grams, and the fat content a mere 3 grams. So let's say we make fruit smoothies in the blender with this and merely use 1/8th lb., that provides us 40 grams of protein and the cost is only about 68 cents! If we made a 1/2 lb. hamburger (93% lean, 7% fat) we would be getting about 58 grams of protein** and with loads more fat (20 grams) and it would cost maybe around $3. Hamburger protein is about 3 - 4 times more costly.*** 

CALCIUM - that 100 gram serving of soy protein isolate contains 178 milligrams of calcium. To put this into perspective, the recommended daily amount for adults for calcium is as much as 1300 mg per day.*

IRON - that 100 gram serving of soy protein isolate contains about 14.5 milligrams of iron. To put this into perspective, the recommended daily amount for adults for iron is as much as 18 mg per day.*

SMOOTHIES - use your blender to make wonderful soy protein smoothies. Here's something I found was delicious. Throw about a cup of frozen pitted cherries, a banana, and about a cup of frozen blueberries into a blender and fill it up about 3/4th's up with filtered cold water. Add about 4 heaping tablespoons of soy protein isolate and blend until smooth. If you use dairy products you could replace about half the water with milk. Enjoy! 

* source

** source

*** with 93% lean hamburger, you are actually paying for 63% water, so if that 1 lb. of 93% lean hamburger cost you $5.98 per pound, you just paid $3.76 per pound for water! Based on these examples for 10 grams of protein from soy it cost $.17 and for 10 grams of protein from 93% lean hamburger it cost (based on $5.98 per pound) $.51. Check with the website for a full list of nutrient values and a foray of nutritional information.

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