2019 flood season USA Missouri River & the North and South Dakota areas

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  2020 flood season

Predition of possible flooding due to precipitation in these areas of the USA for spring 2020 is worth considering comparing to last year in the theme of analyzing a changing climate

by Kenneth Wegorowski published on June 24, 2020

NOAA has presented this map that shows where they believe areas were most susceptible to flooding this year.
The areas that will be hit the hardest are along the North Dakota and South Dakota watersheds and the Missouri River.

We might compare to last season.

History between the two years shows us that climate always changes and man has absolutely no control what-so-ever on this as the most important factors in causing climate to change is 3 things, frigid space cooling at 456 degrees below zero farenheit, blazing hot radiation from the sun from millions of miles away, and water vapor which is in quantities 10,000% greater than carbon dioxide which is a mere.0004th of the atmosphere.




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