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2020 Holidays and notable dates (most are USA or international unless noted)
JANUARY 2020  
January 1 New Year's Day
January 1 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California televised world wide
January 1 Rose Bowl football game
January 17 Lee-Stonewall Day - celebrates Confederate heros Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson
January 20 or 21 Inauguration Day for President of US - next one is January 20, 2021
January 20 Martin Luther King Day, always on a Monday
January 22 National Sanctity of Human Life Day
January 31 BREXIT Day - England exits the European Union
February 2 Ground Hog Day
February 4 Rosa Parks Day
February 5 Chinese New Year - week long celebration many businesses closed
February 12 Abraham Lincoln birthday - Republican President known for freeing slaves and starting the bloodiest civil war in US history killing 625,000 men
February 14 Valentine's Day
February 14 - 16 Family Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans
February 17 President's Day & Washington's birthday
February 17 Daisy Gatson Bates day - civil rights activist in the US
February 20 National Love Your Pet Day
February 20 World Day of Social Justice - declared by UN
February 21 International Mother Language Day
February 25 Mardi Gras in New Orleans (for adults only)
February 25 Shrove Tuesday is part of Mardi Gras
February 26 Ash Wednesday - Christian holiday of prayer, fasting, repentance
MARCH 2020  
March 1 Saint David's Day
March 2 Texas Independence Day
March 2 Read Across America Day
March 4 Casimir Pulaski Day - a Chicago based event
March 8 Women's Day - International
March 8 Daylight Savings Time change - spring ahead - US, Canada
March 17 Saint Patrick's Day
March 18 Evacuation Day -  is when British Troops evacuated Boston Massachussetts
March 20 Equinox - Sun is directly above Equator at 21:58
March 10 Purim - Jewish holiday commemorates "saving the people from Haman"
March 21 World Poetry Day - declared by UNESCO
March 20 Nowruz - Iran New Years Day or Persian New Year
March 21 World Down Syndrome Day
March 22 World Water Day - highlights importance of water
March 23 World Meteorological Day - created by the WMO
March 30 Seward's Day - Alaska signing of purchase treaty
APRIL 2020  
April 2.7 April Fools Day - it's actually April 1 every year!
April 10 Good Friday in the Western world - USA, Canada
April 11 National Pet Day founded by Colleen Paige
April 12 Easter Sunday in the Western world - USA, Canada
April 13 Thomas Jefferson's birthday - 3rd president of the United States
April 15 US Individual Federal Income Tax due date IRS.gov
April 16 Emancipation Day - celbration of freedom from slavery
April 17 Good Friday in the Eastern world- Day of crucifixion of Christ
April 19 Easter Sunday in the Eastern world - Christ rose from the grave on this day in the Christian faith
April 22 Earth Day 50th anniversary - focus on environmental protection worldwide
MAY 2020  
May 2 Astronomy Day (spring) - the day in fall is September 26
May 7 National Day of Prayer USA
May 5 Cinco de Mayo - Mexican Independence Day
May 5 Teacher Day in the US - check other countries here
May 10 Mother's Day in the US - check other countries here
May 16 Armed Forces Day - USA
May 28 Harvey Milk Day - sexual freedom activist
May 25 Memorial Day - USA
May 28 - 30 Shavuot - the festival of weeks commemorates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sina
May 31 Pentecost (Western society) - decent of Holy Spirit on Apostles in Christiian faith
JUNE 2020  
June 6 D-day - allied invasion of Normandy, France in World War II in 1944
June 7 Pentecost - (Eastern society) - decent of Holy Spirit on Apostles in Christiian faith
June 14 Flag Day
June 20 Summer solstice - longest daylight period of the year and pagan celebration
June 21 Father's Day
JULY 202O  
July 4 Independence Day - United States of America
July 19 National Ice Cream Day
July 24 Pioneer Day - first Mormon leader and followers entered Utah
July 26 Parent's Day - first observed in 1973
July 30 - 31 Eid as-Adha - Muslim 'Feast of the Sacrifice'
AUGUST 2020  
August 3 Raksha Bandhan - holiday observed on last day of Hindu calendar
August 16 Bennington Battle Day Vermont
August 21 Statehood Day - Hawaii's admission to the United States
August 17 Flag Day in Bolivia
August 16 - 17 Independence Day in Gabon
August 21 Senior Citizen's Day
August 24 National Waffle Day
August 26 Women's Equality Day
August 29 International Day Against Nuclear Tests
September 7 Labor Day - National Holiday in the United States
September 13 Grandparent's Day
September 8 - 10 National Days of Prayer and Remembrance
September 11 Patriot Day - formed in remembrance of attacks on New York City's World Trade Center
September 16 National Stepfamily Day
September 17 Citizenship Day (and Constitution Week during September 17 - 23)
September 25 Native American Day - celebrated in lieu of Christopher Columbus Day
September 21 - 24 Mabon - pagan harvest festival of Autumn Equinox
September 26 Astronomy Day (autumn) - the day in spring is May 2
September 29 National Coffee Day - many countries see robust & aromatic list here
OCTOBER 2020 two full moons this month!
October 1 World Vegetarian Day - vegetarians do not eat meat but can have dairy products
October 2 - 9 First Day Of Sukkot - Jewish, Hebrew, Israelite, Messianic, Semetic Neopagan holiday
October 9 Leif Erikson Day - Nordic explorer led first Europeans to America
October 11 National Coming Out Day - homosexual or alternative lifestyle gay liberation
October 12 Columbus Day - some areas do not observe this instead they celebrate Indigenous People's Day
October 13 National No-Bra Day celebrated during breast cancer awareness month
October 16 Bosses Day
October 16 World Food Day
October 21 Apple Day in United Kingdom - also celebrated on the Saturday & Sunday closest to the 30th
October 29 Birthday for Muslims' Prophet Muhammed
October 30 Mischief Night, Devil's Night, Gate Night, Goosey Night, Moving Night, Cabbage Night, Mat Night
October 31 Halloween, All Hallows Eve - this year also features a BLUE MOON
November 1 Daylight savings time ends - fall back - United States, Canada
November 4 Russian Unity Day
November 9 Fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany - this is the day demolition started amongst much fanfare
November 11 Veteran's Day honors all USA military veteran's - originally named Armistice Day
November 26 Thanksgiving in the USA celebrates the harvest of plenty and other blessings of the year
November 27 Black Friday (deals everywhere in stores)
November 27 Buy Nothing Day - a protest of free markets & consumer consumption excess
November 28 Small Business Saturday (support your local smaller retail stores)
November 29 Advent begins
November 30 Cyber Monday - day for online sales
November 30 Remembrance for victims of chemical warfare
December 4 National Cookie Day - look at this list of all the other food & treat days
December 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
December 10 - 18 Hanukkah - Jewish candle lighting ceremony
December 12 Day of the Virgin Guadalupe - Patron Saint of the Americas
December 15 National Cupcake Day - yum!
December 17 Wright Brothers Day - inventors, 1st successful aviation flight tested at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 25 Christmas (Christian holiday birth of Jesus celebration)
December 31 New Year's Eve
2021 JAN / FEB  
January 1 New Year's Day 2020, Rose Parade event in Pasadena, California
February 29, 2020 Leap Year Day - an extra day is added to this year as previous 4 years each had an extra 6 hours totalling one full day that must be reflected in calendars for accuracy






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