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Miss Information spreaders

The White House press sec states that misinformation spreaders should be banned equally from social media platforms.
If that was done there'd be few people left to share misinformation and they'd all go bankrupt.

Pay attention, this is another trick of theirs. What happens is the people they call misinformation spreaders are the truth pushers but then the truth pushers do is overreact and push back saying that misinformation spreaders should not be banned. So after some battle they then back off, they got exactly what they wanted.

The truthers should be agreeing with them not fighting them. Information spreaders should be banned.

Covid-19 is a massive Freud. That statement is NOT a fraudian slip.

If you received a Hysteria-19 injection to save you from illusions you may have received a placebo.

Dr. Kevin P. Corbett's website

The Infectious Myth

Internet Matter

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