On January 28, 2021 Cattaraugus County planning meeting minutes presents a statement made that says

"covid is taking up a lot of time"

Time is money. Our money keep going to Anthony Fauci and his drug buddy friends who are all making gobs of it in perpetuity from this medical marketing scam that rebranded the cold and flu virus.

This is taking up a lot of the public's time and energy and needs to be addressed. The image here is a snapshot from the minutes of that day found here https://cattco.org/sites/default/files/sites/default/files/events/PBMinutes_01-28-21_Draft.pdf

As a part of what takes up so much time mention was made about vaccines. Why do people not understand that vaccines do not provide immunity, that 'covid' is merely a new marketing campaign set up by disingenuous hucksters that influence all health departments world wide. Humans and animals make antibodies to ANY AND ALL viruses that 'invade'. That is their basis in science as presented by science. There is challenge to the basis of claim that they even invade, no one has proven their existence in breath and air. Has anyone given you a breathalyzer test to find virus?

We don't need injections of bizarre chemical formulas to 'stimulate' our immune systems. If there is a virus threat it is the stimulus. With this alleged unproven new or 'novel' threat of a 'never before seen' virus that in reality was never proven to exist as there is no scientific paper on the planet anywhere that proves it's isolation in a laboratory, rather they claim 'it's in there somewhere' in a mush and hodgepodge of cellular muck. That is all the proof they have while Fauci goes around talking out of both sides of his mouth, can't even remember which arm had the FAKE SHOT. The guy is a fraud has been for the last 40 years and was called out by the very inventor of the PCR testing technology named Kary Mullis, that is being widely used to diagnose, something the technology cannot do, it can only amplify. Kary said Fauci knows nothing about nothing he's a mouthpiece.

The common understanding of the public as mispresented by health departments everywhere is that they are getting a 'covid' PCR diagnostic test. it cannot even determine any one specific virus. The amplification is like using a video camera and putting it up to someone's eye and zooming in and seeing a mush of color and spots and claiming it's a new galaxy because what then at such amplification is presented as what looks like the milky way and a rainbow. They might even notice a yellow brick road and a spinning house in the sky in that view.

The test is a fake medical marketing game of deceit for profit.


The term as properly written out above is an acronym, acronyms do not cause disease. the 'Co' is placeholder for 'corona' the 'Vi' is place holder for 'virus' and the 'D' is placeholder for 'disease.

corona virus disease

Problem is that is also what flu and colds are, they are a corona virus disease.

So the term 'covid' means cold and flu disease. There are varying degrees of how bad it can be for someone but this is NOT A NEW DISEASE AT ALL it is a new label.

You see that is their trick, hocus poke us, change the words, make it an acronym, remarket it using fear, add quarantine for extra effect, that is what they do for massive wealth transfers. If only we could use that magic to get the Anthony fraudci out as he's a con man lying shill for the drug companies and instead replace him with Andrew Kaufman who's a dedicated, detailied, integral forensic doctor of scientific analysis who is calling out all the lies, we would then be able to say 'now that we know that we were hoodwinked by new flu name 'covid' marketing schemes and stopped all of the insanity we have ample time to do what is important again'

An interview with Anthony Fauci and a Latin comedian and actor who Fauci never would have interviewed with had he known the serious round of questions he was about to receive is worth viewing as presented by rather long winded An0maly who is a fantastic dude who's been covering the ins and outs of this corona virus hype.


NY STATE official case planning page http://documents.dps.ny.gov/public/MatterManagement/CaseMaster.aspx?Mattercaseno=16-F-0328

Public officials need to understand that we have been misled. They have to stop wasting their time on this and restore our governing to exactly as it was before this fraud.