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January 5, 2017

Teenage girl falls from Jackson Street freeway overpass to her death

A comment presented on the website that reports the story is as follows,

Guzman Nikki imjustsure

No chain link fence its just a concrete about three feet up and two steel rails about 1-2ft. apart. also pedestrian signals located on the on and off ramps. You could even touch the signs that has the cities names on the freeway overpass.

  1. Bing maps shows how low this railing is. How could this hazard be overlooked and not fixed? It's incredibly easy for someone to fall over this railing. Click on the image to see a larger view.

    Another comment was blaming the victim. I tried to post a response, but realized I had to sign up for a service. That is annoying, so I decided to just take a snapshot and show it here. My response starts with the word "correct".

    I might add that when a person is walking over these bridges, there is a disorienting factor that can occur when looking over the side and down or out at traffic. This could also be a factor. The girl might have stopped after feeling disoriented due to this phenomena and fell over.

    Some questions to ask, 1. who is responsible for these bridges
  2. who is responsible within that department as to overseeing the safety of pedestrians that walk over them
  3. has this issue ever been brought up in any public safety meeting or city council meeting

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