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California senate passes mandatory vaccinations for children in school

May 15, 2015 -

The bill that would require all children to be vaccinated (with injections that do have their share of problems) SB277 has gone through only part of the process, and must continue through other processes for it to become law. As of 5/14/2015 it is "In Assembly. Read first time. Held at Desk."

It's not law.

As noted in how the California legislative process works here we read that "Once the bill has been approved by the house of origin it proceeds to the other house where the procedure is repeated."

Currently the bill only was approved by the house of origin, thus it must go on through the secondary process of debate and evaluation and vote in the 2nd house of the legislature. If it was to pass there also, it would then also have to be signed by the Governor (Jerry Brown).

When I read the news sources on this, they all seemed to leave this information out. It appeared as though their headlines favored "scaring the public" and "enticing to celebrate victory" both appealing to those who fear such a mandate as they prefer natural methods of health, and appealing to those who wish to see government force injections on everyone. 

The majority of the public is already having their children vaccinated, somewhere around 98% and when ever there is an "outbreak" such as happened at Disneyland, the rush to judge the 2% who are not vaccinated as having caused such an event minor as it was as measles goes away on it's own - (see how The Brady Bunch dealt with it) - when it's not possible to pinpoint the cause so effectively blaming only that group. Also arguments are made that it's the vaccinated who spread the virus as they are the one's getting injected with it the most.

On the flip side, the argument is that unless 100% are vaccinated, there will always be outbreaks yet sound research does not conclusively support this view. 

One also has to consider the consequences of government violating certain unalienable rights. If government declares by law that they are going to force kids to be vaccinated and if not they are forced into home schooling and not public education, then we have to wonder, is government also going to come along and seize children for not going to government sanctioned public schools as we see happened in a rural area of Kentucky? That would be a contradiction. 

Another way to look at this issue is that if home schooling is basically forced on people who choose not to vaccinate their children in these states where these bills become law (two states in the whole country are the ones that have them now, Virginia and Mississippi) there could be a growing movement to pushing people into more self sustainable teaching and living, but again, is the government then going to seize the kids for that? It could be an endless cycle of government interference which is not what our forefathers intended what so ever.

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