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Intersection hesitancy
why stop when you can go?
Why would anyone hesitate at an intersection between being injected with an mad science experiment that makes the 1% add new billionaires and letting your body do it's job normally? Like with driving we tend to hesitate, even STOP at intersections and should definitely do this whenever government tells us they know what's best for our health than we do. Government health is run by shills for drug companies. They always push products we don't need. Vaccines are dangerous. They have proven track records of killing and maming people for life. The hysteria campaign of 2020 came about as a plan to sell a new style of vaccine as people were starting to wise up to the flu vaccine fraud. They don't work. It takes too long to use eggs to culture the bacterial stew they use to inject. They have to guess each years' strain which is more fraud. With the internet people have been wising up. No longer do they get stuck only getting what TV bullshit news tells them, corporations all married to drug ad money, always pushing whatever the 'health' department shills tell them. If anyone trys to talk down to you about being hesitant at vaccine intersections tell them to fuck off. Medias and government officials everywhere are lying through their teeth, they are not proven safe, are already now being proven unsafe, they are an experiment that cannot be licensed until the trial ends in January 31, 2023, people are being conned into being lab rats. It's disgusting. In this experiment those who allow this experiment done on them could get one of three products, 1) saline as a placebo 2) meningitis vaccine as a placebo 3) the experimental mRNA test device serum. They are claiming all sorts of bullshit like to be safe only vaccinated can be let in to a public venue, yet they could have only received the placebo, not the actual savior in a needle that fucks your blood cells.

Covid-19 is a massive Freud. That statement is NOT a fraudian slip.

Dr. Kevin P. Corbett's website

The Infectious Myth

Internet Matter

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